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Ninjago City, after the Ninja's victory over the Great Devourer

Pythor slowly awoke. "Is that cheering?" He heard below him. "The Great Devourer must have been defeated," said another voice. Pythor stood and growled. "Someone needs to lead now," said Scale's voice. Pythor groaned softly.

"My disloyal number 2, oh well, I have other plans." Slowly he disappeared from sight, laughing evilly.

Ninjago City, after the Ninja's victory over the Overlord

Pythor slowly slithered down the narrow tunnel. Time for Scales to see who was really in charge. He laughed, "Legend spoke of this time, to bad those prophesying idiots didn't tell me what the outcome would be, muuaaaahhahahhahaa." He pressed the button and saw Scales at his full height his eyes hypnotizing, "Look into my eyes, I control you."

Pythor turned his head, he fell down as Scales hit him in the head with his staff. "The slithering fool, come friends let us finally finish the job we came down here to do!" Pythor rose, "Snakes!" he screamed. "I am your leader, no one is leaving here!"

Scales turned around, "Really Pythor, then tell me, whose plan backfired on them, yourssssss or mine." Pythor chuckled, "I released the Great Devourer because of something you'll never understand. True my plan did backfire, but did you ever pause to see what down inside the Great Devourer's den, did you?"

Scales laughed, "You are now my number 2 Pythor, now tell me what is down there." Pythor laughed manically, "A portal, to a place where the Ninja never existed, yet a place controlled by surface dwellers. We can take our revenge, yet not have to fight as hard as we did, we can plot without suspicion!"

"That is all well and good Pythor," Scales said, "But I am still in command, you will follow me now. Your pitiful planning caused the serpentine much trouble."

Ninja Headquarters, Temple of Light


"My turn to cook," I said jumping up. Everyone's face turned a tad greener, except for Zane. Garmadon stood slowly, "Cole, would you mind if I helped out in the Kitchen today?"

"Of course not, Lordddd, I mean Sensai Garmadon," I said. Sensai walked in, "Ah, I see you gotten them up early brother. Thank you for the amazing breakfast this morning."

"Think nothing of it brother, now that we are reunited it is easier to do things that I never would have other wise."

Kai sat up, "Oh, Dearth give it up! You can't do Spinjitzu." Dearth stopped spinning, "But then I'll never be a real ninja!" Kai laughed, "Ok I got something for you." He tapped the training course button. The course sprung up, "Complete the course before I count to 15 and you will know spinjitzu."

"Awesome!" Dearth jumped into the first circle and was immediately knocked down. "Come on Dearth, you can do better," I yelled at the "brown ninja." While Dearth was trying yet again on the training course Nya ran in, "Pythor has been spotted, he's alive!"

"What!" said a chorus of voices. "Yes, he's headed toward the lost city of Orobors!" Sensai Wu looked troubled, "What is there left for him to destroy! Is he leading the snakes?" Nya shook here head, "No he isn't, but if he's gotten them to return from destroying Ninjago then its something big!"

Garmadon stood, "I know why he's headed there." Everyone turned to look at him. "When I was still in charge of the skeletons I found 3 of the original 100 prophets, they foretold to me that there was a portal next to the great Devourer. The Great Devourer came though this portal from another galaxy, there he was called a cousin to a Zillo Beast. They foretold that a snake would travel though this portal. They didn't say how, where or when or what would happen if something went through."

"Then you all must stop Pythor from going threw this portal. If he does mange to go through it we must follow him through!" Sensai spoke. Dr. Julian and Misako came in, "What is going on Zane?" asked the good Dr.

"Dr. Julian, it appears that Pythor did not die from being swallowed by the Great Devourer, he has now set out to enter a portal, the effects of which we know not."

"Hay, Misako, is there anything in the scrolls?" asked Jay, Misako shook her head, "We'll have to find out…"

Cliffhanger, "It makes me feel young, deal with it!" This story is a brand new idea, tell me how you like it as I go along, Prologue Part 2 coming out soon.