The moment I read this prompt: http:-SLASH-SLASH-clovnissheart-DOT-tumblr-DOT-com -SLASH-post-SLASH-46642931290-SLASH-bechloe-pain-f ic-idea-beca-and-chloe-have-been by clovnissheart, I knew I couldn't resist writing it. So here I am, and I look forward to seeing where this goes. The credit for this story goes to clovnissheart, because without that prompt, there would be no story here.

EDIT: Originally I'd credited The Fault in Our Stars by John Green for the cancer I'm using in this story, but I changed the type of cancer, therefore making the credit to the book unnecessary.

This is a sad fic, so be forewarned. I know cancer is a heavy subject, and I'll do my best to portray it as accurately as possible despite my complete inexperience with the subject. If I make any mistakes in regards to research, please let me know.

Also, I'm playing around a bit stylistically. The writing may seem a bit rambly at times, but I want it to reflect Beca's thoughts in a way; it's not quite the same as a traditional third person limited POV.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy! I've had a lot of fun writing this so far, and I know I'll enjoy writing even more as I expand this idea into a full-blown story. Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I almost forgot about this. But, uh, yeah, I don't own Pitch Perfect. If that wasn't already abundantly clear.

And Really, It's No Surprise


That the Brightest Girl Has the Brightest Eyes

Their first meeting was admittedly incidental and entirely not what Beca was expecting.

She was on the way to class and she was quite certain that showing up five minutes late on the first day was most certainly not going to earn her brownie points with her teacher, but the school was large and unfamiliar and really nothing was going right today; her alarm conveniently decided to take a day off, her parents were fighting already (normally this didn't start until evening or early afternoon), and the clothes she'd carefully set aside the night before had mysteriously vanished (she suspected her mom had absentmindedly grabbed them without realizing they were clean). So really, it was no wonder that Beca was frantically pacing the hallways of the middle school, head whipping back and forth to scan all of the room numbers while the one she sought was repeated as a mantra in her head. Room C113, C113, C113, C –


Shaking her head to clear the dizziness, Beca sat up on the hall floor and quickly grabbed her books. Only then did she look up to see an equally dazed girl sprawled out on the tile in front of her, red hair splayed messily about her head. Getting to her knees, Beca held out her hand. "Er, do you need any help?" she asked hesitantly.

A groan was the other girl's response, before a pale hand clasped Beca's own. Beca hauled the other girl into a sitting position, then got to her feet, offering her hand once more. Once more the offer was received, and the other girl was finally upright, rubbing her head before turning bright blue eyes (seriously bright blue, like those LCD Christmas lights that were supposed to be white but always looked a bit aquamarine-ish) on Beca and smiling this ridiculously big smile with ridiculously white teeth and –

Beca shook her head to clear her rambling thoughts as the girl with the bright blue eyes and the messy red hair and the perfect white teeth began to speak. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going at all but I can't seem to find my class and it's already so late and you wouldn't happen to know where room C113 is, would you?"

And really, Beca didn't mean to laugh, but the coincidence was too funny, and the laugh just bubbled up in her throat before she could stop it. The girl hmphed in annoyance, clearly mistaking the reason behind Beca's laughter. "Well then, there's no need to be so rude. I apologized, you know, honestly."

Beca waved a hand. "No, no, it's just, that's where I'm going too." She quirked a smile at the girl, who immediately brightened.

"Oh, okay then! Let's go together! I'm Chloe, by the way!" The girl, Chloe, was the one to offer her hand this time, and Beca smiled shyly before clasping it with her own.

"I'm Beca."

Chloe leaned in close and whispered, "I think we're gonna be fast friends." With a wink, she pulled away and began to skip down the halls, turning as she did so to call, "Come on, Beca, let's find our class before we miss the entire thing!"

The whole situation was bordering on absurd, but there was something about Chloe that made Beca smile, a smile that hadn't graced her face for years. She hoped she'd be seeing more of this Chloe.

Chloe's prediction had turned out to be entirely accurate, of course, mostly in part because she willed it to be. Beca was shy and closed off, but Chloe wouldn't leave her alone, and something had clicked between the two of them from their very first meeting.

Halfway through seventh grade, Chloe became the first person besides Beca's mom that had heard the short brunette's mixes, and the squeal of excitement and amazement caused Beca's face to flush. She'd never really known whether or not to trust her mom's word on her skills, because parents were notorious liars in such circumstances, but Chloe's reaction was so genuine that it really couldn't be helped if Beca's confidence grew a little.

And really, it was only fitting that her first fully mixed CD be given to Chloe on the first day of eighth grade to signify a whole year's worth of friendship with the girl who smashed through her barriers.

Chloe was a pretty (gorgeous) girl with an outgoing attitude and a smile like the sun, so it was hardly a surprise that she fit right in with the popular clique once eighth grade year got going. The first time Beca saw Chloe with them, a shiver of fear ran through her at the thought of losing her best friend, and with eyes starting to glisten, she stood awkwardly from afar as Chloe laughed with her new friends. Well, Beca had expected that Chloe would move on some day – why should she be held back by the awkward girl who never talked? Sadness weighing heavy in her heart, Beca turned to leave, wistfully thinking back on her days of friendship with Chloe. The other girl had been Beca's first real friend in years, so of course she was sad that it was coming to an end, and that Chloe was moving on and –

Two arms encircled Beca in a vice-like grip as a voice murmured , "And where do you think you're off to, missy?" in her ear. As the smile she shared only with Chloe spread across her face, Beca mentally slapped herself for thinking that her friend was going to leave her (after which Chloe chided her for the exact same reason).

Even if Beca never did get to know many other kids in her grade, and even if they did all flock to Chloe, demanding her time and attention, Chloe always made sure that Beca was her top priority, and the two proceeded to be the best of friends.

They grew closer in February when Beca's parents finally divorced, and when the screaming at home got too much for her to handle, Beca would grab a coat and her phone and walk to the street corner, and after a few short minutes Chloe and her dad would be there, smiling and encouraging her to hop on in. She spent many nights sleeping over at Chloe's house, and the two bonded over the littlest things and the biggest things. And it was okay if every so often Beca found herself crying in Chloe's arms about her parents, because Chloe didn't judge her like anyone else. She just whispered soft encouragements and stroked Beca's hair and held her through the night.

Chloe was always there to hold her and lift her up, and it was on New Year's Eve in the middle of freshman year in high school at approximately 11:59 p.m. that Beca realized that maybe she liked Chloe a tiny bit more than as a friend.

Because as the clock counted down in New York, and as Chloe's parents leaned in for a kiss, Beca realized that she kind of wanted to do that too, and she kind of wanted to do that with the girl with the bright blue eyes and the messy red hair and the perfect white teeth that she'd run into in the hallways so very long (yet really not so long) ago.

She didn't, because she was scared of losing her best friend; she was scared of Chloe walking out on her like her dad did last year, and while deep inside she knew Chloe wouldn't do that, there was still the niggling fear, and Beca had never been a terribly confident girl to begin with. So she kept her mouth shut and her feelings hidden, and maybe occasionally she'd glance at Chloe when the other girl wasn't looking, and maybe occasionally she thought about being in Chloe's arms once again, and maybe occasionally she thought about kissing Chloe and the taste of her lips and if they were really as soft as they looked.

But Beca never did anything more, and that was okay, because she was content to laugh and smile and be happy with her best friend in the whole world.

The summer before senior year changed everything.