Mycroft's phone buzzed harshly in his pocket. He frowned and pulled out.



Mycroft pulled the phone away from his ear for a moment and sighed before he set it back against his head.

"Hello to you too, brother. What is troubling-"

"WHAT'S TROUBLING ME?! You idiot! You sent Lestrade to my home."

"Last time I was in you had a bag of heroin in the flower pot."

"It's been long gone Mycroft! Long gone! He's ruining everything! My apartment is in shambles. There are MONTHS worth of experiments that are gone. THEY ARE RUINED! All because of you!"

"So you're not denying the heroin then?"

"Don't be stupid. I knew you saw it. Helen Keller could have deduced that much by the look on your face. I used it and haven't bought anymo- ANDERSON! DON'T TOUCH THAT SKULL!"

Mycroft waited for a moment, until his brother finished telling off Anderson, before he began to speak.

"I warned you the last time that I would inform DI Lestrade if I saw any more of that rubbish around your house."

"God, I can hear your fat jiggling over the phone! You always threaten, Mycroft!"

"This time I made good. Now, I am very busy. The detectives are doing their duty to the Crown. Try not to get arrested."

"I will get you back!"

Mycroft hung up the phone before, Sherlock even had the chance to finish his threat.

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