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The moment you have all been waiting for

Chapter 1: The GO event!

Jump Tower, Jump City, 30 minutes before the EVENT

Cyborg and Changeling walked towards the tower training room. The green teenager as he walked was measuring himself against Cyborg with his hand from the top his head to Cyborg's. Over the month since Changeling awoke he has grown from 5'4 to 6' ft. tall, thinking he has grown another inch he wants to see is taller the cyber teen. Cyborg wasn't unaware of what the green teen was doing and when the teen brought the hand back to Cyborg's head, Cyborg raised his knee joints to mess with the shape-shifter.

"Dude why, aren't I taller then you by now?" the green teen whined.

"Because I am 19 and you are only 16, I have three more years to grow then you Grass stain" Cyborg chided back.

Over the past month the two have bonded over video games and pizza. The two young heroes reached their destination and the training room doors opened up. The shape-shifter walked to the treadmill and Cyborg walked to the front of it.

"Alright Gar time for your last stress test, one more test should be able to how your body is adapting to the changes" Cyborg said calibrating his scanners. "OK we need to see your normal form and then your transformation speed, last clocked in at 11 seconds."

"What is my fastest sprint" Gar asked.

"30 mph in human form, your 3 mph over the 27 mph set by Usain Bolt, the fastest non-meta human speed" Cyborg said back to Garfield.

"Let's try for 50" Gar said cocky.

Changeling started his run at a full sprint, the full 100 meter clocked in 45 mph. The pair then moved over to the bench press, this press is not your everyday press it increases every rep by 100 lbs. The shifter's human form tapped out at 400 lbs.

"Now lets check your transformation speed" Cyborg said. "The rapid succession of transformation usually puts massive stress on your body before the change, now not so much but to be safe."

"Better be safe than sorry, I always feel fine after transforming though." Garfield said. "No don't bore me with the details again Cy."

The duo were about to begin the next set of tests when the towers alarm system went off. The green teen was startled by the alarm.

"What is that noise" Changeling asked.

"That is the city alert alarm, the city must be in trouble" Cyborg stated.

"What is the alert for" Gar wondered

"Meteor impact in about 30 seconds, Downtown Jump City" Cyborg said. "Possibility of building fires and civilians in need of rescue, I am going to have to call in the league I can't handle this alone."

"You are not alone, I'm here" Gar said.

"You aren't cleared for duty."

"Then clear me, I can help" Gar said.

"Fine Grass stain but you better take it easy or I'm whooping you butt" Cyborg sad. "Let's get in the car."

"Naw I got this, I'm faster than any car you might have" Gar said transforming into a falcon and flying out the nearest window.

"Damn that grass stain, I told him to take it easy but no he has to be difficult" Cyborg said running to the car of his own design.

Pacific Ocean, West of Jump City 30 minutes before Event

A boy with dark black hair wearing a black leather jacket with a red embossed S-shield on the back. The jacket was opened revealing a blue shirt with a golden W on the front of it. The costume was finished of by red pants and black boots.[1] The boy stopped in mid-flight and removed his sunglasses when he saw a giant fireball plunging to Earth.[2]

"This is so cool first day as a hero and I get to stop a meteor from impacting" Jon happily screamed. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO."[3]


A streak of white in the air following his sonic boom, could be seen for miles.

Jump City Bay, 10 minutes before Event

Two red headed teenage girls are sitting at an outside café. One teen was dressed in a white polo T-Shirt and a blue skirt. The second teen was dressed in black T-shirt with a purple bat on the shirt and a pair of blue jeans. The teens were waiting for a drink that the teen in white was unfamiliar with.

"This Megan is called a Frappuccino, it is amazing so please drink up" Barbara said. "Wasn't it nice of Bruce and your uncle sending us here earlier so we can have some girl time?"

"Yes it was, I am most fortunate to have you teach me the customs of this planet" M'gann said. "Is there any other Earth customs you can teach me before we have to be at the Jump Tower?"

"Hey M'gann we are the only girls on a team full of boys so we have to stick together" Barbara said. "We have about 2 hours before we have to get to the tower, we should go shoe shopping."

The girls' pleasant time was interrupted by a fireball streaking overhead and crashing into down town Jump City.

"Well looks like shoe shopping will have to wait, yes" M'gann asked. "Should we suit up as the saying goes?"

The other red headed teen nodded before beginning a run into the nearest ally way.

Northeast of Jump City, after Event impact

A boy with a yellow and black cape was driving on his R-cycle towards Jump city. Even though he was given the opportunity to be teleported by Watch tower he wanted to do it on his own so he has been driving a few days. This boy was mission focused and barely missed the fact of a fireball careening down to earth. The giant mushroom cloud was a big indicator that it did make impact.

*I have to get to the tower, so I can arrange an action plan because I am the best one to lead* the boy wonder thought. Robin then fired the thruster on his bike to go faster so he can assume leadership of the Titans. [4]

A 25 foot crater with a 30 foot diameter had a 15 foot tall piece of metal sticking up in the center. This metal piece looked a corner to a haul of a ship. A large black raven could be seen landing on the lip of the crater. As the raven's black energy dissipated revealing a girl in a cloak with purple hair. She stands looking over the craters lip searching for any signs of life, using her empathic powers to sense for the other girl. She began to meditate but was easily distracted by a green being dropping from the sky near her. Fearing it to be her captors she began readying a spell.

"Azarath…Mentrion…Zinth-" her spell began.

"Wow you're pretty" the green boy said starring dumbfounded at the purple haired girl.

This being the first time she has seen a boy her age especially one in his state of dress, she blushed and pulled up her hood turning away. The boys half-nakedness didn't help her emotional state after escaping imprisonment, caused a few street lights to pop. The green boy was in similar state, being a member of the Doom Patrol didn't leave a lot of time for a social life neither does being hospitalized for 3 weeks. This purple haired girl is by far a sight to be held by this young man.

*Did I say that out loud* the green boy wonder to himself.

*Did he just call me pretty* the purple haired teen wondered blushing.

"I'm Changefield….Garling….Changeling" Changeling said nervously.

"Raven" she said quickly without emotion.

"Miss. Do you need assistance" Changeling asked in his best superhero voice.

"I'm fine but I think my friend needs help, she hit the ground pretty hard in the crash" Raven said.

"Where is she" Changeling asked.

"In the crater I think, by the piece of metal" Raven said still scanning the crater.

"SHES IN THE CRATER" he screamed in surprise. "Did she cause it?"

"That is correct" she said in monotone at the dumbfounded boy.

Changeling started his slide down the crater, using his keen sense of smell and hearing trying to detect any life. He rounds the outside corner of the piece of haul and sees what looks like a shape of a body buried, he notices that striking red hair above the dirt and rubble. As he unearths the girl in purple and sliver armor with orange hair, he can't believe she survived the crash. As he picked the form of the girl up he listened for a heartbeat satisfied he found one, he cradled the girl to his chest and jumped out of the crater. As he landed a blue and white car pulls up, Cyborg gets out of the car. Changeling starts walking over towards Cyborg to have the girl checked over, when six pods land on the opposite side of the crater. From the pods emerge 5 lizard men clad in black armor and one very large lizard man in gold armor.

"Hand over the girls mammal and no harm will be fall you or Earth" Trogaar said reading his weapon.

"Cy, take the girl, I got this" Changeling said passing the unconscious girl over to his cybernetic friend.

"I told you to take it easy Grass stain, 7 ft tall lizard men is not TAKING it easy" Cyborg yelled.

"Dude don't worry I am the king of lizards" Changeling said shifting into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"RRAAWWRR" The giant dinosaur released a mighty roar.

Trogaar order 2 of his men to attack the great beast but they were quickly swiped away by the tail of the dinosaur. The two Gordanians went flying into a building. Trogaar became enraged by the great beast strength, he order his men that were still standing to fire on the dinosaur. Changeling transformed into a hummingbird and evaded the blasts taking to the sky. After being lost in the sun, a large shadow is cast over the Gordanians getting larger as it came closer. A humpback whale crashed down upon the Gordanians. Changeling transformed back in to human form.

"See I told you I had it" Changeling said cocky. "Now lets get these girls out of her-AHH"

Trogaar shot the shifter in the back with his stun rifle. The green hero dropped to a knee in pain. Cyborg ready both of his arm into sonic cannon mode. Changeling began glowing white as he moved to the other side behind Cyborg and Raven started to heal him. Cyborg blasted two of the closer Gordanians away from the group. Trogaar ordered all of his men to attack the group.

"WOOOO-HOOOOO" a loud excited scream rang out of above the group of heroes and enemies. A streak of black and red could be seen crashing into one of the Gordanians.

"See 6 on 2 is not fair, especially when one of them is injured" Wonderboy said floating between the Gordanians and the heroes. "Now how about you lizard folk pick up your friend and leave, this is your only warning."

"HAHAHA, kill them and bring me the prisoners" Trogaar said unamused by the floating teenager.


Two black bat shaped objects embedded themselves into the armor of two Gordanians and exploded. A third Gordanian began floating and slammed into the ground than a wall. Batgirl and Miss Martian flanked the sides of Cyborg.

"Boo-yah now our odds have improved to winning" Cyborg said see the two girls appear and Changeling standing back up with a battle ready Raven.

"We are battle tested Gordanians, you have no hope of winning Earthlings" Trogaar said laughing

"I only got one thing to say to you lizard man" Changeling said. "Titans GO!" [5]

The young super heroes and Gordanians began to fight. Changeling immediately went after the head of the snake by attacking Trogaar. He slammed into him as a rhino then shifted into a gorilla grabbing Trogaar and throwing him into a wall. A Gordanian blindsided Changeling with a tail whip, knocking him towards a building but Changeling was incased in black energy before impact. A Gordanian than went after Raven, who ran down an ally when Trogaar recovered and joined his soldier.

Changeling took off in pursuit to assist Raven against the two Gordanians. At the end of the ally Raven erected a shield between herself and the firing Gordanians. Changeling transformed into a bull and charged the Gordanians, slamming into the one in black armor. As he went to shift and get Trogaar, the Gordanian captain smashed Changeling with his weapon to the ribs. Raven dropped her shield to attack but Trogaar knocked her unconscious with his clubbed tail. Changeling in his human form rushed Trogaar but the big lizard was prepared for the human trying to assist the female.

Trogaar pinned Changeling against a wall by his throat using his forearm and put his massive weight behind it. The other Gordanian got up and staggered towards his captain. The captain growled at the solider signaling him to get the prisoner. Changeling continued struggling and watched at the lizard man stalked towards the unconscious Raven. Desperate to fight off blacking out and save Raven he tried unsuccessfully to transform. The green teen began to lose focus and everything started to dark but before he blacked out completely his eyes went white. A loud howl could be heard throughout the entire city.[6]

To be continued….

Chapter One is officially over:

1] Wonderboy new appearance looks exactly like the first appearance of Superboy before the more accustom look of black shirt and red shield version.

2] my original concept off Wonderboy was exceptionally over powered so he has been depowered. So his new power are such from his father Superman: Invulnerability, Strength, Frost breath, Super speed: Mother Wonder Woman flight, strength, ability to talk to animals, and battle tactics. I have also decided that other kryptonian ability to be add in comedic fashion especially heat and x-ray vision.

3] he is a 15 year old boy who wants to be like his parents so he is super excited to do that. He has Amazon battle training and his father upbringing. When it comes to fighting he more his mother then father in the fact he won't give up and will cut loose to save everyone.

4] Robin has always been assumed leader even though most of the show and comic he fight by himself and the team is a means to end. I will not paint him in good light he will be good guy but he will be the quintessential Robin everything is about the mission and the team is a means to end. ForceisStrongWithyou thank you for the inspiration of this Robin.

5] that's right Changeling is the Leader of the Team the first to say Go!

6] The beast will not be seen for a few more chapters but he is more like the Hulk of marvel comics then anything, he is Changeling's emotional state: stress, anger, desperation, and survival. The beast hasn't awaken completely, after a few more transformations out of above emotions until the beast is awake and clawing his way to the surface

Character Profile:


Age: 16

Powers/Abilities: Demon Magic, White Magic, Full emotional control (not emotionally stunted, but when surprised things pop like when Changeling called her pretty)

Appearance: Typical Raven 5'1"in height. Costume: instead of full sleeves she has no sleeve's and wears bracers on each arm, same cloak and leotard, elf boots and belt. Her costume will get more revealing after being Earth and listening to Barbara on how to entice Changeling.

Authors note: Barbara is going to be the ones to acclimate the Girls to earth. Starfire, M'gann, and Raven are either from another planet (or dimension in comics and TV shows Raven) so they have no way to accustom to earth yet Raven is painted that way. So Raven may know the language but she was rasied by monks who do not live on earth so she has no idea about customs besides what she has read in books.

What I have plan is teenage hijinks, HIVE, Legion of Doom, Joker, Red Hood, Red Arrow, Darkseid, Trigon, Slade.

Ok next chapter Starefire Awakens…..Jon can't stops burning things.

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