A/N: Heeeey, everyone! This is a story my friend wrote from a challenge, but he doesn't have a ff account, so he asked me to post it. I haven't edited it, so please excuse and errors. Onwards!

"John? John? Doctor. Where. Is. John." Sherlock says confused and unknowing of the situation for once. There was no warning just. Gone. The Doctor is avoiding eye contact. Nervous. Shifting slightly from left to right. Nervous and stalling for an answer. Tightened jaw. Stressed. Incessant hand wringing. Uncomfortable.
"Doctor answer me-." Sherlock catches a glimpse of his eyes.
"Doctor what happened."
With a heavy sigh the Doctor began explaining.
"It seems your friend John has been snatched out of time."
"He's been stolen. Scattered through out time and space."
"Can't you find him?"
The Doctor doesn't respond.
"Can't you!" Sherlock replied irritated.
"Sherlock. Every atom, every single piece of him has been scattered through out time and space."
"So?" Sherlock says knowing what comes next but denying that possibility.
"He's gone. He's dead. He never even existed. You only remember because you are deeply woven into his timeline and without him your timeline would crumble.
"So you're saying i'm a ticking time bomb?"
"In a manner of speaking."
In this moment Sherlock began to laugh. Something he didn't do often. He laughed the hardest he ever had. When he was finished he still had a huge smile on his face.
"I guess I only have one choice then."
Sherlock rushes into a nearby building and begins to make the lin climb to the very top with the Doctor in tow.
"You don't have to do this!"
But his warning fell on deaf ears and still he climbed. When the Doctor finally caught up Sherlock was waiting. In his hand a gun and he pointed it straight at the Doctor.
"I think I do."
He shoots the Doctor in the legs causing the Doctor to fall over in pain as nit even a Timelord can withstand the pain of a bullet.
"Sherlock. Please."
Sherlock steps up to the edge.
"This reminds me of a song."
"Sherlock please no!"
The Doctor rushes forward and tries to catch Sherlock and manages to catch his arm. Sherlock swings the Doctor off and the Doctor spotted something. A tear. A single tear. This is when the Doctor realized what he had to do.
"Well. It seems I have no choice." But he was too late. Sherlock jumped of f the edge facing the Doctor. For a moment it seemed as if he were floating. As if he had wings that allowed him to fly. Then he began to fall. On his way down Sherlock began to sing.
"When the pain is to much for you to bear
When you're heart just feel like it will tear
There is one thing to do
It involves just you.
Take a stand and jump."
He kept singing this in the few seconds before a sickening thump sounded.
The Doctor didn't bother checking the body. There was no way he could'vr survived. When he reached the Tardis the doors swung close and she started up and landed herself.
"What the heck!' He says as a burst of wind forces him out. He's in a graveyard. Not just any graveyard. The graveyard of incidence.
"No. No. I don't want to be here. Let me in I want to leave. I don't want to be here!" The Doctor shouts in vain his voice cracking. The Tardis moves itself to a different location and he falls on his face onto a freshly dug plot. He looks up and sees something that forces tears to stream down his face.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson
The Worlds Only Consulting Detectives

A bouquet of stone gray flowers lay across the grave.