First steps with NEST

Will Lennox x OC

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AN: Hey guys, this is my first story I will bring up here, so please be nice. I am no native speaker so I apologize for every mistake. This story takes place in and after DOTM and is focused more on Lennox personal life rather than epic battle scenes. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it!


Lieutenant Commander Felice Manning got off the plane that had just landed at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC and glanced around. The warm air was filled with scents of the arriving spring and the sun was shining in her face so she shielded her eyes with her hands.

The blond woman smiled silently as she thought about why she was here.

"Guess, I'll see you in DC." This had been his words and after thinking it over and over again, she'd decided to take his offer: to join Will Lennox' NEST taskforce.

Two months earlier…

She was an F-18 pilot at the U.S.S. Carl Vinson and for the first time in months she was able to take some leave. So she went to Huntsville, Texas to see some old friends. One of them was Robert Epps she used to know from Miami where they had both worked and lived for several years before Epps went to the Air Force while Felice joint the NAVY.

One evening, they were sitting on his porch, having barbecue with some friends when Epps received a call from his employer which was now NASA. He was one of the few people who took care of the Autobots' spacecraft Xantium. Not telling her why he had to leave in a hurry, Felice stayed at his home, just to see him return hours later with a young man, who introduced himself as Sam Witwicky.

The Decepticons had taken his girlfriend hostage and killed all Autobots who were sent away from earth in their spacecraft which exploded just after the take-off. Now they were about to go to Chicago to free Sam's girlfriend and stop the Decepticon invasion.

"Alright, I am coming with you guys." Felice said as she heard what they were about to do. Even though the news she'd seen about the alien invasion had filled her with horror, staying at home and waiting for someone else to step up for her and countless more lives to safe wasn't an option for her. She'd jointed the NAVY to make a difference, to protect this country and the people living in it. But her friend's stern reply was about to stop her.

"No, Felice. This is too dangerous." Epps insisted, searching for his rifle and gear from his NEST days.

"Come on, I am an F-18 pilot, I have been in way more dangerous situations! I am coming with you." she exclaimed heading to her car to get her bag with her rifle, protective gear and work clothes- a grey combat uniform and black boots. Epps rolled his eyes as he saw her getting ready. He'd known Felice for a long time so he knew that there was no chance to talk her out of it.

"Fine, Lieutenant. But you have to follow my orders exactly. These are no enemies you kill that easily."

"Okay, I got it. Are we saving the world now, or what?" she said with half a grin to conceal her nervousness and got into his car.