WARNINGS! Yaoi and hardcore incest. Sasuke/Itachi/Naruto threesome with heavy doses of Itachi/Sasuke. Turn around if this isn't your cup of tea.

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Unmei No Koe

Extra I


The porch at the back of his parents' house was always one of Itachi's favorite places to relax, and even in his thirties, that hadn't changed one bit. He remembered playing there with Sasuke when they were kids – the wooden floors would be filled with toys – and sometimes, they would both help their mother tending to the small garden she was so fond of. After all those years, the familiar flowery scents still remained, an indication that Mikoto still took great care of her precious flowers.

It was a nice, warm Saturday afternoon, and Itachi was more than thankful for having chosen to wear a t-shirt and some plain jeans. His legs were stretched out in front of him, his feet laying on the grass of the garden as he supported the weight of his body on his elbows, which he rested on the steps behind him. He could hear the birds chirping happily over the sky above, and he felt completely content and at peace. Life was good, he was in love, but mostly, he was happy because, after years of constantly agonizing over his unhealthy feelings for his younger brother, he had finally come to terms with himself by accepting his place at Sasuke's side. This was only possible thanks to the light that was Naruto, his personal assistant and friend, and Sasuke's admitted lover – or at least this is what people from the outside knew. At some point, Naruto had come to become important to both Uchiha brothers and, apparently, the feeling was mutual. They made a complicated threesome, but after having a taste, neither of them could settle for less.

It would sound crazy to anyone but them, but there was love no matter how you looked at it. Still, they had to go through a good few experimental months before they could say the relationship was here to stay since so much was at stake. For all purposes, jealousy and pettiness could come in play. Thankfully, the three seemed to be hanging up well and facing everything with surprising maturity considering the situation. Well, apart from Sasuke's and Naruto's constant bickering, but that wasn't going to change any time soon, and since they seemed to get some sort of thrill out of it, Itachi didn't mind. Besides, it was obvious that they cared deeply for each other.

Which meant that Uchiha Itachi was at particularly good stage of his life and he couldn't feel happier or more fulfilled if he tried.

It had taken a while for him and Sasuke to finally decide to visit their parents and bring Naruto along. Obviously, the blond was introduced as his friend and assistant and as Sasuke's boyfriend, but that was something they already knew couldn't change. It wasn't like they could simply tell their parents that they shared Naruto, and definitely not like they could tell them that the three of them were involved. Although, sometimes Itachi wondered how they would explain to people if, someday, the three of them were to move in together. But that wouldn't happen anytime soon so, for now, they were okay.

The sound of naked footsteps alerted him of someone's approach, and he recognized them as being Sasuke's from the confident but careful steps. There was a strong presence right behind him before he felt a light kiss being placed on the top of his head. Sighing, Itachi closed his eyes as Sasuke moved from behind him to sit down beside him. Itachi felt the skin of Sasuke's uncovered arm against his as his younger brother leaned slightly on him.

"Are you okay?" Sasuke inquired quietly, resting his chin over Itachi's shoulder. "You're here all by yourself."

"I've never been better," Itachi said easily, opening his eyes and turning his face to the side so he could plant a small kiss on Sasuke's forehead. "I was merely reminiscing. How are things going with our parents and Naruto?"

"Terrific," Sasuke mumbled dryly, and by the tone of his voice, the writer could imagine that he'd rolled his eyes. "They're officially in love with him, I think. I'd never expect for him to grow on father so quickly, though. The three of them are really bonding; I actually felt left out, reason why I decided to look for you."

Itachi couldn't help but smile. "Naruto is someone easy to love."

"I suppose," Sasuke agreed, moving away a bit to straighten up. Itachi could feel him move beside him, leaning backwards against the steps. "I wonder what mom and dad would say if they knew what was going on between the three of us."

"I was just wondering the same thing," Itachi admitted, heaving a small, but relaxed sigh.

A small breeze brushed their faces and bodies gently as a companionable silence settled between them.

Itachi was sure that being in their parents' house was also nostalgic for Sasuke – after all, they were brought up there. Even if, at some point, both of them had stopped relating to that small town, truth was, they had been happy there in spite of everything. Their family was very close, and their parents had always been caring and understanding, even if a bit traditional, but even those things changed when Itachi came out of the closet, followed closely by Sasuke's own confession of being a free spirit, so to speak.

Whether they liked it or not – Itachi understood that no parent would willing wish for a non-straight son if given the choice – Fugaku and Mikoto had accepted them and loved them all the same. It had been rough on them, but in the end, love was more important than their hopes and dreams for their children, and for that, Itachi was immensely grateful. He and Sasuke had had the kind of support from their parents many would die to have. They still had, even if Fugaku would sometimes criticize this and that while Mikoto would mourn the lack of a daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Still, it was good that they liked Naruto. It made Itachi happy, but it also pained him because he had been forced to hear him and Sasuke as they told their parents stories about their relationship as a couple and not-really-made-up plans for their future as lovers.

"What do you think they'd say?" Sasuke suddenly asked, breaking the silence. "If they knew about us?"

"I don't know," Itachi said, honestly. "But they would probably not be as accepting as they were about everything else. I mean, it's not just a three way relationship; you and I are brothers. I don't think mother deserves another heartbreak, to be honest. And father would, most definitely, disown us this time."

Sasuke didn't say anything for a while, his aura calm and pensive. After a while, he said "Sometimes, I feel like I want to tell them. I know it's not something natural, but… I think they should know. Even if they do disown us. Even if they don't want to see us again, I feel like I need to tell them the way I feel; that I'm happy because now I am where I want to be, with the people I want to be with."

"I understand your point of view," Itachi replied, slowly, trying to ignore the pang of hurt in his chest. "But you don't mean that. You love our parents, and so do I. I was very impulsive when I told them about my sexuality, and I thought I would be okay no matter their reaction. But today…" Itachi shook his head from side to side. "I don't want to risk losing them, even if I, too, wish we could tell them."

"You're right," Sasuke huffed. "I just… it sucks that we always have to, you know... pretend and hide all the time."

"This is the path we chose," the writer said simply, turning his face to Sasuke once more and offering him a small smile. "No-one said it was going to be easy. At least you have Naruto as your official lover, right? You can go on dates and be affectionate in public, so not all is bad."

"Yeah, but I still feel bad for all of us," Sasuke confessed. He shifted a bit so that the side of his body was pressed more firmly against Itachi's as he linked one arm with Itachi's, their hips glued. "Naruto is always jumping back and forth between us, and lately, we've all been so busy that it seems like the three of us can't get together properly. And I don't know what the hell happened with my time with you. Ever since I started dating him it's just crazy."

Itachi understood where Sasuke was coming from. Naruto had just started college but he was still working for him, so they saw each other every day, but not as often outside of working hours. Sasuke was becoming solicited rather frequently now that he was working on the soundtrack for a movie, so it was often Naruto that would meet him at the end of the day at his working place since he was so busy. Sometimes, the two would go to Itachi's afterwards so the three could spend some time together, but this was a rare occurrence nowadays, with Sasuke working late and Naruto having to study.

Those two were privileged, in a way, because they didn't have to look for excuses to be together or sleep at each other's places every day. It was Itachi that had to wait for them to meet him. Well, not Naruto. He and Naruto had the occasional sexy moment in the office in spite of Itachi's will to keep personal relationships out of his working place. But it wasn't exactly like they could help themselves when they rarely had the time to enjoy each other.

But if he had to be honest with himself, he had forgotten the last time he and Sasuke had been alone together. In fact he doubted they ever did have a moment for each other ever since the three started dating.

It wasn't like it particularly bothered him. He wasn't jealous of the time Sasuke and Naruto spent together without him, like he was sure Sasuke was alright with him and the blond seeing each other every day without him around.

It was just…

Itachi frowned. Okay, so maybe it did bother him a little bit. It wasn't jealousy, no, it just didn't feel right. It was fine if the three of them were together, but it didn't seem right if they were forced to be in pairs and then one of the pairs didn't happen at all. And right now, it was either the three of them together, Naruto and Sasuke, or Naruto and Itachi. There was no Sasuke and Itachi.

Something just had to be wrong with the world, because this whole mess had started because of them, and still, they had yet to spent time alone together as lovers. Just the two of them.

"What's with that face?" Sasuke inquired worriedly. "You look like you're thinking too much."

Itachi blinked a few times, taken aback by the way his brother's voice made his heart speed up suddenly. It reminded him of how much he loved him and how almost half of his life was dedicated to that single, all-consuming feeling.

"Nothing," he said quietly.

Would Naruto be offended if he knew Itachi's thoughts? It seemed wrong to want to be with Sasuke particularly when the three of them had a relationship. He was supposed to want to give it all to the two of them, equally. Itachi didn't feel less for Naruto, though, it was just something he felt like he and Sasuke needed. They had wanted each other before they even knew the blond existed, they should be given the right to just… be together.

"Ah, now I feel selfish," Itachi muttered out loud, chuckling bitterly.

"About what?" Sasuke asked, sounding confused.

Itachi smiled again. "It's nothing, I'm just thinking about what you said, that's all," he replied, grabbing the hand of the arm Sasuke had linked with his and intertwining their fingers together. "I wish things could be different, Sasuke. Maybe someday. Right now, we just have to be glad for what we have, right? Maybe we can take some vacations sometime this year and the three of us could go somewhere faraway from here?"

"It would have to be some place we'd know no one would recognize us," Sasuke agreed, a teasing tone causing his voice to soften. "Where the three of us could be together freely. I'd totally dye my hair and wear colored contact lenses if I had to so I could be able to kiss you in public."

Itachi laughed, feeling his chest swell up with emotion just from feeling Sasuke's thumb caressing his fingers. "I still don't think people will be receptive of three men together no matter where we go."

"Who cares, as long as they mind their own business and leave us be," Sasuke said, with obnoxious excitement. "Some countries even have, like, gay communities in certain towns, you know? I doubt anyone would even look twice our way if we had sex in the middle of the street. Or, if they did, it'd probably be to appreciate how hot the three of us are."

Shaking his head from side to side, Itachi let out a short laugh. For years he had longed to see the enthusiastic child Sasuke had been – the one that dared to dream and make silly plans about a future he couldn't predict, but was certain he would pursue. The kiss they had shared as teenagers had done more than simply disturb their relationship – it had changed Sasuke in ways that, at the time, seemed irreversible.

In spite of everything that had happened between them since then, and in spite of how complicated their current relationship was – Naruto included – Itachi couldn't help but to notice how Sasuke seemed happier and brighter than before, even with his unchanging strong personality and bad temper. Sasuke was incredibly thoughtful and sentimental in the most surprising moments, because if there was one thing he truly knew, was how to love unconditionally.

"Your imagination has certainly been going wild lately," Itachi commented, turning his face to Sasuke again and feeling the other placing his chin over his shoulder once more, causing their foreheads to touch. "But I don't think that's a bad thing at all. At least we have something to look forward to."

Sasuke gave Itachi's hand a small squeeze. "Whatever. I already have something to look forward to every day, anyway. I have the two of you. It doesn't matter if those things never happen."

Smiling a bit, Itachi nodded. "I'm happy no matter what."

"Me too," Sasuke's words came accompanied by a warm whisper that brushed Itachi's lips. The eldest of the two could feel Sasuke's tongue flicking out to moisten his lips before saying "I'm going to kiss you, now."

The statement caused small sparks of familiar excitement to run all over Itachi's body. It really wasn't the right place, but in moments like these, when Sasuke was near him and they were able to simply connect like this, it seemed worth it. His smile grew and he couldn't help but risk leaning forward just a bit, feeling Sasuke tilting up his head enough so their lips could meet halfway in a chaste kiss.

These were the moments he felt the happiest – this was why, no matter what, it was all worth it; because he wasn't scared. He understood Sasuke's determination, his seemingly fearless attitude – what they had wasn't something easily broken. As long as they were together, he knew everything would be alright.


Standing in front of the sink in the kitchen, Naruto was looking out through the window in front of him to the porch where his two lovers were. The corner of his mouth twitched upwards in a lopsided smile as he watched the brothers whisper intimately among themselves before joining their mouths in a chaste kiss. Absently drying a plate with a kitchen cloth, he observed with growing interest and affection as the seemingly innocent kiss intensified, lips sliding over lips languidly and consistently becoming more lewd. Naruto could see their tongues meeting over and over again with swift and glorious coordination that showed exactly how familiar those two had become in the past few months.

Naruto chewed on his lower lip. No words could describe how happy those two made him. It wasn't just the fact that they were his lovers – both Itachi and Sasuke had turned his life upside down and given him everything he had ever wanted and more, and he didn't mean financially. He had love, a family, and all the encouragement he needed to pursue his dreams.

He knew their relationship wasn't what most people would consider 'normal', and maybe it wasn't. Maybe he was crazy for loving those two, and maybe he was even crazier for loving them together, even if they were brothers. But he did. He loved them both as much as he loved the notion of them together. Seeing Itachi and Sasuke like this, unafraid of reaching out for each other made Naruto feel accomplished like never before.

If he were to be honest with himself, even if he had fallen in love with Itachi first, as soon as Sasuke had entered the picture Naruto had been instantly drawn to him. Itachi was a composed, intelligent and mature man. He was charming in a rather polite but mysterious way and sensual in his elegant handsomeness. Sasuke, on the other hand, had more refined features to the point of being beautiful, and his rebellious, nonchalant demeanor was unintentionally sexy. He didn't particularly care for a lot of people, which made him arrogant and unmindful of other people's feelings and opinions.

This was something that had annoyed Naruto at first. He didn't like Sasuke's attitude, didn't like the fact that he found the Uchiha extremely attractive, and more than anything, didn't like the fact that Sasuke was the wall between himself and Itachi. Sasuke had never hidden his interest towards his older brother, and neither did he ignore the fact that he knew Itachi liked Naruto. If anything, this made them both very curious about each other.

So, instead of becoming somewhat rivals in love, the two young men found solace in the common fact that neither had chances of being with Itachi. Their relationship had been rocky from the beginning, but the chemistry had been equally intense. Naruto couldn't remember the precise moment Sasuke had entered his heart, but before he knew it, the younger Uchiha mattered just as much as Itachi.

Becoming lovers had felt right, and it helped that they knew that it was affecting Itachi on a deep level. That's when Naruto's plan of pushing the eldest Uchiha's buttons came to life, working towards the outcome the three desired.

There was no doubt in Naruto's mind that his feelings for the Uchiha brothers were reciprocated. He knew that their love for him was different from the love they had for each other, but that was something he knew he could never compete against. They loved him – had chosen him and accepted him, and that was all that mattered. However, he often wondered what would've happened if Itachi hadn't given in and accepted to be with them. Somehow, he was sure that the writer would've probably find a way to distance himself completely at some point. It was a sad train of thought.

Naruto placed the plate over the counter and picked up another one from the pile he had been washing inside the sink, drying it with the kitchen cloth.

There was no denying that things were difficult for the three of them, but it was worth it. Every day, every moment they spent together, was worth it. They had been brought together by fate, and nothing could destroy such a strong link. That was what kept him motivated, that's what made him endure all the longing and frustration he went through every day. Even if it saddened him that he might have to spend the rest of his days hiding from the world, for them, he was willing to do it.

Sasuke and Itachi had stopped kissing now, and were simply sitting close – or so Naruto assumed, since they had their backs to him. Sasuke's head was resting on Itachi's shoulder, and from his body language, he seemed pretty relaxed.

"They like each other a lot, don't they?"

Even though the tone had been low and gentle, Uchiha Mikoto's voice startled Naruto so much he jumped violently, almost dropping the plate. He fumbled clumsily with it for a bit, struggling desperately to grab hold of it it until he finally had a steady grip. He held it tight to his chest as if his life depended on it, heart beating so wildly against his ribcage he thought he might have a heart attack.

Breathing quickly, his eyes were huge as he turned around and saw the small, but elegant woman. She was looking out the window as well, looking calm and thoughtful.

How long has she been here? He thought restlessly. Then, panic rose in his gut. Did she see them?

She was supposed to be upstairs with her husband, taking a long distance phone call or something like that, but Naruto had probably spaced out for far longer than he had anticipated, and so lost in his thoughts had he been that he hadn't even been able to notice her approach.

"It's not what it looks like, Mikoto-san!" he blurted out desperately, causing her dark grey eyes – that Sasuke had inherited – to look at him in vague questioning.

"What exactly are you referring to?" She inquired gently, looking curious.

Naruto gapped, his mouth moving but no sound emerging. Had she seen them kiss? They weren't doing anything right now, but there was no denying that they were sitting really close. Closer than two grown man should, definitely.

He closed his mouth, not really wanting to say the wrong thing since, apparently, he almost did. She was probably just making a random comment, there was no need to freak out. In fact, if she had seen something, she probably wouldn't be this calm.

So, Naruto merely shook his head from side to side. She offered him a small, beautiful smile and took the plate from his hands, setting it down on top of the others that were already dried. She then took his kitchen cloth from his hands and elegantly moved to stand beside him, seemingly bent on finishing the task he probably should've completed a while ago as she picked up a glass.

Unsure of what to do, Naruto kept throwing tense glances outside to make sure Sasuke and Itachi were behaving.

He really liked Mikoto and Fugaku. They accepted him and his relationship with Sasuke rather easily, even if Fugaku himself was a stern man that rarely smiled or even bothered to soften his voice so it wouldn't sound so hostile. But it was just the way he was, Naruto supposed. After all, talking to him and been surprisingly easy. Mikoto, on the other hand, was the sweetest woman Naruto had ever met – gentle, warm and caring. It was clear that both parents loved their children, and Naruto couldn't, for a moment, think of anything worse than to disrupt that peace and loving environment.

"You are so exuberant, and yet, you're strangely quiet, now," Mikoto pointed out, after a while, looking at him sideways with that small smile playing on her lips.

Naruto cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "It's nothing, I'm just… distracted," he said, forcing out a chuckle. "Lunch made me a bit sluggish, I suppose."

Mikoto sighed and looked out the window, grabbing for another glass. "You don't have to be nervous, Naruto-kun. I didn't need to see whatever it was they were doing before I got here to know what's going on." Naruto couldn't help but gasp, and she quirked up an eyebrow at him. "You honestly think a mother wouldn't be able to tell when their children's dynamics change?"

The blond felt all oxygen drain from his lungs at the admission. He felt helpless all of a sudden, and awfully guilty for some reason. They had been lying to her all this time, with her apparently knowing about it. Not only that, she knew.

Holy fuck. She knows…

A new form of panic made his stomach flip unpleasantly and he felt both helpless and sick. He wanted to say something, anything to deny it, but he didn't want to make a fool out of himself and say things he wasn't supposed to.

"Calm down, this isn't news to me," Mikoto said easily, shrugging with grace. "When they were teenagers, their relationship changed dramatically, and I didn't know what had happened or how to fix it." She frowned, looking as if she was recalling those times. "And then, Itachi's first book came out and I understood everything. It wasn't easy for me to deal with it. I didn't know how to approach them on the subject. I still don't. But I guess that, at some point, I dismissed it as some kind of hormonal incident. After all, they had always been very close. I thought it would subside at some point as Sasuke grew older."

Naruto shoved his hands inside his pockets in awkward uneasiness as she spoke. He felt terribly uncomfortable around her all of a sudden, and it wasn't something he enjoyed feeling. She seemed pretty laid back, but he feared that she might lash out at him or ask questions he didn't feel like answering. As a mother, Naruto couldn't even begin to understand how she felt, but he knew he was ready to defend Itachi's and Sasuke's feelings to the very end if he had to, even if the prospect didn't appeal to him much.

"I guess… even though I prayed and prayed… I suppose some things truly are meant to happen," Mikoto said, her voice falling to a whisper as her eyes fell to her hands. "I've watched them dance around each other for so long. More than that, I've seen the way they suffered during all these years. But they look so happy, now. I never thought I'd see that light in their eyes again." She looked up at Naruto again, looking confused. "I can tell you care deeply about them. So what is your role in this? Are you their cover up?"

And then, her expression changed and she seemed sad on Naruto's behalf, which actually made him smile hesitantly.

"That's not it at all," he said truthfully, but carefully choosing his words. "I… I do… care about both of them very much. I was the one who made it so they could be together." He scratched the back of his head now, his feet restless. If he could bury himself in a hole in the ground, he would. "It's complicated."

She watched him for a moment in deep thought as she seemed to scrutinize him, her beautiful eyes narrowing slightly. After a while, her eyes softened dramatically and she released an understanding breath. "I see," she said, in a condescending murmur. "You are in love with them. But Sasuke, he's… he seems to genuinely love you in his own way…"

"He does," Naruto admitted, his own voice failing him. "As much as I love him, I'm sure."

"So… you and Itachi are sharing him?" Mikoto asked, sounding curious but still confused – yet, not accusing –, her hands ceasing the movement of cloth over a frying pan.

Naruto couldn't look her in the eye anymore, so he looked to the side, out the window again, where Sasuke and Itachi were engaging in easy conversation, completely oblivious to what was happening in the kitchen. He could just say that yes, they were sharing Sasuke, and it'd be the end of it. But she was a good woman, and she didn't seem as terribly devastated by the recent news as she probably should be, so he couldn't find the heart to lie to her anymore after everything.

"We are not sharing him exactly," he ended up saying, voice shaking unexpectedly at the confession. "I'm sure someone would get jealous at some point if we had to take turns."

He could tell Mikoto was blinking up at him as she tried to put the pieces together in her own mind, so Naruto closed his eyes – her stare felt more bearable this way.

"Oh." She was quick to catch up, thankfully. There was a moment of silence, and then the sound of the frying pan being placed on the counter. "I'm glad." Naruto's eyes snapped open and he immediately looked down at the woman beside him with surprise, noticing that she was smiling warmly at him. "I'm glad they have someone that cares so much for them, and I'm glad you are loved in return. You are such a good man, Naruto-kun. I couldn't stand the thought that you might just be some sort of distraction for the media, and that you might be suffering from unrequited love."

Immediately, all the weight he had been feeling was lifted from Naruto's shoulders and he looked at Mikoto with growing affection. She really was a great woman, he thought, relieved beyond himself. Those two were lucky.


She grabbed his hand. "Thank you," she said, smiling gratefully, with such an honesty it almost broke the young man's heart. "For letting me know the truth. And for lightening their way towards the happiness they needed. This wasn't what I wanted for my boys, but… if they're happy and accomplished, then that's more than I could ever hope for." Her eyes became pleading. "Don't tell them I know, though. I want them to tell us in their own time."

Naruto bit his lip, but ended up nodding. He knew what a big deal it would be if the Uchiha brothers knew about their mother's point of view on their relationship, but at the same time, he understood that Mikoto wanted them to go to her with their hearts in the right place. Naruto promised himself that he would help pushing them towards the right direction while still keeping his word to her.

"Does Fugaku-san know about… them?" he inquired softly, enjoying the firm and motherly grip she had on his hand.

"He does," she confirmed, with a small sigh. "He's very perceptive. I think it was harder for him to accept than it was for me. He doesn't talk about it, but even though he looks hostile most of the times, I know that, more than anything, he wishes to be a part of our sons' lives." Mikoto gave him a small, dreamy smile. "You see, Fugaku and I are actually cousins. Both our parents gave us a hard time and tried to pull us apart. We had to run away together and fend for ourselves. We didn't talk to our families for years and years; the way they made us feel was something we resented for a long time." The memory was clearly painful for her, but she never stopped smiling. "Fugaku is a strict father, but when I was pregnant with Itachi, he vowed that he would always support our children, no matter what. When Sasuke was born, I already knew he would follow through with it."

"Wow…" Naruto whispered, surprised by the revelation "I had no idea. I mean, they never talk about this kind of family stuff with me."

"That's because they don't know about it," the petite woman explained simply. "My parents died in a car accident before I gave birth to Itachi, and Fugaku's parents, as well as the rest of our family, don't really talk about it out of shame. We all get along now, but some things were better left buried away, never to be mentioned again."

Moved by the story, Naruto didn't hesitate in turning his hand upwards so it was grabbing Mikoto's. He could see tears in her eyes – of simultaneous sadness, happiness and helplessness – but he made sure that he offered reassurance in the way he held her hand. "Thank you for telling me this. I'm truly grateful that we met."

Her smile broadened so much it reminded Naruto of Sasuke's own smile – honest and open – when he was particularly happy but didn't know someone was watching him.

"Thank you," Mikoto murmured. "Naruto-kun, I liked you from the moment I first talked to you over the phone. You are like a son to me. My boys are lucky to have you. I trust you to take good care of them."

Naruto nodded with emphasis and smiled widely at her. "For as long as I live."


Sasuke was laying on his back, panting, blurry eyes narrowed at the ceiling of Itachi's plain bedroom. Sweat covered his body from head to toe, and there was a mess of unknown fluids covering his navel, but damn did he feel good.

He closed his eyes, only vaguely aware of the way the mattress was jumping due to the events taking place on his left side, accompanied by the grunting and moaning sounds coming from the two bodies next to him.

He heaved a long, contented sigh and placed his right wrist over his eyes. His other hand was resting on the pillow, close to his head. He could hear Itachi mumbling something rather incoherent and Naruto replying back with a mumbled moan, equally intelligible.

Their dynamics were still a little awkward even after those few months the three of them had been together. Sometimes, they did have three-way sex, but when things got heated up way too quickly, it was easier to just take turns and let whatever had to happen, happen, no matter who topped or bottomed. It always involved lots of switching, lots of inserting fingers and muscles in lots of places, lots of licking, kissing and touching, but it was always mind-blowing.

Sasuke had been thoroughly fucked by Naruto while being expertly blown by Itachi. He had cum, and so had the blond, but now the other two were having their way with each other to make Itachi cum, the eldest one doing the fucking, from what Sasuke could hear, so he could find his own completion.

Someone grabbed Sasuke's hand on the pillow and intertwined their fingers with his, and from the angle, he'd guess it was his brother.

Naruto let out a long moan. Sasuke removed his arm from his eyes and looked to the side to see that, indeed, Naruto was also on his back with Itachi on top of him, slamming his merry way inside, his hair loose, falling in an ebony cascade, dangling between them and occasionally brushing Naruto's chest. His handsome features were scrunched up in a look of pure ecstasy, and Sasuke knew he was about to cum.

Closing his fingers more tightly around Itachi's, Sasuke felt him squeezing back and watched almost mesmerized as muscles tensed and his thrusting became more ferocious. He leaned down, to kiss Naruto, who hugged his neck and welcomed his mouth. Unblinkingly, Sasuke kept his eyes focused on the way their lips moved over each other and tongues met voraciously and sloppily. Then, Itachi was groaning against the kiss and shivering as his orgasm took over him and he rode the waves of it at a more languid but no less intense pace.

Sasuke bit his lower lip. Fuck, they were so beautiful.

The two made out for a while before Itachi rolled off Naruto tiredly and also laid on his back, releasing Sasuke's hand in the process. He removed the condom from his softening cock and made a knot in it before dropping it accurately on the nightstand.

"Fuck, how can this be so fucking good every single time?" Naruto asked to no-one in particular, wiping sweat from his brow with his hand. He noticed Sasuke looking his way, so he looked back, blue eyes shining from post-coital bliss, and he smiled fondly. "You okay there, sexy?"

"I'm fine," Sasuke muttered, frowning at the nickname. "I feel gross, though."

"Well, there's no avoiding getting messy where the three of us are concerned," Naruto stated, grinning more broadly. He then sat up, stretching his arms over his head and showing an impressive number of love marks all over his torso and back. "Ah, I have to go."

"Already?" Itachi inquired, propelling himself on his elbows, blind eyes looking exactly at where Naruto was.

"Well, of course," Naruto said casually. "Just because we had amazing morning sex doesn't mean I don't still have shit to do."

"What shit?" Sasuke inquired dryly, sitting up as well with a heavy frown.

"Studying," the blond said, quirking his eyebrows upwards at his lover's tone.

"Seriously, Naruto?" Sasuke hissed, resentment and annoyance filling him inexplicably. "The three of us barely have time together and you're just going to leave us on a fucking Saturday?"

"I told you I have a big exam on Monday."

"Can't you study tomorrow?" Sasuke snapped, knowing just how childish he sounded but not being able to help himself.

Naruto just blinked at him disbelievingly. "Sasuke, you know I barely have time to study with classes and still working for Itachi, so no, I cannot postpone my studying for tomorrow because I need these two days to do as much as I can."

"Sasuke, don't be childish," Itachi interrupted, sensing Sasuke's upcoming outburst. "It is the way it is. We all have busy times and we have to respect each other."

Naruto made a small pout and reached out to touch Sasuke's face gently. "Don't be mad at me. I'll come have dinner with the two of you tomorrow, okay?" He stroked the cheek lovingly and smiled a bit, the pleading look in those azure eyes causing his anger to diminish considerably. "Why don't you guys enjoy the free time together and go have some fun, just the two of you? I'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do, right? I don't think you've had time together in a while."

Biting his lip, Sasuke looked to the side to see that Itachi was listening intently. Sasuke's eyebrows shot upwards at the look of excitement that marked his brother's features.

Now that he thought about it, he and Itachi had never been alone together as lovers. They had gone out for lunch or dinner, but for some unfathomable reason, something always came up and they never got to spend enough time together to just… be a couple. Something he had dreamt about for years, just like he was sure Itachi had.

It wasn't about the sex, no – they already fucked each other more times than he could count. It was simply the fact that it was a wish they should make come true.

Not that he didn't still resent the fact that Naruto wasn't going to be spending the much yearned for weekend with them, but at least the prospect of spending some time alone with Itachi was more than appealing.

Sasuke sighed in resignation, causing Naruto to grin at him. "I'm off to take a shower. You guys should sleep some more and I'll text you later, okay?"

"Whatever," Sasuke replied. Naruto gave him a brief parting kiss before turning to Itachi and doing the same.

"Work hard," Itachi said, as the blond jumped from the bed and walked out of the room in all his naked glory towards the bathroom, Sasuke's eyes following the gawky, but happy, sway of his ass until it disappeared from view.

"I wish you could see his ass," he said to Itachi casually. "That's a sight for sore eyes, I tell you."

Itachi chuckled. "I know his ass far too well, Sasuke. I reckon feeling it is a hundred times better than seeing it." He turned his face to his younger brother, dark eyes seeming to stare straight at him. Sometimes, if Sasuke didn't know better, he could almost swear Itachi was able to see him. And there was always so much feeling in his eyes, too.

"I can't disagree with that," Sasuke said, before letting himself fall backwards so he was lying down again, staring up at the ceiling and feeling terribly light-headed.

Itachi lay down as well, beside him, his hands feeling the mattress so he could evaluate the distance between them. Then, he moved closer to Sasuke, turning his body so he was facing him. Sasuke closed his eyes as an arm surrounded his chest, inching closer to him so this body pressed to his side. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as Itachi swung one leg over one of his.

To think he spent all those years avoiding contact…

It was still new to Sasuke, this whole intimacy thing with his older brother. They were becoming rather familiar with each other on a whole other level, and yet, after wanting Itachi for so long, he still felt the novelty of touching and kissing him.

He supposed that a part of him was constantly feeling self-conscious about the fact that they were brothers. Obviously, it wasn't something that upset him, but being with Itachi didn't feel the same way as it did with Naruto because, no matter how they looked at it, there was no escaping the harsh reality that they were, indeed, blood related.

Sometimes, Sasuke felt disgusted at himself for finding it absolutely thrilling. Never did he think about Itachi as just another man – he was his brother, and Sasuke wouldn't want it any other way because he actually took pride in it. He was sure something was seriously wrong with him, but he was far beyond caring at this point. His madness had paid off, and he now had what he wanted. Not only did he finally have Itachi, but they both now had someone from the outside keeping them sane, reassuring them that everything was the way it was supposed to be.

In many ways, Naruto had been the best thing that ever happened to the both of them. Sasuke had so much to thank him for, but his pride would never allow him to express himself in such a way. Luckily for him, Naruto knew him well enough to understand what Sasuke's actions tried to convey to him.

His relationship with the blond wasn't as fluid as the one Naruto had with Itachi. They were like magnets – sometimes their attraction was so powerful they couldn't seem to draw apart, while other times they couldn't stand each other for more than five minutes. They didn't really say those three words to each other as easily as they did to Itachi, and yet, they were definitely good friends and very compatible lovers. Sasuke knew that their bond was special, even if a bit twisted. Naruto was special to him, and Sasuke was sure that he and Naruto would've ended up in the same predicament with or without Itachi if they had met in another reality and under other circumstances.

"So… what do you want to do today?" Itachi inquired softly, pressing his lips to Sasuke's shoulder. In the distance, the sound of the shower running could be heard.

"A sex marathon," Sasuke answered automatically, smirking a bit at his own not-really joke. He could feel the smile on Itachi's lips as they lingered on his skin.

"If that's what you want," he said calmly.

Opening his eyes, Sasuke looked down at him in contemplative silence before asking "What do you want to do?"

"I'm happy as long as I can be with you," Itachi said, moving his naked body in a way that indicated that he was definitely snuggling closer. "We can just stay here all weekend, or we can go out and do something."

"Like going on a date?" the youngest inquired, feeling playful all of a sudden.

"You know we can't simply go on traditional dates," Itachi mumbled, nuzzling his nose on Sasuke's arm. When he spoke again, his voice came out muffled. "But we can go somewhere and… I don't know, talk. Spend time in each other's company. I feel like we should probably do that. There are many things I want to tell you and talk to you about. I miss you."

Sasuke turned to his side so he was facing Itachi, careful not to put too much distance between the two of them. He rested his head over one arm, using the other to surround Itachi's waist. He watched his brother's features contemplatively, noticing that he had closed his eyes and was looking peaceful and content in spite of the way his long hair was a complete mess. He was still smiling gently. It was kind of funny seeing him so careless when he was usually the image of perfect composure.

"You seem really happy that Naruto's not going to be around for the weekend," Sasuke observed, running the tips of his fingers along the curve of Itachi's body.

"It's not like that," the writer said, cracking one eye open. "It's just that I'm glad that I'm finally the one having you all to myself."

Sasuke couldn't help but grin a bit. "Jealous much?"

"A little," Itachi admitted, shrugging lightly. "I'm going to miss the noise, though. And the constant whining." Sasuke rolled his eyes. "I will also miss the racket you two usually make as soon as the both of you leave the bed. Your bickering puts me in the mood rather effectively."

"Well, I'll make sure to annoy him enough the next time we're together, just for your pleasure," Sasuke teased, his hand stopping his caresses to rest over Itachi's hip.

"I'm sure you'd have you own share of enjoyment."

Sasuke leaned his head closer so that he was pressing his lips to the corner of Itachi's mouth, causing the other to tilt his own head slightly so he could be properly kissed. It was a soft, slow one, as opposed to the ones they usually shared when in moments of unconcealed lust. Their lips brushed over each other lovingly, gently as their bodies moved instinctively closer until their chests were almost in contact. Itachi's hand was on his back now, palm running up and down his spine in a soothing manner that matched the comfortable mood between them. Sasuke could feel his own heartbeat speed up and his muscles tensing with the beginnings of arousal, but he forced himself to take deep breaths through his nose to keep his hormones in check.

Itachi was right – they did need time for each other, and Sasuke wanted to savor it as best as he could. In fact, he was pretty excited about the prospect of spending the next day and half with him.

"I miss you, too," he whispered against Itachi's lips, a little out of breath.

"Let's just do this for a while," Itachi murmured lowly, planting small, almost child-like kisses on Sasuke's mouth. "Then, we'll shower and I'll make us some breakfast and we can decide what to do with our free time."

When Itachi nibbled slightly at his lower lip, only to run the tip of his tongue over it afterwards, Sasuke lost the will to offer any kind of input. Moaning slightly, he parted his lips in welcoming and allowed himself to be kissed until they couldn't breathe anymore.


All you crazy Itachi&Sasuke fans, be prepared! The next and final part of this story will be filled with emotional fluff and lots of sexiness. Because I've been feeling like a perv lately ;)