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All in Miami had seen the ring on Carter Verone's finger and they all knew what it represented. It was a simple, masculine band on his wedding finger. It symbolized that someone, who surely knew what a piece of work the man was and yet was still willing to marry the guy. There was initially a lot of intrigue about the other half as they were seemingly sequestered away at Verone's poolside mansion. A few brave souls have even ventured a few opinions about what they might look like. It was safe to say that they were all far off the mark.

As for the 'other-half' they knew exactly what a piece of work Carter was and didn't care. It was something about not being able to throw stones or something along those lines. The truth of the matter was that Carter's partner was actually grateful as that was pretty much the sole reason they were not in jail. However their marriage was not a guilt thing, or that they too grateful - as neither would have tolerated that.

All Carter had had to say on the matter was a slap to the rump and a comment of, "You're too pretty for prison."

He wasn't wrong, and Brian wasn't stupid; he would not have enjoyed jail being as pretty as he is and a former cop. It was a recipe for a very painful few years. However once he got mixed up with Carter and spilled the whole story the crime lord decided that there was something there he wanted to keep.

Once Carter had decided that he wanted to keep Brian well he launched an all scale battle to win his affections. And it started with sorting out the LAPD, it seemed once Carter's lawyers started to represent him they really didn't have an airtight case - and let the matter drop out of embarrassment if nothing else. As far as they were concerned Brian O'Conner was the now the problem of the Miami police - thankfully.

Agent Monica Fuentes had been sent in by the DEA as an undercover agent with the purpose of being a honey trap. Of course it wasn't said outright but she wasn't stupid and she was clear at what Markham wasn't saying.

She was allowed entrance into the Pearl which was the hippest nightclub in town, coincidentally it was also owned by Verone. She was dressed to the nines in the slinkiest silver dress that she knew clung to her curves in all the right places. She was prowling through the nightclub rebuffing the idiots that were not her target. She was trying to get close to Carter, who thanks to the surveillance photos, she knew was in fact in the club.

Fuentes was circling the dance floor artfully trying to not make it obvious that she was aiming for an invite into the VIP section. In the meanwhile she had strategically placed herself to observe what went on.

Verone sat sprawled comfortably on the plush couch, almost like a modern day King surveying his subjects. That fit with the psych profile that the DEA had gotten off the BAU agents. She did freeze though because what the fuck? No seriously! How could the surveillance agents have screwed up that badly? These may have sounded like rhetorical thoughts but you could bet that someone was going to be asking them soon.

She hid her face so that it wasn't obvious that she was talking to someone, "Did someone forget to mention that he was married?"

Markham spluttered, "I haven't heard." However even Monica could hear the glower he was directing at the Agents in the surveillance van. She really didn't want to be in their shoes right about now.

All they heard in the surveillance was a, "Oh my fucking god."

Markham was getting pissed; he looked at his agents as he needed to get one of them in the club. He saw Dunn and he was wearing slacks and a shirt so he was the one who had the pinhole camera. "Dunn get in there and get me the pictures."

He wanted to scream at the non-plussed expressions he saw around the van. He patiently as he could manage explained, "If Verone is in love that is something that we need to know as it will change his patterns of behaviour.

The Agent looked a little like a deer caught in headlights but Markham knew that Monica would get it sorted. Really if there was anyone looking too closely than their cover might get blown because it was only in the movies that someone as stunning as Monica slummed it with a guy like Dunn.

Dunn walked in and made sure to take in his surroundings before Monica walked up to him, "Hey babe."

Dunn still looked a little scared. Monica decided that if she dragged him onto the dance floor then there would be a reason for his look. It wouldn't be implausible for a reluctant boyfriend to be dragged onto the dance floor.

"So what got you so shocked?" Dunn asked, the noise from the music obscuring their conversation.

Monica was a little bit twisted so she decided that seeing, was believing, so she angled Dunn around so the camera could capture the VIP area. She managed to do it just in time for the camera to catch a very passionate clinch between Carter and his other half. The other half was blonde; blue eyed; gorgeous; fashionably dressed - all the things that you'd expect a partner of Verone's to be ... except one thing. Well, not really, it was modern times but she must admit that she hadn't expected Verone to marry a male lover.

The blonde whoever he was, was clearly not a bit on the side. He was dressed in expensive clothes wearing a matching band on the same finger as Verone. The guy was not in the least bit self-conscious and clearly didn't mind the possessive hand that lay on his hip. All of these actions by Verone were done so casually that one might not even notice the possessiveness of them.

Dunn mused, "So how long has that been going on?"

Monica shrugged, "Long enough for them to marry."

Dunn let out a tiny eep, which caused Monica to look over his shoulder. The 'eep' was caused by a very visual display of lust with what she sensed was an underlying affection. The blonde male had pulled Verone down into a passionate kiss. Tellingly, to Monica when she looked around the club no one reacted to the kiss. It suggested that this was not a new thing or anything out of the ordinary.

It begged the question then just who was the mystery male. She could tell the obvious things like appearance but that wasn't the real question. Did he know what a piece of work his husband was? Was it something that could be used? Or would he prove to be just as dangerous as his new dearly beloved.

She heard Markham's, "Oh fuck," and guessed the news wasn't good.

In the VIP section there was one very amused ex-cop, sitting on Carter's lap. He flipped around so that he could face his husband, "You're letting the riff-raff in again honey."

Verone frowned as he pulled Brian closer, he was a possessive son of a bitch and that wasn't news. It wasn't like Brian hadn't known that when he'd married him. Although their wedding had been a memorable affair - that would never be spoken of again. "Why is that babe?"

"You've let bugs in the club." Brian explained as he nibbled Verone's ear in way that he knew drove Carter wild.

Brian wasn't stupid and knew that if he didn't distract Carter then he was likely to cause significant harm. Verone pulled him closer by his hips, letting Brian feel how appreciative of him he was. "Is that so?"

"Yeah so I say we get out of here while they're too busy trying to figure out who I am." Brian had a downright wicked smirk that could have seduced a nun, and Verone was many things - a nun was not one of them.

Verone looked at his love with intrigue showing. Don't get him wrong he loved this side of Brian but it was not one that was shown in public. Verone had been surprised tonight when it had been Brian who had initiated the kiss. Brian had always struggled with public displays of affection; he never left Verone doubting of his affections and would put up with his possessive displays but he never sort them. For the first month once Brian had started to accompany Verone on his business trips - his associates had questions about where Verone had found such a beautiful, deadly silent bodyguard.

It seemed that Brian was content or happy enough to come out of the shadows. If that was the case then this was a red letter day. Just the thought of what he and Brian could achieve sent a shiver down his spine, as he actually wanted Brian to be a partner in all respects. He reluctantly let Brian slide off his lap, "Let's go."

Brian accepted the hand up and unconcerned with his slightly ruffled appearance casually walked hand in hand with Carter to leave. Carter couldn't resist pressing Brian up against the hood of the Porsche they had come to the club in. Brian moaned and writhed against him, wanting friction for his raging hard on. Carter loved how uninhibited Brian could be but he hated the idea of anyone but him seeing Brian like this.

Brian wasn't passive though; he wanted to come and knew how to get Carter rev'ed by now. His hands slipped under the shirt and toyed with the band of the silk boxers. He gasped out, "If we do this here all will see," showing just how well he knew Carter by now.

Carter growled, "Not happening ... drive."

Brian reluctantly peeled himself off Carter to slip into the driving seat. It was a good thing that he knew how to drive so well. as Carter's hand was toying with him the whole drive back. If he hadn't have been so good they would have wrecked half a dozen times; like when Carter unzipped Brian's jeans, or when he started to casually and slowly stroke his leaking member. It was the best and worse timed foreplay ever and Brian was going out of his mind with lust.

Carter chuckled, "You're looking a little flustered snowman."

Brian growled, "Ice burns just as easily," and he pulled to stop in a flourish of chrome and tyres squealing in the gravel at the front entrance of the mansion. Carter just smirked, "Prove it!"

Brian slid out of the car, all liquid grace that went straight to Carter's dick. Brian could and had seduced him with a look for quite a long time now. Brian casually sauntered up the steps, shedding his silk shirt at the door and with a coy glance behind him, "You coming?" He asked.

Carter was thankful that there was a little bit of space between them as this would all be over before it had begun. "Not yet but I will be ..."

"Come on then old man ... show me what you've got." Brian teased.

There was a growl, "Wait until you're a begging, pleading mess on the bed and talk about my age like that."

Brian's eyes glittered with the unspoken challenge, "Big words - no proof."

Just like he hoped Carter chased after him. He made it into the bedroom, and stripped quickly - he was unashamed of his body and knew exactly what he wanted. He stood waiting; arousal evident until Carter came tearing through the door. Once he had his desired audience he crawled over the black silk sheets but his eyes never broke from Carter's glaze. He fed off the clear lust and sprawled over the sheets languidly.

Carter took in the sight of his husband crawling over the sheets. He loved the way all of Bri's muscles coiled and were taut, ready for action. He waited, watching him all the way and licked his lips provocatively. Brian was stretched out and Carter had never been one to deny himself even the simplest pleasure in life so he definitely wasn't about to start now. He crawled over Brian's body, stopping to nip, lick and kiss Brian's hotspots.

Even now Brian couldn't resist playing with fire, "Still not begging."

Carter raised an amused eyebrow, as his hand slid down to Brian's dick like it was his god given right, and loosely fisted it. He started a gentle teasing rhythm. "We have all night." He casually reminded his husband and he enjoyed seeing the glint of Brian's ring against the bed sheets.

Brian groaned; he knew better - really he did. It was just too much fun. Still he wasn't a chick, or passive. He surged forward pulling Carter into a hot, filthy kiss that left them breaking apart when oxygen became a critical necessity. He wanted to play with Verone himself so he hooked his feet on the inside of Carter's leg and executed a textbook cop flip.

Verone pouted, "Hey we said no more cop stunts."

Brian smirked as he slid lower, tongue dipping into Carter's belly button. "I think I can get you to forgive me." He was so cocky and sure of himself that Verone couldn't help but find it sexy.

Brian's lips licked at Verone's straining erection causing Carter to buck up, trying to seek the wet heat. Brian just smirked and pinned his hips to the bed - this was his show for now. His lips slowly encapsulated the tip of Carter's erection, and like an evil nymph he started to hum. Brian enjoyed watching Verone lose himself to the pleasure he was offering. Brian just wanted to savour and play with Verone's length; he licked the underside of his cock, following the blue vein until he reached the tip. At which point he paused, waiting to ensure that Carter was watching what he did, and fiery hazel eyes captured ice-blue. Brian's tongue dipped into the slit knowing how crazy it sent Carter, and then slowly he swallowed him whole. Brian waited until he nudged the back of his throat before relaxing and letting him down into his throat. Brian relaxed his hold on his hubby's hips and contentedly hummed 'Summertime' around his dick.

Carter reluctantly pulled Brian off him and on top of him for a desperate kiss. He doubted that he would ever be able to listen to Ella's Summertime without getting a hard-on. Brian had had his fun, and now it was time for him to fulfil his promise. The manic glint must have been obvious as Brian rolled over letting Carter take the lead. The natural give-take in their relationship was probably why they worked so well. Carter reached over to the bedside to pick the lube up, opening it one handed as he started to drive Bri wild. He was starting to tease his lover's hidden entrance, never breaching as he wasn't a bastard, and didn't want to hurt Brian.

Brian groaned, "Stop fucking about and get in me."

Carter looked over at Brian's flushed appearance and while pleased; it wasn't the begging he was aiming for, but he had time. He dripped the lube onto the small of Brian's spine.

Brian moaned as he raised himself onto all fours - leaving no doubt at what he wanted. Brian moaned when he felt one finger tease literally circle his entrance, occasionally slipping past his inner ring, but never for long. He was going out of his mind and Carter knew it. "Please ... I want you in me."

Carter smirked not that it could be seen, at least now there was no demands - it was an improvement. As a reward, Carter used one finger to penetrate him deeply, as Brian -preferred a small amount of pain with his pleasure. Carter kept the same steady rhythm and all it served to do was reduce Brian to wriggling, writhing mess. Brian was stubborn though and was also struggling to form words. "Please ... more." He managed to gasp out.

Verone smiled and offered two fingers that he quickly started to scissor knowing that he was coming to end of his tolerance for foreplay. Brian wasn't the only one being driven out of his mind.

Brian was stupid and saw no reason to delay what they both wanted, "Fuck me ... God damn it ... please."

It was more of a demand than a plea but Carter would take it. He slid inside, in one long, deep sharp thrust.

Brian groaned as he felt like he was being split in two. It was always so good, and Verone acted in bed like he did in life. He was a predator that took what he wanted - in this case Brian. He felt Carter slid in every delicious inch as his body stretched to accommodate him before he felt his balls resting against his ass.

Verone was waiting for him to adjust; it was sweet but he didn't want sweet. He pulled back a little and thrust back. Verone chuckled pinning his hips and stilling him, "Look at you so desperate for me and so tight. Don't worry I'll give you want you need."

He did as he promised; he pulled back out leaving Brian feeling empty until only the tip was inside before thrusting back deep. He would thrust hard and deep before pulling out slowly, savouring every inch of the warm heat.

Brian hated that Carter could still even have a sliver of control. So he did the only thing he could, he squeezed his internal muscles causing Carter to groan.

Verone lost the last shred of control and pounded into him; he loosened his grip so that his hand could slide around and mercifully fisted him. Brian was moaning so loud now that anyone near would be blushing. "Wanna come."

Verone bit his ear as he whispered low "Come."

They followed each other over the edge and Brian cried out as he spilled over his stomach and Carter's fist. Not a second later and he felt Carter finish painting his insides. He didn't whimper when Carter pulled free but he did hate feeling empty, but knew that he would feel this in the morning. He was starting to fall asleep as the hormones relaxed him and felt the wet cloth clean him off.

Life was not perfect and he wasn't blind Verone could be a dick but at the moment he was struggling to care. The road to hell was paved with good intentions but Brian knew that antipathy was a far more dangerous feeling in this regard.

Back in the command centre Markham was reading everything there was to know about Carter Verone's husband and was paling with every sentence he read. "Just how the fuck did we miss the rogue ex-cop coming to Miami and setting up house here?"

Funnily enough the only answer he got was a resounding silence. Weird that. Monica didn't care, "Well Brian O'Conner was an LAPD officer pulled for UC work and went a little 'too' deep in a truck jacking case."

Markham's frustration rose, as he started to pace, "Why did they pull him for the case?"

"He had a prior as a juvie for boosting and racing cars. The case revolved around the race scene - who better to fit in?"

"Was he good at his job?"

Monica shrugged, "Very. The FBI was holding his shield over his head for the job."

He wasn't sure what they should do now, but he figured a good start would be to get into contact with the FBI agent in charge. If they couldn't get to Verone then maybe they could get to one ex-officer O'Conner.

If only they knew how right and wrong they were. The old curse of may you live in interesting times would come to mind, but you must be mindful least you find them.

They found them; oh boy, did they find them.

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