Hi this is my first story(On this website)... is it bad? O_O

He laughed as she looked at my face, scared, hoping that someone would save her. "Help! Please! Help me!" She yelled looking at the door. "No one can hear you, so you should just shut your mouth!" He yelled savoring every second of being trapped with her in an abandoned house.

"Help! Somebody help me!" She yelled over and over. "I said shut your mouth you stupid sack of crap!" He said trying to get her to shut up from fear that he would kill her if she didn't.

She whimpered and he walked closer, knife in one hand, duct tape in the other. "Please don't." She whispered.

He started to duct tape her mouth, then her hands, then her legs. "Meeaase on't." she whispered through the duct tape.

He pulled out my knife and laughed, when all the sudden, I burst in.

"Kaito?! What the hell!" I yelled my pink hair waving in the wind as she looked at Kaito with utter disgust.

"Ukkkaaa!" Yelled the tied up girl as Kaito backed off slowly. "Luka, what are you doing here?!" said Kaito. "Saving Miku obviously!" I replied as I pushed him out of the way. I knelt down beside her and took the duct tape off of her.

"You alright...?" I asked as I gave her quick hug. "I'm fine, now that your here." Miku said smiling. I smiled back at her then got up.

"Kaito! Get out of here! NOW!" I yelled at him. He looked scared and he glanced at the door then got up and started walking towards me, I gave him a look that said turn the heck around NOW! He kept walking closer until he was practically breathing in my face. I laughed, "Really?" I said.

I kicked him as hard as possible right in the place he does NOT want to be kicked. "Oww! Shit! That freaking... hurt!" He groaned as Miku giggled. I laughed too then I punched Kaito in the face. Now he was on the ground. "Pervert." I said as I grabbed Miku's hand and took her home.