Once August had gone Emma went exploring the town. Hours had passed and she realised that she had no idea how to get back to the flat. It was barely afternoon bur because of all the walking she had done Emma was too tired to walk all way back providing she could remember the address, and even if she could she had no money for a taxi either. With a little more walking she saw what looked like an abandoned car, a yellow bug. After checking that no one was around to catch her she walked over calmly to the car and broke into it with ease. Emma had been taught by one of the more adventurous kids in the home how to break into a car and start it up without keys and it was a lesson she didn't forget. When the car started after she fiddled around with it she calmly set off trying to find where in Portland her and August's flat was. "Impressive," said a voice in the back seat which made Emma jump, "but really you could have just for the keys." He looked tall from what she could see glancing in the mirror to see who the voice belonged to. He could obviously see that he that he had just shook her up so the man leaned back a little to give Emma a bit of breathing space. "Just drive, it's fine." He smirked.

"I just stole your car, your life could be in danger." Emma said trying to keep calm even though she was quite shaken by the man's startling appearance in the car.

His smirk just grew, "Neal Cassady," he said calmly hoping to put Emma at ease.

Emma just scowled and feared that he would call the police. "Yeah, I'm not telling you my name."

"I don't need it to have you arrested when the robbery is in progress."

"Emma." She said reluctantly starting to warm to Neal. "Emma Swan," Neal said something to himself which she couldn't hear. "So do you live here or are you waiting for the car to be stolen?"

"Why don't I tell you over drinks?"

"I am not having drinks with you. You could be a pervert."

"Oh I might be a pervert but you are definitely a car thief." Neal knew that Emma was warming to him and when he saw that she had no idea where it was she was going he decided to help. "Where are you going?" he asked leaning over the passenger seat and looking out at the road.

"My apartment," Emma replied trying to remember the street name, "it's by this Thai take out place called Puinen Joutsen or something but I can't remember where that is."

Neal carefully moved to the front passenger sear next to Emma. "Luckily for you I know this place like the back of my hand."