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Rated M for furture chapters

So, without further words from me, I present to you;


By Storylady35

PS. Yes, RED is Rin before you go asking.

Chapter 1: Something Special

"I have to admit, even after all my training assignments here, I've never really seen much of Alpha base."

The solider at his side nodded. "I felt the same when I first graduated and was transferred here. But don't worry, you get used to it."

The silver haired Inu nodded, eyes taking in the halls and rooms and their functions as he was shown around, forming his own internal map as he did. He held in his smile, keeping the appearance of a solider that he had mastered over so many years of training.

His guild nodded as they left the canteens. "So, how does it feel to graduate?"

"It's good to finally be a member of the IPF. At least I'll be off world for a bit."

"Trouble back home?"

"Family stuff. I'm just glad to have escaped it."

"Well the IPF is glad to have you here. You came top of your class after all and a lot of people here have heard about you, Sesshomaru. You might have noticed you're getting a few looks."

"I thought that was just because of my species."

His guild, a tall lanky bellatolon with dark blue hair and sharp solid black eyes, nodded. "It's true, we don't get many Inu's joining the force but with your skills, you're a welcome addition."

The tour went on for several hours, showing the new member all around the space station, all the rooms he would need as a solider and those he would need as a living being.

The Inu did get several strange looks but they were in awe and amazement while not one of them distracted them from their work or training. Only those who were not on duty approached him with questions which Sesshomaru would answer quick and cleanly, as his kind were known to.

As the pair walked down a long hallway, wider than the normal kind and with an unnatural clean feeling to it, something ran out of one of the rooms and skidded across the path.

The Inu blinked, taking in the figure. A woman, human by the size and shape of her brown eyes and style of her black hair. She was wearing a long sleeved red jacket and blue denim trousers. She was smiling, laughing as she ran out of the room, catching his eye before grabbing his right arm and span him on the spot, using it to knock him back into a medic who was leaving the room she had just exited.

Sesshomaru and the white coated man tumbled to the floor but the medic was up quicker and staring at the red girl. "Oi! You… you come back here right now!"

"You'll have to catch me first!" The woman laughed, already half way down the hall.

"Come back!" The medic huffed as he went after her. "You know these tests are for your own good!"

The bellatolon laughed as he held out his hand. "Come on, up you get."

On his feet, Sesshomaru brushed his jacket down and pulled it tight, correcting his image. "What was that about?"

He chuckled. "Common place around here. But word to the wise, stay out of her way."

"Who was she?"

The smile fell suddenly. "Something special. Come on, I still have a load to show you."


After his tour was compete and he was allowed some time to settle into his new quarters, Sesshomaru received a message over the wireless to his wrist communicator, ordering him to come to the commander's office at once.

Despite his curiosity at the suddenness of the order, the new recruit marched his way to their leader's position, knocking on the office door and waiting for permission to enter. On the call, he pulled his shirt down once more and walked inside.

The commander was a large firm human in both manner and appearance, looking like he had just left a battle and put on a more formal suit, ready to return to the fight at any second.

He gave a nod and stood, shaking the hand of the new recruit. "Sesshomaru, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Thank you sir. It's a pleasure to join you. I hope to do my best here."

The commander sat back down and nodded. "I am sure you will. Your record is very impressive and I look forward to how you will deal with your missions. But before you go… there is someone you need to meet."

As if on cue, the door opened without any word or alert. The person who entered was the same young woman in the red coat that Sesshomaru had bumped into on his tour, the one who had been running away from the medic. She walked right into the room and flopped herself down on a chair, swinging her feet up so they were on the desk.

Sesshomaru was amazed at her disrespect in front of the commander but he just huffed at her. "Feet off the table RED." He said so calmly, as if it was completely normal.

RED smirked and removed her feet from the desk. "Spoil sport. So what is it this time? If it's about me running off earlier, you know I hate the medics, always sticking needles in me, poking around like I'm some kind of…."

"That's not why I called you here RED." The commander interrupted.

Blinking, RED leant back in her chair. "Really? What is it then?" She tipped her head to the side and smiled a little more. "And who's the stiff behind me?"

That was the first time she had even knowledge Sesshomaru's existence as he stood beside the door with his back straight and his mind sharp.

The commander lifted his eyes and hand. "This is Sesshomaru." The commander smiled. "He is going to be your partner."

For a long moment she went very taut before her body slowly relaxed and she knitted her fingers together and licking her lips. "I see. Is he any good?"

"Top of his class."

RED grinned as she stood and turned, showing her teeth to him while her eyes looked him up and down, paying extra attention to his eyes and face along with the markings he was wearing. "I'll be the judge of that." Her hand ran over the collar of her coat, pulling it up over her neck. "Try and keep up rookie." With that, she went out through the door, leaving the two males behind her.

Sesshomaru was left a little bewildered by it all until the Commander held out his hand to the door, indicating that he should be following. He nodded politely and went out of the office, looking up and down the halls until he saw the flicker of red. Going after her, he ran as fast as he dared finding her in the armoury, picking up and checking on a weapon with ease.

RED, as she had been addressed, turned and smiled as she attached the weapon to the inside of her belt, hiding it under her coat. "Hurry up and get a weapon, we are going out."

Not sure what to do with the strange woman, he picked up a weapon of his own and began checking it over, using the time to also check out the woman he was partnered to. She was leanly built with her long black hair that came half way down her back, dressed in dark trousers and a dark pink shirt under the long red coat he had seen her in before.

He let out a sigh and put his weapon at his side, keeping his in view. With one hand on his hip, he stared at her. RED gave him a smile then nodded over her shoulder, turning where she was and heading off, the newbie behind her.

From the armoury it was a quick trip to the transport lifts and from there, up to the civilian level of the space port and from there to its mall. This choice of destination was confusing but RED appeared to know where she was going, dipping in and out of the shops. For several hours, the woman and man walked around the shops, Sesshomaru like a shadow to her as they went on. She went between each shops with purpose, talking to several people before moving off.

From what he could tell, she was collecting information on something so he kept his distance from her, watching the people around them to ensure she was safe. There were a few moments she disappeared from his sights but he soon found her again, cursing himself for letting his guard down. But after the fourth time she vanished, he got the impression she was actually trying to lose him. He still didn't say a word for her, just keeping a hand on his weapon as he walked beside her.

Finally they got the transport back to the lower levels and replaced their unused weapons. Then, for the first time, RED let out a long pleased sigh. "Ah, that's better. It felt good to get out of these levels. I should have gone up to the docks, kidnapped one of those jets while I had the chance."

He frowned at her while returning his weapon to the rack. "What are you talking about?"

"Well they like to keep me under lock and key here. I'm too…" She smirked. "Unstable, they say. So when I get out… I like to go shopping."

The Inu felt his whole face fall suddenly. "What?! Shopping?! That's what… that's what that was all about?"

"Yeah." She chuckled, running a hand back in her hair. "What did you think we were doing?"

"Collecting intelligence! I thought we were out there getting information to help the IPF."

"What? Here on the base? You've such a rookie." She laughed at him as she walked away.

Irritation growing, he ran off after her. "Now wait a moment! What is going on here? Tell me!"

RED said nothing as she walked down the hall, the people around her moving out of her way like some invisible force field was around her. Sesshomaru kept step for step behind her, wanting her to answer his questions when she suddenly turned into a room with him a step behind her.

The commander blinked at her as she sat down but then smiled; waving out the other people he had been speaking to. Once the three were alone, he nodded. "Well, RED, I wasn't expecting to see you so soon. How was your little trip?"

RED shrugged as she sat down and closed her eyes. "It was good. There are a few new tops in town I would love to buy. So can I have some pocket money?" She said the last words with the sting in her voice, as if it was a personal joke.

The commander chuckled a little then reached into his desk and pulled out a small chip. Instantly RED reached to snatch it out of his hand but he pulled it back at the last second. "Ah ah, first; how do you like him?"

RED bit her lip and leant back in her chair while checked her nails. "He's head strong, too stiff with no imagination and a total rookie. But…" She looked up with a grin. "He kept up. He has sharp eyes and follows without question. A little silent for my liking but… he's nice."

"So you're taking him as your partner?"

"Are you giving me a choice?"

"I only want you to be happy and taken care of."

RED lifted one eye brow to him. "You sound more like a dad every time we meet."

The commander gave a one shoulder shrug, as if it was more compliment than insult. "So… are you taking him?"

"Are you giving me a choice?"

"Not really."

"Then I'll take him." She looked over at the silver haired Inu and blinked. "But do they come in red? Silver and gold are so last season."

"RED, don't be so mean. Now… try and stay on the lower levels until your next mission. And if you do want to go shopping, take your new partner. Sesshomaru."

"Yes sir."

"From now on, you have no other responsibility but RED. You will do nothing but ensure her safety and her wellbeing."

A frown flickered across his eyes. "Sir?"

"What he means rookie…." RED said as she stood and leant on the commander's desk. "Is that you are basically my babysitter."

The Inu bit his tongue, especially when the commander nodded. "As bluntly and as… insincerely as RED put it, that is an accurate title but not in role. RED here…" His eyes drifted to her and he paused to think. "Has a habit of finding trouble. And causing it. It's your job now to control her as much as aid her. With force if needed."

RED threw her head back in laughter. "Oh please, I would like to see this rookie even try!"

The Inu tasted blood in his mouth from the cut in his tongue. The Interstellar Protection Force commander moved his eyes to the new recruit. "Sesshomaru."

"Yes sir."

The commander leant forward on his desk, eyes tight on the Inu. "Sesshomaru, I picked you especially for this. You are new to the force but I believe you can handle RED."

There was something about his tone that made the Inu blink and nod. "I understand sir. But may I inquire as to why you chose me?"

RED turned her head to look at the older human who was just staring at the silver haired other. "When the time is right Sesshomaru. For now, it isn't important. Just look after RED and keep her on the base."

"Ahh. Spoil sport."

"I mean it Sesshomaru. Keep an eye on her." He threw the chip he'd been holding towards the woman who caught it nimbly, winked and swaggered off without a word.

Her newly assigned partner swallowed and walked off after her, following her as she went on her way. He huffed eventually and crossed his arms as he walked, letting his years of training just melt, returning him to his old, primal self. Great, I haven't been here a cycle and I've already going backwards. This is not going to be easy.

"Hey rookie."

His eyes closed for a moment as they walked. "The name is Sesshomaru."

"Yeah, like I'm going to say that every time. So, rookie… you're a new graduate?"


"So you don't know about me."

"I know I have to keep you on this base. And you are clearly important to the IPF."

RED stopped walking suddenly, standing right in the middle of a hallway, the others stepping around her as if she would explode if touched. She just stood there, not caring about the disturbance she was causing to others. "Rookie… you've become part of something… more important than the IPF." She turned her head to the side, looking back at him. "I'm sorry for calling you a babysitter. It was wrong of me. You must be very good, they wouldn't assign just anyone to my side."

They stared at each other for a long moment before RED turned away and tapped at her wrist communicator then slid her hand across it, as if throwing something invisible to Sesshomaru's. His beeped in agreement.

"My personal frequency." She informed him. "It will allow you to contact me anytime you want. I've even added a little extra so you can pin point my location… give or take."

Looking at the computer, the Inu tapped it once and RED's beeped, waiting to accept a call. "I see."

"Yeah well, it'll be a while before I go out on another mission. A shopping trip maybe but not a mission. So I'm going to my quarters."

As she began walking, Sesshomaru realised something and pointed behind him with his thumb. "RED, the quarters are that way."

"Please, as if I'd sleep with the rest of you. Catch you later rookie." And with that she swaggered off, the people still stepping out of her way.

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