A/N I do not own Twilight or the the characters that you recognize, however I do own the OC's that will be making the irst appearance in Chapter 2.

It has been three years since Edward left and I don't really miss him being Queen Isabella Marie Volturi takes alot out of me even though I am only a vampire of two years. I am the most powerful vampiress in all the world but I do miss the other cullens.

Chapter 1:

"Belles, Aro wants you."My best friend and sister Heidi said and I looked up from the book I was reading. "Any special reason?"I asked arching a brow. "He wouldn't tell me."Heidi said and I sighed. "Fine thank you Heidi."I said and stood up. I exited my room and walked down the hall to the throne room where the three Volturi Kings waited for me. "Ah Isabella we have some troubling news for you."Uncle Aro said and I tensed. "What do you mean?"I asked politely. "The Cullens are coming for their annual visit my dear."daddy(Marcus) said and I sighed. "Is that all?"I asked raising my eyebrows. "This doesn't bother you?"uncle Caius asked confused. "No, I have been corresponding with Alice Cullen for seven months and she told that they were planning on visiting."I said as I sat on the fourth throne next to Daddy. "We didn't know you were talking to a Cullen!"Daddy said spitting out the name like it was acid. "The Cullens in general are fine with me, it's Edward we hate."I said as I heard footsteps halt outside the throne room. "Queen Isabella the Cullens are here shall I send them in?" Giana asked her immortal face grim. "Go ahead Giana, it is fine with me."I said waving a hand. "As you wish my Queen."Giana said and moved out of the way so that the Cullens could enter. "Carlisle! How good to see you again!"Aro said standing up as I smiled at Alice and she winked back telling me that the others didn't know who I was. "Who is this?"Carlisle said in surprise as he stared at me. "Ah this is the first Volturi Queen, but you should already know her."Aro said glaring at Edward. "Uncle Aro, the Cullens are our guests and that includes the traitor."I said coolly as I examined my nails. "I am no traitor!" Edward defended and I laughed. "You told our secret to a mere pathetic human girl."I said playing the part of the Volturi Queen. "How did you know that?"Edward said looking paler than usual. "She told us before we killed her, we also know that you left her in the forest alone after telling her you and the others didn't love her."I said smiling coldly. "What! no!"Edward roared and I smiled gleefully. "So it was a lie you truly loved her but you wanted to protect her."Caius said and smiled at me nodding his head. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Isabella marie Swan Volturi first Queen, Daughter and nieces to Marcus, Aro and Caius Volturi."I said standing up and pulling back the hood of my cloak.