A/N: From the prompt, "Toph confesses her feelings about Sokka to Katara, and Sokka overhears?" Not part of my other story collection, but I wanted to post it :)

A shadow fell over Katara as she sat on a beach on one side of Air Temple Island. In the background she could hear the air acolytes busy in their work of constructing the temples themselves, so looking up she was unsurprised to find her visitor was not clad in Air Nomad colors.

She was surprised that is was not her brother, who had been convinced to play with Kya (aka, become waterbending target practice), but instead Toph. She must have braved the ferry on her own to get here, and by her expression, she was both nervous and desperate to talk.

"Hey Katara," Toph greeted, light smirk not quite believable.

"Hey," Katara's voice was motherly as she stood up. "Why don't we go to the pagoda and talk, yeah?" She was immediately worried about the younger woman, as Toph tended to do her own thing, teaching students and protecting the city. And she rarely sought out Katara for advice, tending to prefer talking things out with Sokka.

Toph just nodded and mutely followed, and soon they were sitting across from each other in one of the few finished structures on the island. They sat in silence for some moments before Katara felt the need to prompt, "What is it Toph?"

The follow master bender actually looked bashful, before finally saying in a defeated voice, "I kind of like your brother. Like a lot…"

Shuffling her foot on the ground, Toph saw Katara's mouth fall open and she looked totally dumbstruck for a moment. Before Toph could worry at her silence, that Katara was some how horrified by the thought Toph proposed, the older woman's body started shaking with laughter.

Toph drew back in surprise as Katara wiped tears from her eyes, and tried to take deep breaths, before squeaking out, "That is it? I thought you were in trouble or something!" before collapsing on her side, still laughing.

Toph frowned and waited angrily for Katara to regain her composure. "I'm sorry, sorry!" Katara giggled. "It's just, I know you like Sokka. You more than like him, you love him!"

Toph stared blankly at her, face going thoughtful as she processed this information. "I…I do, don't I?" she stated, face alighting with understanding.

Katara regained her motherly composer, realizing that something so obvious to her was news to Toph. Moving from her place, she sat beside Toph and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, a gentle smile alighting on her face. "I would say so."

"I love Sokka? I love Sokka!" she murmured a few times, as if saying the words made it more real.

A 'manly' yelp, followed by Kya giggling, "Uncle Sokka, why are you hiding up in that tree?" made both women jump and turn as Sokka fell ungracefully out of a nearby tree, face beat red. Toph's quickly colored to match it as Sokka seemed to debate running or coming closer.

Seeing her brother choose the later, a hopeful expression coming to his face, Katara stood and scooped Kya up, leaving the two in private. Hopefully this was the push they needed to see what was right in front of them.

Looking out an hour later, she grinned as they walked off, hand in hand.