"What's your name son?" The police chief asked. At any moment the Dark Curse would have been cast and would have taken everyone from the Enchanted Forest into this new land. If it hadn't already. From everything his Papa and the Blue Fairy had told Pinocchio about the Curse it made him terrified of everything and everyone in it but he had to be brave and protect Emma. He looked over at the small baby in a strangers arms. Above her was a calendar, and in red writing the month was printed in big block capitals.

"August" he said quietly.

"Do you have a last name, August?"

Pinocchio, or August, looked around the diner for inspiration. If they knew who he was or even who Emma was then there was every chance that the Evil Queen could find out and hurt her. "It's Booth" he said looking up at the chief. "August Booth."

"Well August, where are your parents?"

"My parents..." Tears started to form in his eyes when his worried thoughts turned a little from Emma to his father. The uncertainty of what happened to him with the worry for Emma was too much for the young boy to handle. He tried his best to be brave and hold back the tears but he couldn't making the tears fall easy and fast from his bright blue eyes. "I don't know" he sobbed. "I don't know where my father is or where Emma's parents are!"

"That's ok, son." The chief said giving August a tissue then placing a hand on his shoulder. "Listen August we are going to take you and Emma to a home. There will be kids there in the same situation as you both."

"I have to stay with Emma!" August shouted running towards the sleeping baby. "We have to stay together."

"You will, I promise that you and Emma will stay together bur we need to get you both to a home. You need somewhere to live after all." The chief smiled at August then after a little talk with the social worker she took August with Emma held in his arms to her car and then to the home. Throughout the drive August wouldn't take his eyes off Emma for even a second, quietly whispering that everything would be ok.