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Grover's POV, on top of Half – Blood Hill

"Percy! Come on, I have to get you to safety!" I yelled. Monsters were everywhere. Percy was wounded, too. Rain poured down on us, soaking me from my hooves to my shaggy hair.

Percy drew his sword instead. "Get Annabeth and Luke to safety first. I'll cover you."

"No!" Annabeth yelled, even though she was only seven. Still, her young mind grasped the severity of the situation. "Too many!"

"She's right," Luke agreed. "Even the son of Poseidon can't kill that many monsters."

The way he said it, as if he was jealous of Percy, made my fur crawl but I didn't say anything. All three Kindly Ones were after us and we couldn't stay here. "Are you sure?" I asked Percy. He could take care of himself, couldn't he?

No, my mind screamed, you know he can't.

So instead, I grabbed Annabeth and Luke and hauled them over the camp boundary. Just as I was turning around to get Percy, I heard Annabeth shriek and felt Luke break away to hold her.

The monsters had all rushed Percy at once. Nobody could've escaped that. Not even the son of Poseidon.

When the onslaught broke away, I saw Percy. He had been bit, mauled and scratched more than anyone could survive. He was either dying or dead, and there was nothing I could do.

We locked eyes. His sea green irises almost twinkled and then they went vacant.

I'm not really sure how it happened after that. I was just coming to terms with the fact that I'd failed my keeper's assignment and gotten the most powerful half-blood ever killed, when everything changed.

I blinked once, and Percy was gone. After rubbing my eyes again, I found that a pine tree stood where he had fallen. All the monsters were gone. The tree seemed to be holding them back, away from the hill.

I muttered a satyr's prayer, thanked the gods and took a wailing Annabeth and stoic Luke to the Big House.

Thalia's POV, six years later, in her cabin

I was having a pleasant dream, filled with eagles and flying. I was just about to jump off the eagle's back when a rough banging shook me from my sleep.

Without even waiting for me to open the door, Grover ran inside like he was being chased. I had a brief flashback to the cabin in Montauk with my mother, when he had inexplicably shown up in the thunderstorm.

Before I could even complain about my interrupted dream (I didn't have good dreams very often, being a half-blood) he stammered, "Annabeth…on the hill…she…"

I knew something was terribly wrong. Without even asking for more, I threw on the first clothes I could find and tried to hide the terror coursing through my body. Annabeth had been on guard duty. What could've happened? "Just lying there…just lying there," Grover said, stunned.

"Is Annabeth hurt?" I yelled as I opened the cabin door and ran outside. He didn't seem able to answer me. I'd been through a lot with Grover at my side, but I'd never seen him like this.

Outside, it was clear something had happened. Campers were walking towards the hill, tired or wondrous expressions on their faces. I heard hooves behind me, and Chiron behind us. "Is it true?" he asked Grover.

Grover simply nodded.

I trudged up Half-Blood Hill, where a small crowd had gathered. I looked at the pine tree, but the Fleece wasn't missing, so no one had stolen it. I looked for Annabeth but couldn't see her clearly. At the base of the tree, two people were there – one was unconscious and the other leaning over them. I tried to contain my anger as I assumed Annabeth was the one unconscious. Who would attack her?

"Curse the titan lord," Chiron muttered. "He's tricked us again, given himself another chance to control the prophecy."

"What?" I asked.

"The Fleece," he replied. "The Fleece did its work too well."

I surged forwards, and surprisingly everyone moved aside for me. Chiron followed, but Grover stayed back, nervously pacing.

"It healed the tree," Chiron continued, just as I got close enough to see the two people. "And poison was not the only thing purged."

Annabeth wasn't the one unconscious. She was in her armour, leaning over an unconscious boy. When Annabeth saw us, she said to Chiron, "It…he…just suddenly there…"

She was balling her eyes out but I didn't get it. I left Chiron's side and went towards the boy. "Thalia, wait!" I heard behind me, but I didn't listen.

I knelt by his side. He had short brown hair and pale skin. His body build made it clear he was very good at sword-fighting, and he looked agile yet strong. I felt a hand against my back – Luke was there, seated by my side, his other hand holding Annabeth.

He wasn't from here. I didn't recognize him from anywhere, but Luke's sharp inhale and Annabeth's tears made it clear he was known.

"It's true," Grover said, as he ran up the hill to join us. "I can't believe…" He trailed off, lost in thoughts.

I put my hand on his forehead. His skin was freezing cold. "I need ambrosia and nectar for him," I said. Obviously, he was a demigod, from here or not. I didn't get why everyone was so afraid of him. Quickly, I took his shoulders and lifted him into a sitting position, his head resting on my shoulder.

"Come on, people!" I yelled. "What's wrong with you? We should get him to the Big House."

Nobody moved. Not even Chiron backed me up.

Suddenly, he took a shaky breath. He coughed once and his eyes flew open.

They were sea green. When I looked into them, I could almost hear the ocean.

He stared at me in shock. He was shivering madly and his eyes looked wild. "Who-,"

"I'm Thalia," I said. "You're safe now."

"No…crazy dream…"

"You're okay."


"No," I told him, "You're okay. Who are you?"

But still, I knew.

His eyes stared into me and I realized we had been tricked again. The whole quest for the Fleece was all set up by Kronos. He wanted us to get it. Everything fit into his made little puzzle.

"I'm Percy. Son of Poseidon."

A Few Days Later, Thalia's POV

It was just me, Luke, and Annabeth. The three of us had grown fairly close, ever since Luke had stowed away on our quest to the Underworld and come with us to find the Fleece. It was obviously clear to me he liked Annabeth (yeah, liked-liked, smart one) but I wasn't sure if Annabeth felt the same. She'd been staring at Percy in sideways glances for a while now.

"Do you think he's okay?"Annabeth blurted suddenly. Without asking, we knew who "he" was.

"Yeah," I replied. "'Course he is." I'd heard a lot about the famous Percy Jackson, the one who was supposed to inherit the prophecy. His being gone made it mine, but now that he was back…it was his again.

"He's Percy, right?" Luke gave Annabeth a playful shove. "He's always okay."

"Yeah," Annabeth said worriedly, "but he's been kept in the Big House for days now. Chiron won't even let me see him. I wonder why not…"

"For a child of Athena, you're not really using your head," I snorted. She looked at me strangely, so I continued, "Don't you think it'd be fairly disorientating to suddenly wake up a pine tree and discover you'd been that way for six years?"

"He looks different." Annabeth continued with her worry, oblivious that I had said anything. "I mean, six years ago he was the same age as me. Now…now he's got to be thirteen, maybe fourteen. He looks so different."

Thirteen. I didn't realize that he was that young. Somehow, being that tree gave his eyes a certain wise look that had led me to believe he was sixteen, like me. If he was younger than me, the prophecy was still mine.

We heard hooves behind us and Chiron galloped over to join us. "He's asking for you and Luke, Annabeth," he said.

"Can I come too?" I asked.

Chiron nodded. "He's…well…not the same, I suppose you would say. Dying can be a strange experience, but when Poseidon changed him into a tree his mind stopped. To have that start again six years later is a terrible thing for anyone to go through. I'm hoping you can clear his mind a bit."

Annabeth gave a small whimper, but only I heard. She rode on his back and Luke and I ran to catch up, which seemed a little unfair to me.

As we entered the Big House, we saw Percy sitting in a large chair, a faraway look in his eyes. Annabeth sat opposite him, trembling ever so slightly, and Luke and I pulled up chairs and sat next to them.

"Percy," Chiron said, putting his hand on his shoulder, "your friends are here to see you."

If Percy heard him, he didn't show it. So far, honestly, this big legend was a bit disappointing. I mean, I know he'd gone through something awful and I wasn't one to talk, but still…

Luke whispered something to Chiron and Chiron nodded. I gave Luke an odd stare and he whispered to me, "Percy's suffering the heroes' version of post-traumatic stress disorder."

Oh. Well. Okay, then.

"Percy?" Annabeth asked. It was like her voice was a magnet, pulling Percy away from his thoughts. Instantly his eyes cleared and focused on her.

"Annabeth?" he asked wearily. His voice sounded tired.

"Yes," she replied, her voice shaking a bit.

The makings of a smile spread across his face. "Oh my gods. I never thought…I didn't think I'd see you again." He looked at Luke, sitting next to him. "Luke! Oh, man, I missed you."

"I missed you too, buddy," Luke smiled, but to me it didn't look as warm and inviting as Percy's was. Instead…it seemed cold and forced. Had something happened between the two that I didn't know about?

Then Percy's gaze slid to me. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I know you."

I smiled, offering my hand. "Thalia. Daughter of Zeus."

His eyes widened, impressed. "Huh. So I guess the pact really didn't work out, then? Only Hades is left."

Thunder rumbled in the sky. "Sorry!" we all yelled at the same time.

Chiron was observing the conversation, impressed at all the progress. "So I take it, then, Percy, you are feeling better?" he asked.

Percy nodded. "Oh, yeah, definitely."

Suddenly, Annabeth blurted, "I really missed you."

And then it was obvious to me she loved him. But I wasn't the only one who noticed.

Luke's gaze turned cold. He narrowed his eyes at the pair of them, and he seemed to sit up a little straighter in his seat.

And then that was clear to me as well.

And as it all fit together, all I could think was,


A Week Later, Percy's POV

I was heading over to the arena to practice with Riptide, my sword, but Luke had beaten me to it. He was slashing away at dummies, as if he had a grudge against mannequins.

"Hey, Percy," he said when he saw me, and he stopped slashing. When he stopped, I realized his sword was two different metals together – one bronze, one steel.

"This is Backbiter," Luke said when he saw me staring at it. "One of a kind. Kills mortals and immortals both. Hey, listen, do you want to come down to the woods with me? We can fight something together."

"Well…," I said, not sure why I was hesitating. We'd been through a lot together, but Luke was acting strange."I mean–"

"Aw, come on," he insisted.

"Well, okay," I said. "Why not?"

We walked around the woods for a while, talking aimlessly about what I'd missed. We finally realized there weren't any monsters around, and sat down on a large rock by a stream.

Luke asked, "Were you aware of anything when you were a tree?"

I shook my head. "No. Nothing."

"Then you weren't able to talk to anybody?" he continued.

"Of course not!" I exclaimed. "Trees don't have mouths."

Luke shrugged. "I was just wondering. Because, if you'd found a way to keep in touch with Annabeth, I'd understand."

"What's Annabeth got to do with this?"

"She has everything to do with everything!" he practically roared, standing up. I stood up, too. "I love her, Percy, don't you see? And after all these years of trying to get her to notice me, she picks you. You, who's been out of reach for years!"

I didn't say anything, simply because I loved Annabeth too.

"And you don't deserve that. It made me remember how the people that work never get anything," he snarled. "You'd think the gods, maybe my dad, would help me out. But they never do. So that's it for me."

I raised my eyebrows, and his lips curled into a smile.

"That's it for you, too."

He raised his hand and before I could do anything, he took something out of his pocket and poked me with it. It was only a small, plastic-looking spire. I couldn't see anything dangerous about me, except the fact he'd poked me kinda hard.

I let my shoulders relax and said, "You're gonna…"

And then my mouth stopped moving. It shut itself. I couldn't open it again. I tried to reach for Riptide but my arms felt as heavy as lead and soon, I couldn't move them either. I tried to take a step towards Luke, but my legs were weighed down by some invisible force.

I was totally paralyzed.

Luke smiled victoriously. "The true lord gave that to me. He said it would be fast, and he was right."

What did you do to me?

"It's fast-acting poison, Percy. First you're paralyzed, but then you'll feel your thoughts slowing down and then it'll put you into a coma. You don't wake up from this coma. You don't get to die, either. You get to lie there for the rest of your life."

And the worst thing was, I could feel my brain start to shut down. Things that should've been clear, weren't. I couldn't tell left from right anymore.

I forgot where I was and who I was. That was the worst part. I didn't know my own name, but I knew who Luke was. I forgot what I'd done that day, but I remembered this in perfect detail. Soon, I couldn't even remember what the place I was standing in was called.

For…no. Tre…no, not right either.

I forgot about Annabeth. That was scary, too. And then all the memories left me – my whole life was gone. I didn't remember how to talk. I didn't remember how to walk. I couldn't even remember the English language. I literally had no thoughts at all. Empty silence passed through my brain as I struggled to fight the poison but couldn't.

Suddenly, I was on the ground and I felt incredibly tired. Normally, I would've fought to keep my eyes open.

I didn't have any thoughts. They closed and it didn't seem to matter.

As my mind went black and I lost everything I ever had, one word crept into my mind and stayed there.


Two Days Later, Annabeth's POV

Having him lying there wasn't easy for me. It wasn't easy because it gave me time to contemplate everything he had done, everything I had done, and everything…Luke had done.

No. I couldn't even say his name any more, properly.

I was holding onto Percy's hand as tightly as I could and just when I was giving up all hope, he opened his eyes.

Chiron had told me he'd done all he could for Percy, and although Percy was incredibly resilient, there wasn't much to be done at all. And in the time he had been lying there, I had realized I loved him.

"Percy?" I whispered, and then I just couldn't take it anymore. I leaned down and kissed him.

Percy didn't fight back. He accepted my touch and we stayed that way for a long time. I didn't want it to end.

Because I realized true love can fix a lot of things. I'd always known I loved Percy, even at seven. He was incredibly brave and I had no hope of catching up to his level of wisdom, even if I was a daughter of Athena. But without him I'd become nothing because I didn't have love.

Luke had become nothing inside when he lost his love, and I understood that.

But I didn't want to be nothing ever again.


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