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Summary: The morning following a night together with Harry, Severus kicks him out, telling him it was a mistake to never be repeated, unaware of the consequences that their night together brought.

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Poppy looked up when her floo flared and saw something she had never seen in all her years there. A panicked looking Severus. "Poppy he is getting pains, says he is going into labour but he is too early."

"Get him on the bed Severus. Let his friends know whilst I check him over."

After Severus had sent his doe off, telling all of Harry's friends that he was in the hospital wing and what had happened up to now, Severus made his way back over to the bed where Harry was looking a lot calmer and a lot better.

"What happened Poppy?"

"Harry was indeed going into labour Severus but I have managed to stop it. He needs constant rest. Bed rest Severus, we can't risk him going into labour this early."

Poppy looked at Harry. "Is this morning the first time you have experienced these pains?"

"No. I had pains similar to this morning whilst walking to Herbology yesterday."

"Why didn't you say anything?" Severus asked.

"Because it passed Severus."

"It was still there though. Of all the -"

"Severus! Besides rest Harry doesn't need any stress." Poppy warned. "Harry I want you to stay here for the rest of the day where I can keep a close eye on you."

"What about any strenuous activity?"

"As long as it isn't too strenuous Harry you will be fine." Poppy answered with a little smile before leaving the parents to be to it.

"What?" Harry asked at the look on Severus' face. "I had to know. I still get aroused."

To say that Harry had never been so bored and detested bed rest, a month had gone by so quick, his friends came in different pairs every day to see him and drop his work off. Despite him hating bed rest there was one thing he did love. Whenever Severus wasn't busy he would join Harry. Even in the day sometimes.

Severus had got up one morning and after having his bath with Harry and changing him, putting him back in bed, he got dressed and left Harry with what should have been a quick kiss on the lips, but Harry pulled Severus onto the bed with him, refusing to let go.

Half hour later Severus left a still panting Harry in bed, a smirk plastered on his face, telling Harry he would join him at dinner.

After Harry had had his breakfast he called in Severus' elf. "Mipsy?"

"Master Harry is calling Mipsy sir. Is Master Harry be wanting anything sir?"

"Yes. I wondered if you and a few house elf's can help me. As it is nearing Christmas."

"Me and some elf's will be happy to help you sir."

"Harry please."

"Harry." Mipsy said, beaming when Harry smiled at her.

"What in Merlin's bollocks is going on?" were the first words out of Severus' mouth when he walked into his private rooms. "You are supposed to be on bed rest." he added when he saw Harry sat on their sofa.

"I am still resting. Neville carried me from the bed into here as I wanted a change of scenery, being in that bed and in our room is all very well if you are with me but alone. As for what happened here... I asked a few house elf's to help me decorate in time for Christmas. I promise you I sat here and watched them put it all up."

"Then you can sit there and watch me take it all down."


"I don't do Christmas."

"What are you? Scrooge?"


"A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Muggle story. He hates Christmas."

"I never said I hated Christmas I just said I don't do it."

"Caleb is due in February; he will be ten months and noticing things by next Christmas. It is something you will have to get used to. Let's call last Christmas you last peaceful one and this one a practice run."

"Harry I have never had a peaceful Christmas. Caleb won't be here for another couple of months." he waved his wand and all the decorations that the elf's had put up for Harry, disappeared.


"You said my last Christmas is peaceful? Now it will be as the next one will be hectic."

Harry, hand on his stomach, leaned forwards a little. "You put all of them back right now or I will make your peaceful Christmas very hec - oh!"

"Oh?" Severus asked before hurrying over to Harry, sitting beside him, rubbing his back.

"Oh you want me calm now." Harry asked, breathing through the pain that was getting stronger. "Severus the pain isn't easing. Oh fuck!"

Harry looked down along with Severus where both of them saw a wet patch. "You were saying about a peaceful Christmas?" Harry asked, panting as he rubbed his stomach with one hand, using his other to grip Severus' forearm tightly.

"What did you do Severus? I told you no stress." Poppy asked when Severus hurried in carrying Harry.

"I may have said something to start an argument."

"You may have?" Harry snapped. "Just get me on the bed."

"It might be best if you wait outside Severus."

"I am going nowhere. Is there nothing you can do to stop it like last time?"

"Now his waters have broken Severus. No." Poppy checked Harry over before looking him directly in the eyes. "You know what I have to do?"

"Yes Poppy. I want Severus here with me." he answered, reaching out and taking his lovers hand in his.

Poppy nodded and with a wave of her wand, Harry slipped into deep sleep.

Draco hurried into the great hall and up to the eighth year table. "I just went to see Harry and found a note on Severus' desk. Harry has gone into early labour; he's in the hospital wing."

Some not caring that they were halfway through their dinner, stood up and hurried from the hall along with Draco.

Reaching the hospital wing first, Ron burst through the doors, coming to a standstill, others bumping into him when they saw Poppy seeing to Harry whilst Severus held in his arms, the smallest bundle they saw.

Severus looked up at them all, looking at Draco more than the others, a smile on his face. "I have a son."

Draco laughed a little and moved towards his godfather. "A perfect mixture of you both I think." he said, smiling at the very small, sleeping baby in the headmasters arms.

"How is Harry?" Hermione asked.

"He will be fine." Poppy smiled. "He will sleep for a couple of hours but after he takes the potions when he awakes he will feel like himself again."

"What caused the early labour if he was on bed rest?" Ron asked.

"I did. I said a few things which had him argue back." Severus looked up at Poppy. "Will Caleb be alright?"

"He should be. I want to keep a close eye on him. Monitor him."

"Harry and I won't want to leave his side."

"I know that Severus. You can take him back to your rooms but I will be coming by three to four times a day to check on him."

Severus nodded and allowed his son to be passed around.

"Oh thank Merlin he looks like Harry." Ron said when Hermione handed Caleb over. "Sorry." he added when he caught the headmaster staring at him.

"He has Severus' lips though." Hermione said, smiling as she pulled the blue blanket back a little. "And a head full of hair bless him."

When everyone congratulated Severus, asking them to pass on their message to Harry, they left, all but Draco who hung back for a moment, he waited until Severus had sat in the chair beside Harry, Caleb cuddled close to his chest with his left arm whilst his right arm was stretched out so he was holding Harry's hand, the pad of his thumb stroking the back of his loves hand.


Severus looked up from his son and saw Draco stood there. "Anything wrong?"

"No. I just wanted to talk now the rest have gone, now you can be yourself properly, the Severus I know and who Harry is starting to know."

Severus sighed. "I have never felt so proud. I am a father Draco. Something I never thought I would be. To say how I spent last Christmas, which I thought would be my last I didn't even think I would be alive for this Christmas let alone in love with a man I now have a son with."

"You love Harry? Have you told him?"

"No. He hasn't yet." a voice said.

Severus turned his head and Draco looked up to see Harry awake with a small smile on his face.

"Harry how are you?" Severus asked, getting out of the chair.

"I'll leave you both alone." Draco said, smiling at the both of them. "Congratulations." he added before he left.

"I like how the first time I hear you say 'I love you' it is to someone else." Harry said, smiling as he sat up to take the potions Poppy left out.

"I didn't exactly say 'I love you' I said I was in love with a man I know have a son with."

"Whatever Severus. Well?"

"What?" Severus asked as he handed Caleb over to Harry.

"Are you going to say it now I am awake properly?"

Severus smiled and moved forwards, covering Harry's lips with his own. "I love you Harry."

"I love you too Severus." Harry replied before looking down at his son for the first time. "Caleb Potter-Snape. Oh Severus he is the perfect image of us both."

"Draco said that. Mr Weasley thanks Merlin he looks like you although Miss Granger agrees he has my lips. How are you?"

"Now I have taken that potion. Better, feel more like myself again." Harry shuffled across on the bed, silently asking for Severus to join him which he did.

"Poppy said we can take Caleb back to our rooms with us but she will be visiting three to four times a day to check on him with him being two months early. Which I am sorry for."


"Causing you to argue back, putting you through the stress you didn't need."

"Oh Severus I don't care about that."

Severus smiled and stood up. "I will just get our rooms ready before Poppy will let you go."

That night when Harry walked into their rooms with Caleb in his arms he gasped at the sight. "You put all the decorations back up."

"Mipsy did. I know it is only four days away and he won't really remember this one but at least he will notice the different lights and shapes and patterns."

After they had put Caleb down for the night they climbed into bed, Harry moving closer into Severus' hold.

"Bond with me?"

Harry gasped and looked up. "What?"

"Bond with me? Harry you have gave me more than I ever thought I could have. I want to spend the rest of our lives together. Will you bind with me?"

"Yes!" he laughed, making Severus chuckle as he pushed himself up, capturing his loves lips with his own.

Epilogue. Six Months later.

Draco walked into Harry and Severus' private rooms and saw his godfather stood in front of the mirror. "Severus you look so... so..."

"Stupid." Severus finished.

"No. Tuxedo suits you."

"No it doesn't. Why can't I wear formal robes? Why this?"

"Because it is what Harry wants and as you love him and asked him to bond with you then you can surely go a few hours wearing that suit."

Severus sighed. "You're right. It isn't like I will have it on long."

Draco shuddered. "Severus please. Hermione has Caleb and Molly says she is more than happy to have him for the night."

Severus nodded. "Thank you Draco."

"Welcome. Well. Let's get the show on the road."


"It is a muggle saying."

"Given how you were raised I am surprised."

"Arthur Weasley likes to talk a lot about his fascination with muggles."

"You must really love his daughter."

"I do."

When Severus got to the lake with Draco the sun was just starting to set. Their friends and family there. Kingsley was stood at the front, his back to the lake. Harry who was stood behind the guests with Ron.

"Harry mate."

Harry looked up and smiled when he saw a smiling Draco and a scowling Severus.

"To say you are getting bonded to the man you love today you don't look happy."

Harry laughed. "He is in a tux Ron. That is why he doesn't look happy."

"Then why wear it?"

"Because I love Harry Mr Weasley and it is Harry who wanted us to bond in these things." Severus answered.

The ceremony itself was short but how Harry wanted it. Beautiful. They said their vows to each other, sealed it with a kiss and stayed out by the lake long enough to have a few photos taken. They said goodbye to their son, thanking Molly again and promising to be at the burrow by noon the next day for their reception.

Harry laughed at Severus who stripped to nothing as soon as they entered their room. "Never make me wear anything like that again." he warned before walking over to Harry, divesting him from his clothes.

Harry moaned when Severus pulled him to him with his arm wrapped firmly around him. "Isn't it best to use the spell first? Otherwise Caleb will be a big brother sooner than we'd like."

Severus waved his hand.

"You prepared me as well?" Harry panted.

"I did. I know it is our wedding night Harry but I want to be in you."

Harry smiled and lifted his arms up so they wound themselves around his husband's neck. "What are you waiting for then?"

Instead of answering, Severus picked Harry up and carried him over to the bed, laying him gently on his back. He climbed on top of his young husband, leaning his weight on his forearms so he didn't squash Harry.

"Please Severus."

"Eager are we?"

"With you? I always am."

Severus smirked and reached over for the lube, covering his cock in it before slowly moving forwards, pushing his cock into Harry's hole, slowly as he enjoyed watching Harry's expression as his cock stretched his husband's entrance, despite already being prepared. His eyes had rolled back, his white top teeth showing as he bit his bottom lip.

Severus watched how Harry bit his bottom lip, getting the urge to take it between his own teeth. So he did.

Harry reached up and buried his fingers through the long jet black strands of hair to keep his husbands head in place, pushing down as Severus thrust forwards, moaning into his mouth, thrusting his tongue into Severus' mouth as soon as he got the chance.

"Severus please..." he moaned.

Giving Harry a short but passionate kiss, Severus pulled his head back and picked up his pace, his thrusts getting faster. He ran his hand slowly down Harry's left side before taking the younger mans hardened shaft in his hand, stroking it slowly at first before going faster.

"Are you close Harry."

"Fuck yes." he moaned, his legs moving up and locking around Severus, the heels of his feet digging in the globes of his arse.

Severus moved his head down. "Then come Harry." he panted, placing a small kiss on brunet's earlobe.

Harry moaned, screaming out Severus' name as he came, his come erupting form his cock, covering both of their stomachs. Severus following after two more thrusts moaning Harry's name, cleaning them both from the come before dropping forwards, panting into Harry's neck as the younger man held him in his arms.

After they got their breaths back Severus pulled out of the man under him and dropped onto his side beside him.

Harry turned his head to the side and smiled at his husband. "I love you Severus. Do you love me?"

Severus turned his head to look at his husband with a small smile on his face."Always."

The end.

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