Title: Blame
Author: Chyna_Whyte
Disclaimer: Not mine. I wish! The title comes from one of Korn's
songs from their new album 'Untouchables'. You have to check it out!
Summary: Angelus comes back and figures his little Slayer has been
up to some not nice things.
AN: Oh GOD! I'm new at writing B/Aus so, Yeah! I'm a little
nervous so alot of feedback would be nice! Please? Pleeaaasse??
AN2: Let's just say that Harmony was never turned. And
that 'Eternity' happened right after 'Harsh Light of Day'.

"I can't believe he would do this to me!" Buffy said totally
humiliated, head faced down on the cafeteria table.

Willow looked at the laughing table of seniors. "I know! That was
your own personal business. Parker had no right to tell about it."
She put a comforting hand on her friend's shoulder.

"Will! I didn't sleep with him!" Her head shot up. "He *lied*!"

"Sorry!" She pulled her hand back, "I couldn't really understand you
when you told me. You were kind of talking fast."

She sniffed, "I guess." Her gaze shifted over to the table. "Look at
him over there so smug. I wish I had a stake on me so I could just…"

"Buffy." Willow warned, "Why don't we just go for a little walk, ok?"

"Yeah, sure. Giles wanted to see me, anyway." They both stood and
started to walk out.

Harmony Kendell, freshmen cheerleader, walked past them, "Way to go,
Buff." She strutted to the table and sat with Parker.

Buffy looked at Willow and growled out, "I hate men."


The vampire let the poor actress fall in a heap on the floor.

He smirked coldly, "And the award goes to-" He looked down at
himself and huffed, "Not in these clothes."

Walking into a room he snatched of his shirt and flung it to the
floor. When he came back he was completely redressed.

"Now to more important things." Striding out of the door, he looked
at the massacre he had made of his ex-employees, and smirked again.

Angelus was back.

Was it good? Okay?...Horrible??? Should I continue it? I've got
about have of the next part written so, and it is longer than this,
if you guys like it then I'll continue!