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Summary: The morning following a night together with Harry, Severus kicks him out, telling him it was a mistake to never be repeated, unaware of the consequences that their night together brought.

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Harry was sat at the table in Grimmauld place, tapping his fingers on the table as he stared at nothing, that far gone he never noticed the floo roaring and a voice calling his name as they stepped from the floo.


Harry jumped when he felt a hand touch his shoulder. He looked up. "Draco."

Two days after the war Harry surprised everyone, Draco more than anyone else when he turned up at his hearing and defended him and wouldn't accept anything except his freedom to return and finish his final year at Hogwarts. Lucius got sentenced to Azkaban and Narcissa got off free along with Draco and it was after the hearing that Harry voiced his opinions to the press, telling them why he did what he did in freeing Draco and Narcissa.

Narcissa had answered questions saying she would be forever thankful to Harry for saving her and her son in so many ways and that she didn't blame him for Lucius getting sent to Azkaban as he deserved it for the crimes he committed.

And there in front of the press, Draco for the second time extended a hand of friendship to Harry who smiled and took it. The next day the Potter/Malfoy newly found friendship was in every paper.

That had only been three months ago and yet Draco seeing Harry every day, Harry was as close to him as he was Hermione and Ron.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well for one thing you are just sat there, staring. You didn't even notice me come in or hear me call your name until I touched your shoulder."

"Sorry. Just got a lot on my mind."

"You are not changing your mind are you? About going back?"

"No Draco. I am still returning for my last year, I just have other things on my mind."

"Want to tell me?"

Harry smiled, "not just yet, but thanks." Harry stood up. "Want a drink?"

"Yeah go on then."

"How is your mum?"

"She is well. She has gone to see father today. With him being sentenced to five years she has agreed to see him and see how much the place has changed him in the last three months. If it has changed him for the better then she is will to give him another chance. If not then she is going to ask for a divorce."


"Yes. Mother has a series of questions for him that she will drop into their conversation. Most of them are about you." he laughed.

"Well let me know how it goes. How do you feel about your father?"

"Honestly? I think he will act as though he has changed in order to get out of there."

"If that is what you really think Draco then you are probably best to go with your mother. Don't seem that interested but watch him closely and let your mother know what you really think afterwards."

"You know what? You're right. Thank you Harry. I'll see you later."

Once Harry was alone again he let his mind wander back to the day after Voldemort's fall.


Harry had woke up feeling warm and comfortable, looking down he was also in someone's arms, looking over his shoulder he saw Severus fast asleep and it all came back to him.

There had been a party of some sort, a celebration that Voldemort had finally gone and never to return this time. Severus had walked over to Harry and asked to speak to him in private. They went to the dungeons and Severus had shocked Harry by thanking him.

He, Ron and Hermione had gone to the shrieking shack and listened and Harry knowing that Severus was about to die rushed in, Ron and Hermione on his heels. Harry had killed the snake with the sword of Gryffindor. In anger Voldemort had cast the killing curse on Harry.

As the spell hit his chest not only him, but Voldemort dropped to the floor. Severus went over and checked Harry, feeling a pulse; Severus brought him round and told him to end it once and for all.

Harry stood and pointed his wand at Voldemort. And with a whisper a green flash erupted from his wand and hit Voldemort.

Severus checked the body and declared him finally dead, Hermione cried with relief in Ron's arms but Harry turned to Severus, asking why he was still alive. It was then that Severus took all three up to the headmaster's office and showed them all the memories of the conversation between himself and Albus Dumbledore. After Harry had thanked Severus and took the Pensieve to the right people and within twelve hours Severus was declared a free and innocent man with an order of Merlin: First class being promised to him.

That night at the celebration of the end of the war Severus wanted to thank Harry. They both forgot the celebration, neither of them wanting to be the centre of attention, questions being asked and people demanding answers so they both stayed where they were and one thing led to another and after finishing a bottle of firewhiskey between them they had ended up in bed.

When Severus woke up the following morning he couldn't get out of bed quick enough and away from Harry.


"No. This was a mistake. A very bad one which will never be repeated."


"No. This will never be mentioned again. Get out."


Severus moved over and lifted Harry from his bed and chucked him his clothes. "You either leave of your own free will or I will drag you. Get. Out."

End of Flashback.

Harry sighed at the memory. It had hurt to be treated like that. He had been so happy to wake up in Severus arms. He always knew deep down that Severus wasn't bad, the memories only proved what he thought, despite his treatment of Harry the following morning Harry still couldn't help but fall for the potions master. Part of the reason of Harry going back for his eighth year was because he knew Severus was reinstated as Headmaster and it would give him a chance to talk to him.

The floo flared once more and Hermione stepped out. "Just coming to check if you are all packed and ready for Hogwarts."

Harry laughed. "We don't leave for another two days."

"I know but I just want to make sure you have everything ready."

"I do. I'll show you if it will make you happy."

"That it would."

Harry laughed and stood up, but as soon as he did, the room began to spin and everything went blurry. Hermione screaming his name was the last thing he heard before all went black and he knew no more.

Harry moaned as he came to. First thing he noticed was that he was in a bed, a very hard one as well, he slowly opened his eyes and saw nothing but white. White ceiling, white walls, white bed sheets, he turned and looked to the side of him and saw Hermione standing by the window looking out of it with her arms folded. "Hermione?"

Hermione turned and hurried over to the bed when she saw that Harry was awake. "Oh Harry. How are you?"

"Confused. Why am I in hospital?"

"You collapsed at home so I flooed Ron and he carried you here, they ran some tests Harry and said that they found something but wouldn't tell me, they just said that they could only tell you and if you wished for me to know then that would be up to you."

Just then Ron walked into the room with two drinks in his hands. "Oh Harry mate you're awake." he set the two drinks down. "I'll go and get someone."

Ron came back five minutes later with a mediwitch. "Ah Mister Potter." she said as she moved over to the bed and started to check Harry over. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine. When can I go?"

"When you like. We would like to talk to you first. No doubt your friends have told you we have found something and would like to tell you and discuss it with you."

"Yes. You can tell me whilst they are here. I will only tell them afterwards anyway."

"You sure?"

"Yes. Please?"

"Very well. Reason for your collapsing Mister Potter is because you are pregnant."

"Pregnant? Men can't get pregnant."

"Muggle no. Wizards yes. It takes two powerful wizards for it to happen and it is very rare that you get a male pregnancy but we do still get them from time to time. There are options if you don't want -"

"No. I am keeping my baby."

"Very well. I understand you are going back to Hogwarts. I will send a letter to Poppy Pomfrey and she will be monitoring you closely and you are to go to her for whatever you need."

"I will. Thank you. How far along am I?"

"You are welcome. You are ten weeks. Once you gather your things you are free to go."

"Thank you. Um... I don't want anyone -"

"Don't worry Mister Potter, we take an oath and we are not to breathe a word about any of our patients unless we have their permission. Congratulations." she added with a smile before leaving.

Once it was just the three of them again Harry looked from Hermione who looked worried for him to Ron who looked pale.

"Ten weeks Harry. That was the night of the celebration." Hermione quietly said.

"It was."


Harry turned to face Ron who stood up and moved to the end of the bed. "What?"

"You told us that you were going to go and talk with Snape and we didn't see you until the following day. You slept with him?!"


"Oh Merlin you did didn't you. I know he was proved to be on our side Harry but Snape? That is just sick and wrong."

Harry got angry and stood up from the bed. "Sick and wrong meaning it's two men?"

"Harry you know that I have no problem with you being gay. I mean sick and wrong that it is Snape."


"Because it is him. You seemed upset afterwards, he rejected you didn't he."


"Liar. If he didn't you would be with him now and you would be finding out you are pregnant together."


"No Hermione, it's true, look he isn't even denying it."

"Severus is a good man."

"You are even defending him. The man that had sex with you and then kicked you out, I bet if you told him you are pregnant with his child he would either tell you to get rid or deny it or say he didn't care."

"That's not true."

"Prove it and tell him then."


"Because you are afraid of his answer?"

"Harry?" Hermione said gently as she walked over to him. "Do you have feelings for him?"

When all Harry did was look down Ron scoffed. "You're in love with the bastard aren't you?"

"You can't help who you fall for Ron." Hermione scolded, defending Harry. "Why are you being like this? Harry is our friend and he needs our support, more so now than ever."

"I will look out for you as best I can, and I will keep this a secret until you want people to know, but don't expect me to like this." he said and left the room.

"He'll calm down Harry you know he will. Come on, let's get you home."

"Thanks 'Mione."

His friend just smiled as she walked out of the room with him.

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