Andi made her way quietly through the town; she had already taken out four walkers and didn't need to draw any more attention to herself. She looked behind, the coast was clear and she ran across the road and into the convenience store that she had been getting supplies from for the past few weeks.

Their group was small but they hadn't lost anyone for a long time, security measures that they had learnt in the army about setting up a camp and traps for predators had come in very helpful.

Today she was getting medical supplies from the shop. She had made sure that it would be only her that came into the nearest town so not to draw attention from not only walkers but anyone living who would take the camp and more than likely kill the people.

Kneeling down, she peered out of the window back on to the street, there was an unknown car parked there. Someone was in the town. Scavenging more than likely and if that was the case with a car they would probably either end up in here of already been through.

"Shit" she said to herself backing slowly away from the window and pulling her bowie knife from her thigh.

She could tell already that things weren't as she left them the last time she was in here but that could have been walkers but then she froze. There was someone, two people in the back of the shop. They were talking in hushed tones, fast, panting. She grinned to herself and shock her head.

"Surely not" she thought, but then it would explain why they hadn't heard her come in. She moved slowly and quietly through the shop to the counter where the panting got louder, she shook her head slowly and grinned. She stood slowly up and gazed over the counter to see a man on top of a woman, thrusting slowly. The woman's eyes were shut as she moved in time with the man.

"well now" Andi grinned startling the pair who screamed and scrabbled trying to grab anything they could use to cover their modesty.

"Ok ok shhhh" she almost laughed but was aware that the noise would be attracting the walkers outside.

"Who are you?" the man asked realising the same thing "what are you doing here?" he whispered.

"What am I doing here?" Andi asked coming around the counter "Your rooting in my store, I could ask you the same question."

"Glenn" said the man after a pause "this is Maggie. We came for supplies."

"Huh" smiled the woman. She was tall with jet black hair pulled loosely back, piercing green eyes but it was the weapons she had with her that terrified the pair. Guns and knives and that were only what they could see. She looked at them and then smiled "Andi, from a camp up the way been coming here for the last few weeks to get supplies. Never seen anyone else in or around here.. " she trailed off. There was a noise outside the back door.

"You got weapons?" she asked as they quickly and quietly pulled clothes on.

They both nodded Glenn grabbing an axe and Maggie pulled out a gun.

Andi looked at her and shook her head "you shoot that and every walker around here is going to come running" Andi whispered handing her the bowie knife. "Stay low and quiet" she whispered again moving to the back door slowly standing to look out of the small window. "Shit" she said sliding down and back to the pair.

"Back is to crowded we will never make it out of there" she said "That your car out the front?"

Glenn nodded

"Right we go out the front, make for the car" she stood up suddenly as a walker tried to come in the front door. She moved quickly, pulling two large machetes from holders in her back. She moved almost cat like to the walker just outside the door taking him down with one strike

"Come on" she shouted "I don't got keys"

Maggie and Glenn clambered after her as she cut her way through the ten or so walkers in front of her making it to the car at the same time as Maggie and Glenn made it to the car. They all jumped in and closed the doors as the walkers descended around the car.

"Ok, go" Andi said calmly wiping her blades.

"Go? " Glenn asked "but the walkers"

"What you're scared you're gonna hurt them" Andi laughed "there dead, run 'em over or they will destroy the car. "

Maggie nodded.

"Or us" Andi muttered under her breath.

"Where are you camped? " Maggie turned to ask Andi.

"Not far, just go up the road you can drop me there, you can't really get to it by car. "

"Will you be ok? " Glenn asked and swiftly regretted it. Of course she was going to be ok, the woman was a machine. Like Michone back at their own camp, she had a cool and calm exterior.

Andi smiled "thanks for your concern but yeah, I'll be fine, just here is good" she paused before opening the door "next time guys you wanna get down, maybe find somewhere a little more secure" and with that she was out of the car and walking down the embankment. Glenn was about to drive away when Maggie said "Glenn stop, something's wrong. "

Glenn stopped the car and looked over and saw Andi frozen in spot pulling her rifle round from her back. They could hear gunfire.

"What do we do? " Maggie asked

"Help" said Glenn grabbing his gun from the side pocket of the car "we owe her our lives, you stay ok. Walkers can't use guns." He kissed her on the cheek and slid out of the car.

Andi had heard gunfire, froze and crouched down. She knew that if the camp was being taken there would be nothing she could do but wait. She heard a noise behind her, it was Glenn.

"Down" she whispered "it's my camp" she said quietly.

"Is there anything we can do? " Glenn asked kneeling next to her.

"No" she said her eyes fixed at the area that the gunfire was coming from "there's to many for us, we will just join them" she paused "hopefully some got out before it started."

The gunfire slowed down and finally stopped. "You better tell your girlfriend to either move that car off the road and hide or get out and hide down here with us" Andi said checking the rounds in her gun "this is the only road in or out so they might come down here."

Glenn ran back to the car and came back with Maggie in tow.

"Wouldn't that gunfire have bought the walkers?" Maggie asked kneeling down. Andi nodded "I gotta go in and get something's before I can leave here"

"Like what?" Glenn asked

Andi turned and looked at them both "You guys don't need to be here, you don't need to come with me, I got this. Hidden in that camp is over 1000 rounds of amo and 20 different kinds of guns. When we left base we cleaned out what we could, used what we could. What we couldn't we hide in case something like this happened they wouldn't get the extra firepower."

Glenn nodded "understood, but to be honest, i feel safer here with you that out there" Maggie nodded in agreement "if all those extra walkers are going to be heading this way you're going to need some help."

Andi knew he was right, with that amount of noise they had about ten minutes before the town walkers made their way towards them, she only needed five to get the guns and amo but she needed look outs in case of the walkers or even if the bandits came back again.

"Ok" she finally said "but we do it my way and we do it quick. If we get split up we meet back here, load the car and go. In the camp there are two blue tents, Maggie, in there is supplies, see if there is anything to be saved from there. Glenn you're look out, you see or hear anything you tell me, get Maggie and you run. Ok. Don't worry about me if that happens. Got it?"

Glenn and Maggie nodded and followed Andi through the trees. In a clearing was the camp. Bodies with headshots fallen around the camp. Maggie saw the tents and went straight to them. The place had been emptied apart from a few survival packs which she grabbed into her bag and some water. Other than that there was nothing. She ran back over to Glenn "they cleaned the place out good" she puffed "where'd she go?"

Glenn motioned over to another tent which she had up rooted and was pulling the guns and amo out from a hole in the ground. She turned and motioned for Maggie to come and help.

"Take the amo and go" she said. She could see the walkers in the tree lines and knew she had seconds before they could get out without being seen.

She grabbed the guns she could and followed the pair out of the camp and back towards the road.

"Well" she said handing then most of the guns and grabbing some amo "it's been fun." Before turning and starting to walk down the road.

"Where are you going?" Glenn called after her.

"Got no camp now" she said turning "gonna find somewhere to hole up while work out my options."

"Come back with us" Maggie said "at least until you know what you want to do, my pa would like to thank you for saving our asses back there."

Andi stopped. She was tired, they were in a prison that would be secure, maybe she could get a good night's sleep for once instead of splitting a night watch between three people.

"How do you know they'll let me stay?" She asked walking back "they don't know me, don't owe me nothing."

"No you don't but if we say you can stay they'll let you" Maggie said.

"Ok, would be good to sleep with w roof over my head for once."

"And in a bed" Glenn said opening the boot of the car.

"Yeah that was well" she sighed.