Hey there, bear with me here, just want to get this over with first and foremost.

I have decided to write an Earth: Final Conflict Virtual Season 6 (VS6). This will consist of 22 "episodes" of approximately the same length. VS6 takes off right after (or rather, a few days after) Final Conflict. I'm gonna try to keep it as close to pre-existing canon as I can, but obviously I'll come up with some my own canon as I go through.

I know this has been attempted with other series, and best to my knowledge no one has done this for E:FC (however, if I'm wrong I apologize, I'm not trying to copy or anything). Also, I've also noticed that these Virtual Seasons are a fairly big undertaking and most, if not all, try to do it with a group of people. Unfortunately, I'm attempting this on my own (yes, I too am wondering if I'm losing my mind!), and this is my first time trying this. Due to this I'll try to post a new episode as regularly as I can but no guarantees, school starts soon (

So far I've got a fairly good idea of where I want to go with this and have a basic story-arc mapped out, but of course that may change. And if anyone has any little ideas they want to share feel free, I'll see if I can work them into the plot. Also I *may* be looking to see if I want to get some help from one or two people on this project (like I said, big undertaking and new school year), so if anyone's interested let me know via e-mail. . .like I said, this is a first for me so I'm experimenting, not sure what to expect.

As for the episodes themselves, I'll probably post the first few (if I ever get them finished) and see the reaction I get before continuing. Never thought I'd have to say this but please review and tell me what you think! (bet most writers will agree. . .feedback is addictive!)

And I'll explain this since you're here anyways: My html converter somehow became lost in the cluttered world that is my comp, so I had to mess around with the formatting and punctuation, etc.

Words in // \\ are thoughts Words in * * are emphasis

That's all I can think of for now. Again, sorry if some of it is a bit choppy, I spent a couple hours after the html converter discovery trying to get it to look somewhat presentable.

Okay! That's it for me, sorry about the ramble (if you've read any of my others you probably notice I tend to do that a lot!).

Now on to VS601 - Departure!