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Chapter Five: Boiling Tempers

"You didn't answer me." Wildfire said as he waked toward Tora, "Are you feeling better?"

Tora still didn't answer. Wildfire noticed that she had been crying... It looked like he had finally broke her. He won.

Wildfire walked right up in front of her and put a paw on Tora's head. He didn't hurt her, he simply stroked the top of her head.

"Are you finished crying now?" He ask in a sympathetic voice, but it was obvious he was everything except sympathetic. "See? You're fine as long as you don't talk back. Maybe we can start to get along now..."

"Yeah..." Tora finally spoke.

"You're still upset." Wildfire said, "I know what will cheer you up..." Wildfire suddenly pulled her into a kiss. It was only a matter of seconds before he found himself rolling across the ground and pinned under another cub.

"What the hell!?" Wildfire yelled. He found himself looking up into Mheetu's furious green eyes, but Wildfire didn't really feel all that threatened by the cub.

"So," Wildfire said, "You and your pathetic friends managed to find us? Heh... You just brought about your own death..." Wildfire kicked Mheetu in the stomach, sending him flying back towards Tora, who had been freed from the vines that tied her paws together by Simba, Nala, and Haiba.

"You aren't taking her anywhere!" Wildfire shouted as he charged at them, both of his paws glow orange. He was ready to burn the flesh off of anyone who tried to stop him. He leapt directly at Simba.

"Woah!" Simba dove out of the way just before Wildfire grabbed him with his outstretched paws. When he missed, Wildfire's paws grabbed the tree behind Simba, nearly burning through the entire thing.

"That's right!" Wildfire yelled, "All you can do is run! You won't be breaking my legs this time!"

"How are we going to beat him?" Nala asked, "Our first method didn't work, and we still can't scratch him."

"I can kiss him." Haiba said, "I think he secretly liked it the first time."

"I think it will take more than kissing." Simba said. "Maybe-Ugh!" Wildfire slammed into Simba, the two rolled until Wildfire came out on top. He placed a paw on Simba's chest... It immediately started burning him. Wildfire was knocked off Simba by Mheetu barreling into him. The burn on Simba's chest had to have been at least a third-degree burn.

"I've had it with all of you!" Wildfire exclaimed as he struck Mheetu across the face, making him fall to the ground. Wildfire stood up and ran at Tora. He pinned her up against a tree by digging his claws into her chest.

"Now..." Wildfire said, "You can all leave now, safe and sound, and leave her with me... Or she dies, make your choice..."

"Odd..." Chumvi said as he, Tama, and Sora looked over the edge of the pit in the jungle. "Why would this pit be filled with lava?"

They backed away from the edge and Tama noticed something. "Hey, look at these paw prints."

"They're burnt into the ground." Sora said, "Wait a minute..."

"What is it?" Chumvi asked.

Sora knew that there was only one animal they knew that could have done this, "We have to hurry. The others might be in danger."

"Why?" Tama asked, "It's just some burnt spots..."

"No." Sora said, "Those are paw prints. They had to have been made by Wildfire."

"Who's that?" Chumvi asked, "That sound's like a dumb name."

"I'll explain later." Sora told him, "We just need to follow those tracks. Just watch out for those holes."

The three cubs took off into the direction that the tracks led. They had to hurry, they didn't know how much trouble that the others were really in.

"So..." Wildfire said, "What will it be?"

The four cubs looked up at Tora. They didn't want to do anything without knowing what she wanted them to do. They saw her mouth two words to them.

Get him.

Just as they all jumped at Wildfire, he instantly scratched Tora with all of his strength, from her chest all the way down her stomach. Blood was pouring from the gashes. Mheetu stopped as Simba, Nala, and Haiba tackled Wildfire. He had to check on Tora. The cuts were deeper than he thought, and she was losing a lot of blood.

"I need to get her out of here!" Mheetu yelled to his friends. "She needs help now!"

Simba kicked Wildfire over his head and into a tree before answering Mheetu. "Take her that way." He pointed, "Kulaani's pride isn't far. We'll meet you when we're done."

"You won't be meeting anyone!" Wildfire yelled as he climed back to his paws. As he leapt through the air at Simba, he was suddenly hit with some sort of blast and sent crashing into a boulder.

"Go!" Simba yelled at Mheetu. Mheetu didn't waste another second and started running, carrying Tora on his back.

"Hah!" Chumvi said as he walked into the clearing with Sora and Tama. "Bulls-eye!"

"Ow..." Wildfire said as he slowly stood up again, "You'll pay for that..."

"I don't think so." Chumvi said as he hit Wildfire with another blast of magic. He kept hitting Wildfire until he was sure he wasn't getting back up.

"Is he dead?" Nala asked as they all walked over to Wildfire's motionless body.

Simba put an ear down to Wildfire's chest. He couldn't hear any breathing. "I think so... Hit him one more time to make sure."

Chumvi blasted Wildfire once more to make sure he was gone. They waited a few minutes to see if he was going to move. He didn't.

"Let's go find Mheetu." Simba said, "We needto see if Tora is okay. Wildfire gave her a pretty bad wound."

As the cubs walked away, they failed to look at Wildfire again... Maybe if they had, they would have saw the shallow breathing coming from the cub... That last magical blast might not have worked in the way they had hoped.

"Is she going to live?" Mheetu asked as one of the pride elders worked on Tora inside the den. They had put some medicine made from plants on the wounds and wrapped them in leaves. Tora had passed out by this point. She had already been in a lot of pain before Wildfire slashed her, and the blood loss didn't help either.

"I think so, but I can't guarantee anything." The old lioness said, "She had some internal damage, but it wasn't too serious. All the blood made it look worse than it is, but like I said, she is far from out of danger. She still lost quite a bit of blood. Now, I've done what I can. Just let her rest." The lioness walked out of the den, leaving Mheetu with Tora. The lioness walked by Simba and the others on the way out.

"How is she?" Simba asked as he and the other cubs walked in.

"Fine, so far." Mheetu said. "They're not completely sure she'll live though."

"Why don't you and Sora stay here with her." Nala suggested, "We'll go back and let Kora and the others know."

"Right." Mheetu said. "Oh, I assume you took care of Wildfire?"

"Yep. Don't worry about him. Come back when you can." Simba told them before they left the three cubs alone.

"Tora..." Mheetu said, looking down at her.

"Huh...?" Tora moaned as her eyes opened. "What... Happened?"

"Wildfire nearly killed you." Mheetu said.

"Oh..." She said as she was starting to fade again. "Where... is he...?"

"Dead." Mheetu told her.

"Take... Me home." Tora told them.

"I'm not sure if I can move you right now." Mheetu said.

She reached up and pulled Mheetu down towards her. "Take. Me. Home. Now." She passed out once again. It was clear she wasn't in any mood to listen to anybody.

"So..." Mheetu said, gently lifting Tora on to his back, "Let's take her home."

As they walked out of the den, they saw the sun was still up. They figured that they would make it back by the time they got back to the Pridelands.

Wildfire's eyes snapped open. He sat up and saw it was now the middle of the night. He thought he was dead... No, he had been dead, but he had been hit with one more magical blast... That was it. It had brought him back to life. Wildfire stood and let out a yell of anger, but something odd happened. Flames shot out of his mouth and his paws ignited.

"What?" Wildfire said as he realized what had happened. Then he smiled evilly. "Oh, things just got better." His powers had been greatly improved. Despite this, he knew it would take more to defeat Simba and his friends.

"I need help..." Wildfire said. He didn't know where to get it, but he needed someone that possessed power similar to his. "Time to search for a little helper..." For the time being, he was going to leave the jungle, at least until he could find someone powerful enough to help.

"Next time," Wildfire said, "Everything will burn!"

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