Hey! Sorry, this took longer to post than I wanted. But here it is! This is also fanfiction of a zombiestuck comic (one based on the previous one), which can be found here:

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It is an alternate ending, and definitely full of feels. Also, there is an amazing YouTube video of the original comic (and its ending involving Caliborn, which can be found of my-friend-the-frog's tumblr) here, that I sincerely recommend you watch:

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You glance around you wearily and roll your shoulders tiredly. Roxy and Jane are quiet as they adjust their worn-out clothes and weaponry, and you can't help but shudder at the somber atmosphere. You look down and adjust your katana at your hip, assuring yourself that it remains firmly hooked in place.

Slowly, quietly, you turn and reach for the heavy metal door to your right, firmly grasping it with your noticeably shaking hands.

"You guys go first, I gotta check on Jake… It was pretty damn cold last night. I'll catch up with you later."

You try to ignore the worried looks you receive, but nevertheless you find your eyes nervously darting to their sorrowful faces, Roxy's shifting and agitated form, Jane's hunched shoulders and crossed arms.


Shifting your body so as to allow yourself to pull the door better, you continue talking, as if Roxy hadn't said anything.

"Don't worry, dude's tough… ain't gonna freeze to deat—"


"Roxy!" Jane yells, but does nothing to stop her.

You flinch, hating the way her words made you feel. You don't understand what she has against you, why she is so intent on stopping you from seeing him.

"I can't do this… Not anymore!" Roxy is determined, standing her ground, and you don't think she sees the way your heart just shrivels in your chest; you used to be best friends, used to trust each other. Now it seems you can't do anything without her trying to stop you for some reason or another.

"Rox, Roxy, please…" Jane is standing next to Roxy with tears rolling down her face. You know that lately she's been acting strange and is more prone to crying. You assume it's because of Roxy's irrational behavior.

"NO Jane, it's been three days and he's completely out of his mind. We have to end this!"

Internally you cringe, Roxy's insults hurt you much more than she knows. Your grip on the door only tightens as she continues her unwarranted shouting.

"DON'T YOU SEE YOU FOOL? JAKE IS DEAD! We did everything we could but it was… too late."

You're shaking by the end of her rant and you don't know if it's from rage at her ignorance or grief from the words she uses.

"I get that you're freaking sad and all, we all do! But you can't just ignore the fact that Jake is—"

"Not dead."

You give them one last look, eyes filled with hurt and although you know that neither of them can see them through your shades, you hope Roxy gets the message anyways.

Without a word you turn and grab hold of the heavy door again and pull it away, revealing a figure standing alone inside the darkened room.

You ignore their cries of "Dirk!" and "No…!" in favor of the groans coming from the shadows at your feet.

You stand still as the clanking of chains echoes throughout the room and as the growls grow louder and louder.

You remain unwavering as suddenly Jake's form lunges at you, held back only by the chains around his neck, middle, and leg, and try not to notice the chunk of rotting flesh that tumbles off of his face and to the ground when his leap rebounds.

You tell yourself the scent of rotting meat and blood is coming from the walkers outside and not from the man standing in front of you, and when he reaches for your neck with his only remaining arm you pretend it's because he wants your hand for comfort.

"Not. Dead. Yet."