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The Guardians looked around as the North Pole reappeared around them. "I owe tha' boy a BIG apology…" Bunny whispered. Tooth took a deep, steadying breath and set Jack's memories aside.

"Should we tell Jack we saw all that?" North asked hesitantly.

Sandy immediately flashed sandshapes angrily and Tooth nodded. "He'll find out sooner or later. I think it would be better if we tell him ourselves."

"Speaking of which… how long were we gone?" Bunny looked around for something to tell him the time.

"Around an hour- tops. Memories don't take as long as we tend to think." Tooth fluttered up into the air, and several mini fairies zoomed up to her, giving reports. "Santiago- sector four. Michigan- sector one…"

North chuckled as Tooth went back to her usual mile-a-minute job. "I cannot believe we didn't know Jack had that sort of life for 300 years…"

"'E neva' lets anyone see when he's hurtin; we all saw tha' mate." Bunny pointed out and North nodded in resignation. "Does anyone know where, Frostbite is?" Sandy shrugged and North shook his head.

"I would guess he in Burgess." North offered, knowing they had no real way to know exactly where he was.

"Is it important enough to use the lights?" Tooth stopped over their heads and Bunny shook his head.

"I don' think so; jus' if anyone sees 'im tell 'im we want to talk." Bunny shook his head and Sandy nodded, indicating via sandshapes that he needed to get back to work. The other Guardians nodded their understanding and he left.

"I wonder how Jack will take it;" North commented to Bunny, who shrugged. "I hope he not too upset."

Bunny nodded and shrugged, "We'll know when we find 'im."

****Memories of Frost****

Turns out they only had to wait for an hour before Jack and Sandy appeared at the Pole; apparently Sandy had run into Jack while on his rounds.

"Sandy said you all wanted to talk to me. Why? Did I do something wrong?" North sighed as he noticed Jack's defensiveness.

"No. But we may have." Jack frowned, not understanding North.

They might have done something wrong? Huh? "What's that supposed to mean?"

Tooth handed Jack his tooth container nervously. "We… we looked at your memories, Jack."

Jack didn't respond for a moment, his face was blank. "You did what?"

"We looked at ya' memories mate. It started with jus' ya' human ones; then we were shown memories from the past 300 years."

"Y-you did what?" Jack asked again, seemingly not understanding what they were telling him. "My- my memories? All of them?"

Tooth nodded miserably, "Most of them… Jack, we know we shouldn't have; and we're sorry, but..." She trailed off as Jack's eyes flashed.

"You had no right! Those are MY memories, and you just looked at them without asking?!" North opened his mouth to speak but Jack never gave him the chance; slamming his staff on the floor like he had when they had tried to make him a Guardian the first time. While the others recovered from the blast of icy air, Jack flew out an open window.

"Tha'… went well…" Bunny muttered, shaking ice crystals out of his fur.

"I hope he can forgive us… I hate seeing him like that." Tooth whispered softly, staring at the window Jack had flown out of.

"He'll come around… I hope." North put a hand on Tooth's shoulder and she fluttered closer to the ground as Sandy flashed sandshapes sadly.

****Memories of Frost****

Jack was sitting at the edge of a cliff in Antartica, hugging his legs to his chest and talking to himself as his emotions blew around him in the form of a blizzard. "They didn't have a right to look at my memories, human or otherwise. How'd they get my other memories anyway? I thought Tooth dealt in human children's memories."

He had been sitting there for nearly an hour when his shoulders slumped. "I guess being mad doesn't do any good. It's not like it'll make them forget what they learned about me."

Another half hour passed before Jack spoke again. "Now that I'm not so angry… I'm kinda glad they saw them. As long as they don't start suffocating me - especially Tooth; she can be such a mother-hen sometimes. I still want to know the details of what they saw - and how they got access to my immortal memories." Jack stood as the last of the blizzard blew itself out.

"Well, might as well head back and put them out of their misery…" Jack leapt into the air and the wind caught him, carrying him back to the North Pole.

****Memories of Frost****

Tooth was pacing - if you could call it that, as she was flying – when a flurry of snow announced Jack's return. "Jack?" North asked uncertainly, Jack's expression was unreadable.

"Jack, please don't be mad at us!" Tooth started rambling but stopped, and the Guardians stared as Jack started laughing.

"You guys should see your faces!" Jack laughed, leaning back and using the wind as a rest as he kept laughing, "I wouldn't be here if I was still mad."

"Oh, good!" Tooth cheered as she hugged Jack. "I was worried we'd done something irreparable to you."

Jack hugged her back. "Nothing permanent, Tooth; nothing permanent."

Tooth pulled back and tapped Jack on the nose. "Good. 'Cause we have some things to talk about young man." Her tone of voice made it obvious she was referring to the memories and Jack pulled back slightly, frowning.

"When did you become my mother?" He muttered and North laughed, not realizing – despite seeing Jack's memories - that that was exactly how Jack's mother would address him when he was in trouble.

"Firs' of all… I'm sorry, mate." Bunny whispered as Tooth released Jack. Jack turned to him, his eyes asking which event Bunny was apologizing about. "For '68, for Easter, for everythin' I eva' said…" Bunny trailed off as Jack held up a hand.

"I never gave you a reason to think any other way about me. Though you should have given me a chance to explain at '68… and Easter. I assume you know what happened then?" The Guardians nodded and Jack smirked slightly.

"Jack, I must say. What you did with your staff was amazing. I heard of it happening once before, many years ago, before I met Man in Moon. It not happen very often." North told him and Jack nodded.

"I didn't see another option. I didn't have a choice."

"No. Ya' could've given up, Frostbite. But ya' didn'." Bunny shook his head and Sandy nodded his agreement.

"Jack, was Pitch telling the truth? When he said you were afraid of disappointing us?"

Jack paused; then nodded. "You guys had given me your trust, even though I was invisible; a nobody. I wanted to be worthy of that trust. Heh. We all know how well that worked out."

The other Guardians winced slightly. "We never should have doubted you, Jack. We're sorry."

Jack shook his head as he leaned back on the wind again. "So, you know my past. It's time for me to know your guys'."

The other Guardians laughed and North asked the elves to bring milk and cookies, then changed his mind and asked the Yetis to do it. The five legends sat down and the older four argued about who would go first.

Jack laughed with the others as North told of growing up as a pirate, then discovering the village of Santoff Clausen and entering the battle against the Nightmare King, Pitch Black. North told of the wizard Ombric, whose staff had been repaired; of Katherine, who later became known as Mother Goose; and of the boy Nightlight, the Moon's champion.

Bunny told of the days before Pitch, when the Pookas roamed the universe. He told Jack of the many wars the Pooka army fought, as well as their destruction. And he told them the effect of chocolate; that knowledge made Jack laugh even harder.

Sandy described his days traveling the universe piloting a shooting star, of the Fearling attack that landed him on Earth. He told of the Island of Sleepy Sands, and the Man in the Moon's request that he protect the children's dreams.

Tooth told about the great Tooth Fairy armies, and the time when she lead them as both General and Queen. Everyone laughed as Jack tried to picture Tooth carrying twin swords.

They talked late into the night, the only light being from the fire and the Moon, who looked on with happiness and pride as his chosen Guardians became a family over remembered battles and plenty of cookies.

Jack Frost was no longer alone; no longer invisible. And the others had come together in a way they had never done before.

All was well.

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