Fan Fiction- The Mortal Instruments

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Chapter 1: Oh, the irony...

Jace's POV

I couldn't help but smile as she glared at the seraph blade that lay glinting on the floor, joining the four others she'd previously thrown.

"It's all in the technique Clary. Not how much anger you throw it with." I commented, letting amusement saturate my voice.

"If you're not going to be helpful, then just leave. I'll get Izzy or Alec to train me."

I sighed exaggeratedly. "I don't really think knives are your style. Maybe a huge battleaxe, or a mace..." I glanced at her expression and decided if I wanted to live, I'd better be a little more serious about this. "Come here."

Clary shook her head and strode towards the door. I moved quickly to intercept her before she could leave. I leaned against the door and looked down at her. "What did I do?" I asked, feigning hurt.

Her usually affectionate eyes burned a venomous green. "Why do you never take me being a Shadowhunter seriously? Whenever you're going demon-hunting, you always want me to stay behind. Is it because I'm too impulsive? Too rash and thoughtless? Because I'm too MUNDANE?" Her voice had risen through the octaves to a furious scream.

I winced. I remember how easily those callous, false words had risen to my lips. Apparently, even though I had apologised for them, they still stuck in her mind. "Clary-"

"Forget it. I don't want to hear it," She hissed icily before attempting to wrench the door open. I leant all my weight against it. "Please, Clary," I said softly, trying to sound sincere.

She looked away from me, her jaw clenched tightly.

"You know I didn't mean those things. The only reason I said it at all was to protect you. A shadowhunter's life is often a short and violent one. Is it so bad that I don't want you roaming the streets at night-time, searching for the monsters that are the basis of every nightmare? I love you, Clary. Which means I don't want you to get hurt."

"If you loved me you would let me make decisions for myself," she replied bitterly.

I closed my eyes wearily. This was one argument I was never going to win. "How about a compromise? If you can swear to always listen to what I say when we're hunting demons, especially if its to tell you wait behind, then I'll train you properly."

"I don't have a great track record with following orders," she said, looking up at me with rueful eyes.

I smiled tentatively at her, hoping her change in tone meant I'd been forgiven. She rolled her eyes at me,"How come we always seem to end up fighting over something every time we're together?"

"Oh, come on Clary. You know you only fight with me for one reason."

She raised her eyebrows, "Oh, and what would that be?"

I smirked lazily at her,"So we can kiss and make up." Before she could roll her eyes again, I touched my lips gently to her hers, enjoying the soft warmth that emanated from them. I felt her lips curve into a smile beneath mine, and so deepened the kiss, gently exploring her mouth with my own. Unfortunately, these days, these moments didn't last long. A spark of fire jumped from me to her and she gasped. I pulled away quickly.

"Are you hurt?" I asked anxiously.

"I'm fine, Jace. I think it was just the shock more than anything."

I folded her in my arms in a rather platonic embrace and thought dryly, Only I would be damned by Heavenly Fire...

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