Whoop! yes, I'm still Alive, No I haven't given up on this story yet, yes I am currently writing the next chapter.

I am so sorry it's been so long but this story isn't on my top list of stories to get done, while this one holds a special place it has also caused me grief. The one thing a writer hates to do is disappoint her readers but when said writer starts writing solely for the readers and not for herself, she can get lost. I had to take a huge step back from this story because I grew to hate it, it didn't seem fun anymore, it seemed like work and I don't get paid for writing fanfiction. That break helped a lot and I started revising it and grew to love it again. I still am not going to fully invested in this, I'm not so into Twilight anymore but I am planning this story to be just as epic as it was when I first started this thing five years ago. Also today is April tenth the fifth year anniversary of First Queen!

Just to clarify this story was first posted on and when the restrictions happened I moved it to here because Now that I'm an adult there are certain types of scenes I like writing *wink*

Thank you to old and new readers for sticking with me.