Mr. Spock eventually found the Ponyville Library, which was on the other side of town, like the young mare Applejack said it would be.

"Fascinating!" he said to himself as he arrived at the front of the structure.

The library looked to have been built in and around a giant oak type tree. The exterior of it looked more like a dwelling than a conventional library, thus indicating that the Librarian mare Twilight Sparkle he was supposed to meet must also live here. He even noticed an upstairs patio where a telescope was set up, thus indicating that Twilight Sparkle must also be an amateur astronomer. Spock concluded that this society, even in its primitive stage, must be just starting to explore the mysteries of space. He felt that he could find an intellectual counterpart in Twilight Sparkle! There was even a sign near the front entrance that depicted an opened book with the words "Ponyville Library" underneath it written in conventional English, as well as that mysterious Runic alphabet. Spock figured an intelligent mare like Twilight Sparkle would be able to read the language, and teach him how to read it as well.

As he approached the door, Spock figured that this was like a normal private residence, so he knocked three times. A few moments later, he was surprised to see a small juvenile dragon open the door. The dragon looked to be equally surprised to see the image of a bat pony standing in front of him. "C-can I help you?" the somewhat surprised little dragon asked. This dragon had a light purple hyde with white underbelly, green back spines that ran from the top of his head all the way down to the tip of his tail. He had matching green catlike eyes.

"I did not mean to intrude." Spock began in apology. "My name is Spock. I am a historian visiting this area for a few days. I was told I could meet a certain Twilight Sparkle here with whom I can obtain some information."

The little dragon smiled. "Oh! No intrusion at all! If you're looking for Twilight Sparkle, you've come to the right place! Come on in!" The little dragon gestured.

Spock walked in. He noticed right away that the library had sufficient space for one to move about freely. The floor was made of varnished wooden planks. Probably the wood from this very oaklike tree, Spock figured. He also noticed a carved wooden horsehead centerpiece in the middle of the large room. Spock figured it must be their equivalent of a bust of some highly important intellectual pony of their history. Most importantly, though, there were high shelves that were filled with books! If one was seeking knowledge, this would be the place to come to!

"Hey, Twilight!" the little dragon called to the upstairs floor. "There's somepony here to see you!"

"Okay!" Spock heard a female voice calling from above. "Thanks, Spike!"

The little dragon called Spike then walked away, returning to whatever it was he was doing. Spock presumed that this little dragon acted as Twilight Sparkle's assistant in her Librarian duties. Spock looked up and noticed that there were sleeping quarters on the second floor, and that a skylight opened up to the outside providing sufficient ambient light all throughout the place. Spock concluded that Twilight Sparkle did live here.

Hooffalls coming from the stairs leading to the ground floor told Spock that Twilight Sparkle was on her way down. She must've been in a study room that was out of sight to the left. Spock looked up to see a purple unicorn mare that appeared to be in the Earth equivalent of her mid twenties make her way down the stairs. She had a dark blue mane and tail with a pink and light purple streak running down along the length of both with purple shaded eyes. The cutie mark on her flank depicted a pink six point star overlayed on top of a slightly smaller white six point star with five miniature white stars surrounding this symbol. Spock concluded that this denoted one whose talent was astronomy, or capable or wielding powerful unicorn magic, presuming the unicorns on this planet were capable of casting magic spells, like the mythical unicorns of Earth.

Twilight Sparkle was surprised to see a grey bat pony with black mane and tail look up at her. She always thought that bat ponies were nocturnal, and were part of Princess Luna's Royal Guard; yet here was one right in front of her, in broad daylight. What would this bat pony want with me? She wondered.

"Twilight Sparkle, I presume?" she heard the male bat pony ask.

"Yes, that's me." She said in reply, while staying on her guard.

She tensed as the bat pony approached her. The sound of his hooffalls on the wooden floor echoed throughout the otherwise quiet library that was her home. She noticed something strange about his hooffalls. It sounded almost as if he was walking on two hooves at a time while he appeared to have the normal canter of a pony. She didn't think any more about that, though.

"My name is Spock." She heard the bat pony say. Right away, she thought the name unusual for even a bat pony. "I am a historian visiting this area. I am looking for information on the history of this area in order to… expand my knowledge. I was told that you would be the… pony to talk to about such matters."

Twilight Sparkle relaxed. At least he's not here to attack me… just yet, she thought. "Well, if you're seeking knowledge, this is the place to come to. After all, this is the Ponyville Library!" She smiled.

Spock raised his eyelids. "Indeed."

Hmmm… Curious lack of emotion! Twilight Sparkle thought. Most ponies would've at least cracked a smile at that joke. "Feel free to look around!" she gestured. "Everything here is at your disposal!"

"It would help, however, if you could point out to me which books to… peruse through." Spock said.

"Well, where would you like to start?"

"Why don't we start from the beginning?"

Twilight Sparkle nodded. "All right!"

Twilight Sparkle then moved to take down several books on Equestria's history. Her unicorn magic hummed as the books came down off the high shelves they were on, and floated down towards them. Spock observed her doing this with extreme interest. Here, before his very eyes, was proof that the unicorns on this world were capable of wielding magic, like the mythical unicorns of Earth. "We can start with these!" Twilight Sparkle smiled as she showed Spock the books she took down.

"Very well!" Spock nodded.

Then they moved to a nearby table.

"I'm curious, though." Twilight Sparkle began. "Which pony told you about me?"

"A young mare me and my friends met at the farmer's market in town. She went by the name of Apple Jack. She said she was a friend of yours."

"Applejack!? Yes, I know her!" Twilight Sparkle said proudly. "Great earth pony! Hard working, always honest. Quite helpful, too!"

"We have noticed." Spock said. "She helped me and my friends out a great deal."

"I'm sure she has!" Twilight Sparkle smiled. "By your cutie mark, I presume that you're a scholar of some sort… and a stargazer?"

"You would presume correctly, Miss Twilight Sparkle."

"You can call me 'Twi'! All my friends do!" she smiled.

Spock simply raised his eyelids. "Very well. I presume that your… cutie mark would mean that you have a singular gift for… unicorn magic… and perhaps some stargazing abilities as well?"

Twilight Sparkled giggled. "Can't hide nothing behind this symbol! Yes, many ponies say that I'm the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria. Personally, I don't think so."

"You would also seem to have a gift for modesty." Spock commented.

Twilight Sparkle chuckled. "So, shall we jump into the history lesson you're looking for?"

Spock nodded. "Please!" he said.

"You must admit, though, that Spock is a pretty unusual name, even for a bat pony."

"It is the name I was given." Spock shrugged.

"Anyway…" Twilight Sparkle said after a few moments. "Tell me about yourself, and your friends." She asked in conversation as she started flipping through the pages of the first book with her unicorn magic.

For the next two hours, Spock and Twilight Sparkle poured over books that spoke about the history of Equestria from its foundation all the way through to the present day. Spike assisted Twilight Sparkle in bringing down other books, and placing back the ones they were done with, all this time.

Thanks to Twilight Sparkle, Spock learned that Equestria was founded by a group of brave earth ponies, unicorns and pegasi; who decided that they should put aside their differences, and build a better future for their kind, who became united. This was at around the equivalent of five thousand Earth years ago. Some of the older books they both looked through was written in that strange Runic alphabet. Thankfully, Twilight Sparkle knew the language quite well, and was able to teach Spock how to decipher it.

Spock also learned that Princess Celestia, the current ruler of Equestria, came to power roughly two thousand five hundred years ago when she inherited the kingdom after her parents had died. This was where Spock learned of the magical and majestic ponies known as "alicorns", which have the physical characteristics of Pegasus ponies and unicorns. They are considered to be the most powerful beings in all of the world, and are virtually omnipotent; which is why many ponies view them as deities, or living gods. As such, they are also virtually immortal; which meant that they never grow old or die of old age; however, Twilight Sparkle mentioned that they can be killed in battle, or die of some severe disease. The fact that they never grow old would also explain why there are so few of them. Celestia's royal family holds absolute power in Equestria, and the ponies have enjoyed nothing but peace and prosperity all throughout their reign.

Then Twilight Sparkle broached the subject of Princess Luna's rebellion from a thousand years ago. Spock would learn that Princess Celestia had a younger sister called Luna who, as opposed to Celestia- who was the Princess of The Day- was Princess of The Night. She told Spock that while the ponies of Equestria enjoyed the beautiful days Celestia brought to them, they mostly slept through the nights that Luna brought forth. In a wild fit of jealousy, Luna tried to overthrow Celestia and assume power over the Equestrian Empire with the ultimate goal of bringing forth the night forever. Legend says that Luna became so corrupted by her own jealousy towards her older sister that she morphed into a hideous creature called Nightmare Moon, which scholars portrayed as the very embodiment of evil! This reminded Spock of the classic story "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" that he had read one time upon the insistence of Captain Kirk. Spock concluded that is world called Equestria was permeated with magic, and that this magic force could sometimes be corrupted to spawn evil creatures such as Nightmare Moon.

Twilight Sparkle would tell Spock that Luna's rebellion forced Celestia to banish her younger sister to the planet's one moon for one thousand years. Spock was astounded that this M class planet would share another parallel with Earth by also having one natural satellite that orbited it!

Spock was surprised to note that Celestia's gift was bringing forth the day in Equestria every day. Luna traditionally brought forth the night. During her one thousand year incarceration on the moon, Celestia took on her younger sister's responsibilities of bringing forth the night. A Vulcan like Spock found it hard to believe that a "magical" being such as these alicorns seem to be could have the power to break the natural laws of physics and magically make this planet's sun and moon rise and set at will! He figured that the laws of physics still exist on this planet, like everywhere else in the universe, and this legend Twilight Sparkle told was just part of their religion, as they seemed to view the alicorn royal family as deities.

Twilight Sparkle would then relay the story of Nightmare Moon's return, which took place almost two years ago, by their calendar. Everything Twilight Sparkle told Spock about this recent occurrence was based on firsthand experience. She was there when the entire incident happened! It was during a Summer Solstice Festival, which also concorded with the twenty five hundredth anniversary of Princess Celestia's reign that the creature of legend Nightmare Moon made herself known. Her one thousand year incarceration had just ended, and she reappeared during the festival ceremonies claiming that she had captured Princess Celestia and vowed again that she would bring back the night forever.

Spock was amazed to learn that Twilight Sparkle, who also turned out to be Princess Celestia's star pupil ever since she was filly, when it came to advanced unicorn magic, was able to defeat Nightmare Moon and free Princess Luna from her demonic influence using what was known as "The Elements of Harmony", which Spock would learn were five magical amulets and a power channeling crown that she and five of her friends wore that helped them defeat Nightmare Moon. Spock was also surprised to note that Applejack was one of the wielders of those power channeling amulets; as were the mares Rarity and Fluttershy that Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy were supposed to meet respectively.

Twilight Sparkle spoke of the battle that raged at an old abandoned palace in Everfree Forest that Nightmare Moon used as her hideout. When Nightmare Moon was finally defeated, Princess Celestia was freed; and she and her younger sister Luna were reunited in joy.

"Fascinating!" Spock said at the end of the story. "A truly remarkable and rich telling of history!"

"Thank you!" Twilight Sparkle smiled and blushed a little.

On the reverse, Twilight Sparkle learned from Spock that he was a member of Captain Kirk's pony counterpart Tiburon Tamer's crew, and that he acted as navigator and stargazer on his ship. He said that he and some members of the crew were "ashore" for a few days, and they were visiting the area as "tourists".

"So you and your friends have never been to this area of Equestria before?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

Spock shook his head. "Never."

Twilight Sparkle smiled. "Well, there's plenty of stuff to see and do in Ponyville; and Canterlot, if you ever go there."

"Visiting Canterlot would depend on what Tiburon Tamer decides we should do." Spock said.

The sound of somebody landing on the wooden patio outside interrupted their conversation. They both looked up to see a Pegasus female approach the stairs. "Hey, Twilight!" the mare said in a rather gruff voice.

"Hi, Rainbow Dash!" Twilight Sparkle said in greeting.

Spock looked up and saw what was probably the most colourfully varied pony he had encountered so far. Her coat was light blue with magenta coloured eyes, and she looked to be about the same age as Twilight Sparkle. Her cutie mark was a cloud with a thunderbolt that was in the shade of the prime colours of red, yellow and blue; but her most astounding feature was her mane and tail, which was streaked in all of the colours of a classic rainbow! Spock deduced that she must've gotten her surname "Rainbow" because of her uniquely coloured mane and tail combination. The "Dash" part must be because she must fly around really fast. Fascinating! Spock thought to himself. I never thought such extreme colour variations were possible in a pony. She must be rather unique!

"I've finished your Daring Do book, and I'm ready for the next edition." Rainbow Dash said as she pulled a novel out of the saddlebag she was wearing.

Twilight Sparkle smiled. "Okay! The next edition is right next to where that one was on the shelf!"

Rainbow Dash smiled as she hovered up to where the book should go on the shelf, carefully placed it back and grabbed the book that was right next to it on the left.

"I got her hooked on those books." Twilight Sparkle commented to Spock. "Matter of fact, I think I got her hooked on reading!"

Spock nodded. "Yes, it would seem that way."

Rainbow Dash then noticed the bat pony standing next to Twilight Sparkle. Curiosity got the better of her. "Uhh… Who's the bat pony?" she asked rather awkwardly with a forelimb upraised.

"Oh! Rainbow Dash, this is-"

"Spock!" Spock completed. "I am called Spock."

"Spock?" Rainbow Dash said in surprise. "That's an unusual name, even for a bat pony!"

Spock shrugged again. "It is the name I was given."

"He's a visitor from…" Twilight Sparkle began.

"… another part of… Equestria." Spock completed.

"He came here because he was in town for a few days, and he wanted to know about the history of Ponyville. He's a bit of a scholar."

"Oh, another egghead, huh?" Rainbow Dash as she narrowed her eyes.

"Rainbow Daaaash!" Twilight Sparkle scorned. "That wasn't very nice!"

"It is quite all right… Twi…" Spock said. "I have been called worst things than… egg head… in my youth."

Twilight Sparkle giggled. "I think I've turned Rainbow Dash into an egghead as well, you know…"

"Hey! I admit I like to read now, but I'm not an egghead!"

"She's also in denial about certain things…" Twilight Sparkle teased.

Rainbow Dash growled.

Spock simply raised his eyelids at this banter. "In any case, I thank you…Twi… for your help. Thanks to you, our session was quite informative."

Twilight Sparkle smiled. "No problem at all! It's what I'm here for!"

"Hey!" Rainbow Dash interjected. "If you're gonna be in town for a few days, you'd might wanna visit Cloudsdale. It's where I'm from, and it's the most awesome place there is!" she boasted.

"And what would an… egg head… like me would want to do there?" Spock asked, using her vernacular.

"Well…" Rainbow Dash thought a moment. "There's the Cloudsdale Parthenon. It's got the Hall of Heroes and everything there. There's also the Ancient Parthenon Library in the basement there. I can even show it to you, if you'd like."

Spock nodded. "That would be most… appreciated."

"All right!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she raised one of her forehoofs in the air. "Well, if you're done here, let me take you there. It's not that far, for a Pegasus. Just follow me!"

Rainbow Dash then flapped her wings and started to hover up the stairs. She glanced back and saw that Spock was still standing there. "You coming?" she called to him.

This was the moment of truth! Spock knew that his holographic projection was a flying pony. Earlier, on the Enterprise, he had imagined his projection stretching his wings; and was surprised to see his reflected image in the mirror in Engineering stretch said wings. Now, however, a test was presented to him to see if he could fly! He closed his eyes and imagined his projected self flying. He heard the flapping sound of wings, and felt himself hover off the floor. He opened his eyes and saw himself hovering a few feet from the library floor. "Faaaascinating!" he heard himself mutter. He was actually flying, even though his actual physical form didn't have wings!

"All right! Let's go!" he heard Rainbow Dash say as she flew towards the opened door leading to the outside patio.

Spock decided to follow her. This mystery of him flying without having actual wings would have to be saved for later. It is a definite mystery he must solve in due time!

"See you later, Rainbow Dash! Goodbye, Spock! Come again!" Twilight Sparkle called out as she waved one of her forehooves at them, smiling.

As she watched them leave, she thought to herself. Hmmm. Spock's as much of a knowledge seeker as I am. Nice! Still smiling, she went back to the studies Princess Celestia had laid out for her to do for today.