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"We have gathered here today to say goodbye to one of the most promising graduating class Hogwarts has had during its lifetime!", Headmaster Dippet said proudly. "When you all came here to us seven years ago…" Albus turned him out. Headmaster Dippet, or rather Dippet as he liked to call him in his mind, loved to hold long and pointless speeches. Albus thought he rather loved to hear himself talk. 'Promising class', he thought self-appreciative, 'that may be, but the real reasons for that are certainly clear to everyone here…'

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore prided himself in being highly intelligent, highly ambitious, and graced with amazingly powerful magic. He knew that some of his classmates were also quite smart, or even ambitious or powerful, but all three… 'And what is magic, or even intelligence, without ambition? And what is ambition without purpose?'

He was destined for greatness.

Albus continued to reflect on his school years, while he examined the audience with his eyes. He was sitting right beside the podium on which the Headmaster was still holding his 'speech'. He rolled his eyes. Going on to thinking about his future plans, he barely paused as he caught the eyes of his younger brother, Aberforth, who was sitting right beside his mother, who was crying. As always. Aberforth's eyes were dark and he couldn't identify the emotions they conveyed. His brother didn't smile at him, he knew Albus better than anyone else at the moment.

Albus hated that about him.

Even as he continued to look at the other guests, he could still feel these strangely accusing eyes on him. What did Aberforth know? His little brother's sense of righteousness and morality was really going overboard with that one. Life would wait for someone like him, yes, but it wasn't RIGHT!

"… Head boy's speech: Albus Percival Dumbledore!"

The headmaster smiled at the audience, and waved invitingly towards Albus.

Albus decided not to think about his brother anymore.

He had a speech to hold.



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