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Chapter 58 - Alternative Ending

Andi tried to haul herself up but slipped in the pool of her own blood "oh shit, oh shit" she repeated, clawing at the top of her trousers to get a look at the wound.

"Hey hey" Daryl tried to calm her, taking her head in his hands and stopping her from moving any more "stop, let me check it, then we can work out what we need to do."

Andi nodded and took a deep breath in, laying herself back down on the cold concrete of the roof.

Daryl pulled her trousers down, just far enough to reveal the entrance of the wound, he bit his lip, glancing up to see how she was doing. Andi had laid her head down and covered her face from the sun with her forearm, Daryl put his hand under her, trying to work out the direction that the bullet might have taken and hoped like hell that it had come out clean.

"Yes" he sighed almost, with a grin "I think it went straight through, do ya think ya can sit up?"

Andi put her hands behind her and pushed herself into a sitting position "quick quick" she said pulling at Daryl's shoulders as her lifted her off the ground. "Ah shit" she mumbled trying to get her footing on the ground and leaning into Daryl "Where to now?" she asked "It hurts to sit so wherever I'm goin' it needs to be somewhere I can either lay down or lean."

Daryl looked around the roof top and almost dropped Andi when he heard the door opening.

"What's happened up here?" Tyreese's huge frame filled the doorway, his eyes widening at the pool of blood a the feet of Andi and Daryl.

Andi had one hand on her butt, stemming the exit wounds blood flow while Daryl had his hand over the entrance of the wound at her hip.

"Andi got shot" Daryl mumbled, motioning with his head to the man with the bolt through his eye, Michonne pushed past the man and over to Andi.

"You ok?" She asked desperately.

Andi nodded with a grin "yeah, Daryl said its a clean wound, in an' out, easy. I just gotta get the wound closed and clean" she paused and looked up at Daryl "then it's a waiting game."

"What happened down there?" Daryl mumbled, helping Andi to lean out of the sun "someone get shot?"

Michonne nodded "Carl" she said kneeling down and looking at Andi's wound "Maggie and Beth are lookin' after him, Rick's coming round."

"It's about time" Andi said watching as Michonne and Daryl tried to work out how to close the wound up, she looked out over the top of the roof and out to the town. "The court house had a medical bay" she said "could probably stitch it up there."

Daryl and Michonne looked at each and nodded as Rick appeared at the door "we need to get back in there to get our weapons anyway" he said clutching the doorway. He was awake and aware of his surrounding even though he was still a little groggy. "We can stitch you up over there at the same time."

"Do you think you can make it over there?" Daryl asked her.

Andi looked at him and shook her head "of course, I haven't lost a leg, I can hop."

"Or you can just lean on us" Michonne said taking her arm and putting it over her shoulders "we can get Carl cleaned up as well, make sure his wound is clean as well."

"One thing though" Andi stopped suddenly which almost made Daryl and Michonne fall over with the momentum "I tied up that bitch in the med room, she could still be in there and I'd say by now she is awake."

"Ok" Rick said by the door, he was looking much healthier now, being in the cool air seemed to wake him up completely "Michonne, Ty and I will go over and check it out, we'll signal you that it's ok to come over. I don't want anyone spending more time than needed out in the open down there."

The group all nodded in agreement, "Ty" Andi said, taking his arm as her walked past them "take this" handing him one of her machetes "just in case you need a back to that crow bar."

Andi and Daryl made their way back to the edge of the roof to watch the three members run quickly across the street, they were all pretty sure that there were no more cannibals in the town as they would have come out at the sound of the shooting earlier. But that wasn't to say that they are just out on a run at the moment, Rick also noticed that there were a few more walkers entering the town and hoped like hell that a herd was not making their way towards them thanks to the gunfire.

"We sweep in each room" Rick said, his hand on the doorhandle to the courthouse "Ty you're the lockout while we go in each room and check for supplies."

Ty nodded and followed the pair into the courthouse after one final look up at the rooftop where he could make out the silhouettes of Andi and Daryl in the skyline.

Andi and Daryl watched them disappear "you sure you're ok?" Daryl asked her, still watching the road where there were a dozen walkers making their way slowly up through the town.

Andi nodded "yeah, I'll live" she smiled "promise."

"You think you're gonna make it across the road ok?" He turned to her, now concerned "with the walkers coming, there are a few."

"Daryl" Andi said turning to face him "I'm not dead, I'm not crippled, just a little slower but I can still move, I got this" she held up one machete "and this" holding up her bowie knife. "Plus" she said leaning in to him and whispering "I got you."

Daryl had to look away from her again, to hide the fact he was blushing, he was still not used to the fact, even after so long, that people actually reply on him, talk to him, like him, let alone want to be with him.

Andi grinned to herself, she thought that Daryl would have gone with Rick and the team back to the court house and was surprised and happy that he stayed on the roof top with her. She looked out over the street below and would have been lying if the sight of the walkers now below her didn't make her feel slightly uneasy as she put more pressure on the wound at her thigh. She was being stubborn and not wholly truthful, she was worried about making the run across the street with the walkers around her, but not for herself, for the other members of the group that would have put their lives at risk to make sure she got across safely.

They both looked up as Tyreese appeared in the doorway of the courthouse and signalled for them to come over.

"You guys go first, take Carl with you" Daryl said, putting a bolt into his crossbow "we'll watch from up here, take out any that we can" he said passing the rifle that the cannibal had used to shoot them with to Andi "you're best with that" he grinned.

They both watched as Carl, Maggie and Beth made their way quickly across the road with Maggie only needing to take out two of the walkers in doing so.

"You ready?" Daryl asked taking hold of Andi's arm to help her walk down the stairs.

"Let me see how much movement I have" she let go of Daryl and walked a few steps, turning around to him with a smile "It's not to bad actually, hurts, but I can walk on it."

"Ok, lets get moving before any more walkers come" Daryl took her arm again, leading her to the door "you go first, I'll be right behind you, ok?"

Andi nodded and pulled out her machete and bowie knife, taking a deep breathe she silently snuck out of the shop and hugged the wall, not wanting to draw any attention to either herself or Daryl. She felt Daryl behind and moved as quickly as she could to a stationary car in the middle of the road that offered some shelter.

"I think we're ok" Daryl whispered into her ear, the walkers moving slowly past them, unaware that they were even there "ready?" he asked, Andi nodded and stood up slowly, leaning against the car. She saw that Rick and Michonne had come out to the road and would meet them half way, Michonne taking down a couple of walkers that looked like they were coming in their direction.

Andi hobbled the last few steps, falling into Ricks arms, with Daryl grabbing one arm and Rick the other, they managed to get into the courthouse without any more problems.

"This place is a gold mine" Rick said as Michonne secured the door behind them "medical supplies, food..."

"Just don't eat the meat" Andi mumbled as they made their way down the hall to the medical bay, she stopped when she saw the dead body of the woman on the floor, still tied up.

"Yeah, we found the room" Michonne said stepping over the woman "there was a walker in here, took her out before we got here, took the walker out and now the place is clear" she paused for a moment, images of the blood filled room, the corpse on the table "that room though."

"Yeah" Andi winced as she climbed up onto the gurney, Daryl lifting her legs up "I was hiding under that table."

Michonne's eyes widened "that, is disgusting" she said turning and walking out of the room "I'll take care of Carl" she said grabbing some supplies as she went.

Rick looked down at Andi "you're gonna have to loose the trousers" he said trying to look at the entrance wound "are you sure it went all the way through?"

Andi nodded and looked up at Daryl, who nodded in agreement "she wouldn't be able to move, let alone make that trip across the road if it was still in there" he mumbled.

"You'll have to take my boots off to get the pants off" Andi told Daryl who just nodded and go to work on her boots. She grinned, she knew that this would be making him so uncomfortable but he would feel the obligation to stay, she had no problems with Rick seeing her and between the pair of them they should be able to stitch her up nicely. She laid back on the gurney, Rick gave her a piece of cloth to bite down on and both men got to work on cleaning and closing the wounds.

It didn't take Rick long to clean and cover both the entrance and exit wounds and before long Andi was back standing and being helped by Daryl to the main room where the rest of the group was sitting.

Rick went straight to Carl "you ok?"

Carl nodded "yeah, just a scratch Dad. Andi ok?"

"I'm fine, broke my leg worse than this a few years ago" Andi smiled, lowering herself onto the judges chair that had pillows piled onto it "this is nothing compared to that believe me."

The group sat in silence, some eating from the cans of fruit they had found, others just sitting quietly, reflecting on the events of the last few weeks. This was essentially the first time they had had a moment to really sit down and think.

"We need to think about what we're going to do next" Rick said through the silence "do we follow those tracks? Or stay here maybe?"

"I say the tracks, I saw signs when I was looking around before, they were pointing towards a place called, Terminus, said there was sanctuary there" Michonne said from the window where she was watching the road.

"Where did you see this?" Maggie sat up "do you think the others would have gone there?"

"Sasha maybe?" Ty said quietly from the corner of the room, hoping that his sister was still alive, but the hope was fading and fading fast.

Michonne shrugged "the walkers are just going through the town, by morning I reckon we will be able to move" she looked over to Andi "do you think you will be able to?"

Andi looked at Daryl then back to Michonne, nodding "yeah, should be fine, we can take supplies with us, any other weaponry we can find, good plan" she said "especially if this place, this Terminus is safe, I think its worth checking it out."

Rick looked down at his son "first light, Michonne, show me the map, if its not to far from here maybe we can split the group, scout ahead, make sure its ok."

"I can go" Carl piped up.

Rick smiled "just wait, it might be too far to split the group, for now get some rest, I think this place is secure enough, first time in a long time we can get some real sleep."

"I'll keep watch" Michonne said looking over at Andi, the injured woman had fallen asleep with her head resting on Daryl's lap, his arm was resting protectively across her back. Michonne smiled to herself, then watched each member of the group quickly succumb to tiredness.

Rick and Michonne were up and ready to go at first light as planned and they made their way to the spot that Michonne had seen the sign, returning with good news.

"It's close" Rick said to the group "and easy to get to, I think if we take a small group of us we could make it just after noon."

"You should go" Andi said to Daryl "you're like a caged animal in here, I'll hold fort here, if it turns to shit there, make it back here, at least you will know it's safe."

Daryl frowned "are you sure?"

Andi nodded "yeah, go, I'll go through this place with a fine tooth comb, make sure we got everything."

"I'll stay to" Beth said standing up "and help you look."

"And me" Ty chimed in this time "you may need some muscle, plus there were a few shops I wanted to have a look in and see if there are any more supplies we can grab."

"What if Sasha's at Terminus?" Maggie asked, gathering a few supplies into a bag, she needed to find Glenn and she hoped that her husband was at this place.

"You tell her where I am" Ty smiled "and that I'll find her."

"Ok" Rick said standing and pulling the backpack over his shoulders and checking his Python's chamber "are you guys sure you will be ok?"

Andi stood up, stiff from sleeping on the chair "yeah, we'll be fine, we'll give you two days, if we haven't heard back from you or if anything happens we'll just follow the tracks to find you."

She turned to Daryl "be careful" she smiled, squeezing his hand tightly. She was never one for being overly romantic, especially in public so she just kissed him gently and quickly on the cheek.

"You to" he said staring deep into her eyes "I've nearly lost you a few times in the last couple months, I don't want this to be the last time I see you."

Andi smiled and touched her hand to his cheek, leaning into to his ear "it wont be, I promise I wont lose you." She then reached behind her neck, undid the clasp and took off her necklace "I want these back" she smiled, handing him the chain that she had kept her wedding bands on, she shrugged "they are the most precious thing I have, so we have to find each other so you can give them back to me."

Daryl nodded with a small smile, turned and walked from the room, clutching the chain tightly in his hand, not wanting to look back because if he did he might not leave.

Andi, Ty and Beth made the most of the time they had at the courthouse, Ty went roaming around the town managing to find a few good items that could be used for camping and Andi and Beth had gathered all of the food, medical and armour supplies to the main room.

"It's two days tomorrow" Beth said to Andi as they looked at the pile of goods "someone should have come get us by now."

Andi bit her lip and nodded "I know" she said turning as Ty came back from another search, this time empty handed.

"We'll make a move in the morning" she said, Ty nodded "I'll keep watch tonight" she said sitting on the ledge that Michonne had been not two nights earlier.

The next morning the three remaining group members made their way to the tracks, as they were walking along the road that lead to the tracks they heard the sound of a car approaching. Andi and Ty exchanged quick looks with Andi grabbing Beth and diving down an alley, and Ty running across the street and into a shop.

"Do you think they are friendlies?" Beth asked, crouching behind Andi.

"No idea, but given we have lost the rest of our group I'm not taking any chances" Andi whispered, she was sure she had herd two car engines but only one was coming up the street "shit" she muttered "we need to get under more cover."

She turned as the car speed off, leaving the smell of burning rubber and dust behind, she leaned back expecting to feel Beth behind her but was surprised that she couldn't even her the girl breathing.

"Oh shit" Andi turned just in time to see a struggling and gagged Beth being dragged into a black sedan, she turned and tried to run down the alley but screamed in pain as she felt a few of the stitches that Rick had done on her hip popped out.

She clutched her hip and tried to run again but fell to the ground "Beth!"

Tyreese had seen Andi twisting around and try to run, and as soon as the other car had sped off he ran to the alley, only to find Andi lying in a heap on the concrete calling out to Beth.

"Where is she?" he asked, ready to run.

"Some asshole in a black car fucking took her" Andi pulled herself up "I didn't even realise, I didn't hear a thing over that fucking burnout."

Ty ran to the end of the alley, retuning slowly "nothing, I ain't no tracker either."

"No neither am I" Andi said leaning on the big man "but we know a man who is" she said gripping her machete tightly as they emerged from the alley back onto the road.

"We should get you stitched back up" Ty protested as Andi guided him towards the train tracks instead of the court house.

"No, we've waited long enough" she looked up at him "let's go get our family back."

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