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Rated M for adult language.

Chapter One.

Ana's POV

I stare through the cracks of the closet door hoping he won't find me.

"Ana where are you?", I cover my mouth with my hands so he won't hear me breathing.

"Ana, I mean it, you better come out here right now!" He yells. I'm scared. I'm trying not to cry… I don't want him to find me.

It's quiet. I think he's gone. "There you are!" He rips the door open and grabs me by the hair. "No daddy please, I'm sorry".


I blink a few times taking in my surroundings realizing I'm in bed soaked in my sweat. I look at the beside table, 4:47am. I sigh, "nightmares again."

I love driving through New york during rush hour. I enjoy watching people rush around trying to start their day. You never really know what someone is thinking or what their life is like. I enjoy putting stories to faces that I see on the busy streets of New York. I chuckle silently, Anastasia Steele, CEO and avid teller of tales. I guess you can say I enjoy making up stories because any story is better than my own.

To put it bluntly, I was adopted by Ray Steele, at the age of 8. I never knew my mother only that she left me with my biological father who to say the least is a memory I'd happily forget. Ray is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'm grateful every day that he found me when he did. I haven't had the best childhood but life with Ray makes everything more bearable. If it weren't for Ray I wouldn't be where I am today. After I graduated, he took out a loan of $200,000 and gave it to me to start my company. It was a very bold and risky decision, but Ray always believed in me and knew I would make it. And I did. Now at 24 I have my own empire and more money than I could need in 10 lifetimes.

Price steals me from my thoughts, "Ma'am we've arrived".

Price is my right hand man. There are only 3 men in this world who I trust and that's Ray, Jose and Price.

Price is ex CIA and is the best at what he does. He's very taciturn with a solid build. In a way he reminds me of Ray which is probably why I feel so comfortable around him.

He exits the car and opens my door for me "Thank you Price. I'll call you if I need you".

Price nods "Yes Ma'am."

I walk into the lobby of Steele Corporation at 8:35AM. I'm greeted by the front desk receptionist and escorted by building security to the private elevator. I'm in the elevator alone and I can't help but think about the nightmare I had. They seem to be getting worse each time, more real. I need to move up my session with Angela.

I step out of the elevator and am greeted by my assistant Lucy.

"Good Morning Miss Steele. I have your schedule for today. Your 9am is waiting for you in the conference room, You have a conference call with tokyo at 11 and a debriefing with Mr Rodriguez at 2."

"Thank you Lucy and for the hundredth time, call me Ana." I tell her.

"Yes Miss Ste… I mean, Ana". She smiles and returns to her desk.

I enter my office, or my sanctuary as I like to call it. In here, I am the master of my universe. I feel like I can take on the world and tackle every obstacle that presents itself. In here, I'm powerful CEO of Steele Corporation and nothing can break me. I'm not that scared little girl Ray found in the woods 15 years ago. Although, she still lurks in my subconscious along with him.

Lucy's voice through the intercom interrupts my train of thought.

"Excuse me Ana It's 8:56am and your 9am is in Conference room 1."

"Thank you Lucy let them know I'll right there". I say to her.

"Of course." She replies.

Okay Steele time to make it or break it. My inner voice revs me up.

I leave the meeting in outrage, The company SIP (Seattle Independent Publishing), I've been spending months on trying to buy out appears to have another buyer who is offering a bit more than I am. I won't let this happen. I don't who it is that is trying to best me but when I find out, they'll regret it. SIP is going to be mine.

Christian's POV

"I WANT SIP." I demand to Ros who appears a little bit hesitant.

"I know Grey, But someone has already started the negotiat-".

"I DON'T CARE!" I yell, cutting Ros off making her jump and it takes a lot to rattle her bones.

"Make them a better offer! Seattle is my territory and I won't have anyone else taking what I want right from under my nose."

Ros clears her throat, "SIP is aware of our interest in them and that we are willing to offer more than the other party who is interested and we do know that nothing has been signed yet."

Well that's a little more positive I think to myself. "Good, keep it like that until the meeting with SIP. And find out who this other company is."

They wanna play, I'll play. And I always win. Fuckers don't know who they're dealing with.

Ros nods and leaves me with my fury.

"Mr Grey?" Andrea's voice comes through the intercom.

"What?!" I snap. Poor girl is always on the end of the stick. No pun intended.

Hmmm now all I can think about is some browned haired girl's ass on the end of a stick and how pink her pale flesh is gonna be once I'm done with her. My cock hardens at the thought. I need a new submissive, it's been 2 months too long.

"Mrs Lincoln is here to see you sir" Andrea interrupts my dirty thoughts.

Oh great, I'm really not in the mood for Elena right now.

"Send her in" I say to Andrea.

"Elena to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure" I greet Elena as she walks into my office.

"Just wanted to stop by and catch up darling" She purrs and the kisses both sides of my face.

"I'm very busy Elena, this couldn't wait until our dinner meeting on Thursday?" I say rather coldly.

"Now now Christian no need to be rude." She say's "Seems like someone needs a good stress relief. How long has it been since Samantha hmm? 2 months? I don't know why you broke it off with that girl, She met every single one of your needs and If I remember correctly, She didn't have more than a few hard limits. A real catch if you ask me".

Samantha was the ideal submissive. Brunette, great body, pale skin, followed every order, had a high tolerance for pain. Perfect for a monster like me but like all the others she wanted more, and I didn't. So I took her to the playroom, spent hours beating her ass, using every toy I owned on her and fucked her in every way possible. Then terminated the contract and sent her on her way. I know I'm a cold hearted asshole. What's new?

"I told you Elena, I was getting bored".

Elena sighs "Well when you're ready to take on, let me know. I have a few girls who I think are perfect for you".

"That's not necessary Elena but thank you" I say not trying to rude, she is after all doing what's best for me.

"I know darling but I more than anyone know's what needs you have and the sooner those needs are fulfilled, the better it is for not only you but everyone else you take your wrath on" She laughs and kisses my cheek goodbye.

"Mile high club, 7pm Thursday. Don't be late Christian." and with that she's gone.

I hate how she thinks she still has some hold on me and can order me around. But I have bigger problems to deal with like this company who is trying to out do me. Fuckers won't know what hit em when I'm done with them. But I'll make sure they'll know. It was Christian Grey.