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Bella POV

Honestly, what gave him the idea that this would have worked? What was so wrong with just continuing on without me? He was managing it until that Pixie got that false vision! I know that he didn't do this for me after all I was just a distraction, a worthless human that just got in the way. He told me to let him go, it would be like he never existed, so why couldn't he let me go?

The pack, bless their hearts, gave me perfect examples of why we were not meant to be; Sam and Emily could never be away from each other for long, Edward was gone for almost a year; Jared would do anything for Kim, Edward always put himself first; hell Seth just wanted to see Claire smile whenever he could, Edward didn't care about that. However if he wasn't thinking of himself, he was thinking of Alice, those two acted more like mates than siblings that they were supposed to be. It made me feel sorry for Jasper, he didn't deserve the treatment that he got for those two.

The only thing that showed Edward as a mate was his protectiveness, though it wasn't the kind that Paul showed to Racheal. I didn't know the truth until I was talking with Laurent, more like distracting him until the wolves could come, he was the one that told me that if I was a blood singer, La Tua Cantante, I could never be that vampires mate. It made sense to me for how could you cherish one when you wanted nothing more than to drain them dry and bathe in their blood?

So when Alice came busting back into my life, I wanted to kill her for ruining it. I was finally happy and over the spoiled brat; sure I still loved my brother bear Emmett, the steady rock known as Jasper, the ever loving Esme and Carlisle, hell I even missed the stubborn Rosalie. However, two of the Cullen's, the mind rapist and the pixie, would never be welcomed back into my life. I think I sent too much time with Paul if I am starting to call them that, I thought as I laughed. Those two just loved to mess with people's lives, if they weren't bossing everyone around they were not happy. Who knew how many secrets those two shared with each other, for they could not hide from the others gift.

However, to say that I was hurt that he would do this to me was an understatement, I knew that he was a drama queen but this took it way to far. I just ran across the court yard and through a crowd of people, just to reach him before he had the chance to step out into the sun, I just made it in time, barely but he didn't expose himself, no one noticed us. I was lucky that I didn't trip and fall with my clumsiness, I guess I can run over flat surfaces take that Jake, Ithought fighting to keep a smirk off of my face.

Now here we stood in front of the vampire kings. I could not even bring myself to look at the three of them, for I know if I would I would not be able to look away, just like with the picture that I saw in Carlisle's study. Even though I was not looking I knew that they screamed power and age, they didn't need the rest of their guard to do so. It was with this power that I understood why they have remained the Kings of the Vampire world for so long. They demanded respect, and I would hate to see what happens when they don't get it.

I know if I would look up at the Kings, to the left I would see Marcus, in the center would be Aro, and the right would be Caius, the only blond of the three. Though I don't think that you should call his hair blond, it's more of a snowy color that almost matched his skin. It was Caius that I could not look at, knowing that I would not be able to look away. I used to think that Edward was beautiful, then he showed me the painting of the Volturi and I started to see him as what he is, a seventeen year old boy. However, as much as I admired Caius's beauty, I knew that he could be the most savage of the three and he wouldn't take too kindly to me being alive and knowing about vampires.

"Isabella," I heard a smooth voice with an Italian accent, "is alive after all, how wonderful don't you agree brothers? Though now the question is, what are we going to do with her and the Cullen's?" I want to know who he is, which King could have that smooth accent?

"You already know what you are going to do Aro," A light and airy monotone voice answered first, now known as Aro, and it sounded like he was behind the first. "What do you think Caius?" the voice now known to be Marcus asked the third.

"She knows too much," this had to be Caius. His voice was as smooth as melted chocolate and as sweet as honey. "She is a liability Aro."

It was strange that even though I wasn't looking at them I could place the voice with one of the faces from the picture in Carlisle's Study; Aro with his straight black hair, as smooth as his voice, and sharp features; Marcus with his bored expression, matching the monotone in his voice, along with his older appearance; and finally the Snowy Caius, with the voice that sounded like it was meant for a frozen day. Three different rulers but they all give off the same air to them, must have something to do with the fact that they had the same creator, at least that is according to Edward.

"She will be changed," Alice told the kings of her race. "I have seen it." Of course you have, just like you can't see the La Push boys I thought while giving her a pointed glair, one that I did not know was noticed by one of the Kings.

"Alice, if you would." Aro said holding out his hand to her, "Come here dear child. Let me see this vision of sweet Bella for myself." How did he know to call me that? I thought as I watch the two with interest, Not that I minded him calling me by the full name.

"That won't be necessary Aro" Edward said pulling me closer to him, possessive much? I thought before finally looking at the three kings for the first time, and the painting surly did not do them any justice. Aro looked like he was draped in a curtain of black silk for hair. Marcus was sitting hunched over with one elbow resting on an arm rest of his throne, his face resting in that hand, his other arm was lying across his stomach. Finally there was Caius, a true vision of beauty if I have ever seen one, his snowy white hair tucked behind his ears, fingers intertwined on his lap. If I didn't know better I would say he looked more like a politician then the savage that I have heard he was.

"Ah, isn't this lovely" Marcus said standing up from his throne and started to walk-no glide-over towards me. Of course Edward, being the asshole that he is, pushed me behind him making me trip on my feet and fall down flat on my ass. "That was uncalled got boy. Here Isabella let me help you up." Marcus said holding his hand out for me to take. "Now there you go, see we are not as bad as what they would like you to believe, yes." He told me as he led me past Edward, Alice and finally Aro, taking me up to his seat where he motioned me to sit down.

Once I was seated he stood behind the throne like any protective father would do. In a way he did sort of remind me of Charlie. Maybe if I was changed he would be to me what Carlisle is to Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett, or even Edward. I could see myself respecting him like any daughter should respect their father. "Aro, I grow tired of your games. I am sure that Isabella here would like to lie down in her room after what all she has done today." Marcus said to the oldest of the three leaders. Yes he will be my father in my vampire life, even if another should be the one to change me I thought with a small smile on my face.

"Ah yes she does seem tired. I too wish to go to my mate," Aro said to Marcus before turning to face the two animal blood drinkers. "Your presence is no longer required nor is it wanted. Please leave." He waved the two off and when it was noticed that they refused to leave, two others were behind them. When the two siblings turned and started to walk away the two vampires that brought us in followed them out, it wasn't until then that I felt, for the first time since that pixie of a vampire walked back into my life, safe.

"Tell me brother, why it is that you have grown attached to young Isabella? And this soon after only just meeting her?" Aro asked Marcus not missing the sneer on Caius's face. I had a feeling that he was always like that, but it made me wonder why he did so.

"I won't be the only one attached to my dear daughter." Marcus said looking down at me. DAUGHTER! I have a real father now! I thought strangely giddy. "Now if you will excuse us, we have to go meet Didyme. Shall we my dear sweet girl?" Marcus asked as he held his arm out for me to take. "She will love you like I do in no time at all." They sure know how to make a girl feel safe in times of danger, I thought taking his arm and letting him lead me out of the throne room and up the stars to the left of the secretary who was playing on the computer, most likely thinking that they wouldn't notice. But if I noticed that she was playing a game, I am sure dad could as well, he just chose not to comment on it.

"What would you rather I call you Marcus; dad, father, daddy, or just keep on calling you by your name?" I asked him looking around at the walls. Every so often there would be a picture of what I was assuming to be the guard. Some faces I known from the throne room but others I did not, though I did not know any of the names to go with said faces. However the one of Jane and her brother Alec I could name for it was her that brought us in, and they looked to be the youngest of the guard.

When we reached the top of the staircase there was only one and it was of the three kings and two beautiful women, their mates for sure I thought. Why doesn't Caius have a female on his arm? It may have been a passing thought but for some odd reason I was happy for that fact. I must ask dad about this later, maybe he can tell me what is wrong with me right now I thought.

"Whatever you wish to call me will bring me joy, my darling daughter." He said with a smile on his face leading me once again down another hallway, past the paintings of the rulers of the vampire race and down the hall on the left. The paintings once again changing but this time the subject matter was of my dad and what I guessed to be my mom from the larger one at the top of the stairs. Though every so often there would be a painting of some scenery in the moon light. "I will not ask you to call me father or dad because your human father could still very well be alive and he should be the one that is in your heart right now, though when you get comfortable with the situation call me whatever you would like, dear one."

"Charlie, my father," I clarified when he gave me a look that spoke of his confusion of who this Charlie was. "He was killed last weekend in a fishing accident. The boat overturned and while he was trying to save his oldest friend, he was caught in the undertow and died. They managed to find his body six days ago and his funeral was two days ago," I wiped at the tears that were trying to fall. "I was never close to him, or my mother Renee for that matter, I just can't control myself when I think of his death." I said in a rush knowing that he heard and understood me. "I took advantage of him when I was younger; I just wish I would have gotten to know him better than what I did."

"Oh my dear," Marcus-no dad- said wrapping me up in his stone like embrace. I didn't care if it was a little cold or hard, it felt wonderful to me, I was safe here. "You do not need to feel such guilt over something that you cannot fix. I will always be here for you, as will my brothers, your mother and my sister." He pulled back to look at my face, "now enough of those tears," he said wiping away some tears that had fallen without my consent.

"Dad, am I going to stay here as a human or am I going to be changed?" I asked as we started walking again. It was then that I noticed a different painting, this one wasn't of father or mother, but a young female of about 16 covered in crescent moon scars. Her red eyes were staring over a lake; the full moon was bathing everything in pale silver light. Her long black hair was dancing in the wind, "Dad who is she?" I asked looking at the painting stunned. 'The fact that she has those scars, it was painted by a vampire and she has seen battle, I thought taking in her barely there clothing. It consisted of a piece of brown leather that wrapped around her breasts, and a pair of brown leather short shorts.

"That is Lilliana. She is the one that changed Aro, Caius and I. Not much is known about her human life but we do know that she was a heartless worrier and she carried that over to this life." Marcus said looking at the painting. "I happen to be the one that painted this one. Aro and Caius have also both painted one of our sire in their wings. Each is of a different scene of her and in each she has one of the traits that she passed on to us." He said as he started to walk to the double door at the end of the hall. "After you meet your mother you will be able to go to you room if you would wish. As for your first question, you will be changed or Caius will have a fit that he could not spend eternity with his mate."

"Dad, why would me being changed affect him spending time with his mate?" I asked. Surely he didn't mean that I am to be Caius's mate? I thought, He is too perfect for one as plain as I am. If I thought Edward was too good for me then Caius if truly out of my league. "Are you saying that Caius is my true mate?" This cannot be real! I thought still not believing that he would be mine.

"Daughter do not dwell on it. Now let's go meet your mother, shall we?" He opened the door to a little sitting room with two doors on either side of the room. The fireplace was made of stone and it was lit giving of a warm glow to the marble room. "Didyme, my love, come out here and meet our lovely Isabella." Father said and not too soon after the door to the left opened to reveal the beautiful women in the paintings, and they did not do her justice. Her brown hair fell down to her waist in thick waves, her face was perfect and it looked as if it was carved by the best plastic surgeon that money could buy. She flowed like water over rocks, through the room over to dad and kissed him. They are perfect for each other, I thought as I was looking away blushing that is one thing that I will not miss when I am changed.

"Ah what a beauty you are my dear," even her voice was beautiful. "Marcus are you sure about her being our little girl, even if she isn't that little anymore." With a nod from father I was engulfed in a hug from the female vampire that I will learn to call my mother. "You will be a true belle when you are changed." She pulled away from me and looked me over from head to toe. "I believe you are one of the few that are born to be changed into one of us.

"Mom, dad, when will I be changed?" I asked the two in front of me, who have already gained entrance into my heart. I try to be calm about a lot of things, I can hide when I am I feeling nervous but I just can't hide my low self-confidence. Edward sure did a number on me when he left. It might have happened two yours ago but I never did get over it fully, I think it has something to do with how he did it. He fucking left me in the woods as he said it was fun to manipulate me! ASSHOLE! With one fucking mistake, I had to save his sorry ass! Though it does make me wonder, why this time? I have been with the wolves for a while but she chose the time that it looked like I was going to kill myself did she pick up on me. I should have never let Jake talk me into going cliff diving with the boys, but on the upside I found my mate and family over it.

"When would you like to be changed?" Dad asked me, "How old are you my daughter?" he asked as if it was an afterthought.

"Ignore him for a second and take a seat my dear," mom said patting the couch cushion next to her for me to sit down. "He has made it a habit of forgetting not only his manners but also other needs when he gets excited over something." That got me to giggle, giggle what the hell, I haven't giggled since I was eight I thought. Dad was now sitting in the arm chair and was starting to say something under his breath, I couldn't hear him obviously but mom could though she was pretending that she couldn't hear what was being said.

"I am 20 dad, will be 21 in September." I said giving him a small smile. "You might want to change me as soon as possible, that way the other Covens won't think that their leaders are breaking their own laws, keeping a human alive after dealing with and then being left by a Vampire Coven. You don't wish to be seen as 'growing soft,' do you?" I finished looking at him in the eyes letting him know that I have thought it over and that I knew what had to be done.

"Beauty and brains, Marcus our daughter is perfect!" Mother all but squealed out. She must still be on the high of having a child; I thought and smiled as I was once again wrapped up in a hug from my mom. "Oh dear, you are right about that though. We don't want our mates to sound like a bunch of hypocrites now do we?" she asked with a glint of mischief shining in her eyes.

"So it is settled." Father said, "You will be changed before the week is out." And with that last sentence, my future was decided. It was now set in stone I would be staying with the Volturi, with my parents and my mate.

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