A/N: For anyone who is still reading after that incredibly long break, I apologize! This chapter was rough for me, and I kept changing my mind and reworking everything. I finally just decided on a sort of filler chapter showing different scenes of Derek and Stiles' domestic relationship. So I hope you all like it, thanks for sticking with me!

Scott seemed restless throughout breakfast the next morning, and quieter than usual. Stiles kept looking between him and Derek wondering that if he started a conversation topic they would take the hint to break the awkward silence. There was a reason he wanted to go out with both Derek and Scott, and sitting in silence was not it.

Stiles shot Scott a look of raised eyebrows and eyed Derek. Scott seemed to understand, he coughed, clearing his throat. "So…you seem to feeling better?" He offered cautiously.

Derek grunted something but didn't look up from his eggs. Stiles stomped down on his foot.

"God! What the f-" Derek exclaimed, mouth full of eggs, and then stopped at the face Stiles was giving him. If looks could kill they'd both be dead. He rolled his eyes and finished chewing before he looked across the table at Scott, "Yeah, I guess. A good night's rest really did the trick."

Scott gave him a half smile and continued poking at his pancakes.

Stiles breathed deep, this was like pulling teeth. "Uh actually, Scott, Derek here had something he wanted to say to you. Isn't that right, Derek?"

Derek just glared at him silently begging Stiles not to make him say it. Stiles raised his eyebrows, he wasn't budging. Derek sat back in his seat and cleared his throat. "It's come to my attention that I may have been a bit rude to you during the game yesterday." His voice trailed off, like that was an apology. Scott continued to stare at him.

Stiles elbowed his pitcher in the ribs. Derek's mouth clenched like he had eaten a sour lemon, "And I apologize. I wasn't feeling well." He gritted out through clenched teeth.

"And…" Stiles encouraged. He would have laughed but he knew Derek would just get up and leave if Stiles mocked him. Scott was already trying to hold back his smile.

Derek's eyes narrowed on Stiles, "And," he growled. "I had no reason to be jealous or an over possessive jerk. I know you two are just friends and nothing's going on. Furthermore, Stiles is not a possession of mine and if he wants to spend time with his friends without my permission he can and I can't say a damn thing."

Stiles smiled proudly. He couldn't have said it better if he had written it himself. Which he had. And he made Derek rehearse it several times earlier that morning. Scott let out the laugh he had been suppressing and Derek snarled.

"That was beautiful, Derek." Stiles grinned.

"Shut up." Derek snapped and turned back to his eggs.

"I totally get it though, man." Scott said. "I'd be upset if you weren't jealous of people hanging all over Stiles, he's a catch!" He winked at his best friend.

Stiles' smile widened, "Thank you!"

Derek snorted into his plate and Stiles shot him a warning look. Scott laughed again.

"A catch, Derek. Remember that." Stiles warned squeezing Derek's knee under the table.

"Well if anyone wants to take your mouth for the day I welcome it, guaranteed they'd return you within the hour." Derek teased.

Scott's laughter continued, "If you think it's bad now you should have seen it before his parents got Adderall on board."

"No!" Stiles snapped, "We are not talking about my youth!" He made grabby hands across the table to silence Scott's mouth but Derek's strong arms grabbed him, pinning his flailing limbs to the sides of his body.

"By all means, tell as many stories about how much smaller, scrawnier, and embarrassingly annoying Stiles here was."


Once they were back at school Stiles spent most of his free time either studying or in Derek's bed, and sometimes studying in Derek's bed. Midterms were coming up and Stiles knew he was over stressing it. Derek didn't seem that worried, even though he had some advanced classes, just reading the textbook titles made Stiles want to vomit.

"Seriously dude, who the fuck takes Applied Functional Analysis for fun?" Stiles asked looking at the text book with distaste. He pushed it away from him, not wanting to catch whatever diseases it could have.

Derek, who was lying next to him, head at the opposite side of the bed let out a snort of amusement and ran a finger down the underside of Stiles' foot, making the boy yelp. "It's not for fun, that's one of my requirements."

"God, I hope I never have to take it." Stiles muttered and burrowed his feet under the pillows, safely away from Derek's fingers.

"Luckily with your little brain you'll never have to." Derek teased.

Stiles rolled over and glared at him, "You wish you had my brain."

"I wouldn't be able to handle it, honestly I don't know how you manage it half the time." Derek smirked.

"Aw, thank you." Stiles grinned, Derek rolled his eyes and went back to his Kinesiology book.

Stiles watched him for a moment, taking in the image of the beautiful shirtless man reading an advanced textbook. Smart definitely is the new sexy. "You know, if you wanna study up on human movement, we could take a more hands on approach." He hinted with a cocked eyebrow.

Derek looked up at Stiles and then down at his text book and smirked, "I'm impressed you know what this is."

Stiles shrugged. "I'm kinda amazing."

Derek laughed and tossed the book aside. He grabbed Stiles by the back of the knees and pulled him forward so Derek sat directly between his legs. "What can you tell me about Kinesiology." He growled seductively into Stiles' ear before nibbling at his jaw line.

Stiles breathed deep and felt his body heating up, "Uh…I-I know that regular exercise is a key component and actually can decrease- oh my God- uh decrease depression. Because it releases endorphins and that's what makes you- fffuck yeah- it makes you happy and according to Legally Blonde, happy people don't kill their husbands. Did you know-"

Derek silenced Stiles' mouth with his own, licking his tongue into the boy's mouth. He pulled back momentarily, "Let's not get off topic Stilinski." He chuckled softly and then found Stiles' lips again.

Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek's back and pulled him down on top of him.


"Why do you never have anything to eat here?" Stiles demanded looking around the barren fridge. He pushed a half empty sugar-free jar of jelly out of the way to reveal nothing behind it. Of course.

"There's food in there." Derek responded in amusement. He reached in behind Stiles and pulled out a bottle of water, he let his fingers glide gently down the length of Stiles' back as he straightened.

"Really?" Stiles wasn't buying it, "you point to one thing in there that's edible." He motioned for Derek to look in the fridge.

"Bottom drawer, celery." Derek smirked folding his arms across his bare chest.

"Celery is not food! I need food!" Stiles exclaimed dramatically throwing himself into Derek and wrapping his arms around the older boy's neck. "I feel my body draining of energy, I may not be able to go round 3 without the proper sustenance…"

Derek laughed and wrapped the other boy into a warm somewhat naked embrace, "Are you really going to withhold sex unless I feed you?"

Stiles went dead weight in his arms, "Can't…move…too weak…"

"Well I don't know about you, but I think I'm gonna have some of this delicious celery." Derek lifted Stiles up and perched him on top of the counter. He grabbed a stalk of the vegetable and bit menacingly into it with an ear piercing crunch.

Stiles made a face of disapproval as he watched.

Derek let out a loud moan, "So good." He muttered taking another bite.

Stiles huffed and hopped off the counter, "fine, I'll leave the two of you together. I'm gonna go out for a burger or something." He made to leave the kitchen, but Derek grabbed his arm, laughing.

"You win. Go get dressed and we'll go to the store."

Stiles grinned, "Why Derek Hale, how very domestic of you."

Derek made a face of faked amusement, "Just go."


"No, absolutely not." Derek said pulling a box of hot fudge pop tarts out of the shopping cart and putting them back on the shelf.

Stiles' mouth fell open, "Hey! Those are my favorite!" He snatched the box back up, but Derek grabbed it before he could put it in the cart.

"I do not need you hopped up on this much sugar first thing in the morning. You're bouncing off the walls enough as it is."

Stiles pouted, feeling five years old again.

Derek grabbed a box of some kind of old person bran cereal and held it up, "This is the best option for a quick breakfast."

"My God I'm dating an 80 year old." Stiles groaned moving on down the aisle.

"You'll thank me when you're 25 and don't have diabetes!" Derek called after him.

"I'd rather just have my pop tarts, asshole." Stiles muttered to himself. Damn Derek's super hearing though, because he pushed the cart into the back of Stiles' legs. "Ow, Jesus!" In the corner of his eye he saw Derek grab the pop tarts and throw them in the basket. He smiled but knew better than to make a big deal of it.

Two hours and several loud arguments over nutritional value versus deliciousness later, they were hauling the groceries up into Derek's apartment.

"You know I could have paid for half of this." Stiles huffed dumping his load into the kitchen. He made a mental note to only get apartments on floor levels.

Derek, not winded in the slightest, and carrying the majority of the bags, dumped his load too. "It's not a big deal Stiles, besides I have the money, you don't."

"I could have asked my dad." Stiles shrugged. He couldn't help but notice Derek's flinch when he mentioned his father. He seemed to be noticing it more and more lately whenever he brought up the Sheriff. He hadn't asked Derek to meet the man yet, because he wasn't for sure if Derek would even want to. Didn't meeting the parents mean a relationship was getting serious? Was this relationship serious? It was to Stiles, and he liked to think it was to Derek too, but honestly he didn't know how Derek was feeling half of the time. He was afraid of pushing the older boy too far and losing him forever.

Derek shoved the hot fudge pop tarts into Stiles' chest, breaking him from his thoughts. "Don't worry about it." He muttered.


Stiles sat on the bench pulling on his gear chatting absently with Derek, who was cleaning his cleats a few days later at practice. They were the only ones currently in the dugout, all the others out on the field, so they could speak somewhat freely.

"I've gotta run over to the science lab after practice and turn in a lab report, but I can come over afterwards." Stiles said tightening his knee pads.

Derek nodded, "Want me to pick up Chinese or pizza or something?"

Stiles opened his mouth to respond, but before he could a voice from the field called over to them, both of their heads shot up to find the caller.

Scott, Isaac, Brink and Chase stood around home plate, it had been Scott who called Derek's name.

All six boys stared at each other for a moment before Chase called, "Hale, come over here a sec, we need your help."

Derek sat frozen in his seat; he looked uncomfortable and unsure of why his teammates would be calling to him.

Stiles felt a little bad for the boy. Sure, they were all a team, and the other boys looked up to Derek like their leader, and respected him maybe even feared him, but Stiles didn't think they actually really talked to or included Derek on things. He laughed and pushed Derek off the bench, "Go play nice, come on!"

Derek hesitantly made his way to the group, Stiles followed closely behind; he was just as curious after all. The way some of the younger boys shrank back when they approached hinted to Stiles that Derek was probably glaring at them all, but not Chase, the other pitcher kept his cool, he was always the one who didn't seem to take any of Derek's shit. Stiles respected that, and he knew Derek secretly did too.

"Lahey fucked up his batting stance," Chase said nodding at the lanky outfielder who was currently trying to hide himself behind Scott, "And he's having a hell of a time hitting anything, we figured since you were the only other lefty at bat, you could help him out?"

Stiles saw Derek physically relax, his shoulder blades unclenched themselves and he stood a little straighter. The other boys must have sensed the change too, because they also loosened up, Isaac actually lifted his eyes off of the ground.

Derek nodded at Isaac, "Yeah, sure thing kid, show me what you got."

Stiles and Scott backed up from the two boys, leaving them to work at the plate while Brink and Chase went to work the pitching machine on the mound.

"Okay, this is weird." Stiles muttered, but he didn't try and hide his grin.

Scott nudged him with his elbow, "Baby steps right? I thought Isaac was gonna throw up when I suggested it, it should be good for both of them though."

Stiles shrugged, but he couldn't disagree, as long as Derek didn't lose his temper with the kid. Derek caught his eye just then, and Stiles gave him a quick nod and a wink, trying to convey the message to be nice. Hopefully Derek read it loud and clear.

Isaac and Derek worked for the rest of practice together. Stiles watched in between his catches with Scott, as Derek helped guide the younger boy along, showing him different grips on the bat and how to plant his feet correctly. In fact, some of the other players had gathered around them as well giving their input and helping Derek show Isaac. It was just too adorable Stiles wanted to melt.

He turned his attention back to Scott and then gestured at Derek with a head tilt, "That's my boyfriend." He said with a wide grin.

Scott laughed and threw the ball into the dirt so it bounced back into Stiles' chest protector, "Shut up." He teased.

By the end of practice, Stiles could barely get to Derek, because the older boy was surrounded by all the other players laughing and chatting away at him. Derek's face definitely read overwhelmed, but he didn't snap at anyone, or glare. Stiles wanted to give him a giant gold star sticker with the words 'team player' on it.

"You're coming to my party tonight, right Derek?" Brink asked, the hopeful plead behind his voice apparent.

Derek blanked, "Uh…I didn't know…"

"It's at the Psi Cappa Delta house," Brink interrupted, "Give me your number and I'll text you the address."

Stiles almost bust a gut to keep from laughing, he watched Derek spout off his digits like he was in a trance.

Only once they were left on their own again did Derek break out of his shocked state, "What just happened?" He asked a very amused Stiles.

"I think you made a friend." Stiles smiled and clapped Derek on the shoulder, "Or like twenty friends."


Stiles ground his hips down against Derek's and threw his head back. Derek's dick was all the way inside him, and he was riding him like there was no tomorrow. He let out a low moan, rose a few inches and then pushed himself back down onto Derek. The older boy had his fingers digging into Stiles' thighs, but if it weren't for that and the fact that his ass was full of dick, Stiles wouldn't believe that he was actually having sex with the other boy. There were no reactions or moans coming from the pitcher like there usually were.

Stiles looked down, "You okay?" He breathed, just now realizing that he was in fact doing all the dirty work.

Derek blinked up at him, apparently just breaking out of his thoughts. "Yeah, no I'm good."

"Really?" Stiles shot him a look, "Cuz I'm kinda getting the feeling I'm the only one that wants to be here."

Derek ran his hands down Stiles' thighs, "You're not, sorry. I just started thinking about something else. I'm here now."

"Thinking about what?" Stiles asked curiously, slowing down his pace.

Derek seemed to hesitate, "Nothing, it's nothing."

Stiles really did stop his hips this time, he looked down seriously at Derek, "Come on, what's going on?"

"It's really not a big deal, I was just thinking about that party."

Stiles racked his brain trying to think of what on Earth he was talking about, suddenly it clicked, "Brink's party? You seriously wanna talk about that now?"

"No. Never mind, you're right, it's stupid."

"Derek…" Stiles urged quietly.

"Forget about it." Derek countered and gripped tightly at Stiles' hips, "Let's keep going."

Stiles rolled off of Derek, the feeling of emptiness was unpleasant, but he couldn't morally continue to fuck the other boy when he was having some sort of mental dilemma. Derek looked equally annoyed at the action. "I'm not gonna have sex with someone who doesn't really want to be here."

"I never said that." Derek growled.

"So let's talk! Why are you freaking out about the party?"

Derek sat up so he could talk with Stiles face to face, "I'm not freaking out." He snapped, but he cowered at the incredulous look Stiles was giving him. "It's just, I don't go to parties-"

"You went to that one in New Mexico." Stiles interrupted.

"That was different, I was trying to keep you from doing something stupid. Again, you're welcome." Derek rolled his eyes.

"Fair enough." Stiles muttered.

"I don't get invited to parties, and I don't make friends. I just don't get what happened on the field today."

Stiles studied the sad look on Derek's face and then leaned over to run a hand down his arm, "Derek, do you seriously not get how awesome you are?" Derek's eyes fell to the comforter, refusing to address the comment, so Stiles continued. "I don't know why you think you don't deserve friends, or to be liked, but I guarantee you that if you gave people a chance, they'd love you."

"I highly doubt that. I've been told on many occasions that I'm kind of an asshole." Derek half grinned at Stiles, but he still looked upset.

Stiles shrugged, "Who isn't these days? Here's what's gonna happen. We're gonna go to the party, drink a shit ton of alcohol, laugh and joke around with the guys, and then come back here and pass out in bed at some ungodly hour in the morning. You might even get to see the ol' Stilinski moves on the dance floor if you're lucky."

Derek let out a laugh, "I've seen those dance moves, and trust me, they aren't Earth shattering. We should probably keep you away from any kind of beat."

Stiles' mouth dropped, "Excuse me Mr. No-Fun, but my moves bring all the girls to the yard."

Derek leaned back into his pillows and squeezed his eyes shut, "Oh my God." He groaned with a laugh, "You are so lame."

"You know the more you say that the more I am starting to think you don't really mean it." Stiles teased leaning down and planting a kiss on Derek's lips.

"I mean every word, weirdo." Derek grinned between kisses.

"Asshole." Stiles muttered before Derek wrapped him in his arms and flipped him over on the mattress.


Parties were loud, crowded and filled with stupid people doing stupid things, and every time he went to one, Derek remembered why he didn't. In fact as he thought this, there was some drunk kid next to him peeing in one of the potted plants. He let out an agitated breath and moved a good ten feet away. It was nearing midnight, he and Stiles had just arrived a few minutes ago, and Stiles instantly ran off to find drinks, leaving Derek to "mingle". He didn't know anyone though, he felt awkward. He couldn't see any of his teammates yet, but according to Stiles it was still early and half the team was still on their way.

Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and saw….Eric?...Emmett?... His advanced psychology TA, smiling at him, drink in hand. Clearly a little bit more than slightly drunk.

"Derek!" The man exclaimed pulling Derek into an awkward one sided embrace. The man barely spoke to Derek in class, and now he wanted to hug? "This is a first time I'm seeing you at a PCD party, where have you been all year?"

"Studying for that midterm of yours." Derek grinned politely back. He was only half joking, for a TA,…Evan?... Was kind of a hard ass.

The man laughed anyways. "I hear ya, man." He clapped a hand on Derek's shoulder, and let it linger a moment too long, before he dropped it. Derek eyed him curiously. "You know, if you ever want a little extra credit you can come see me." The guy gave a suggestive grin.

Derek knew Eddie was attracted to him, he could smell it coming off of him every time he looked at Derek in class or whenever they passed in the halls. He wondered slightly what the guy's wife would think about that. "I thought Professor Johnson said no extra credit at the beginning of the semester?" Derek asked nonchalantly.

"What people don't know won't hurt them, right? I think I'm a pretty generous guy." Eli winked at him.

Suddenly Derek felt awkward again, this had taken a weird turn and he was just about to tell the guy to piss off when a warm body pressed right up into his side.

"Sorry, apparently Brink did a keg stand before we got here, and he was outside throwing up in the pool, I had to laugh at him." Stiles grinned putting a beer bottle into Derek's hand and then turning to Elliot. "Stiles." He greeted holding out a hand.

Elijah stared at him for a moment before taking it in a firm grip, "Austin." He greeted back with less enthusiasm.

Stiles immediately wrapped his free arm tightly around Derek's back, his gaze never leaving Austin, "So what are we talking about?"

Things were definitely getting interesting. Derek liked Stiles being a bit possessive, and he liked how the TA's whole persona had changed into jealousy and anger the second Stiles staked his claim on Derek.

"Austin here's a TA in my psych class. Was just offering me some extra credit." Derek said casually taking a pull off his beer.

Stiles grinned, but his grip on Derek's back continued to tighten. Yes, Derek enjoyed this very much. "That's awesome. You were just saying the other night that you were close to having an A in the class."

"Derek, it was great seeing you out and about," Austin grinned, "Stiles, nice meeting you," He barely gave Stiles a nod. "I'll see you Tuesday in class, don't forget about your special topics paper." He gave a slight wave and then turned and made his way through the crowd.

"What a tool." Stiles muttered.

Derek turned to him, "Is that jealousy?"

"Over Austin the TA? Please. Anyone who has to bribe someone else for sexual favors is not a threat." Stiles rolled his eyes and downed his drink in one.

Derek's grin widened, "You're jealous." He pulled Stiles close into him before whispering in his ear, "It's really hot." He could feel Stiles' body giving off waves of heat and arousal. Derek laughed and pulled away. "Maybe I'll start flirting with all my professors. Mrs. Bennett, she's like 103; I wonder what you would do to her."

"Oh shut up," Stiles rolled his eyes, his cheeks were still tinted pink though. Derek just laughed. "Come on, everyone's in the kitchen playing beer pong." He grabbed Derek's sleeve and pulled him along.

"Yes, sir." Derek said playfully grinning at how red the back of Stiles' neck was getting. Maybe parties weren't so bad after all.

As it turned out, Derek was awesome at playing beer pong. He as awesome at all of their drinking games in fact. And the more everyone around him got drunker, the more they all seemed to loosen up and love Derek, and when that started happening, Derek began to slowly drop his defenses. It was an amazing sight to see for Stiles, as he watched Derek slam back three cans of beer before Chase, Brink, and a few other senior ball players could get through their first. Everyone cheered Derek on, who looked like he was having a blast.

By the time the party was winding down, Derek had already got three invites to different parties throughout the week and the phone number of almost everyone who was there.

Stiles yawned and pulled on his coat, he was more than a little bit tipsy and Derek had to physically guide him to the door so he wouldn't trip over his own feet.

"God, I am so glad you can't get drunk," Stiles muttered allowing himself to be herded to the car, "You're like my very own personal DD!"

"I'm only taking you home because I drew the short straw in there, nobody else wanted to." Derek snickered.

Stiles scoffed and slid into the passenger's seat. Derek made his way around to the driver's side and then started the car. "Well, you're lucky that it was you, because I was planning on blowing whoever it was as a thank you."

Derek let out a low growl as a warning, it made Stiles chuckle.

"I was actually really hoping it was gonna be that teacher of yours, Austin. The more I think about it, he is kinda a looker, huh?" He continued egging Derek on.

"I think he wouldn't know what to do with you if he had you." Derek replied not taking his eyes off the road, but Stiles could see his grip on the steering wheel tighten at the thought of losing Stiles to someone else.

"I could teach him." Stiles muttered happily, the alcohol buzzed in his head and he felt giddy, feisty.

Suddenly the car came to a halt and it took Stiles a moment to realize they had already made it back to Derek's apartment.

"Get inside the house right now." Derek growled low, but it wasn't his angry growl. Stiles could hear the words filled with lust and it made his dick twitch with anticipation.

"Should we call Austin? Maybe we could get him to join-"

"I don't want to hear another fucking word from you until you're inside naked in bed." Derek snapped and hauled himself out of the car and slammed the door behind him. Stiles laughed and hurried after him.


The semester was coming to an end, and with it baseball season. With only a handful of games left, and only a matter of weeks, Scott and Stiles began spending their days talking about their holiday break plans and classes they were going to be taking when they came back. The only thing Stiles was unsure about was Derek. He didn't know if the other boy would want to come visit him, or if he wanted Stiles to come back down to stay with him at all. They hadn't spoken about it, and whenever Stiles tried to bring it up they got preoccupied with other things. Hot and sexy other things, but still.

On Friday Stiles got out of class early and decided it would be the night to have a sit down with Derek. He had been planning it all through his biology class, he would make Derek dinner and then bring it up during the meal. He would ask him to come home to meet his father.

Stiles made a stop at the grocery store to grab all of Derek's favorites, steak, potatoes, and of course some vegetables. While he shopped he ran through the different scenarios in his mind. Derek agreeing to meet the sheriff and then sweeping Stiles off his feet; Derek saying no and kicking Stiles out forever; and of course his favorite, Derek pushing the meal off the table and making furious love to Stiles right then and there for dessert.

At the checkout he shot Derek a quick text 'On my way home. Got a surprise for you. ;)'

Derek hadn't replied by the time Stiles pulled into the apartment, but his Camaro was there in the parking lot. Which meant he had either fallen asleep or he was ignoring Stiles.

"Yo, babycakes!" Stiles called, chuckling to himself as he entered the apartment, hands full of the grocery bags. "I got the goods, come help me with this." He turned the corner to head to the kitchen and stopped, there was someone standing there, but it wasn't Derek.

"You must be Stiles." The strange girl grinned with malice.

Stiles wondered how he could feel so terrified of such a beautiful woman; maybe it was the giant gun in her hands, or the smile on her face that made Stiles feel like she was already thinking of ways to tear him apart and kill him. He dropped the groceries, not moving but still judging the distance between him and the front door. Where was Derek?

"Derek's not here," She held up a piece of paper from the table, as if reading his mind. "This says he went for a run and he'll be back soon, so why don't we wait together. Why don't you get comfortable," She motioned with her weapon towards the couch, "I know Derek likes to run for hours."

"Kate." Stiles breathed. The woman's evil smirk widened, and he knew he was right. He was so fucked.