Somewhere in London, England, a stout black headstone read SHERLOCK HOLMES in bold white lettering. Two men, one very tall, the other rather attractive, stood before the headstone looking grave. Finally the second man spoke.

"Don't you think there's something... funny, about all this?"

"What do you mean, Dean?" said the taller.

"I mean, we knew Sherlock. He was no fake, Sammy," said Dean. "I think we need to get the Doc in on this."

Far away in the vast expanse of deep space, a little blue box meandered lazily on its way toward a massive nebula in the distance. Inside the box, a solitary old man in a bow tie and a Stetson answered his phone.

"Dean, m'boy! What can I do for you?"

Only a moment later, the little blue box made a hairpin swerve and beelined at faster-than-light speeds toward the Milky Way galaxy.

I can't claim credit for the title, or the beginning. The "Reichenbach Ball" references a fun little thing I found on tumblr. Credit where it's due, but I can't find the author. The beginning, right here, is from a gifset, also from tumblr, which inspired me to write the fic in the first place.

This is my first attempt at a Superwholock crossover. Hope you like! Review, please. I could use the constructive criticism.