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Warning: This story tells the time Danielle was in Vlad's control. While there is no sex, Danielle implies her fears of incest. There is also violence and mental abuse. Please be advised.

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom.


Summary: Danielle has been in captivity for two months, forced to carry a child for Vlad. Danielle doesn't understand how she got here but all she knows is she has to escape, with her baby. As Vlad struggles with good and bad, Danielle is pushed to the brink by a visitor.

Danielle Caroline Fenton

Spring 2006

How did I get here? It started out innocent enough but now it's spiraled completely out of control. Vlad says he is only doing this to help me. I know Vlad only does what benefits himself. I just don't know what benefit he gains from impregnating me.

Vlad didn't tell me what he did to me. I was in China and it was late February. I was staying with people kind enough to open their doors to me and I never imagined getting in trouble. I was half ghost for crying out loud. I should have been able to handle any attack. I never imagined Vlad ambushing me. I arrived home with the elderly couple and as soon as I entered the house, Vlad's black trap container expanded around me. Vlad took me to my room and I've been here ever since. Vlad can use his powers in this room but for some reason, I can't, making escape next to impossible.

Vlad played that crap about protecting me from the beginning. He tried to convince me that he was concerned about me and he was only doing this for me. I ignored him and refused anything he offered me. I didn't realize how hungry I was getting. Vlad would deliver my food but I was being stubborn and refused to eat. I was half ghost so I knew I shouldn't be affected by a lack of food and drink like a normal human. I knew my powers would suffer for neglecting my human side but I was prepared to deal with it. My energy suffered more than I anticipated, though.

I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of the month, five weeks after Vlad kidnapped me. I've had numerous physicals in the past two months but I really thought it was about my powers. When Vlad first took me, I was put through the ringer to ensure I was stabilized. I remember Vlad approaching me with the needle but I was strapped down and I didn't see where he injected me. With no pain receptors, I had no way of knowing where he stuck me. April fourth finally had the doctor uttering the word by accident.

Your baby is advancing handsomely, Miss Masters, the doctor had said in his cheery voice. I froze, the outside world seemly frozen with me.

What, I had asked, my voice barely above a whisper. I remember seeing the realization in his eyes and he knew he had screwed up. It donned on me what had been happening in the previous month. The doctor tried to backpedal but what could he do. He had already told me the truth and I was ready to face Vlad.

Vlad had no choice but to tell me the truth. His doctor had backed him into that corner and Vlad was forced to explain why he got me pregnant. He didn't tell me who the father was, though, and that terrifies me. I wonder constantly if my father is my baby's father. I guess I'll never know, though, because Vlad isn't in a sharing mood.

I grabbed a bowl of popcorn and sat down in front of the television. My room was very spacious but there was a nursery in the corner. It was a constant reminder of my purpose here. I was nothing but an incubator to Vlad. I shook myself from that mindset and turned on a movie. I wasn't really watching what was in front of me, though. I haven't felt like myself since Vlad took me. I just want to go home.

"Danielle," I heard Vlad announce. I rolled my eyes. I screwed up a couple weeks ago when I attempted another escape. I used to have my meals personally delivered, by different people, but I attacked one of Vlad's workers to try to get away. After Vlad taught me a lesson about turning on him, I have groceries delivered by Vlad once a week.

But Vlad has already delivered my groceries. Could Vlad have changed his mind and gave me another chance? "What are you doing here," I asked, feeling defensive. Vlad isn't exactly known for his power of understanding.

"I'm giving you a treat but it comes with a price," Vlad remarked as he came into my sight. What else is new? "I've invited a friend to come see you."

"A friend," I said, feeling panic swell in my chest. I know Vlad has a problem with Sam and Tucker and I know Valerie works for him; either one of them could be in trouble up against Vlad. The last thing I needed was to be forced to protect my friends when I couldn't even protect myself.

"Yes. If you say anything that reveals the truth about what happened, you will never see light of day again. Am I clear? You have to earn trust and I'm giving you the opportunity again. You are not to tell this person that you are being held against your will, you cannot tell this person I am responsible for you being pregnant and if you say one thing negative about what I'm doing here for you, I will lock you away and hide the key. Is that understood?"

I felt anger burn at the bottom of my gut but what could I do? Even at my best, Vlad is able to outsmart me. Now that I'm pregnant and tired all the time, I can't even win a thumb wrestling match against Vlad. "Yes, sir," I said through clenched teeth. Just because I was accepting his terms didn't mean I had to like them.

"Good girl," Vlad said, rubbing my hair. "And eat something more substantial, Danielle. You're carrying my son."

Vlad turned away from me but I still hid the tears that burned in my eyes. I prayed my baby wasn't Vlad's. I don't care who else's baby it is, I just don't want my father to be my baby's father.

I popped another handful of popcorn in my mouth and watched the screen mindlessly. Who did Vlad get to come here? He refused me to say I was kidnapped. Anyone I know that Vlad could have would have to be kidnapped to come here. If Vlad kidnapped them, is it really a stretch to say he kidnapped me. This reveal just makes me even more convinced he's invited Valerie over. She works for Vlad and even though she knows I hate his guts, he can get her to show up. Maybe he's trying to make Val think I came here of my own free will. I don't know if I can play that game.

"Danielle," I heard a soft voice. I hated not having my powers. I could have sensed the person's arrival. I looked to the doorway though and all fear evaporated.

"Danny," I cried, jumping off my egg-shaped bed. The bowl of popcorn overturned as I landed in his arms. "It's you!"

"I've missed you so much, baby girl," Danny said, kissing my hair. Normally, I'd protest the patronizing behavior he plays on me but I was just so glad to see him. I know I'm going to be okay now.

"Have you come to get me out of here," I asked, fighting tears. I can't believe Danny tricked Vlad. Vlad is usually better than that.

"Where would you go if you left," Danny asked, giving me a gentle look. "Look, sweetheart, I know you're mad at Vlad but he's only looking out for what's best for you. He was confused back then. He's really a different man."

"Danny," I asked, fighting tears of betrayal. Before, I was so happy I was about to cry but now I just felt let down. Danny wants me to stay. That makes no sense.

"Listen, baby girl, I know it's scary but we have to learn to trust him again. Vlad was sick before. He didn't know what he was doing. Now he needs our support."

"He's sick now," I retorted. "I don't want to be here, Danny. Please, let's just go."

"Danielle, give Vlad a try." He touched my stomach and my jaw dropped. Does he know I'm pregnant? "He left you, Dani. You gave your heart to this man and this is how he repaid you. Vlad will take care of you. You need to do what's best for the baby."

"He left me," I repeated, shocked.

"Yes," Danny said, rubbing my hair with his free hand. "Not everyone is as good of a man as Vlad. Now I know it's going to be hard to trust again but Vlad is the one you need to trust. Vlad and I are your family. Let us take care of you like family."

"You have, haven't you," I asked, my eyes wide. "You fell in love with him again?"

"Danielle, it's not as black and white as you think it is," Danny said but he looked weird. I'd never seen him act like this before. His voice was super quiet and he wouldn't look at me. Is he ashamed or something else? He should be ashamed.

"I know who Vlad is," I hissed. "That is picture perfect! I can't believe you'd trust him again."

"You'll trust him again, too," Danny said, taking my hand. He broke out in a smile. "You are going to have a baby. Let us take care of you, Dani. You can't protect your baby out there by yourself."

"How's your baby," I asked, looking down. Danny told me he got Lilly back but now that Vlad was a part of his life again, I wondered if Lilly was with them.

"How did you find out," Danny smiled, enthusiastic. "I didn't want to tell you for a couple more days. I thought maybe it'd be too much to handle with your pregnancy as well. I'm the same amount of weeks you are."

My eyes widened. "You're pregnant," I asked, shocked. Oh, no, Vlad impregnated Danny again.

"Twelve weeks," Danny nodded happily. "It was unexpected but I love it all the same. We both are expecting."

I was just so shocked. Vlad impregnated Danny again and he is still vouching for this clown. What the hell is wrong with Danny? Danny has fallen for Vlad's trap, though, so I'm not going to escape. I can play along and live to fight another day or I can fight now and lose badly. "You're happy, right?"

"Ecstatic," Danny nodded.

"Congratulations," I said, giving a fake blessing. As soon as I am strong enough to save myself, I'll save Danny too. I won't let Vlad keep both of us.


Danny visited me every day but I wanted out of this hole. With Danny now under his control, I knew my chances of escaping were extinct. Now, I had to protect my baby and stay alive. I couldn't afford to fight Vlad, not yet anyway. So for the most part, I was an obedient little girl; and I hated every moment of it.

"Danielle," Vlad announced his arrival. It was time for him to replenish my groceries. If I showed any signs of a struggle, Vlad would tie me up during his delivery so I found a way to say I had surrendered to him. I stood up from the couch, holding my back. I was in constant pain anymore and I wished I had my powers back to help alleviate it. I hated my surrender posture even more. It was becoming painful to do.

I went to my knees, kneeling in the middle of the floor. I made myself as small as possible and put my forehead to the carpet. I hated doing this—I know how Vlad viewed it—but it kept me, my baby and Danny safe. That was all that mattered. "How are you today, Vlad?"

"I'm good," Vlad replied. "You can stand up now, Danielle." I stood up really fast, my back aching. My head started swimming from the sudden change in movement though. "Whoa," Vlad declared, catching my arm. "Don't fall."

"I'm sorry, Vlad. I stood up too fast," I said, my voice small. I hope he doesn't think I tried to hurt the baby. I'd never harm my child.

"That's okay. Just be careful next time. You don't want to get hurt."

"It's been two weeks, Vlad," I began.

"Do not start with me," Vlad said sternly.

"Please," I begged. "I hate it down here. I won't leave, I promise. Haven't I proved that enough to you?"

"Do not backtalk me, Danielle," Vlad declared. "I will decide what is best for you and I still believe you are untrustworthy. You brought this upon yourself. You should have been more obedient in the beginning."

I was getting moody, I know, so I took a calming breath. I didn't really want to backtalk him. I usually get backhanded and tied up for the next three visits. I didn't want to upset him again. After I was calm, I tried again. "Vlad, I just want to stretch my legs. The room is great but it's so small."

I felt Vlad's big hand smack me in the mouth and the force he put in the hit threw me back. I gasped out, stumbling back. "I know what's best for you. When I say that's enough, I mean that's enough. If I ever decide you can be trusted outside your room, I will decide it on my own. Is that clear?"

I put my hand to my cheek, feeling it starting to swell. "Yes sir," I grumbled, my mouth numb. I think he split my lip as well.

"What," Vlad growled, unsatisfied. My heart jumped to my throat. I wasn't being disrespectful. My lip was numb.

"I'm sorry," I said, my voice sounding scratchy. I felt tears come to my eyes. He's going to beat me again. I felt the heat of Vlad's ectoplasm bind my arms and legs and I fell to the kneeling position he forced me into. I screamed out, terrified. "Please, Vlad, I didn't mean—."

"Shut up unless you want it worse," Vlad growled.

"I'm sorry," I cried, hanging my head. I began to weep, terrified. I hated feeling so powerless against him but I didn't have any powers and I know this is going to hurt. I could feel the heat of Vlad's ectoplasm around my arms, my hands in a praying position against my chest. My legs were together, my knees bent at an angle. I was shaped like this for a reason. The first thing Vlad did was put his hand between my elbows and my knees and form a shield. My baby would get his protection but I would get his wrath.

I felt Vlad's fist punch my face and I cried out, my eyes clenching closed. Vlad punched me from the other side and I rolled from the force. The change in position caused the ectoplasmic ropes to burn me some more and I cried out. I clenched my eyes tighter and prayed it'd be over. After three more hits, the ropes released me. Vlad picked me up and put me on the bed.

"Why do you do this to me," Vlad asked, his voice full of agony. "All I do is try to protect you and you force me to hurt you. I hate hurting you, Danielle. Stop forcing me to hurt you."

"I'm sorry," I cried in his chest. He stroked my hair, kissing my head.

"I know you are. I love you, Danielle. I only do this because I love you."

I whimpered. "I know." I just wanted him to heal me and leave me with the reminder.

"Here, let me heal you," Vlad said, phasing his hand in my side. He didn't leave his hand in my body long enough to heal everything, though, only the cosmetic injuries. He can't let Danny see me hurt like this. He didn't start healing me like this until two weeks ago. "Danielle, I wouldn't have to do this if you obeyed me." Just leave me with the reminder. I want to be alone. "Here's a little reminder." Vlad pulled down the neck of my sweater, grabbing my arm far enough down that my clothes would always cover it.

I closed my eyes, praying he'd leave me alone. Vlad filled his hand with his heat and it felt like I was being branded. I screamed out but Vlad continued to hold me. I resisted the urge to pull away because that'd just leave me with another beating, healing and two reminders. I've been done that way numerous times. I screamed, digging my nails into my leg, trying to ease the pain in my arm. Vlad continued to hold my arm and I was losing the strength not to pull away. "Please," I screamed, my tears obscuring my voice. "Please, please, please, Vlad."

"Just a little more," Vlad said, his voice smooth and calming. He was a sick son of a bitch. "What did you call me?"

My eyes widened. Vlad was reading my mind. "Please," I begged. It's worse when he reads my mind. Vlad wants nothing more than for me to be his obedient daughter. If I'm thinking like this, he knows it's not working.

"You are my daughter," Vlad declared, finally letting go of my arm. He leered down on me and his appearance scared me, forcing me back a few steps unconsciously. When I stepped back, I realized my mistake. "You are not theirs, do you understand me! You are my daughter! I created you, I loved you, I made you who you are today! They do not get credit," Vlad hissed.

"I'm sorry, Daddy," I tried to save my hide.

"Do not mock me," Vlad roared, smacking me with ectoplasm surrounding his hand. I flew back, crashing into my dresser. I didn't have powers so not only did I hit it as a human would, my force didn't even crack it. I felt a snap in my head and my eyesight became blurry. "I am your father. You will obey me and you will respect me! You betrayed me, Danielle! You are lucky to have such an understanding father!"

"Please," I screamed out again. I couldn't see that well and I think I felt blood in my hair.

"Don't you ever disrespect me again, am I clear," Vlad hissed.

"What the hell are you doing," I heard Danny's voice. I looked up to see Danny standing there, pinning Vlad to the wall. "If you ever lay a finger on Dani again, I will crush you within an inch of your life, is that understood?"

"I'm sorry, Danielle," Vlad declared, phasing out of Danny's touch. Vlad rushed to me, phasing his hands in me as he picked me up. "I can't believe I lost control like that. I'm so sorry, can you ever forgive me?"

I was terrified but I had to play the nice little girl. It was the only way to get out of here. "I know you didn't mean it. I'm sorry, Vlad. I was just a little moody. It was my fault."

"No, baby, nothing is ever your fault," Vlad said, kissing my hair. "I'm so sorry, please forgive me."

"Are you okay, Dani," Danny asked me.

"I'm fine, Danny," I nodded. "I just got upset. Vlad was badmouthing my baby's daddy again and I called him an SOB. I'm so sorry. You're the one who was here for me." I closed my eyes, hating what I was doing. I was selling my soul to the devil. I had to do it, though. It was the only way to save us. "I love you, Vlad. Thank you for keeping me save and putting a roof over my head."

"I love you so much, Danielle," Vlad said, kissing me. "I am so sorry."

"Come on," Danny said, putting his hand on Vlad's shoulder. "You need to relax. You're too tense, Vlad. You should not have blown up on Dani that way. She's hormonal; it comes with being pregnant."

If he only knew the half of it.


I was soaking in a bath when I felt the ectoplasmic ropes return. Steam filled the bathroom as my water and Vlad's ropes met. The hot ropes on my naked body hurt, though, and I screamed. "I'm only doing this to transport you to the clinic," Vlad's voice announced. "I won't hurt you again."

I whimpered. I was completely naked and only the steam protected me. With the embarrassment of being naked in front of my father combined with the pain of the ectoplasmic ropes, I couldn't stop the tears. Vlad entered the bathroom, not even hesitating a fraction of a second. My fears of carrying his baby returned and I prayed I was home. Vlad bend down in the tub and lifted me up in his arms. I had no cover now and Vlad didn't shield his eyes. I was humiliated.

Vlad teleported out of my bedroom with me and we arrived in the clinic. I've been here numerous times but always while I was being controlled. Whatever Vlad uses in my room he uses here, too. I don't have any powers in the clinic either. I haven't had any powers for two months. Vlad's clinic was staffed with six professionals. Vlad laid me down on the examination table and I turned my head. I was about to be surrounded by five strangers, and only two were women.

"Good morning, Miss Masters," the doctor, who's name I discovered was James Peterman. He was the one who told me I was pregnant in the first place. He was an OBGYN but he was also a regular MD.

"Hello, Doctor Peterman," I returned. Dr. Peterman was an aging man. He wasn't the oldest but he wasn't the youngest either.

"You're fifteen weeks today, Miss Masters. How do you feel?"

"Woozy," I answered. "I'm constantly tired and my nausea hasn't alleviated at all."

"You just started your second trimester. Give it some time, Miss Masters," Dr. Peterman replied.

"I'll try," I said, still not looking at him. I know he isn't staring at me. Vlad would kill him if he even thought about hurting me—only Vlad can touch me, apparently—but it was still humiliating. Besides, it was the assistant, Kelsey Little, that freaked me out. I always get the creeps around her. The first time I was examined by her, Vlad had a stern talking with her and now she acts weird around me.

"Miss Masters," an older man announced. I still felt humiliated for being naked in front of him, but Roger Waneright was the only one I felt comfortable around. It seemed everyone else wanted to touch me but he always asked before he touched. Being naked in front of him made me feel perverted, though. "Where are your clothes, honey?"

"She was taking a bath, Roger. Proceed," Vlad announced.

"Mister Masters, did you stop to think your daughter might be uncomfortable being naked in front of everyone?"

"It's her punishment," Vlad announced. "I didn't intend on it this way but I'll allow it. She escaped a reprimand earlier this week." I should have known this was his intention.

"Sorry, sweetheart. Do you mind if I feel on your stomach," Dr. Waneright asked.

"Not at all," I consented. He began to feel my stomach, checking me out. Dr. Waneright finished and followed Dr. Peterman back to his office. Now it was time for the pharmacist Malcolm Davies to come in and adjust my prenatal meds. Again, he was mostly professional but being naked was just humiliating. The nurse, Susie Applegate, came in, drew some blood, and gave me my Doppler.

"What's that," Susie remarked, her demeanor changing. Her change in attitude caused me to look at her. She's been the only one so far—I thought I'd only look at Kelsey. She was looking at the Doppler. "Sir, take a look here."

"Is that," Vlad asked, his eyes widening.

"Two," she replied. I was confused.

"What's going on," I asked, trying to sit up. Vlad's ectoplasmic ropes were too right, though.

"We're having twins," Vlad smiled. He looked to me, excitement showing in his face. "You're going to give me twins."

"No," I said, shaking my head. "That's not possible!"

"It's possible, Miss Masters," Susie remarked. "Twins."

I didn't know what to say or do. Twins. How do I protect my twins from Vlad? How do I get my twins, Danny and me out? An extra baby only complicates things. That means there will be Danny and his baby, my twins and I needing to escape. How do I do that?

"That will be all, Miss Applegate. Thank you for the great news," Vlad replied. "Send in Miss Little."

"I will, sir," Susie remarked. I really dreaded this. Kelsey was in her early twenties, the youngest of all the professionals. I think she had a crush on me, too.

"Good day, Mister Masters, Miss Masters," Kelsey announced. I looked up to see her stopped dead in her tracks. She finally saw that I was naked. I saw a blush creep on her cheeks. "It's great to see you, as always, Danielle."

"I expect for you to be professional, Miss Little," Vlad suggested roughly. "I will not have you acting up in my clinic."

"Of course, Mister Masters. I will be very professional."

She won't be, though. Her eyes traced my body and she was very nervous around me. It made me feel uncomfortable. Who would have thought that after being naked in front of three men, it would be a woman who would humiliate me the most? Vlad's presence, though, stopped Kelsey from acting up too bad. I pray he never allows her to be in the same room as I am, unsupervised. With me tied up, I'm not sure what she'd do.

Vlad took me back to my room and released the ropes. I was finally able to cover my breasts with my hands. "Thank you, Danielle. I am very excited to have two sons born into the family." Vlad teleported out of the room and I stood up, hanging my head. I took a shower this time, trying to wash away the filth I felt. To be honest, I'm not sure if I tried to wash away the image I had of Vlad or of Kelsey more.


I didn't get a lot of sleep that night. I kept having the same reoccurring nightmare: becoming Vlad's mate. I was Danny's clone and Danny couldn't deny Vlad. I was terrified I would be forced to serve him the way Danny was forced to serve Vlad. I made a pot of coffee, trying to banish the thoughts of making love to Vlad. I didn't want to have Vlad's babies. They were mine, not his.

I was so tired but every time I fell asleep, I'd have the same nightmare. I dosed off, only awoken by the image of me kissing Vlad passionately. I jerked awake, spilling the coffee on myself. Being powerless like I have been lately, I screamed as the hot liquid burned my skin. The coffee cup clattered from my hands, the liquid pooling on my kitchen table.

"I don't want this," I cried, breaking down in tears. Why did I have to leave home? I had to become selfish. I had a great home, loving parents, and protective big siblings. Now, my big brother has fallen under magnetism with Vlad again and it's all my fault. If I had been home, I might have been able to save him. I know I wouldn't have been in this mess. I wouldn't be pregnant with my father's children. Twins.

I have to get out of here. At any cost. It's obvious that Vlad is after his children. He only sees me as an incubator. That's my only chance. If I don't get away right after they're born, I'll never get away. So that's my new plan. After I get away, Danny can make his own mind up. I will not jeopardize my escape because Danny has fallen for Vlad's tricks. When he's busy with his boys, I'll make my escape. Once I'm gone, Vlad will have lost. I won't be pregnant, I'll have my powers back and I can fight. He can have his boys. I never wanted this.

I won't put up with it.

The End

AN: This story takes place during the fourth installment of Danny's Story: Life's Changes. For those who have read Danny's Story, you know the "Danny" Danielle was with during her captivity was actually Blue. Blue has no idea he isn't the real Danny so he isn't particularly tricking Danielle. Also, this is during Vlad's unstable time. He doesn't become my favorable Vlad until after Danny (Red) gets Danielle back. If you want more material like this, check out Danny's Story, Part 4: Life's Changes, chapters seven, eight, thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen. Thanks for reading.