A/N: Yo. Hungergameslover10210 here, here to bring you awesomeness!

I have twenty-two spots open currently. Allow me to explain before I give you some story to read.

This will be a 24 author 24 tribute colaboration, but we authors will actually BE the tributes! If you have a cool username, then I will choose your name for you. If you want to use your real name, fantastic. If not, here's how it works: If your name was, say, Elizabeth, then first shorten it, like so: Elize. Now change the Z to a S. Elise. Change the E to a A. Alise. Make one more simple change, and you have Aleese. Now say your last name was Jones. J to a D. Dones. O to a U. Dunes. S to a Z. Dunez. Aleese Dunez.
Now, if you are under/over age for the Hunger Games, change it! Are you 20? Now you are 16/17/18! Or, even if you are 13, be 18 if you want!

last but not least, choose your District! You could choose it from those Panem maps on Google or just choose your own. I AM THE DISTRICT 4 FEMALE.

PM me for more information and/or suggestions. Or I won't let you in. Rawr.

Okay, on to the story.

Head Gamemaker's POV

These will be the bloodiest, most brutal games ever. I should know, I am the Head Gamemaker. My name is Cruenta Mcstar, if you do not already know. I have been the Head Gamemaker for the last twenty years and have witness both victory and tragedy.

The president has just sent me a message. He says that there are many foolish people who write about the Games like stories, like entertainment. They are not frightened by the games like they should be.

They must be eliminated. They must be scarred for the rest of their miserable lives.

Let the 197th Hunger Games begin.