Harry and Hermione ran deep into the woods. They had not expected to find anyone at Godric's Hollow. Especially not Death Eaters.

He grabbed her hand and yanked on it. "In here," he whispered harshly. He pulled her into a small cave and wrapped his arms tightly around her, pulling her into the shadows.

They both held their breath as they heard the footsteps run past their hiding place.

As he held her, he couldn't help but notice the enticing floral scent of her hair or the softness of her arms under his hands. Slowly, he started caressing her arm and nuzzling her hair. His pulse was still racing from the thrill of the chase. As his hand caressed her, he could feel her hand rubbing his thigh. The adrenaline coursing through his veins was urging him to do things that he normally would never have done.

Nibbling at her neck, he could hear her panting, and she leaned her head back against him. Slowly, he moved his hand to cup her breast and was rewarded with a moan and her gripping his thigh more tightly. Spinning her around, he captured her mouth in a deep, hungry kiss, which she eagerly returned. He flinched when he felt her hand slip past his waistband and grip his cock. The feeling was sheer bliss. After a few moments, he lowered her to the ground, and they began fumbling with each other's clothes, lost in the moment.

He carefully lowered himself between her legs and teased her briefly with his fingers, but his need was overwhelming. Her soft caress was resulting in a painfully hard erection. Suddenly, all he wanted – no needed – in this world was to be inside of her.

"Oh, Harry," she moaned.

This was all the encouragement he needed. Settling between her legs, he tried to thrust into her.

"Ow! Careful."

"Sorry." Reaching down, he tried to line himself up.


"I am." Finally, he felt the soft wetness surround him and began thrusting deeply. He met resistance and realized that he must be her first, just as she was his. Not dissuaded, and urged on by her pulling him toward her, he thrust again, and this time he felt himself break through. He heard her cry out. "Hermione?"

She hooked her legs around his. "Keep going," she urged.

He did not need to be told twice, and he resumed thrusting. Hungrily, he devoured her mouth again, unable to get enough of her. One hand fondled her breast while the other was beneath her, tilting her so that he could plunge even more deeply into her. She was tight, and he could feel the contractions pulling him further in, and then he realized he could not hold himself back much longer. She writhed against him, crying out for him to move faster, making it even harder for him to hold back. As he spilled himself inside her, he couldn't help grunting. Collapsing atop her, he kissed her again, reveling in the euphoric feeling. Even better, she kissed him back.

After a few moments, they both seemed to realize what they had done and pulled away from each other, dressing quickly and trying to regain some sense of composure, suddenly feeling uncomfortable in their nudity.

"I, er," he stammered.

"Um, yeah…" she replied, nervously straightening her hair.

"Perhaps, maybe, we, er, should keep this to ourselves?" He tugged on his shirt, making sure it was on straight.

"Oh, right. I think you're right," she added quickly. "Ron doesn't need to know about this."

"And neither does Ginny," he said. Even though he and Ginny weren't together now, he hoped to change that after Voldemort was defeated.