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The first 2 chapters of this story is the prologue they are kinda slow just introducing the team and end of each of the prologue chapter if I changed any character it will be explained there.

So let it begin.


Titan Initiative

Prologue: The first 3

Doom Patrol Head Quarters

"Steve he needs to be with people his own age." Rita Farr said "especially with whatever the Brain did to him."

"Rita, he is in a medically induced coma so he can heal." Steve Dayton respond back "Whatever that green chemical was, it chemical properties are harmless to normal humans."

"Garfield isn't a normal human Steve, he is our special boy." Rita said back angrily to her husband.

"Rita, I know that that's why I sent a copy of the test to J'onn, he will help us anyway he can." He said to Rita.


"Speak of the devil Rita that must be J'onn." Steve said answering the alarm. "Oh no!"

"What's wrong with our boy?" Rita asked sadly.

"The chemical is going to cause his powers to evolve, more primal J'onn suspects." Steve said reading the message. "Whatever the Brain did his animal DNA is trying to over write his human DNA, before the chemical exposure the 2 DNAs were in balance, J'onn thinks he can help."

"So we send him to league and we get are boy back." Rita said.

"Eventually Rita, J'onn would like to monitor him afterwards." He said. "He is putting Garfield into their Titan Initiative program."


"I think it is time you think about becoming Dick Grayson college student." Batman said angrily.[1]

"Well screw you Bruce, I think it is time I left you and joined the league!" Robin responded.

"No to join the league a member must back you, and be at least 19 years old." Batman responded knowingly. "However, you may be able to join the Titan Initiative that Superman put forth."

The traffic light dressed Boy Wonder just grinned, happy to be free of the Bat shadow.


Themyscira, Same time.

"Jon-el, where are you?" a man dressed in blue with a red cape asked. The man was floating with his wife dressed in a red corset with 2 interlocked W's on it and blue pants and boots.[2]

"Father, Mother over here." The young boy about 15 said happily. He floated over towards his parents. "I was just watching sister spare with Aunt Cassie, she was winning too."

"My son, your father and I have a question for you." The woman known as Diana of Themyscira or Wonder Woman told her son.

"Really what is it mother?" the boy's growing excitement at what his parents wanted to ask.

"Well Jon, we were wondering if you would like to join the leagues junior division." Clark Kent or better known as Superman asked his son.

"Really, ME A SUPERHERO!" the 15 year old boy could barely contain his excitement. "Lara is going to be so jealous, sweet.

"Jonathan Kent of Themyscira!" his mother scolded. "Your sister is only 12, she will join when she your age, so do not rub it in because you haven't been trained as an amazon."

"Yes mother." The boy responded dejectedly

"Now son the most important thing of being superhero is the name, what do you want to be called and dear old dad will get it published by your Aunt Lois." Superman said. "You could become the new Superboy in honor of your late Uncle Conner."[3]

"Dad I don't think Aunt Cassie would like that, it has only been a year dad." Jon said sadly "Maybe I should call myself Wonderboy, but maybe Aunt Cassie will let me be a Super, I don't know."

"Well son you have a month to decide on your name." his mother said proudly hearing the Wonderboy part.

"Why a month, I want be a hero now." They boy said disappointedly.

"There was a complication in one of the member of the Titan Initiative; he is being looked over by J'onn." Superman told his son. "J'onn thinks he will be healed in a month."

To be continued…


The first 3 members are set:

Garfield Logan

Alias: Beast Boy, Changeling

Age: 16

Powers/ Abilities: Shape-Shifting ( animals and other humanoids), Animal Speech, Enhanced senses, Enhanced natural abilities (strength, speed, and stamina; Alteration by the Brain)

Appearance: Athletic Build, 6 ft tall, Green Skin (not Red seriously), Spiked hair with side burns (Young Justice cartoon look), nails on hands are claws; Costume: Gloves, Doom patrol purple shorts, no shirt or shoes, black bands on each wrist and ankle. (The look is for a more feral looking BB, to imagine what he looks like look up Lagoon boy for the costume and BB from the Young Justice cartoon).

Richard "Dick" Grayson

Alias: Robin

Age: 17

Powers/abilities: Martial arts master, Amazing agility, Supreme Douche tendency.

Appearance: Traffic light with spiky black hair and mask.

Jon-El of Themyscira/ Jonathan Kent

Age: 15

Powers/Abilites: Super Speed, Super Strength, Flight, Heat and X-ray vision, Telekinesis, enhanced hearing. No weakness to kryptonite; still weakened by red sun and magic.

Appearance: A slimmer build then Young Justice Super boy, A younger looking Superman; Costume black t-shirt with a red S on the front and 2 gold interlocked W's on the back, blue jeans.


2) Costume from the failed Wonder Woman TV show, more conservative for a mother

3) Conner Kent dies during Infinite Crisis story line, Killed by Superboy Prime.

Like I said I am taking liberties with everything using characters from DC and involved with Teen Titans and Young Justice.

Part 2 of the prologue an escape for 2 and 1 more character makes an appearance, who shall lead this bunch of Teen heroes?

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