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"Can you hear me? Takahiro..." he begged as he swallowed his painful cry watching his unrequited love die before him.

It was pitch dark. No moon, no stars, not even a single cry of a bird or a bark of a canine anywhere. It was just the darkness of a coming death that enveloped the two of them.

"Gomen...I acted on impulse..." as the man laying on moist ground talked with the last of his strenght, blood oozed from his lips.

"Don't talk anymore man, I'll take you to the hospital...hang on..." with all his determination not to show his own wavering, his lavender eyes grew severely red from stopping shameful tears from showing. He tried to pull Takahiro up on his feet but Takahiro refused to do it.

"I always thought that this job is going to kill me one day..." a voice of someone going into flashback filled the silence. "Can you look for my brother?"

The dry midnight air whispered sadness and death into the silverhaired man's being. He was like a white fox in mourning as he watched the man he loved behind shadows fade away.

"Brother?" Fine silver brows knitted into confusion. That was news to him.

Weak hands moved from his side to his neck where a locket has been dangling. "That's my brother and I...please look for him..."

Bastard don't talk like you're sure of dying...His lavender eyes darted at the small, diamond shaped locket that his bestfriend and his secret love has been offering. He pushed open the button and showed him a picture of a happy memory from a long time ago.

"Are you kidding me? This is practically a picture of an infant!"

"He's turning nine this year...He has the deepest green eyes in the world...my brother...doesn't look like me at all..." more blood dripped down the side of his face. He was smiling towards the hopeless sky with eyes that couldn't see anymore.

Smiling forcefully, the man soaked with his friend's blood cupped Takahiro's face with shaking hands. "Takahiro..."

"I wonder why I became like this? I've always wanted to work in an office...who knew I will turn out to be a hired killer..."laughing a painful laugh, dying as he was, Takahiro tried to reach his friend's face in the shadows. "Sorry...my brother...carries something he shouldn't..."

"Takahiro...we can look for him together!"

"I like the sound of that..."

"We can stil-"

"Tell him I'm sorry..."

Not wanting to admit it, he knew already right away that bringing his friend to the hospital wouldn't do him any good. Takahiro was beyond salvation. Usami Akihiko could only pretend he was strong and willful as he clutched Takahiro's hands.

"His name? What's his name?! I'll look for him! Damn it..."



Takahiro . AlphaRed, last name unknown, cause of death; multiple bullet wounds on the chest while on the job. Usami Akihiko was left alone with a dead partner and a promise to look for someone with only a baby picture whose name he didn't even know.

There were low whisperings inside the spacious classroom. It was colored in light cream with heavy curtains to cover the heavy sunlight coming from outside. The beams were designed with etchings of angelic faces and figures similar to how roman buildings were designed thousand of years ago.

The faint humming of the airconditioners were mixed with the excited low mutterings of the girls as they waited for their first class for the day.

"Ne, ne...did you see the update last night for 'Lies of the Truth'?" a girl with glossy black hair asked the girl seated before her.

Turning around, a blue eyed girl nodded in a prim and proper way. And suddenly blurted, "YESS! I LOVED THE CURRENT CHAPTER! I ALMOST CHOKED TO TEARS WHEN SHOU WAS LEFT ALONE IN THE HOUSE! OH MY GOOOOOOOOD!"

All heads darted to her direction. She was a very delicate looking girl. Prim and always carried herself properly as the heir of a shipping company. Who knew she was a hardcore fujoshi?

But everyone just let it go with a sigh. Because everyone in that classroom, those who openly admit it and those who did not knew what the morning topic was; Lies of the Truth.

It was a fanfiction of a writer who calls himself or herself "Shousetsu-ka02". The fiction at first didn't gather much attention from the readers of that fiction site. However, eventually, people noticed the story and by words of mouth, became a viral fiction which everyone was waiting in suspence for every update.

"Honestly, I was so sleepy last night I almost passed out at my study table!" the girl who just squealed muttered.

"I know right?" Noda Ayana agreed. A girl from a family of tea ceremony experts. "Why does the author has to update only at 12 midnight? I know I can read it after waking up but I can hardly contain myself waiting!"

"Yeah so in the end, we get these eyebags for the update..."

The whole classroom turned to look when a green eyed boy, dark brownish hair and a small frame opened the huge door. The black suit as the uniform only made the absorbing eyes more vivid. For some reason this boy was always lethargic-looking every morning.

He was an out of season transfer student. He had become the hot topic of the school for a while. His name? Takahashi Misaki.

A boy from a normal family whose mother married a very wealthy man. The rags to riches story that was just a fairy tale to the children of real elite people was proven under their noses. That such a life story ever existed was already a very hot topic they could feast on.

They did treat the teen like he was an alien at first, but Takahashi Misaki was a charming and a humble guy who made everyone feel like they were welcome and eventually, they let the boy in their inner circle.

"Takahashi-kun! Ohayo!" Ayana greeted while flipping her fringes on the side of her small face.

"Ohayooo," Misaki answered back in a rather hoarse voice as he placed his bag on the side of his table. His eye bags also visible.

"OMG!" the hardcore fujoshi who didn't look like it gasped. "Your eyes! You look like a panda at a closer look!"

The two girls leaned closer at Misaki with a knowing smile.

"You also waited for the update last night, didn't you?" the girls chimed in unison. "And cried your brains out for poor Shou, neeeee?"

Sighing, Misaki nodded before taking his seat. "Yeah, I did. Shou is so stupid for taking it all. He should just run away don't you think?"

The conversation about the fan fiction was just starting to heat up. Another guy, tall and smart looking moved over to the group.

"You don't feel Shou's pain, you know?" the guy named Rui cut in. The girls and Misaki raised their gazes at him. "Shou can't go away because he can't. Or he has no confidence...anyway, his brother left him just like that! Of course he would be traumatized!"

Misaki looked away. "Then why don't someone help him?"

Ayana looked at the young man carefully and raised a brow. "Then tell the author in the reviews to send a knight in shining armor!"

"Oh yeah, 'Shousetsu-ka02' sent me a thank you message! How nice! But the author doesn't entertain questions regarding the fiction being written. All thank yous thank yous thank yous..." the blue-eyed girl named Hime blabbered.

Everyone grew hushed and went back to their own seats when the shrill ring of the first period bell interrupted their morning talk.

They all had blank faces as if they didn't had a lively conversation a while ago. At very young ages, those children now in the stage reaching for adulthood were trained to separate their leisure and their responsibilities. The leisurely talk about a fan fiction would be ending temporarily to focus on studying. Just like good kids, they waited for their sensei to come in.

A heavy creak of the door signalled the arrival of a man in his early thirties. Tall and seriously looking, he carried himself well and with dignity. That was why, despite his class being a little boring for these modern teenagers, no one could complain, because Miyagi Yo was a very determined man when it came to literature. He was the kind of man who looked like who could kill if anyone said a little bad about the subject.

"Ohayo brats..." he greeted a little lazily.

The classroom representative signalled the whole class to stand and take their bow at their sensei. A sign of respect.

Throwing his single notebook on the table at the center of the room, Miyagi looked at the stoic faces and turned his back.

"So everyone, remember I told you there would be an intern arriving? He's here with me now. I warn you ladies and gents, don't swoon at him in front of me or I'll give you Ds right away."

The students' curiosity hiked up. Seldom did this sensei told jokes so they became more eager to meet this intern.

"Suzuki Shou-san, please come in."

It was not a joke when the Literature teacher warned them not to "swoon" right away. When the man entered the room, his presence took over and everyone could only gape in awe at him. They knew this man wasn't an ordinary intern. Tall, soft looking silver hair strands that fell perfectly on every perfect side of his face. Lavender eyes that could absorb. They were all the traits of a man bestowed with so much blessings physically more than the rest by the higher beings. However, despite all of these, or maybe because of all of these, he was carrying a 'keep out' aura around him.

"Good day. Suzuki Shou, your Literature instructor for a month. Nice to meet you," he said in a crisp, voice with a slight nod.

The man eyed the students and was already memorizing their faces. In reality, him being an intern was nothing but a compilation of big fat lies. First, he wasn't just an intern. Second, he had all the bad intentions in the world why he was there, and third, he wasn't 'Suzuki Shou' but Usami Akihiko in real life.

Clapping his hand twice to gather the attention of the students, Miyagi tapped the man beside him on the shoulder.

"I'll leave the floor to you," he said before taking his leave.

There was a long silence that filled the room. The anticipation of how the intern would be was prevalent in the students' faces. Just like how two animals try to read the other if the other was a foe or a friend.

"I already introduced myself, so it's your turn," Usami Akihiko a.k.a. Suzuki-sensei started as he pushed the eyeglasses on the bridge of his nose. "Name and hobby will do."

One by one, the students started introducing themselves in an orderly manner. Some were stuttering, some were over confident and some were just plain shy.

"Noda Ayana. I love reading anything but lately I'm into fan fictions."

The man just nodded.

"Ohayo, sensei my name is Yamaguchi Hime. I love paintings and art."

At the boy sitting behind Yamaguchi Hime, Usami Akihiko focused more attention than he was giving everybody else. He was sitting on the edge of his table and the moment the green-eyed boy stood, he crossed his arms across his broad chest.

"Takahashi Misaki," after that Misaki sat right away.

"And the hobby?" Usami asked with a raised brow.

"Nothing in particular..." the teen smiled nervously. I really need to get more sleep...I feel like shit...

The introductions continued but 'Suzuki Shou' wasn't listening anymore. His lavender eyes, the class not knowing it were focused on one single student in that classroom. Behind his hair and eyeglasses his eyes expertly memorized every physical feature he could see. Takahashi Misaki was just a plain green eyed boy, with nothing much of a striking characteristic. He had checked on the boy's grades and he was on the flunking side. His stupid smile when he introduced himself was annoying. And his huge green eyes were irritating. Most of all, Takahashi Misaki looked weak. The teen wouldn't be able to fight back.

"So that's him huh?" he sighed inside his mind. "This'll be very easy...easier than swatting a fly."

The intern smiled a little at the thought. An accidental fall on the stairs would be believable enough. Or perhaps, a stab on the back would suffice. Either way, Suzuki Shou, Usami Akihiko, a notorious hired killer only the elites know was there out on a job. To kill the rags to riches kid who in an instant gathered the fortune of the man his mother married.

The green eyed boy didn't know it, but there were distant relatives of the Kazuo family which his mother married into who were not in favor of it. And if the son of that opportunist of a woman would be gone, the distribution of wealth would surely be directed to greedy, and tainted hands.

"Sensei! Sensei!" Ayana squealed rather excitedly that called the entire attention of the class.

Usami AKihiko flashed his gorgeous fake smile that in an instant made everyone at ease. "Yes? Yamaguchi-san?"

Misaki looked awed by the new intern's ability to memorize names and faces at a very fast pace. The teen smiled, thinking about something.

"Uhm, Sensei, have you heard of 'Lies of Truth'?" the hardcore fujoshi asked blushing.

"Lies of Truth?" the fake intern repeated. "What's that?"

"You see sensei, yours and the lead character's name of that popular fanfiction is the same!"

"I see, but sorry. This sensei is currently busy with life matters that I couldn't read for leisure these past few days."

Most of the students became lively finally feeling that the new intern wouldn't be as tight as their regular literature teacher.

The hooted and giggled, trying to force the man to also check the talk of the youngsters fanfiction. To Usami it was just a waste of time to even think about it, but he knew it was better to humor these rich kids.

"But, since you guys think it's good, I might check it out. After all, this is a literature class. So, care to tell me what's the story about?"

In the end we only talked about that fiction for the rest of the class. Misaki thought to himself while gathering his books for the next class. Not that it's bad...but he feels...wrong.

He stood with his eyes fixed at midnoon sky. Clear and calming. Totaly hiding the dangerous shadows that was lurking behind him.

"Well, it feels good if many people think that what I am writing is good..." he whispered softly. "Maybe I should make an update later?" he smiled to himself.

Misaki had only written what little he could remember from his childhood. About how his brother suddenly left when their family was already falling apart.

He was hoping, by writing, even with a very small chance, it could reach his brother, whom he lost contact nine years ago.

Notes: this fiction is probably going to be heavy. but i like those kind of themes. ^^

again AU! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...hehehe

While I was writing a chapter for shadow singer, i suddenly thought... "what if the character is

an avid fanfiction writer and reader like us? thus...this idea is born.