She wasn't his first choice but Damon Salvatore was running out of options. Stefan wasn't answering his phone and Elena was no where to be found, in an ideal world this would have been the perfect opportunity to contact the very useful, the very judging and the very unconscious Bonnie Bennett. But this wasn't an ideal world and the source of his problem wore an achingly familiar jewel that left him with a cold feeling in his gut. So when Caroline Forbes strutted into his humble abode, he gladly welcomed her buoyant blonde curls, her excessively sweet perfume and the complete and utter revulsion that presented itself whenever she was forced to look upon his unruly face.

His front door slammed shut and the noise of it made his blue eyes flicker blankly to the limp form of Bonnie Bennett and the hand that was held snugly in his.

It wasn't hard for him to hear the blonde tread up the stairs that led to his bedroom. He found that it was a speciality of Caroline Forbes to be the worst vampire known to existence in regards to the fine art of stealth, preferring the sound of her own heels snapping against his floorboards than the sound of snapping necks. The unforeseen sense of disappointment took him by surprise and deduced that this must be what parents go through when they support their special little spawn at the end of year nativity, only to find out that their precious angel has been cast as a local bum that possesses an odd obsession with gold, frankincense and Michael Kors.

"Who knew the Virgin Mary was a kleptomaniac?" Damon wheezed out as Caroline strode hurriedly into the room, kicking away the empty bourbon bottles that stood in her way and wrinkled her nose at the sight. He tugged helplessly at the ring that was stubbornly wrapped around an equally stubborn finger and watched the blonde shrug off a bag before she moved towards him, jogging lightly to join himself and the witch on the floor. If she had an issue with him making no effort whatsoever to move Bonnie's body off of the cold, hard floorboards then she did not voice her concern, instead she focused her efforts on checking her friend's vitals.

Pale hands, softer than his own flew across caramel skin in a pattern of ghostly touches. If Caroline Forbes wasn't checking for a pulse, she was checking for her temperature and if she wasn't checking for her temperature, she was checking if she was still breathing. This went on for a couple of minutes and after a few more rotations, Damon sat back boredly and observed. Eventually, Caroline dropped her hands into her lap, not quite knowing what to do with them anymore. It was a short while before she decided to fold them neatly under her chest.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with her."

"I told you that already."

She ignored him and breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank god."

Caroline unfolded her arms to reach for a blanket that lay abandoned on Damon's bed. She snatched the red material and threw it over Bonnie's bare legs, sending dirty looks to the other occupant in the room the whole time. Damon rolled his eyes and grabbed the same blanket and pulled it higher up the witch's body, making the ivory slip she was wearing disappear under the thick cotton.

Damon briefly thought that the young vampire was taking in the situation pretty well, it was only when the teenager stood, rubbed her lips, rubbed her face and began to pace that he knew he was clearly mistaken. He likened it to a tightly wound ball unravelling in front of his eyes, unfortunately he had no time to entertain Caroline's distress or tightly wound balls and decidedly picked up Bonnie's hand once more, to tug carefully at her fingers.

A moment passed.

If it wasn't going to be Bonnie's lack of cooperation to drive him to insanity then it was surely going to be the click, click, clicking of Caroline's heels that would drive him over the edge.

"Will you stop pacing, Blondie? I'm trying to concentrate here." He grounded out as he tried a different approach. His hands began to wiggle the metal instead of tugging at it.

Caroline threw her hands up in the air. "What else can I do?! Elena's gone missing, Bonnie's unconscious and harbouring a ring that would make a Kardashian turn, and a washroom attendant is sitting in a morgue with a chunk of her neck missing!"

"Tell me how you really feel." He suggested in a tone that suggested not to.

"Seriously, what the hell is going on? First, Tyler had to convince me that your message of 'Need you in the manor– bring Vaseline' was something important and thank god it was," She dug through her pocket before bringing out and opening the small sized tub and dipping her finger in, "It was like he was trying to get rid of me or something, though." She added absent-mindedly, applying the balm carefully to her pink lips before chucking the tin to Damon.

He caught it expertly in one hand and frowned as he continued listening to her ramble on, "Second, I was expecting this to be one of your stupid games, only for you to tell me that Elena's gone AWOL, a woman at the prom died and my best friend could possible join her if she doesn't wake up." Her pacing returned, "How am I supposed to make sense of this?"

"Perhaps you would have more of an idea of what was happening if you didn't ditch your friends at prom to get the board shorts off of your hybrid ken." He bit out sarcastically, eyes rolling at her dramatics. "Believe it or not Blondie, I didn't call you for your quick smarts."

The blonde stopped in her tracks and closed her lips tightly to swallow the simmering anger that stemmed from his backhanded insult. She did not take the bait. He could see that she felt somewhat responsible for not being there towards the end of the celebrations, at least in her mind, if she hadn't left early she could have prevented someone from dying. But she wasn't there and she didn't have a clue where to start and that simple thought led her to her next line of questioning.

"Then why the call? You know I'm not good with this kind of stuff, Damon." She reminded him uncomfortably, her curls losing the buoyancy she had when she first entered.

"Stefan's not answering his phone," he admitted carefully, moving swiftly on to hold up the tin of Vaseline. "And I really needed this."

"Where's Stefan?" She asked.

"And I really need to get this off of her." He cut in, drawing his eyes to the ring that stood proudly on Bonnie's finger.

"Where's Stefan?" She asked again.

"And I really need you to stop freaking out." He added.

"Where's Stefan, Damon?"


"Missing where?"

"I don't know, Blondie. That's why he's missing."

The cheerleader took in the new information and rubbed her lips nervously. She decisively decided not to carry on that particular line of questioning and instead posed a question that had bugged her since she first laid eyes on her unconscious friend.

"Why are her feet so dirty?" Caroline blurted out as she escaped to Damon's bathroom before he even had time to register the unusual question. In haste she emerged back with a warm wet cloth and jogged back to the two that still accompanied the floor. She squeezed the excess water from the damp material before dabbing at her friend's muddied feet, making sure to give special attention to the gaps between Bonnie's toes.

"The real question is why did she feel the need to destroy my lilies before breaking into my home?" Damon pondered to the blonde, reverting back to tugging at the ring instead of wiggling it.

Caroline raised an eyebrow at the way he was tackling the ring and then at his words, "The lilies by the west entrance?" She asked.

He nodded his head, "I guess the little witch wanted to take the scenic route instead of the good ol' fashioned side walk." He nearly added that even if she did take the side walk he doubted that she would have made it this far without someone taking her back home to safety or taking her back some place less safe. Knowing that this would probably set off the blonde, he kept the absent thought to himself.

"Doesn't the wood by the west entrance lead to that abandoned cottage?" Caroline said smartly under her breath, dropping the damp cloth.

Damon's trained ears heard the comment and made an unfortunate connection. His hands flew to rub away the tight frown that formed on his face and Bonnie's arm dropped with a small thud.

"The witch burial ground."

His day was going from bad to worse and the morning had only just begun. He went ahead and explained to Caroline what had happened the previous evening when he returned home from the morgue. He detailed the bright white light he saw when he pulled into his driveway, and that it was only until dawn that he was able to push through an invisible barrier to enter his home, recalling the light being persistent in its efforts to keep him out through the duration of the cold night. He had had checked the whole house for intruders before he found the unconscious Bonnie Bennett decorating the floor boards to his bedroom.

"This is just getting better and better." Damon drawled, picking up Bonnie's arm once more.

Caroline quickly cut in. "Oh for god sake, give it here, this is getting painful to watch."

She knelt down next to Bonnie's side before she snatched her friend's arm out of Damon's strong grip, picking up the abandoned Vaseline to go with it. "How can such a sex fiend be so useless at lubrication?" She grumbled sourly.

Her nose naturally pointed up in a snotty fashion at the older vampire and showed him how it really should be done. "It's all in the twist you see." Long manicured fingers grasped the cool metal of the band with her thumb and forefinger and used the other hand to rub the gel onto the skin that was in close contact with the ring before giving it a gentle twist. Damon watched on amazed as the band eased up, slowly moving upwards, Caroline lifted it enough for her to see a strange inscription that was imprinted on Bonnie's slim finger.

"What the hell does that say?"

He loomed over the inscription and said without thinking, "To have and to hold."

Caroline deliberately said nothing and twisted the ring even slower when she reached the second knuckle. The band was warming up and Caroline could not hide the frown that marred her face when it stopped easing up her friends' finger. Frustrated, the blonde tugged and twisted more roughly against the knuckle, a bright light, similar to the one Damon saw last night emitted from the ring. It wasn't long before white flames engulfed Caroline's hands and she cried out, dropping Bonnie's boneless limb with a thud, the flames subsided and Damon eyed the blonde's charred hands. He mentally cursed.

"What the – Is this ring spelled?" She yelped in disbelief, looking at the sheer mess of her of hands before giving Damon a well earned glare.

"And this is why I need to get this thing off of her."

"Look, Damon, I've stuck my fingers in enough holes for me to tell you that this," she held up Bonnie's slippery ring finger with the tip of her thumb and forefinger, careful not to touch the extravagant band again, "Is not coming off."

Caroline posed a strong case, yet that still didn't make him want to believe her.

Not wasting any more time, the blonde sucked in air through gritted teeth and brought herself to standing, wisely choosing to not use her burnt hands to push herself off of the cold floor. The smell of her crisp palms made her nose curl in disgust. Damon's eyes quickly flickered to Caroline and then to her hands before he opened his mouth.

"Go downstairs and run your hands under cold water, there's a spare blood bag on the counter." He glanced at her hand again. "Drink it and heal yourself, you should be fine in an hour max."

Caroline nodded carefully, unable to comment on Damon's almost forced pleasantness and made her way out of the room, "I hope you know what you're doing."

He had no idea what he was doing and that was the problem. Once he heard the door shut with a soft click and knowing that he was finally alone Damon let out an aggravated sigh. He was thankful that he no longer had to hear the click, click, clicking of Caroline's shoes, but one look at the still unconscious girl sprawled out on his floor made him grit his teeth, and for a long moment his jaw clenched almost painfully, before relaxing all together. It was time for Bonnie to wake up.

His brilliant blue eyes zoned in on the ring and the blue sapphire twinkled back unashamedly. He blinked slowly and before he could talk himself out of it, he was hovering over the shell of her ear, his mouth mere millimetres from touching warm skin.

He cleared his throat.

"Bonnie, wake up."

When bottle green eyes snapped open in a daze, Damon knew his theory was confirmed. He leaned back carefully out of her space, whilst his hand still loomed over her ring finger and observed. The irises of her eyes spun hypnotically as her gaze sought his to wait for another command. Soon enough her vacant expression soon fell and was replaced with belated exhaustion, she blinked tiredly and rubbed her eyes. It wasn't long till she recognised the man that was sat next to her.

"Damon?" Her hoarse voice called.

"What the hell are you doing in my room?" She complained softly, swatting the hand that was fiddling with her numb, slimy finger.

He gave her a pointed look before he removed his hand from her own and waved his finger in a circular motion, indicating the space around them. "This is my room," he began, emphasising the space again, "my house," he now lifted her hand and shook it in her face and said the last bit more quietly, "my ring."

She seemed confused at first, but the blurry events of last night shot images into her mind like a rogue bullet.

"First things first, what the hell are you doing in my room?"

She didn't let him finish the rest of his sentence as she was already off of the floor, dashing the blanket that kept her warm to reveal the slip that dangerously rode up her body when she scrambled for the exit. Before she reached the door, however, she ran into a solid chest, the sheer force of which sent her careening towards the floorboards. Her eyes closed on instinct, waiting for her powers to kick in to stop her fall, or for even Damon to quickly grab her to safety.

She felt neither as she crashed ungracefully into the hard wood.

"You bastard." She wheezed, clutching painfully at her side.

Damon ignored her. "Where do you think you're going?"

She still wasn't listening and made another attempt at the door. He was on his last nerve and intercepted her by grabbing her by shoulders and pulling her close. The young witch shook her head stiffly and made her lips form a tight line before they quivered. She looked as if she was about three seconds away from bursting into tears and his grip naturally loosened at the sight. He waited for an answer.

"You don't understand, Damon - please - I need to find Elena." She insisted.

"She's fine." He lied quickly, "What I need to know is how you got here, and how," He lifted up her hand to show off the ring. "This got into your possession."

She knew he was lying, he knew that she knew he was lying, and she knew that he knew that she knew he was lying. Regardless, she took a brief look at the gleaming object and knitted her brows together. Immediately she brought a hand to pull the object off of her slim finger, without quick success and cursed when she tried again.

Her arms dropped.

"I don't know Damon, I - I don't remember." She began slowly, confusion in her voice. Her head was spinning, but when she pulled away from Damon's grip, she spoke in a voice that was stronger than before. "Look, I'll figure this all out later, I need to - I need to find Elena." Again she moved for the door.

Damon reached his tipping point and growled out. "Bonnie, don't you dare move another step towards that door."

Her eyes spun and a gasp tumbled from her lips. Without warning, her spine shot up like a pole and became impossibly rigid, causing her muscles to forge mechanically together to keep her in place. When she tried to move again she found that she couldn't, it was as if her mind was completely separated from her body.

"What have you done?" She echoed in disbelief.

"No, what have you done?" He quipped heatedly back.

"What does that even mean?"

Her blankness was making him even angrier. "For god sake, Bonnie, it's a binding ring!" He snapped, not bothering to look at her. "It binds the wearer to its owner."

Her breath caught in her throat when he spoke his next words.

"You've bound yourself to me."

"She did what?"

Both heads turned, surprised at the sudden intrusion. He didn't hear the blonde enter, yet there stood Caroline Forbes, looking pissed and expectant at Damon. An empty bottle of bourbon lay idly against her heel clad foot and instead of kicking away the bottle like she did before, she brought up her foot and brought it down to shatter half of the bottle on first impact. Her arms were folded when she moved into the large room, dutifully making her way towards her friend.

Maybe he got it all wrong with regards to Caroline's stealth ability, Damon thought briefly. Perhaps she wasn't the local bum of a nativity play, perhaps she got promoted to one of the wise men and grew up whilst he wasn't looking. Because even with shattered glass still attached to parts of her heel she still had yet to make a sound.

The blonde strolled to Bonnie's side and unfolded her arms to give a reassuring touch on her friend's bare arm.

"You okay, Bon?" She asked worryingly.

Damon cut in a question for Caroline before the witch could even respond and stared at her fully healed hands the whole time. "How's the leg holding up? You hurt it earlier."

Caroline smiled pleasantly and nodded, "It's much better thanks, the blood you left on the counter helped."

That was all the confirmation he needed.

"Bonnie, get away from her."

Before the urgent command had settled into Bonnie's bones a hand had clamped itself around her slim wrist, shocking her into whipping her head to meet a sinister smile cradled by deceptive blonde curls. She was unceremoniously thrown across the room, landing almost perfectly onto the plush soft cushions that decorated Damon's large bed. It was an almost perfect landing except for when she felt her head knock against a dark, wooden headboard that left her head spinning. She knew she was in trouble.

"You Salvatore's are just too clever for your own damn good." The faux Caroline heckled haughtily, going as far as twirling blonde hair so shockingly similar to the real head cheerleader that Damon snarled. The blonde haired deceiver disappeared completely, only to then reappear with an impossibly pointy object which Damon barely recognised as the broken bottle of bourbon discarded earlier before it was drove and buried into the side of Damon's ribs. As soon as the glass broke the skin, it twisted inside of him, doing absurdly more damage.

"Silas." Damon hissed, grabbing his side and grabbing the nearest wall for stability.

In the same breathe Bonnie doubled over and cried out, clutching the same side as blood wept from her fingers. This gained the attention of both immortals. Silas was livid at the sight, looking at the mirrored wound and looking back at Damon accusingly.

"You…" he started, fisting Damon's blood soaked shirt to pull him up, only for him then to be slammed into a wall.

The blue eyed vampire coughed up some blood before he bit out sarcastically, wiping his bloodied mouth in the process. "Did I forget to mention, death do us part?"

Silas released his fisted shirt and flashed towards Bonnie. She was failing to keep pressure on the wound and it was only a matter of time before she bled out, scaring her senseless. "You're no good to me if you're not a free agent." He said simply, making work on her ring finger instead of helping her compress the deep gash on her side, he tugged fruitlessly at the band and used more force than necessary to pull against it. Bonnie knew that any more pressure on her numb finger would lead to it being a broken finger.

Seeing that Silas was being preoccupied with the pesky metal band, Damon quickly dashed behind the immortal, hoping to use the element of surprise to deal some damage, however, soon found that he wasn't as fast as he thought. The immortal witch did not spare a look when he raised one hand to propel Damon back up the wall with his ancient magic. Damon could not move.

Before all hope was lost, a familiar light emitted from Bonnie's finger. As if it sensed the magic and danger, the ring gave off the same white light as previous and in an instant, Silas dropped Bonnie's arm and was engulfed in bright white flames, screaming each time the fire flicked untouched pieces of his flesh.

Bonnie didn't have time to process the new situation before a blur flew across her vision. The flaming immortal that occupied the room was suddenly launched threw Damon's large bay window by a clean, swift kick to the gut. Glass shattered as Silas' form disappeared from view. The young witch who went back to clutch her bleeding side glanced at the impromptu hero and was relieved to see a head full a buoyant blonde curls and heated blue eyes that were attached to a smooth eternal face and donned a set of partially healed hands that rested against a tilted hip.

Caroline Forbes stood by the window and crossed her arms. She looked out to survey the damage, but instead of seeing a burnt body decorating the Salvatore's driveway, there was nothing. Except for a body shaped outline of singed grass.

"Jackass." The blonde heckled.

Damon, feeling worse for wear peeled himself off of the wall and watched the younger vampire run back towards his bed to help her friend. She bit into her arm and Damon felt somewhat relieved to see Bonnie drink from her wrist without a single verbal complaint, which is something he couldn't say for when he fed her his blood the first time.

He lifted his shirt and saw that his injury had already begun to heal. It would only be a matter of time for Bonnie to start the healing process.

As if she knew he was thinking of her, she lifted her head to look at him.

Her eyes were clearly distressed. "We've got a bigger problem." She choked out.

Damon nearly laughed. She obviously didn't know how to measure her problems, he thought bluntly. He waited for her to speak again.

"I think I killed Elena."

He couldn't have been more wrong.

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