You are the moon in the season of shadowlight;
You are the fruit of the candlewood tree;
You are the pfenix in circles of flight;
You are the mythical sea.

- Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

There was once a time when people loved the sea. I know, because my mother's told me stories about it; whispered recollections in hushed tones as she tucked me into bed as a child. She probably thought I either didn't hear her or wouldn't remember, but I do. I remember her telling me how people would swim in the ocean; sunbathe on its shores; swim; fish; surf- their daily routines guided by the constant rhythms of its tides and waves. It was like the water was what connected them to the earth; made them feel part of it; made them feel alive. It replenished them, never asking for anything in return.

But then, several years before I was born, everything changed. A terrible summer storm, a hurricane, rolled down the entire West Coast, tearing the Pacific Ocean apart. It churned the water, hurling creatures from its depths that the people had only ever heard myths about, and so had chalked their existence up to the stuff of mere legends and fairy tales. But this new proof of the creatures' reality, coupled with their strange resemblance to our kind- this threw the entire society off its axis. Some wanted the creatures exterminated, and all mention of them wiped from our histories, like they were nothing more than a bad dream to be woken up from. However, in a land known for its embrace of freedom, for its love of tolerance and goodness, such a solution was unconscionable. Instead, the government came up with a different plan: leave them be in their realm, and resign ourselves to our own. "The Divide", they called it. It was better this way, they said- better to simply ignore what we didn't understand and try to go on with life like nothing had happened. No one was to be allowed near the water anymore. The beaches were fenced off, their gates locked, all waterways that lead to the sea kept under a watchful eye. The Divide served its purpose of separation, but not without a cost. The people weren't used to being hemmed in on land; it was such a deviation from the norm that many of them left. Their connection with the earth was lost, and since the sea no longer had anything to offer them, they just didn't see the point in staying.

Locked fences with barbed wire and electric currents. Guarded rivers and streams. A city so near the water that you can smell the salt in the air, and yet are forbidden to venture to its source. These things are the only life I've known: nothing but solid ground and places I'm not allowed to go.

Author's Note

So, I've decided to try my hand at an AU. They always seemed so interesting to me, and I've been wanting to write one for awhile, so here we are! :) I've been planning this one for a bit, ever since I went a little overboard watching H2O: Just Add Water over spring break, and I finally decided to get started posting it. It's Mermaid!Jade, with some Bade, because they are my flawless OTP. Oh, and this is my first AU ever, so reviews would be appreciated! (Also, if you like this, you might want to go check out "Delirium", my other Bade story. :D)