Howdy people! Welcome to my fanfic Windswept Fire, the first story in my Youkai Realm series!

Genre: Romance, Humor, Adventure, Supernatural
Rating: T for some Language
Parings: Sesshomaru X OC (Main), Inuyasha X Kagome (Supporting), Sango X Miroku (Supporting)

NOTES BEFORE YOU READ: Well first of all, since we never get to know what Kagome's mother's first name is, I made it Emiko. Secondly, Kagome is sixteen instead of fifteen in this fic, yup, you heard me... sixteen! Thirdly, the well will let people other than Kagome and Inuyasha through. It'll be explained later. And lastly, this fic will be starting right after episode 54 of season 2 of the anime. So, for the most part this fic WILL follow the basic Inuyasha plot!

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Raven-Black, Strait, To Shoulders
Bangs: Loose, Falls in front of face, Gives of a wild appearance
Eye Color: Dark Cherry Red
Height: Same as Kagome's…
Body Build: Petite

Terms to know…
Youkai – Demon
Hanyou – Half Demon
Miko – Priestess

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Inuyasha OR ANY of its characters! RAWR! I only own my OC Kaze Hijikata and any other OCs that are created along the way.

Whew! Glade that's over with… Well, hope you enjoy! :3

Chapter 1-Into the Well

"Kagome, wait!"

The young woman stopped with a huff before turning around to glare at the irritating hanyou. "What now, Inuyasha?!" she snapped.

"Don't play stupid!" said hanyou raged, "Why the hell are you heading back this time?!"

Kagome pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration before beginning her explanation once again for what seemed like the millionth time. "Like I said before," she growled out, "My cousin, who happens to be my best friend, is moving in with us. Last time I checked, she's a professional spiritualist! So, I'm gonna bring her back with me SO SHE CAN HELP US KILL NARAKU!"

Inuyasha winced slightly as the midnight-haired girl's tone reached a piercing level. However, his cower didn't last long before he snapped, "Feh! Like we need another weakling on our team! I bet she wouldn't even-"


A loud thud was heard as Inuyasha face planted into the dirt. "Why you…" the white-haired youth began with a growl.


Kagome sighed a sigh that told of one's everlasting suffering before placing her hands on her hips and glaring down at the suspiciously 'Inuyasha-shaped' crater. "Now be a good boy and behave yourself until I come back." She chirped before leaping over the side of the well and vanishing over to the other side.

"COMING INTO TOKYO! ALL PASSENGERS FOR TOKYO!" A deep voice boomed across the subway loudspeaker.

Kaze nearly jumped out of her skin as the booming voice jolted her out of her sleep. "Here already…" the young sixteen year old mumbled sleepily as she blinked her tired eyes. It had been about two weeks ago when her Aunt Emiko had invited her to come live at the Higurashi Shrine and Kaze had been more than happy to oblige. Being as Kaze lived alone she couldn't help but jump at the chance to live with family again. Especially since her Aunt Emiko's daughter Kagome happened to be her best friend.

A smile worked its way onto Kaze's face as she thought about all the trouble her and Kagome had gotten into as kids. The two of them had spent every waking second together until Kaze turned thirteen and decided to move up North to Sapporo where she had become a professional spiritualist. Yes, she specialized in pacifying spirits and/or expelling them if necessary. It had taken her four years to master the spiritual arts. But finally, after extensive training, she'd managed to finally become a full fledged spiritualist. Her father had told her that she'd inherited her spiritual powers from her mother, Riko Higurashi, who had passed away when Kaze was only seven years old.

The smile vanished of the raven-haired girl's face as she silently remembered her mother. People had often said that she was the spitting image of Riko, both in looks and personality. The latter not always being a good thing considering Riko, and Kaze's, strong-willed and unpredictable persons.

After her mother had died, Kaze and her father had moved in with Riko's sister, Emiko Higurashi, and lived at the Higurashi Shrine. They'd lived there for about five years until Kaze's father remarried the filthy rich widow, Hinako Kurakano. After the marriage, they'd promptly moved into the Kurakano mansion. Though Kaze's father had been happy as a lark, the raven-haired firecracker had only been able to take about a year's worth of her new mother and two new sister's snotty and arrogant nature before calling it quits and moving up to Sapporo with her spiritualist trainer. And now, here she was, moving back into the Higurashi Shrine after four years of absence.


Standing up, Kaze bent down to gather up her few belonging. A suitcase filled with some clothes, a laptop bag carrying a laptop and an ornate six-shot black revolver, (A/N: If you're familiar w/the anime Black Cat, Kaze's revolver looks a lot like Train's) and a sniper rifle bag. An extra on her account, being an expert marksman, she was a master in the shooting arts.

Stepping off the train, Kaze's gaze wandered around in hopes of spotting her Aunt.


Whirling around, a bright grin spread over the raven-haired girl's face as she spotted her best friend pushing her way through the crowd. "Long time no see Kags!" Kaze said cheerily as Kagome approached, "You sure have gro-" Her voice, however, was cut off as her ecstatic cousin glomped her in a bear hug.

"Oh my gosh, I've missed you so much!" Kagome all but squealed as she pulled back to get a good look at the best friend who she hadn't seen for practically three years.

"Yeah, me too." Kaze replied with a bright grin. In the three years she'd been away, she'd definitely missed Kagome the most.

"Oh, Kaze!"

Peering over her cousin's shoulder, Kaze instantly spotted three other family members. "Gramps! Aunty! Souta!" She cried out with glee as she ran over to give each of them a hug.

"Come now, let's get a good look at you." Emiko quipped as she straightened up her niece. "Goodness! How you've grown!" the motherly woman gasped as she looked up and down the beautiful young female.

"Indeed she has." Kaze's grandfather knowingly put in, "Why I remember as if it was yesterday when…"

And so on and so forth. The family reunion conversation continued as they all maneuvered their ways back to the car and all the way until they reached the shrine.

As they were all stepping out of the car, Souta finally asked, "So, how'd the spiritualist training go?"

"Great!" Kaze replied enthusiastically, "Mastered it!"

"That's a relief." Emiko said absentmindedly, "You're definitely going to need it."

A silence immediately followed.

"What do mean?" the raven-haired spiritualist asked.

Kagome shot her mother a glare, "Mom! You weren't supposed to bring that up yet! Remember?"

"Oh, I'm sorry dea-"

"Bring what up?" Kaze interrupted with a growl, "You guys know that evil spirits can be dangerous. So, if there's one that needs to be taken care of then you need to tell me immediately!"

Another uncomfortable silence.

"Well, it's not exactly an evil spirit." Kagome began hesitantly, "And… it's not exactly here."

Kaze raised an eyebrow as she suspiciously stared down her cousin, "What do you mean it's not 'exactly here?' Where is it? No, wait. What is it?"

"Umm…" the midnight-haired miko stuttered, as if unsure of how to proceed, "Actually… it's a Youkai."

The young woman froze, "A Youkai?! I've heard of them! But… I thought they didn't exist anymore?!" Doing her best to swallow her surprise she instead asked, "You said it's not here. So, where is it?"

Another nervous looked appeared on Kagome's face. However, it was gone in an instant as she took a deep breath and opened her eyes. "Follow me." She said calmly. Turning around, the young miko headed immediately for the old well.

Curiosity peaked; Kaze sauntered off after her cousin. Only seconds later, she found herself standing with her cousin on the edge of the old shrine well. Kaze froze. She couldn't believe the amount power the well was radiating! "Uh… Kagome?" the spiritualist began questioningly.

"Just trust me on this, okay?" the miko pleaded, mentally praying that the well would allow Kaze, someone with immense spiritual power, through.

Sighing, Kaze silently nodded her head and didn't protest as her cousin tightly gripped her hand.

"Hold on!" Kagome cried as she leapt into the enchanted well, dragging Kaze down along with her. A bright light flashed in the dark room, and then… they were gone!

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