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Ok for this chapter 3 things will be set up, first the whole team being together and the appearance of all the live in teachers. Second formation of relationships and friendships. Finally why super villains that are famous for fighting big names like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other Justice League members are fighting a bunch of kids in a random west coast city that was never explained in Teen Titans show, like why would someone namely Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson be fighting kids when he can single handedly take out Superman and Batman. It's a WTF moment, did one them take a dump in his cheerios like thing.

Now on to my first bit of teenage humor in Chapter 2.

"Human Speech"


"alien speech" [italics will be used for another language(s) outside of English, gibberish, slang, anything I don't feel the need to translate to or from]

Chapter 2 Jon quit burning things….Starfire will you put some cloths on!

"Miss Martian with me, Batgirl and Wonderboy stay here and guard them" Cyborg ordered. "The League will be here in a few moments to round these four up."

"Where are we going Cyborg" Miss Martian wondered?

"To find Changeling, the girl in the cloak, and whatever that howl was." He responded back. "I hope that grass stain isn't dead."

Cyborg and Miss Martian started down the alley that the shape-shifter ran down. The alley way lead them to a destroyed street. The black armor of the Gordanian soldier was littered around the street, among the destroyed cars. The broken body of the soldier was found atop of a smashed Smart car. The gold of armor of Gordanian captain led the pair to a destroyed front of restaurant. They entered the restaurant, they found it completely destroyed, every table and chair, the entrance to kitchen, and Trogaar was embedded in one of the walls of the kitchen.

As they entered the destroyed kitchen in the far wall Trogaar, armor completely destroyed. To their right was Raven, stroking the head of Changeling her cloak covering his lower half.

"What happened here" Cyborg asked.

"I don't know, I woke up and found all this" Raven said "He won from the looks of it but I found unconscious and naked, I covered him up with my cloak."

"M'gann, can you levitate him back to the others" Cyborg asked.

"No I got him, I can transport him" Raven said disappearing into the ground in a black portal.

"Well I'll be damn" Cyborg said amazed at the sight. "Lets go back to the others, M'gann your uncle and 2 other leaguers will be here wrap up these lizards, can you levitate these lizards to the rest."

Miss Martian ripped Trogaar out of the wall and picked up Cyborg as well as the downed Gordanian soldier. Cyborg felt humiliated being carried by Miss Martian powers but at least the flight was relatively short. As they arrived back to the others Changeling was standing wrapped in a sliver hazard blanket instead of Ravens cloak even though she was not wearing. Raven was busy checking over the unconscious girl.

"Grass Stain what the hell happened" Cyborg asked. "And did I not tell you to keep it fucking easy."

"Dude Cy, I don't have a clue" Changeling said back. "All I remember is being pinned by the big gold one, and then nothing bam blacked out."

"Ok Gar, next time better yet there better bot be a next time, you feel me" Cyborg said. "As the resident medical officer of the tower I can bench you until I see fit."

"Dude harsh, like I said I had it at first, and you guys had my back" the changeling said. "Believe me I wanna know why I was buck ass nude."

"Aww man that means I got make a new costume your green butt, hard enough getting finding the material that shifts with you" Cyborg complained. "Might have to call your mom and dad."

"No not them please, they can't know that I ended up naked on my first mission without them, Cliff will never let me hear the end of it" Garfield said.

"Alright I'll call them saying you want a new costume less affiliated them and more towards your new group" Cyborg said. "First things let's check on these girls we rescued and introduce ourselves as well."

"Well the purple haired one is Raven" Garfield said. "I don't know who the red head is but she seems pretty banged up from her fall."

"Miss Raven do you mind if I check over your friend" Cyborg asked the purple haired girl.

"It's Raven, no miss" Raven said back. "I don't know much about her to classify as friend but without her I would still be on their ship."

As almost on cue the red haired girl shot up and ready her in a battle stance. The team immediately threw up their hand to show they weren't going to hurt her or fight. Raven hoping that the girl with orange skin would recognize her from the ship stated to approach. The Tamaranean girl start to get defensive and start yelling in a weird language.

"I am Koriand'r of Tamaran I mean no harm will please released me" She yelled. "I am ROYALITY even on this planet I demand to be released."

"I think she is Tamaranean, My dad told me about them" Jon piped up. "Orange skin, large amount of purple wardrobe, great fighters, almost rival him in strength."

"Well Jon can you translate" Cyborg asked.

"Kinda my dad only taught me a few greeting, mainly just to see if they know our language I think there is this" Jon said shyly. "You may use me to learn to my language."

After Jon said this the young Tamaranean girl walked up to him and kissed him. This being Jon first kiss promptly fainted. The girl was taken aback by this, unsure of what just happened.

"I am Koriand'r of Tamaran, I demand to be released immediately from these shackles" Kori said demandingly. "Please."

"I will see what I can do, but first why did you kiss him" Cyborg asked.

"My people learn languages from lip contact, an absorption of muscle memory and linguistic knowledge, please release me I don't like being captive." Kori said desperately. [1]

*Swoosh* A red and yellow shaped bird shaped landed between Cyborg and Kori. The small device exploded, slamming Kori into the T-car and flinging Cyborg backwards. A boy with spikey black hair and a costume with a yellow R on the chest appeared after the explosion. The boy readied his bow staff and charged, only to be levitated by Miss Martian to stop his momentum.

"Let me go, as team leader I demand you let me go so I can defeat this Alien" Robin demanded.

"Simmer down Traffic Light" Cyborg said getting back up. "You're not team leader, Kori isn't an enemy and even she was you don't attack a cuffed prisoner, and finally you attacked me with your little bomb."

"She just kiss of Death the boy right there, she is clearly and enemy" Robin said matter of factly.

"Dick she isn't Poison Ivy, she was just learning our language and Jon fainted" Batgirl said embarrassed by Robin's antics.

Jon start to come to and when he opened his eyes, 2 red beams shot out into the sky. Wonderboy looked down and cut through the remainder of the ships haul. Raven encased Jon in a sphere of black energy to minimize any more damage his new acquired heat vision could do. The magic of Raven sphere caused Jon to weaken and shut his eyes stopping his heat vision. Jon kept his eyes closed until he was sure that he wasn't going to born anything or anyone. The group turn their attention back to the Boy Wonder.

"M'gann put him down already" Cyborg said. "Alright girls after the League comes get these Lizard men, you are more than welcome to come back to our tower with us."

The Martian Manhunter and 2 Green Lanterns appeared in a shimmer of light a few minutes after the invite. The non-human Green Lantern enveloped the Gordanians in his ring's power and began to fly off.

"Kilowog is going to transport them to Lantern prison and the other Gordanians left our system the minute the big one was defeated" J'onn said. "Trogaar was on their most wanted list for slavery, pirating, and terrorism."[2]

*J'onn can I have permission from the league and ask these to stranded girls to be a part of the team* Cyborg telepathically sent to J'onn.

*Yes Victor you may, best to keep them protected while they are here* J'onn sent back. "The Gordanians will not bother you two ladies, you are under the protection of the Justice League and may stay on Earth for as long as you need" J'onn said before beaming away.

"Alright Raven, Koriand'r would you like to join the Titans, that is what we call are group" Cyborg asked.

"Most Glorious yes I would like to join your group for I have never had friends" Kori said floating.

"Sure I guess, couldn't hurt" Raven said.

"WOOOO-HOOOOO, our damsels are staying with us" Jon screamed excitedly.

"I know right" Gar said high fiving Jon then regretted it after a super strength applied one back. Everyone laughed at antics of the two boys except Robin and even Raven blushed giggling slightly.

"OK boys and girls we should head back to the tower now" Cyborg said. "For those who can fly follow Changeling, those who can't, can ride in my car."

The group headed back to the tower, Changeling was followed by Miss Martian, Wonderboy, Raven, and Koriand'r. Robin got on his bike lone wolfing it, Cyborg and Batgirl took the car back. With the sun setting on the birth of a new team of young heroes.

Jump City the next day

The first members of the team up were Jon, Raven, Cyborg, Robin, and Batgirl in the common room. Miss Martian was still in her room, Changeling was still sleeping, and Koriand'r was floating her groggy self towards the common room. The doors of the common room swooshed open revealing the orange skinned beauty floating in towards the great smells. This normally wouldn't be a problem for the early morning except the Tamaranean girl was completely nude, and Jon was the first one to see as she entered. After the kiss yesterday Jon had developed a crush on the orange girl, so his reaction was heat vision again, this time his heat vision destroyed the bay window of the common room. Raven once again sacrificed her cloak to cover up the nudity of a teammate.

"Kori you can't be naked like that" Raven scolded.

"Yea Kori, people don't walk around nude on Earth" Cyborg said.

"But I was not walking" Kori said back "it is customary on my planet to not wear clothes when sleeping."

"Girl that's fine but in public you have to wear cloths" Barbara said.

"Oh I am most sorry for my mistake, please forgive me" Kori said crying.

"It's ok Starfire" Cyborg said. "Barbara will help you, Raven, and M'gann adjust to being normal Earth teenage girls so further mistake like this won't happen."

"Starfire" Kori asked.

"Yea we, well me, Gar, and Jon thought it would be a good superhero name seeing how you arrived yesterday" Cyborg said.

"That is most funny, that is what my k'norfka called me his little star fire." Starfire said fondly.

"Ok so it's settled your superhero name is Starfire" Cyborg said mimicking a judge's gavel. "Now would you get dressed the towel is good for now but please put some clothes on."

"What's going on" a groggy Changeling asked. "Got any bacon?"[3]

Starfire went back to her room to put cloths on. Garfield sat down with a large plate of bacon. Raven look disgusted at the sheer amount of bacon his plate but remained silent. Robin did not want to be bothered left to go to the ops rooms. Cyborg and Jon decided to test out the game system installed which had almost every known game. The pair selected Mortal Kombat, Cyborg chose Jax and Jon had chosen Johnny Cage, both players were evenly matched. Starfire reemerged giving Jon a distraction that allowed Cyborg to win. [4]

"Watch Tower to Jump Tower, Watch Tower to Jump Tower"

"This is Jump Tower" Cyborg answered.

"Five to beam down SM-1, WG-2, BB-3, ZZ-1, WW-1, authorization needed security protocol blocking teleportation into tower still online."

"Authorized" Cyborg replied back. "Code authorization CB-1."

Five forms began to appear in the telepad of the common room. The form completed their materializing revealing Superman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, the Blue Beatle, and Zatanna. Jon immediately went to greet his parents and giving his mom and aunt a big hug. The entire team gathered immediately for the presence of founding members of the Justice League. Superman moved to speak.

"You guys did exceptionally well yesterday, Gordanians are one of the deadliest things in the galaxy especially Trogaar rogue group" Superman said. "Gordanian high council condemned Trogaar, and said that we will have no further trouble from any Gordanians."

"So in other words you did great kids" Wonder Woman said. "Jon we heard about your heat vision incident yesterday, so your father made these out kryptonian metal and enchanted by magic to shut your heat vision down in uncontrolled incidents like getting kissed by a pretty girl or blowing out a bay window."

"Now to business at hand, a team leader must be chosen, Cyborg any suggestion" Superman asked.

"Changeling or Wonderboy are my suggestions both show promise, Changeling is the one who took down Trogaar" Cyborg said. "So Changeling has my Vote, Jon as his second."

"What of Robin" Wonder Woman asked. "Batman trained him surely he could lead."

"He attacked me and Starfire without provocation, he is only still here because of Batman's training" Cyborg said. "If he is like Jason, we will need his stealth and tactical training."

"Well Bruce won't be happy to hear that, but Changeling it then" Superman said. "And last piece of business I need a team photo so I can have the exclusive for the Planet"

"Kal really you have go all Clark Kent reporter" Wonder Woman scolded her husband. "I should make you give it to Lois."

"But Di-…." Superman said.

"Clark Jerome Kent do not but me I'm pregnant, I will hurt you" Wonder Woman said back. "You can have the exclusive this time but from now on our son will have his own reporter not you or Lois."

"Alright dear" Superman said while he and Wonder Woman got on the teleporter leaving the Titans.

The Next day multiple undisclosed location

"So the league set up a new junior hero team" A man in a blue military suit said. [5]

"So that is where Mento sent the boy" an electronic voice said [6]

"So Bruce sent his new me and the girl to a new young justice program, lets see if I can draw the bat out to face his greatest mistake" a red masked man said.[7]

To be continued…

Character Profile


Age 15

Nothing else has changed she looks like she did on Teen Titans with same abilities.

[1] She picked Jon instead Robin, so that is her OC

[2] Kilowog is in the Justice League

[3] Changeling eats meat and Raven the vegetarian

[4] I had leave the video games in there big part of show

[5] Vandal Savage

[6] The Brain

[7] Red Hood

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