Hey everyone! I'M BACKKKK! :) I've been reading the reviews from my previous story, and I thought, I must write another GA fanfic. I know ya'll been asking for a sequel for A Little Less Than Perfect, but I couldn't think of a plot at the moment unfortunately :( but I might work on it though. So for now, I hope you enjoy this story :)

Here's a longer summary:

Nothing has gone right in Mikan Sakura's life after her brother's sudden death. Living in Tokyo with her parents two years later, she chose to alienate herself from everyone and turned into your everyday rebellious teenager. Then her parents decide to spend the summer at their old home in California where coincidentally (or not really coincidental), Mikan's brother died. As the summer unfolds, she learns that pushing everyone away isn't an option. Especially when it comes to family, friendship & love.

I quietly took out my house keys from my purse and carefully unlocked the door. As I entered the house and closed the door behind me, I let out a sigh of relief, considering the fact that the house was pitch dark and it was obvious my parents were already asleep. That relief only lasted for about ten seconds though, because as I went to the kitchen to get a bottled water, my mom was sitting by the kitchen counter, in her robe, drinking a cup of coffee.

"Did you lock the door?" she asked me, flatly.

"Yes," I replied. I headed for the fridge, nonchalantly, like I didn't just come home from a party at two a.m. in the morning.

"What time is your curfew, Mikan?"

I grabbed a bottled water. "Midnight."

"And what time is it?"


She stood up and walked towards me. "Right. And you are two hours and thirteen minutes late."

"I know," I answered, as I took a gulp of water.

My mom sighed. "I should probably be shouting at you right now, but it's getting pretty tiring. Considering, I've been doing it for the past two years."

"Nobody said you had to. And besides, nobody leaves an End of The School Year Party at midnight, Mom. Or any party for that matter."

She sighed again. "Are you going to be doing this for the rest of the summer? Because if you are, you might as well not come home."

I shrugged. "All right. I'll stay at Sumire's. No big deal."

She laughed humorlessly. "Of course you are. And have you ever thought about college, honey? I mean, this would be the perfect time to study for the SAT's and-"

"Can we not talk about that right now? I know you want me outta here, but I still have one year to go. And don't worry. If I don't get into any college, I'll still be leaving." I got another bottle of water from the fridge to avoid coming down later again if I get thirsty. "I'm tired. I'm going to bed."

"You know we have to talk about this in the morning, Mikan," she said. "With you father."

"I know."

As I headed up the stairs, my mother called, "Oh and Mikan? Your brother would've wanted you to live better than this."

I came to sudden halt, and turned around to face my mom. She was always doing this every time I did something wrong or came home late. For the past two years, since it happened, I always ignored her when she said this to me, because I knew she was right. Tsubasa would never have wanted me to be living like shit. But what else did I have to do? He wasn't here. He wasn't here to tell me that. And what hurts the most, is that my mom had to keep reminding me that every single time.

"Please," I told her, "you don't have to bring out the Tsubasa card, Mom. I know. All right? I know."

"Then why do you keep acting this way? Do you know that this is hard for us too? Do you think that that you're the only one having a hard time just because you're-"

"I'm going to bed now," I said, cutting her off. I knew what she was going to say. And if I heard it again, I wouldn't be able to take it.

I walked up the stairs again, and I heard my mom whisper an apology.

As I got ready for bed, my phone rang. It was Sumire calling. She has been my best friend for the past two years since I moved here, and let's say she is one of the reasons why I am who I am today. When I first came here, I was a total wreck, and Sumire came along and introduced me in this world where you can run away from the pain. And that's where I've been ever since.


"Mikan!" she screamed through the phone. "Where the hell are you? Did you just ditch me?"

I could still hear music in the background. Obviously, this party would last until dawn or something. "Sorry. I'm at home. I tried looking for you, but I couldn't find you. Some random dude told me you were at it at the woods?"

She scoffed. "I am appalled! I would I never do it in the woods! We were in Akira's room. I'm sorry too, I should have told you first."

This was the thing with Sumire. She told me that guys were a way of 'running away from the pain'. "But nothing too serious," she'd said. "That would just get messy." But that was one thing I didn't do. Boys. Even if it would be a fling or a one-night stand or whatever, I just didn't want to be committed to anybody.

"Akira Tonouchi? But isn't he in college?"

"Duh! That's what makes him hot."

"Right okay. Will you be fine? Do you have a ride?"

"Oh yeah, I'll totally be fine! Don't worry about me. Hey! Excuse you, but you bumped into me, Luna."

I didn't hear Luna's response, I knew it was something Sumire wouldn't waste time over. See, Luna Koizumi is your typical popular and bitchy Queen Bee. And everybody worships her, at the same time hates her. Sumire's one of the latter. I think they were best friends or something before.

"What a complete bitch," Sumire said, when she came back on the phone. "So listen. I'm having this pool party at my place tomorrow. Or should I say, later today. Maybe four in the afternoon. Just be there."

"Right. I'll be there, but I'm not swimming."

She sighed exasperatedly. "Mikan, the point of having a pool party is to swim?"

"Sumire, you know why-"

"Oh my God. Right. I forgot about you plus water equals disaster. Hey, that rhymed. All right fine. But be there, biatch."

"I will," I told her. "And go home already. It's almost three."

"All right! Geez, when did you become such a mom? I'll see you later. Bye."

I hung up the phone, and crawled into my bed. For some reason, I was really wiped out. I didn't feel that way when I left the party. I left because Sumire was nowhere to be found, and okay. I left because I knew my mom would be waiting up for me. She always did.

Two years ago, my family lived in Malibu, California. That was where my brother and I were born and raised. It was my hometown. My parents originally lived here in Tokyo, and after they married, they decided to live in California instead. Mostly because my grandmother, Dad's mom, who died a long time ago, had a house there and it was clearly stated in her will that it belonged to my dad. So that was where we lived. A house by the beach. Every child's dream.

My older brother by three years, Tsubasa, and I loved the beach. Every single day we would swim, build sandcastles, go sailing, have bonfires with our friends who were our neighbors. And my personal favorite, collect seashells. We studied at a nearby school, and everything was perfect.

Until that incident happened of course. It was a windy day, and I told Tsubasa that I wanted to fly a kite on the beach. He said he had a better idea, and that was to sail a boat. He was eighteen at that time, and was studying at a community college. He said he loved Malibu so much, that he didn't want to stray too far from homeland. While I was fifteen and just about to start my freshman year in high school. Anyway, I told him that we should probably let one of his friends tag along or Dad, but he told me he knew perfectly well how to sail a boat. And just like that, I was sold.

Things were going smoothly and we were having a blast until the wind became too strong, manipulating the currents. It all happened too fast that I couldn't think at that time. Before I knew it, Tsubasa and I were thrown off the boat, and we were both fighting against the currents. We were good swimmers, living by the beach our whole lives. But because of how fast things were happening, I was panicking and screaming, and that probably made my brother panic too. We were far away from each other and he tried to swim towards me but the currents were too strong.

"Hold on, Mikan," he'd shouted at me. "I'm coming to get you. Everything will be fine."

Thankfully, there was also a boat sailing nearby, and we signaled for help. I knew it was coming for us, so the first thing I did was swim towards it. I searched for Tsuabasa, and I was relieved to find him swimming behind me. But still, far from each other. The winds got stronger that time, and it was harder to swim against the current. I didn't know how it happened, but when the boat reached me, and threw me a lifesaver, I didn't see Tsuabasa anymore.

"Wait!" I told the man at the boat. "My brother! He's still out there!"

"Honey, I did see him when you were signalling to us, but he's not-"

"No! He's there. He was right behind me!"

"Sweetheart, the currents are very strong. He might have drowned."

I felt tears sting my eyes. That wasn't possible. "NO!" I shouted. "He's a better swimmer than I am. He can't drown! He can't!"

"We have to get back," the man insisted. "The winds are too strong."

"My brother is still there!" I screamed through my tears.

"There will be a search rescue right away, I assure you. I'll make a call right away once we hit shore. We have to go."

I already couldn't understand him at that time. It wasn't possible that Tsubasa drowned. He was a much better swimmer than me. There was just no way.

I came home crying hysterically to my parents, and as promised by that man on the boat, there was a search rescue sent. My parents, neighbors, and I waited anxiously. And all I could do was stare at the ocean, where there were no more currents. It was still. The winds were gone by that time. The wait was truly agonizing, and I could already hear some of the adults whispering things to each other like, "It would be a miracle if they found him alive." I wanted to throw things at them. Anything. They underestimated my brother too much. He was a great swimmer. Great swimmers just don't drown.

Eventually, the rescue team came back at around midnight, and all the houses near ours still had their lights on and sat on their front porches, waiting just as anxiously as we have. I didn't know what to think when they said, "We found his body" instead of, "We found him."

And in that moment, I realized that my brother was gone. He drowned. A great swimmer drowned. It was overwhelming. The complete sadness that washed over me. Tsubasa wasn't there anymore. I just lost a brother. A brother who always protected me, who taught me loads of things. He was gone.

I remembered feeling numb at that moment, that I didn't even feel the arms that wrapped around me, or the soothing words that they were telling me. I didn't remember crying. Or maybe it was all I ever did after the numbness faded. I felt that way until his funeral. A lot of people went, and a lot of people where comforting me, comforting my parents, but I just stayed silent. My mom kept on embracing me while crying, but I didn't remember crying with her, until I saw her in Tsubasa's room cleaning out his things. That was the only time we cried together ever since it happened. My dad was a silent griever. He would pretend that he was fine, but I caught him a few times, with tears slowly streaming down his face while looking at Tsubasa's swimming trophies and medals. I wanted to cry with him too, but I knew he wanted to be the strong one in this family, so I let him.

Eventually, my parents decided that it was best to move out. None of us could concentrate on anything we did around the house, my grades were falling and my parents' job were almost at stake. My mom found it too difficult to put away all of Tsubasa's things, so we left them lying around the house. Sometimes I'd find one of his old socks in the bathtub, like he'd been there only a few seconds ago. They wanted to move somewhere far away, so they contacted my aunt, who was a real estate agent in Tokyo, and got a house there. There was nothing in Tokyo that could ever remind them of Tsubasa, so it was a safe place.

I was furious with them, because it was like they wanted to forget all about Tsubasa, but they said it wasn't like that. They were "trying to make life go on." And it wasn't easy doing it in Malibu, where everywhere you went, there were memories of Tsubasa all the time. So we moved. I said goodbye to my friends, Tsubasa's friends, and to my home. Before leaving I looked at the beach one more time, and I realized I was afraid to go in it. Unlike before, where I would just want to dive in even with all my clothes still on. But right at that moment, I hated it. I hated the ocean for taking my brother away from me. I hated that I had to move, to leave everything that I grew up in. Everything that I was used to. I hated that we were already trying to move on. I hated everything.

So two years later, here I was, my hatred turned into disappointing my parents, and trying to run away from the pain. Truth is, you can't run from it. You can only hide from it. But it's always going to come back and chase you.

So how was that for a first chapter? Not too heavy or anything? I thought I had to put here right away the past, so you could understand the story later on. But that's just the main part. There will be more details in the coming chapters though :)

Hoped you guys liked it Xx