Hello! I watched Rise of the Guardians a few weeks ago and instantly went into fangirl mode. As one of my friends said, "I didn't choose to be a fangirl. The fandom shoved me into a sack, tossed me through a magic portal, and told me I was a Guardian." And what do I do when I'm in fangirl mode? Why, write fanfiction of course!

Now- I do not own any of these characters (as much as I wish I did). That honor belongs to Dreamworks and William Joyce. I'm just borrowing them.

It had been nearly six months since the Guardians had stopped Pitch Black; and Tooth, North, Bunny, and Sandy were sitting together at the North Pole. Jack was off who-knows-where; probably making a snowstorm somewhere or playing with Jamie in Burgess. Tooth held a small, gold container in her hands- a tooth holder- Jack's tooth holder. Bunny hadn't believed that it was Jack's at first (the brown haired boy in the image was so unlike the Jack he knew) until Sandy had pointed out the smile- Jack Frost's smile.

One of the yeti's had found it while going through a pile of toys and they assumed that it had fallen out of Jack's pocket at some point.

Now the four Guardians were faced with a dilemma.

"Jack would not want us to see dese memories." North argued and Sandy made sand shapes at a dizzying speed- agreeing with North. "This 'ere may be our one chance to understand the lil frostbite, mate. 'E's changed quie' a bit since Easter." Bunny pointed out, sparking an argument between them. Tooth didn't appear to be paying much attention to the men; she was gently tracing the face on the container. "Who are you Jack Frost? And what made you who you are? Why did Manny make you an immortal at such a young age and then leave you for three hundred years with nothing but your name?" North and Bunny fell silent as she voiced the questions they all had. Tooth looked at the others. "I want to know who Jack is. And I'm going to find out. Will you come with me?" Bunny was the first to react. "You bet I will, mate." Sandy flashed a few more sand shapes before nodding and North sighed heavily before nodding as well. "We go together. We will know our newest Guardian." Tooth nodded and the others crowded around her as she gently pressed her fingers to the center sapphire.

So- I know this is a REALLY short chapter but I promise this is not a one shot. This chapter is really just to set the stage. The next chapter will be up in a few minutes as I wrote both of these together and then decided it would be better if they were separate.

- ImagineShine