Here is the link to Fifty Shades Complete Part 3


I have posted the Prologue but am working on the first chapter. Thank you all for your wonderful reviews on the end of this story. I want you all to know I have listened to your reviews, comments and requests and will be keeping the new story as just that, the new story, Fifty Shades Complete Part 3.

If I write extras such as holidays, birthdays and anniversaries I will not put them in Fifty Shades Complete Part 3, I will publish them as separate short stories. I hope this makes things easier for everyone and much less confusing when I choose to take a slight detour. ;)

Please also know that I read and take to heart every suggestions my readers make. If you give me an idea for a scene you would like to see me write I keep it in mind. It may not show up right away in my writing but I do my best to write it eventually.

Thank you all for reading and reviewing.