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Chapter One: Alone

He didn't know how, but he was healed. All he could remember was those miserable cubs breaking his legs and leaving him to die... The pain had been excrutiating and the injuries were severe enough to kill, but he had somehow survived.

Now, Wildfire was angry... He wanted revenge. While he harbored hate for Simba and his friends, he couldn't help but feel attracted to one of them, and it wasn't that annoying cub that he had held hostage. He wouldn't make that mistake again.

Wildfire had to admit, he was lonely. The only friend he ever had was Tishio, but he was dead. His body was most likely rotting away in that volcano, but Wildfire had put all that behind him. His focus now was eliminating Simba and his friends... Well, except for one, but she was going to be with him... Whether she wanted to be or not.

He knew that the rest would come to rescue her, so he had the chance to kill two birds with one stone, but this time, he wouldn't be waiting to fight them paw to paw. His powers were a bit more advanced now... He had a few tricks in mind to take care of them.

Wildfire had decided to take residence in the jungle. It was the only place he had to go. He looked up to the sky.

"If I go now," He said to himself, "I should be able to reach the Pridelands while they're all asleep. I'll be able to slip in undetected..." He wasn't all that concerned with being caught; he could just kill anyone that saw him. He just wanted to get in and out quickly to save the trouble.

"Wow," Simba said as he looked up at the purpling sky, "is it getting dark already? Today seemed to go fast..."

"Yeah,"" Tora said, "but at least we got through today without anyone trying to kill us... Or change our genders..." She shot a look at Chumvi.

"Hey," Chumvi said, "I said I was sorry! At least we're all back to normal."

"There was a bright side to it." Haiba said, examining his claws, "My claws look wonderful. Chumvi certainly knows how to give a good manicure."

"That's good to know." Tama said, looking at her boyfriend, "I know what you're doing tomorrow..."

Nala allowed a yawn to escape her throat, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired... I'm heading back."

"So am I." Simba added, "You all coming?"

"Ugh..." Angani said, "I suppose." She was tired, but wasn't exactly looking forward to sleeping.

The rest of the cubs agreed to call it a night. They all had a relaxing day, but that just seemed to make them more tired.

"Anyone interested in cuddling tonight?" Haiba asked, "I could use it."

"Just cuddle with yourself." Nala said, "I know I'm not interested."

"I already do." Haiba told her, "It gets a bit boring after a while..."

"It's almost completely dark." Simba said, "Let's get up there before we get in trouble. I think our parents are starting to trust us more again. I guess this whole staying out of trouble thing is working for us... I'm beginning to get used to it."

All of the Pridelanders had fallen asleep. The moon was at it's highest point, illuminating the Pridelands with it's glow. Wildfire was moving silently through the lands, being sure not to alert any animals to his presence. He needed to be quick with his mission. When he reached Pride Rock, he slowly climbed up. He wasn't completely sure if they were all asleep, so he had to be careful. He peered into the den and saw them all sleeping. This was going to be easier than he thought.

Where is she? He thought to himself as he looked around the den. He walked by Simba, but resisted the urge to kill him. The last thing he needed was the entire pride waking up. That would be a problem. He continued looking until he found the cub he was looking for. Tora.

Aha! There she is. He thought. The only problem was that Mheetu had his paw wrapped around her. Wildfire gently moved Mheetu's paw off of her. He froze as Mheetu shifted in his sleep, but he didn't wake up. Wildfire let out a sigh of relief as he lifted Tora as gently as he could onto his back. She was a pretty sound sleeper. He carried her out of the den and got as far as the water hole when he heard her speak.

"W-what's happening...?" She asked as she yawned. She quickly realized that she was being carried... By a cub she didn't know. "Who are you?"

Wildfire dropped her to the ground. He spun around and grabbed her by the throat. Tora's eyes widened in fear when she saw who it was.

"Wildfire?" She said. She was about to yell for help, but he stopped her.

"You say one thing, and I will burn your throat out." He hissed at her. "You are coming with me. I'm not going to hurt you..."

"Why do I doubt that?" Tora asked, "You aren't exactly the least violent cub out there."

"Shut up!" He exclaimed. "You'll be fine... Now, to make sure you don't escape..."


Wildfire struck her as hard as he could with his paw. It knocked her out immediately. He lifted her back up and continued back to the jungle.

"Okay..." He said, "Maybe I lied about that... I wonder how long it will take her little friends to figure it all out? Oh well, if they do, they will have a few... Deadly surprises waiting for them... Ha Ha Ha!"

Wildfire was confident. His powers were improved and now, he had a girlfriend. Killing Simba and his stupid friends would make everything perfect... He would be able to move on from the area... To continue his path of destruction.

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