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Sunlight streamed down through the canopy of leaves. The green turned yellow by the rays that filtered through their broad surfaces. The light fell on branches, trucks, grass and dirt. A deer stood lazily near the edge of a clearing. Nibbling it's way through the long grass and low bushes. Odd specks of white and yellow littered the clearing, the little flowers completing the scene of peace and tranquility.

That is, until, a gale force wind whipped through the clearing - battering down the grass, scaring away the deer and temporarily obliterating the sun as a great cloud of dust filled the spaces between the leaves.

When the wind died down, a man was standing in the middle of the clearing. He stood there for a second before saying to himself, "Where the hell am I now?"

He bit his lip nervously. He really should have revised that spell first. He had been doing this for hours.

When he had used it the first time - getting away from Camelot - he hadn't bothered with his destination. He quite happily dropped where he ended up, made a quick magical fire and fell asleep by it.

Now, however, he was getting desperate. Every time he worked the spell, he came to a place he didn't want to be! Such as this clearing - he had no use for it. There was no civilisation nearby and no way to get to civilisation nearby.

"If only there was a road, I could follow a road. Then it would be easy to get somewhere. This traveling by magic thing is just crap!" He shouted. He began to walk into the woods, then stopped and kicked a tree in frustration. "I want a horse!"

Sighing, he slumped against the tree he had kicked and slid to the ground. Sitting with his back against it, he opened his pack. Inside there was food, clothes, a spell book and a dragon pendant. He took out the food and began nibbling at a biscuit. He needed to think of a plan.

He couldn't go back to Camelot, he would be killed. Best not go to Ealdor, they might go there looking for him. He stopped nibbling. What if they went to Ealdor? He had to warn his Mam!

Merlin jumped up in fear. This time the spell had to work! He drew in a breath and reached for his magic, willing it to fill him.

"Níedfaru mec oþ Ealdor!"

The wind - the dust - the usual - and it stopped. Merlin glared at his surroundings before relaxing.

"Finally!" He was standing on the outskirts of Ealdor.

Stomping towards the village, his thoughts wandered to Camelot and what must be happening there. "I suppose his Royal Pratness is readying a search for me. Or not. His Highness... high... highn-ass," He nodded in approval at the new name, "His Highn-ass would probably still be in his bed, I wonder who tried to get him up this morning? George, maybe. Hope so. He can put up with brass jokes for the rest of his life,"

Merlin stopped talking as he passed the first hut. A smile broke out on his face as he saw his old home again. He nodded greetings to the people he recognised. They smiled and nodded back. They all remembered him. Hunith's son was strange but likeable.

Merlin was happy to be back but knew he wouldn't be here long. His best bet was to make sure his Mother knew he was safe then head to the mountains.

He stood outside his old home, gazing at the gate and suddenly nervous. Did he really want to face his Mam right now? He bit his lip, no he didn't. Sighing in exasperation, Merlin forced himself up the front path and walked into the hut.

Arthur blamed himself. He shouldn't have set the guards on Merlin. Now, he probably thought that Arthur hated him. But he didn't. Gaius had explained everything last night. After Merlin had disappeared and Arthur told him that he wasn't going to kill Merlin, that is. Once he knew, Gaius was happy to talk.

Something told him, though, that Gaius would have defended Merlin all the way to the pyre in different circumstances.

Arthur was sitting at his desk, trying to read through reports while tuning out George's prattle. He was joking about brass again.

"George!" Arthur restrained himself from throwing something, "Will you... just... get out!"

George did, after a lot of bowing and "Sire"'s. Taking the laundry basket and stepping out of the room. Arthur visibly sagged into his chair and covered his face with his hands. He groaned loudly and wished Merlin was there.

"I swear, if I have to deal with brass jokes for the rest of my life I'll... Oh - I don't know!" He threw up his arms in defeat and stared up at the ceiling.

He had sent out extra patrols with instructions to look out for the gangly raven-headed idiot. But he couldn't help thinking that it wasn't enough. He needed to get out there and look for him but he couldn't live Camelot - he was the King.

The sound of the door opening and closing brought his eyes down from the ceiling. It was Gwen.

She stood in front of him, her hands claspsed in the front and her hair falling down her back.

Arthur smiled at her and she smiled back.

"You need to look for him, Arthur," Gwen knew exactly what was bothering him.

"Do you think you can deal with the council and everything while I'm gone?" Arthur was almost pleading.

"Of course," Gwen smile grew as she watched him sigh in relief and jump up. "I'll call George back to pack -"

"No!" Arthur stopped her quickly, "Just... anyone but George,"

Gwaine was - to say the least - annoyed at Arthur for scaring away Merlin. All those pranks he could have made... Gwaine shook his head in disappointment.

Of course, they could still find him. But something told him it was going to be tricky finding a warlock that didn't want to be found. If they were going to find the lanky servant they needn't to head out soon.

So, it was a relief when the Page came running down to the training area to find himself, Leon, Percival and Elyan to join Arthur on a quest.

They all dropped everything immediately and half-walked, half-ran up to the castle.

Merlin thought the reunion with his Mam could have gone better. But he supposed the news that he was being hunted by Camelot Knights wasn't the best conversation starter.

She had shouted, cried, pleaded, then gave up. Plonking a bowl of soup in front of him and saying simply, "What am I going to do with you?"

Merlin shrugged and then gave his signature grin, "I just wish you could have seen his face. It was just hilarious!"

Hunith rolled her eyes. "You are useless, dear,"

But it wasn't long before she was laughing too.

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