I look up and see the sky.

Gentle sun and moon and stars.

Knowing that I can not grow wings,

I use my mind.

I become a Sunrunner, and fly over all.

The colors! I taste cold, see sound, hear colors!

All woven into the patterns of our minds.

Garnet, jade, diamond, sapphire, amber, quartz, moonstone,

ruby, emerald, moonstone, onyx, topaz, amethyst, carnelian,

all the jewel tints of our hearts.

Woven to form us.

But beware, Sunrunner!

Do not wander into shadows.

For the light that weaves there is lost forever.

No way to drag you out.

Only you may weave yourself out.

Shadow-lost, what a horrible death!

The alternative is to be lost on light.

Neither is true death, for while the mind dies,

the body remains, living without a mind.

Each one is a lie, for the world is not all shadow or light,

but a little of both, woven together to form right