Subtle Changes

Rating: MA

Summary: They don't look each other in the eye when they do it.

A/N: Momo is such an unreliable narrator, he's almost never honest with himself. It makes me want to write Kaidoh's PoV because that would actually explain a whole lot more of this story than Momo's PoV.

They're clothed as they do it. Yes, it might stain their shorts, or shirts, but Momoshiro's rule was to not take off any clothes. After all, they can easily do it while unzipping their pants. It's not like he desires to get naked with Kaidoh. That's disgusting.

Not that what he's doing right now isn't any less disgusting.

But he is, and so is Kaidoh.

They're sitting in front of each other, legs crossed and knees pressed up against each other. Each of their right hand is clasped around the other man's hard penis, sliding up in a jerky rhythm that has no finesse. They don't look each other in the eye when they do it, Momoshiro is too engrossed on concentrating on his own feelings to focus his eyes on anything at all. All he knows is to keep his hand moving, albeit shaky and increasingly losing strength. And did he mention his arm gets super tired? Kaidoh always takes forever to finish up, so it's Momoshiro who's the one with the cramps in his arm, and usually has to switch. Kaidoh always has it easy; Momoshiro never takes too long.

It is probably the main reason why they're still doing this, on Momoshiro's bed in the dark. For some reason, Kaidoh's hand feels different from his own, it's more calloused and rough, and his movement is unpredictable, which keeps Momoshiro on the tips of his toes, so to speak. It's not only the feel of Kaidoh's hand that is different, it's his entire technique—Momoshiro can't get enough of it. He grips him in just the right way, pulls at him hard enough to get him to suck in a breath, and twist and flicks his wrist to get starts to explode in Momoshiro's eyes. He's always rather unhinged whenever Kaidoh does this to him.

So just like that, Momoshiro throws his head back, exposing his neck to the air around them. He holds his breath as his eyes squeeze down in pleasure. He can feel Kaidoh scoot closer to him, and his fingers wrap even more tightly around his penis as he finally succumbs to the intense build-up and lets out his breath in tune with his own orgasm. Warm liquid shoots out from his glans, and he can feel it pool in Kaidoh's hand—that jerk is thoughtful enough to let him come in his hand, and not on his own shorts.

Momoshiro feels good and sweaty, and all he wants to do is kick Kaidoh off of his bed and lie down to sleep. But he can't. After all, it's a two-way street. Kaidoh does him, and he does Kaidoh, that's what they agreed on.

As Kaidoh wipes his hand clean with a tissue—they always have a box of tissues near them—Momoshiro huffs and switches hands; his right arm is too tired. But the good thing is, even if Kaidoh takes forever to finish, he doesn't keep him waiting for too long after Momoshiro is done. So Momoshiro grips Kaidoh's warm penis with his left hand, he feels it throb with hot blood. There's precum leaking everywhere; it always gives Momoshiro a kick to know Kaidoh likes this just as much as he goes. As he starts up his rhythm again, Kaidoh leans back on his hands, arching his hips into Momoshiro's hand, trying to get more friction. Even though it's dark, Momoshiro can still see the way Kaidoh moves, the raw emotion that flashes over his face as Momoshiro pulls at him.

But then he realizes it's kind of creepy to be watching Kaidoh like this, so he just focuses on the dirty work. That doesn't mean he can't hear it though, hear how much his actions have an effect on Kaidoh. His breath is ragged and heavy, he can't seem to be breathing in a normal pattern at all. Not when Momoshiro is doing this. His hand feels slick and sticky of Kaidoh's precum, but that does make it easier to slide over the skin, from the top down to the base. Then Momoshiro tilts his head to the side as he trails his fingers up to the top again, and squeezes it lightly with his thumb and index finger.

Immediately, Kaidoh's entire body shudders, and luckily Momoshiro is prepared to shield himself off as he quickly covers Kaidoh's penis with a tissue to lop up the sperm.

It's so weird. He doesn't know why Kaidoh likes it, but it's definitely intriguing how he seems to orgasm every time he does do it. It had been rather awkward when Kaidoh tried to show him the first time, but it's definitely worth it if he still wants to keep the feeling in both arms. He's tried to pinch him like that before Momoshiro came himself, but Kaidoh is weird and it didn't work. It seems like he just won't come until Momoshiro has. Maybe on an instinctual level, Kaidoh still sees it as a competition, and whoever comes first loses.

Obviously Momoshiro doesn't see it as a competition. He started it after all.

"Get off, you're taking too long," says Momoshiro. "I've gotta sleep so I can get up early to do the try-outs in the morning."

Kaidoh barely moves from his previous position, but does give Momoshiro an annoyed grunt.

"I'm going to kick you off if you won't move," Momoshiro says in a dead pan voice. Kaidoh's got his own bed, it's right across the room, so he doesn't need to keep sticking around.

This time, Kaidoh merely hisses, before he throws a crumpled up tissue at Momoshiro's face and then slips off of the bed and walks away.

"Asshole!" Momoshiro cries out, disgusted at the tissue touching his cheek. Gross. Now he needs to get up extra early for a longer shower. He grumbles and mumbles before he takes off his shirt and shorts, and goes to bed.

Being Kaidoh's roommate in college is hard.


"Why did you tell me to come here?" Kaidoh demands to know as Momoshiro finally exists the tennis courts. He looks annoyed and disgruntled. He probably ran here as soon as Momoshiro texted him to meet up him.

"Can't you see?" Momoshiro asks, bemused. He opens his arms to show Kaidoh the red racket clasped in his right hand.

"Congratulations, you know how to grip a stick," Kaidoh sneers.

Momoshiro doesn't think this is funny at all, and jabs Kaidoh in his ribs with the racket. "Asshole. I'm all pent up from training all this time, happy I got turned into a regular, and this is how you show your congratulations?"

Kaidoh huffs and swats at the racket. "Fine. Congratulations, you also know how to play with balls."

This time, Momoshiro whacks Kaidoh on the head, and then they both start to throw punches at each other. It's stupid, and silly—and Momoshiro can't believe they still act like this even when they're in college—but it serves as a way for Momoshiro to get rid of his stress. He was actually nervous today, and roughhousing with Kaidoh like this always seems to calm him down. Their punches don't hurt too much, but enough that it stings, yet somehow, it simply makes Momoshiro gleeful. He's laughing, too. Happy at being a regular on their tennis team, happy that Kaidoh came to see him anyway, despite ignoring his text message and showing up like a grump. At least, despite all of the changes they went through since middle school, this is a constant that hasn't changed. It's something Momoshiro has relied on, far too many times to count. The fighting, the wrestling; it makes Momoshiro forget about his troubles and only focus on Kaidoh.

And lately, it's also kind of making him horny.

When Kaidoh ends up on top of him, with the both of them sweaty and gasping for air, Momoshiro smiles up at him. "Let's go back to our room," is all he says. And Kaidoh gets it.

Like a routine they've practiced many times, they return to their dorm, and find themselves on Momoshiro's bed once more, hands groping the front of their shorts.

Momoshiro's palm rubs up against the bulge in Kaidoh's short, getting it hard. He can feel Kaidoh do the same, his fingers outlining the shape of his soft penis, and trailing his thumb up and down the fabric. It feels good. It always does. And despite his muscles aching from the tennis practice which he hasn't done in a while, Momoshiro picks up speed, until they're both hard and needy. No words need to be said, as both of them slips their hands down the shorts to take it out, in the open air. And they start, right hands stroking up and down. Kaidoh does that thing again where he flicks his wrist and rubs over the tip of Momoshiro's penis; it makes him produce even more precum, and it leaves him breathless.

He doesn't look Kaidoh in the eye. "You know, you should try out too," he says after taking in a deep breath.

Kaidoh hisses, probably annoyed Momoshiro is talking when they're doing this. But his rhythm is unchallenged, and they keep going up and down like nothing has disturbed it. "I'm already part of a club," he says in a curt voice.

"Yeah but," Momoshiro takes in a deep breath, "that's not tennis. That's just stupid running." He can feel Kaidoh's grip get together, as if he's getting irritated by what Momoshiro is insinuating.

"I like running," he grunts. "The track and field club is fine." He then pumps his hand up and down in a faster pace, as if he's telling Momoshiro to shut up and focus on this.

"But there's no sense of teamwork!" Momoshiro objects. His mind is getting hazier by the second; it's hard to muster up energy to talk and move his hand at the same time as Kaidoh jerks him off too. Why is he talking in the first place anyway? Even Momoshiro doesn't know. "All you do is run alone. Where's the challenge or teamwork in that," he says in a long exhaled breath. He breathes in again in a small gasp.

"Moron, ever heard of a relay race?" Kaidoh asks sarcastically. His nails scratch down the base of Momoshiro's penis, earning him a growl. Asshole.

"That's different ..." He closes his eyes and licks his lips. "Don't you miss it, playing." Yes, playing tennis with him. They were a good pair. They were a good captain and vice captain. They were unstoppable. "Playing with m—"

Suddenly there's a hand covering Momoshiro's mouth, and muffles his words. His eyes fly open and he stares at Kaidoh accusingly. "Can't you just shut up for now?" he says angrily.

Momoshiro huffs and shakes his head so that Kaidoh's hand drops from his mouth, and instead rests on the side of his neck. "Fine."

And with that, no more words are spoken. Unless small moans are words, then Momoshiro is guilty of that. It's hard not to, in fact, Momoshiro wishes he actually didn't make those embarrassing sounds. But again, Kaidoh's hand is just different from his own. It demands all of his attention, and it makes him feel all these bizarre yet amazing sensations. He's glad he proposed the deal in the first place. He didn't think it would feel better than his own hand, but it does. He can still feel Kaidoh's other hand, fingers wrapped around the base of his neck, and thumb pressed against his throat. That sort of feels good too, like he's restricting Momoshiro's airflow—controlling it, really—and that's kind of hot, too.

It doesn't take long for Momoshiro to climax, and when he does, he can feel Kaidoh's fingers tighten on both his penis and his throat, and that makes his entire body jolt at the sensation. He lets out a harsh groan and bucks his hips up into Kaidoh's hand while gasping for breath as he dirties up Kaidoh's hand with sperm. His heartbeat is thumping wildly in his chest, it's beating on his eardrums, loud and obnoxious. Like a presence he can't ignore. Just like he can't ignore Kaidoh, who is still all hot and bothered in front of him. He even tugs on Momoshiro's neck to get his attention back on him, so he can finish him off.

And he does. He switches hands of course, and does that thing where he pinches the tip, and not even two minutes later, Kaidoh's load is spilled in Momoshiro's hand as well. Then the entire room is filled up with nothing but shallow breaths. It stinks like sperm, too, and his hand feels nasty with Kaidoh's stickiness stuck on it, but Momoshiro tries to ignore that for just a few seconds.

He just wants to relax now, eyes closed and head thrown back. Kaidoh seems relaxed as well. This is how they spend most days together. They get to make each other feel good and relaxed, it's one of the smartest things Momoshiro has decided on before in his life.

Momoshiro's good mood slips away and he suddenly feels very self conscious about the way Kaidoh's hand is still wrapped around his neck and ... his fingers are buried in his sweaty hair? Ew.

Momoshiro pushes at Kaidoh's chest. "Stop touching me. Gross."

They're not supposed to be touching each other anywhere besides their dicks. That's the rule. Instead of trying to find the time and privacy to masturbate alone, they jerk each other off instead. No embarrassment. No walking in on another man's masturbation session. No trying to sneak off between classes for a quickie. No, it's just them, in their room, about once a day, relieving each other's pent of horniness.

And they agreed on no funny business. No touching. Definitely no kissing. Just jerk and move on, that's it. Which is why Kaidoh needs to back off already.

Kaidoh hisses, removing his hand and he moves to clean himself up with tissues. He throws the tissue box at Momoshiro as he leaves the bed. Momoshiro childishly sticks his tongue out at him. He really has a stick up his ass sometimes.


"Ahhhh ... all my muscles ache so baaaaad," Momoshiro complains as he drops down on his bed. It's 10 PM, and he just got finished with tennis training. Their schedule is so vigorous, even his old senpai, Inui, would be marveled at how one human being can train that much without their limbs falling off. Momoshiro himself is stunned that he's still put together.

Kaidoh's sitting at his desk, doing his homework with the help of a small desk lamp. He's in his traditional gear; sleeveless black shirt, white shorts and a blue bandana. He didn't change much after middle school. Except for those biceps. Man, those got really big. Kaidoh lifts his stupid dumbbells every morning, that must be why they're so big. Maybe Momoshiro should use them too sometimes, when Kaidoh's not watching. Kaidoh doesn't like it when he touches his stuff. Then maybe he wouldn't be aching all over like this after tennis practice.

"You stink, take a shower," Kaidoh says.

Momoshiro grumbles something in his pillow before he lifts up his head to glare at Kaidoh's back. "Too tired to take one. I'll take one when I get up. You know, my captain is absolutely nuts. I swear, give him a whip, and he'd be the pure incarnation of the devil himself. Crazy."

Kaidoh turns his chair around so he can smirk at Momoshiro. "You're just too weak. All that slacking off that you've done has finally come back to bite you in the ass. You deserve it."

"What! Come here asshole, I'll show you how much I've been slacking off." He balls up his fist and lazily lifts up his arm at Kaidoh. It hurts all of his muscles, and he winces when he does it.

"Like I said, you're weak," Kaidoh repeats in a loud voice.

"Just come over here already," Momoshiro whines. He doesn't want to move much, so Kaidoh has to be the one to do the moving.

"I'm busy." Kaidoh turns his chair around again.

"So what, you can be busy later." Momoshiro rolls his eyes. "Come on, it's so late already, I'm gonna fall asleep like this if I don't do anything."

Kaidoh impatiently taps his pencil against the desk, looking over at his notebook. "Then why don't you go to sleep."

"Because." Because he can't just say; wanna jerk off? In all these months that they've been doing it, it's always been a wordless agreement to do it. Body language was all the language that was needed to convey the message. So why the hell is Kaidoh being so difficult right now? Momoshiro huffs and finally sits up straight, leaning his back against the wall. "It'll give me the workout that I need," he says. Well, it's true, all that up and down stuff ... that's tiring!

Kaidoh's body moves, but then stops, like he's changed his mind. Momoshiro sees him shake his head just the tiniest bit. "No, you smell like a dead fish."

Momoshiro groans out loud. He wants to punch Kaidoh in the face, but he's got no energy to do even that. "Fine. Whatever. You keep doing your stupid homework."

"I will."


Kaidoh lowers his head again to continue scribbling in his notebook, and Momoshiro sits and glares at him. Can't he see he's horny and wants some release? He's already half hard from anticipation! After that hellish training he had to endure today, he figured Kaidoh could jerk him off and relieve some of the pressure, and get him to experience some fun times instead. But no, that stupid snake is being difficult and putting his homework ahead of Momoshiro himself. That's stupid. Momoshiro should always come first.

He chuckles at his own train of thoughts; yes, he does always come first, doesn't he? Well then, if Kaidoh won't do it, then ...

"What are you doing?" Kaidoh's turned away from the desk again, staring at Momoshiro.

"What's it look like," says Momoshiro flippantly. He's got one hand down his shorts and stroking his hard erection. This time he looks Kaidoh in the eye as he does it. He's completely and unabashedly shameless.

"That's disgusting."

Momoshiro sticks his nose up, bumping his head against the wall, and he continues his business. Kaidoh's staring at it, at his hand moving underneath the fabric. It's a little weird, and it feels a bit like that time Kaidoh walked in on him—which is what prompted the whole thing in the first place—but hey, they've done this together already and were fine with it. Kaidoh should be alright with it if Momoshiro simply does it alone as well.

But he'd rather Kaidoh do it. His own hand is just not the same ... Sure he knows exactly what he wants, but he knows every move he makes, nothing feels exciting or fresh, or unexpected. It feels boring and stale, and Momoshiro realizes he's been way too dependent on Kaidoh for handjobs. But he can't go without them now, not when he knows what it feels like. His own hand is just inadequate right now. Though it's still enough to make him hard, and the way Kaidoh is still staring at him, makes something swell up in the bottom of his stomach. It might just be his hormones, wanting Kaidoh's hand to be the one doing the stroking, yeah, it's his hormones. That's why he kind of digs it now that Kaidoh's watching him.

This is making Momoshiro really tired though. The muscles in his arm ache, since that's also his tennis arm. Maybe he needs to learn to jerk himself off with his left hand. Then again, he wouldn't even need to if Kaidoh would just get up and use his own damn hand.

"Dumbass," says Kaidoh, ending it with a hiss as he gets up from his chair and stalks his way over to Momoshiro's bed.

Momoshiro smirks up at Kaidoh as he crawls onto the bed, his knees sinking into the mattress. "Sure took you long enough," he says. Maybe he can get away with just Kaidoh jerking him off, and then he can go to sleep without moving a muscle. Though he's sure Kaidoh won't like that idea.

Suddenly Kaidoh's hand is on his wrist, halting Momoshiro's movement. He tugs at it, to remove his hand from his shorts, all in a very lethargic way. Well, maybe that's because Momoshiro is feeling very sluggish at the moment. Kaidoh looks kind of strange, so Momoshiro looks away. Staring at him as Kaidoh's fondling through his shorts is just weird. But then he forgets about any weirdness, and simply bites down on his lips as Kaidoh gets to work and falls into routine. That same rough and calloused hand is back on his penis and stroking it in that unpredictable way that Momoshiro likes.

The tension in his muscles disappear, and Momoshiro feels his entire body relax at Kaidoh's touch.

But oh wait, Kaidoh wants some action too, probably. Why else would he be doing Momoshiro? Momoshiro's left arm lifts up from the mattress and he tries to reach for Kaidoh's waistband, but that idiot is sitting too far away from him. So he gives up on his pathetic attempt to magically pull Kaidoh closer to him.

"Get closer," Momoshiro whines. "I'm too lazy to reach over that far."

Kaidoh says nothing, but simply moves around until he's really close to Momoshiro. He's sitting in between Momoshiro's legs, Kaidoh's knees tucked under his own, and sitting so close their crotches are almost like Siamese twins. Momoshiro wants to tell him to back off, since that's too close for comfort, but his fatigue is getting the better of him, and he can't seem to use his vocal cords anymore. Instead, all he does is focus on the sensations of Kaidoh's hand rubbing up and down, pulling the skin of the head, and flicking his wrist again. It feels good, it feels really good.

So good that Momoshiro falls asleep during it.


He hadn't really meant to do that. Falling asleep. Momoshiro didn't even know that it happened in the first place, not until he was at tennis practice the next day, and wondering why he felt even more horny than normal, despite getting a handjob from Kaidoh yesterday. That's when he realized he couldn't remember much, and that he had in fact, fallen asleep during it.


That's actually rather embarrassing.

It's not like it bored him or something, Momoshiro was just really, really tired, and Kaidoh's hand felt really, really good—a bad combination so it seems. He wonders if Kaidoh's pissed at him, he was already gone from the room when he woke up this morning. But can he really blame him? He should know they do this to relax, so obviously it would be relaxing him enough to ... to sleep! Obviously.

Then again, it's not like he can really say; sorry I fell asleep on you, I'll make it up to you by giving you two handjobs. That's gross. Besides, it's not like this agreement is set in stone or anything. They never did mention both of them had to get a handjob. In fact, as Momoshiro can remember, it was something like 'do me, I'll do you'. He didn't say at the same time. So he should be in the clear. Maybe.

Probably not.

Yet strangely enough, Kaidoh doesn't seem mad at him when he sees him again in their room. He looks rather ... normal. And by normal he means, Kaidoh looks grumpy. They go about their business as normal. Momoshiro is actually writing his paper on his laptop for once, and Kaidoh keeps himself busy by lifting up his dumbbells. Momoshiro stops writing for a few seconds to tell a funny joke about how dumb those dumbbells are, and snickers at his own cleverness. Kaidoh says nothing, and continues to ignore Momoshiro for the rest of the day. They go to bed without any sort of action between them at all.

And the next day, it goes just as uneventfully as before. Nothing happens, and Momoshiro lies in bed feeling frustrated.

Okay, so Kaidoh is definitely mad about him falling asleep on the job, or err, handjob—but that wasn't his fault! It was just too relaxing ... kind of like that time when Kaidoh took him on his back to climb a mountain, and he fell asleep as well; it was comfy. He can't blame him for that! Stupid Kaidoh. He can't go on some sort of strike with this, that's stupid, and annoying, and Momoshiro is getting blue balls here.

Wait, he can just do it on his own, he doesn't need Kaidoh to do him!

Yes, he can masturbate while Kaidoh is away.

But when he's all alone on his bed, with his hand down his pants, he feels nothing but frustration. This is just not the same, not at all. He's angry at Kaidoh for ignoring him. Angry that he suddenly stopped doing this thing between them. It was going so well, too! So why is he being so difficult? Ugh, this is stupid. Momoshiro ends up not masturbating at all, but angrily throws Kaidoh's dumbbells around until he's too tired to move.

And this continues for a long, long week.

Momoshiro is sick of it. Kaidoh's barely said a few words to him, he's obviously still mad about what happened before. He won't even look him in the eye anymore. Whenever they're together in their room, Kaidoh grows eerily silent, even the scribbling on his paper ceases to make sound. It's so awkward now. Momoshiro just wants to punch Kaidoh for being a dick, but when he's not directly being provoked, it feels kind of weird and unfair, so he does nothing instead. But now he's seriously sick of it. Something has to happen, something has to change—because by god, Momoshiro won't die due of an extreme case of blue balls. They haven't even fought with each other! And that's just weird. Fighting has always been their thing.

On the tennis court, Momoshiro releases all his frustrations on the ball, hitting his famous dunk smash as hard as he can, and actually knocking a guy on the head with it. He has to be rushed to the infirmary, but whatever, he was just in the way. Momoshiro feels no remorse. Except that he wishes that guy had been Kaidoh, that would have made him feel better. Hurting Kaidoh.

He's so focused on his little fantasy of hitting Kaidoh with tennis balls, that it takes Momoshiro a minute or two before he realizes he's being watched. After a week of not looking each other in the eye, he finally does look right at Kaidoh, who is sort of hiding behind the corner of the clubhouse. What the hell is he doing here? When Kaidoh realizes Momoshiro has spotted him, he makes a run for it; he's wearing his track and field uniform. Momoshiro can't let this go though, and gives chase. Unfortunately, Kaidoh really does prove to be a member of the track and field, because he's easily ditched Momoshiro behind, gasping for breath and hugging his aching side.

"Damn you Kaidoh!" he yells out loud, but Kaidoh's already gone to hear anything at all. That's it. He's going to confront Kaidoh the moment he steps foot in their room again..

So Momoshiro waits, sitting on the chair, facing the door, ready to spring up at a moment's notice.

And he waits ...

And he's been waiting until midnight—he's going to be skipping his first two classes just to catch up on some sleep—when he finally hears footsteps approaching the door. Momoshiro stands up straight in a flash, and he rushes to the door, hands outstretched to get ready to grab Kaidoh. His fingers have been itching to touch him for a long time now, to scratch him, to punch him, and perhaps strangle him as well. The door finally opens and Kaidoh doesn't know what's coming to him as Momoshiro lunges forward and pulls Kaidoh in. He slams Kaidoh up against the door, making it shut all at once, and he growls at him, his hands gripping tightly on the collar of his shirt. His entire body is shoved up against Kaidoh's so he can't escape this confrontation.

"What the hell man!?" Momoshiro yells at him.

Kaidoh squirms and wiggles around, trying to get free, and completely avoiding looking at Momoshiro as well.

"You were avoiding me, weren't you?" Momoshiro say through gritted teeth. "You never come home this late."

"I was being held back at the club, you moron. Now let me go," Kaidoh finally says, and Momoshiro realizes he's missed hearing his grouchy voice. It felt so strange to not hear it all week long, so hearing it now makes Momoshiro feel less aggressive, and he loosens his fingers on Kaidoh's collar just by a little.

"Liar. What were you doing today at the tennis courts, huh?" Momoshiro demands to know.

Kaidoh growls this time as well, and then tries to pry Momoshiro's hands off of his shirt, but Momoshiro won't let go, not until he's got some answers. "What's it to you, asshole," he sneers back.

"When you're watching me, of course it's my business to know why you were!"

"Of course I w-wasn't watching you, idiot," Kaidoh says nervously. Again he tries to escape from Momoshiro, his body wriggling against Momoshiro's, and that's a little too much rubbing for comfort ... especially since they haven't done it in over a week. It's making Momoshiro feel weak to his knees.

"Then why were you there?" Momoshiro asks. He wants to know. He wants to know why Kaidoh won't look him in the eye either.

"The club was just running around campus, now let me go!"

"No!" Momoshiro still pushes against Kaidoh's body with a lot of force, he won't back down. Not until things get resolved. "Why won't you look me in the eye? Are you really that angry about last time?" There, he said it. It's out in the open now. The ball is in Kaidoh's court.

Finally Kaidoh musters up enough strength (probably because he's the one who's been lifting dumbbells and not Momoshiro) to push Momoshiro off of him, and he stumbles away from the door. He takes in a deep breath and yanks his bandana off his head, throwing it onto his bed. "I'm not fucking angry, you idiot," Kaidoh says grouchily.

Momoshiro huffs and then jabs his elbow into Kaidoh's back, earning a yelp from him. "Sure you're not, that's why you haven't spoken more than a few words to me lately, huh?"

"Shut up, it's all your fault anyway!" Kaidoh growls and turns around, this time shoving up against Momoshiro and pinning him against the door. His fist digs into his ribcage, fabric clenched into his hand, and that kind of gets Momoshiro's hormones all jumbled up, because he can't wait to do it again, not with Kaidoh this aggressive with him. He's already getting hard at all this touching and shoving and yelling ... it's kind of gross.

"What, how's it my fault?" Momoshiro asks, suddenly oblivious to the fact that he's the one who fell asleep.

"It just is. Asshole. You shouldn't have fallen asleep," Kaidoh mumbles.

"Whatever, I was tired, and it felt good, you can't blame me for that," Momoshiro admits. It's weird to say that out loud, as he's never voiced his thoughts like this before. He's never told Kaidoh he liked it, or that it felt good, so for some reason, that's making him feel a bit embarrassed at admitting it. Especially since Kaidoh's right up in his face, and he seems embarrassed about it too.

"It's not ... Just don't fall asleep again, asshole," Kaidoh grunts out, giving a little push at Momoshiro's chest.

"Okay, I get it—you wanted some too, fine, here you go, I'm sorry for forgetting you," says Momoshiro as he rolls his eyes, then pries his arm between them to grope Kaidoh's crotch. As soon as his hand touches it, he feels Kaidoh flinch and back off just a little.

"What are you doing!?" Kaidoh asks in a frantic voice.

"What's it looks like? Here, I'll do you as an apology for falling asleep last time." Momoshiro starts to move his hand to stroke the bulge in Kaidoh's track shorts. Ahh, he's actually missed this, too. Obviously he likes it when Kaidoh jerks him off more, but this is fun as well.

"Don't ..." Kaidoh sighs and knocks his head against Momoshiro's forehead. "Just say things like that so shamelessly."

"Fine, I'll shut up." For once, Momoshiro doesn't mind the close proximity to Kaidoh's body, even if he can feel Kaidoh's warm breath on his lips, and he can feel how sweaty Kaidoh's arms and legs are. In fact, he doesn't mind it at all right now, as Kaidoh's body is slumped against him, and the tension in Kaidoh's body finally seems to unwind as Momoshiro gets more daring with his hand. Even Momoshiro feels tension disappear in his own body; all that pent up anger and confusion he had for the past week is finally being tended to.

Kaidoh leans in closer, resting his chin on top of Momoshiro's shoulder, and he can feel his breath come out in short bursts with each dramatic stroke Momoshiro makes. His warm hand continues to be a presence on Momoshiro's chest, fingers padding into the fabric of his shirt. It's a bit weird like this—he did have a no touching rule—but he'll let it slide this time. After all, it was sort of his fault for falling asleep last time. Besides, it's kind of funny how much Kaidoh is using Momoshiro's body as support to keep him up, he seems to be shaking too. That's odd as well, does he usually tremble like this? Momoshiro doesn't know, as most of the times they were not exactly pressed up against each other like this, they were always a safe enough distance away. A distance that made sure Momoshiro couldn't feel Kaidoh's breath, smell his sweat, or feel his hand anywhere else besides on his own dick.

Momoshiro maneuvers his hand around a bit, trying to stuff it down Kaidoh's track shorts—it's a bit hard to do so when he's leaning so much against him—and when he does manage to pry his fingers under the waistband, he comes into contact with the hot skin of Kaidoh's penis. The top is already wet, and he can feel Kaidoh's heartbeat pulsate through it like a steady drumbeat. Kaidoh's hair tickles Momoshiro's cheek, but he tries to ignore it by pulling away from it a little, stretching out his neck. This somehow gave Kaidoh an invitation to turn his own head, and breathe down on Momoshiro's neck. His lips are brushing up against Momoshiro's collar bone, slightly parting each time to take in some air. It sends electric and jittery shocks down Momoshiro's spine, and he feels even weirder like this.

That's too much touching, too much!

And yet, Momoshiro can't stop touching Kaidoh in return, his hand frantically going up and down, slippery with precum, and making himself really, really horny. He bites down on his own lip to prevent himself from telling Kaidoh to get to work as well, because he knows he just offered him a free handjob, and he can't take that back. But he also really wants to tell him to; dude, back off. He's kind of heavy, and this is kind of weird, and yet strangely enough making him rock hard.

Momoshiro is a bit startled when he feels Kaidoh digging his hips into him, slightly rocking back and forth to generate more friction between his penis and Momoshiro's hand. Sure, he's done this before, rolling his hips along with Momoshiro's strokes, but that was when they were sitting a safe distance away from each other. Right now, Kaidoh is just rocking into Momoshiro's body, and it's sort of stimulating his own erection, and that makes Momoshiro forgive all the weirdness of this situation; his judgment is a bit impaired. He's horny as fuck, and Kaidoh's hips are relentless and rubbing just the right angles that Momoshiro feels good as well. Really good. Why were they not doing this the entire week again?

They continue like this for a bit, lost in the momentum of sloppy stroking, and swaying hips, that Momoshiro forgets about pushing Kaidoh off of him, for having him way too close. After all, each time Kaidoh's thigh brushes up against the tip of Momoshiro's erection, all he wants is for Kaidoh to do it again.

But this blissful state doesn't last for too long, where Momoshiro in unaware of the weirdness of it all. It doesn't take long for Kaidoh's body to start shaking a lot, his hips snapping against Momoshiro's even harder, and his short bursts of breaths suddenly turn into these whiny and moaning gasps. Since Kaidoh's so close, Momoshiro hears it ring in his ears, like the entire room is an amplifier, and suddenly that's all he can hear; Kaidoh being needy, and unable to control himself like this. All because Momoshiro is touching him like this. The hand that was resting on Momoshiro's chest has turned into Kaidoh's support, as he desperately digs his fingers into the fabric to cling on. Momoshiro barely even registers that his other hand is clawing at Momoshiro's arm to keep him up straight as well. Almost every part of them is touching, and it's really kind of gross, and yet he can't stop jerking Kaidoh off. He doesn't push him off. He doesn't go; ew, gross dude!

No, instead, those little gasps escaping from Kaidoh's mouth are encouraging him on, like he realizes he's making Kaidoh feel really good. And holding that sort of power over him makes Momoshiro feel like he's on some kind of high. Maybe he's on drugs. Maybe Kaidoh is his drug, because for some reason, he can't get enough of hearing those sounds. And Kaidoh's body pressing up against him like this, stimulating his own forgotten erection, is throwing his mind into a tizzy, and all he wants to do is dry hump Kaidoh until he orgasms.

And since it's been over a week since they last did this, Momoshiro doesn't take long to ejaculate.

It all happens so fast. One snap of Kaidoh's hips connecting with his own, coupled with a throaty moan coming from Kaidoh's mouth, and Momoshiro is so overwhelmed with sensations, he just lets himself go, and completely dirties both his underwear and shorts. He grips Kaidoh's penis tighter as he squeezes his eyes shut at the sensations, unable to focus on anything else at the moment. He releases his own breath, and then—due to complete muscle memory—his fingers pinch the head of Kaidoh's penis, and immediately his hand is stained in a small pool of stickiness. Kaidoh's harsh breathing against his neck hits him like a heatwave, and Momoshiro sort of feels like he's lost in a desert, he feels way too hot, way too sticky with sweat.

Sticky everywhere, really.

It's the first time they climaxed at around the same time. It's also the first time they did it while being so close, with the no touchy rule being completely broken, and for those few blissful seconds, Momoshiro doesn't give a rat's ass about that rule.

But that's only for a few seconds.

Then it dawns on him how awkward this is. How Kaidoh's sweaty body is using him as support, how his hands are clinging onto him that is so un-Kaidoh-like, it's as if he's showing his weak and vulnerable side to Momoshiro, and it's kind of freaking him out.

"G-get off, you're way too sticky," Momoshiro manages to say with a dry throat, and he pushes Kaidoh away using the door behind him as leverage.

The tips of Momoshiro's ears are burning red. He doesn't know why he suddenly feels completely embarrassed, and also a bit guilty and ashamed. All he knows is that his hand is covered in Kaidoh's junk, his own underwear is uncomfortably wet, and he can't look Kaidoh in the eye at all. Kaidoh grunts and he backs off, turning around to retreat to his side of the room and cleaning up after himself without a word.

Momoshiro stands there slumped against the door, feeling like all the energy was zapped right out of him.

After that, everything changed.


Well, it wasn't a drastic change or anything.

But their routine has definitely evolved into something ... more? Different? They were subtle changes. Momoshiro doesn't know how to describe it. At any cost, Kaidoh has stopped ignoring him, and aside from the occasional homework excuse, they jerk each other off almost every day. That part still hasn't changed. What did change, is the places it happens at. It had never progressed beyond their bedroom—it was a private thing that no one could know about, and it would be weird to start meeting up outside of it, as if Momoshiro's too horny to wait or something.

But that's what happened.

It turns out, Kaidoh wasn't lying when he said his club would run around campus, and they did actually run near the tennis courts, because after that, Momoshiro kept spotting them in the distance, and would be completely distracted from his own training. He kept scanning the members for that idiot wearing a bandana, and luckily he's never hard to pick out from a crowd. Long legs moving amongst the mass of other people, showing his very well trained calf muscles—that's not to say Kaidoh forgets to train his arms or anything, he's definitely got biceps to brag about. Stupid Kaidoh. He trains too much. Maybe Momoshiro should stop staring already and resume his own training.

Somehow, they kept meeting up whenever Kaidoh's club would approach the tennis courts. It's like Momoshiro couldn't control himself anymore, and that anytime he saw Kaidoh's stupid calf muscles, he'd have this uncontrollable urge to jerk off. And what better way to get off, than with Kaidoh himself?

That's how they started to do it behind the clubhouse, away from anyone's view, as discreetly as possible. Because this was different than doing it in the privacy of their own bedroom, they had to be quiet, not make a lot of noise, and not try to look so suspicious. This resulted in either one of them being pinned against the wall, as the other rammed his hips into him—there wasn't much time for using hands. It was a quick and dirty solution, one that still left Momoshiro frustrated if their session was cut short because someone was about to walk in on them. Obviously he had to remedy this by getting Kaidoh to finish him off later in their room.

And that's the strangest thing about it ... not the fact they started doing it outside of their room, but it's what happened on the inside that's confusing Momoshiro a little bit. After that one time, where he jerked Kaidoh off as he was trapped against the door, Kaidoh has taken the liberty to ... hang all over him as they do it. Well, not exactly hang all over, but he's definitely closing the safe distance between them. Sometimes he'd place his hand on Momoshiro's chest or shoulder for support. Sometimes he'd lean his forehead against Momoshiro's, eyes closed and breathing loudly. He was definitely crossing the no touchy rule, but it was not as horrible as Momoshiro would have thought, mostly because they seemed to be innocent gestures. A bit uncomfortable, and weird, but he was okay with it.

Even their positions have changed. Instead of sitting in front of each other, legs crossed and right hands around the other man's penis—sometimes they change it up by lying on each other's sides, so that Momoshiro's facing Kaidoh's crotch and vice versa. Not because they're doing ... that, but because it's a comfortable position. And this way, they can completely avoid looking at each other's faces. Eye contact is at an all-time minimum in this position, so Momoshiro likes it.

Except it also makes him extremely curious. With Kaidoh's dick up in his face so much, he's gotten the chance to study it a bit, to see how much different it is from his own. It's a bit thicker in width than Momoshiro himself, but he takes glee in the fact that he's just the tiniest bit bigger than Kaidoh. Not that he has told Kaidoh this or anything, that's one thing he won't gloat about, because he doesn't want Kaidoh to like, punch him in the balls as he's so vulnerable in that position. So he keeps it to himself. But then the other thoughts start rolling in; is Kaidoh looking at his, too? What does Kaidoh think about it? He better not think it's gross or anything! His dick is awesome.

Anyways, back to this new position. Momoshiro won't lie; he's thought about it a bunch of times. Blowjobs, that is. What else is Kaidoh's mouth useful for? And it's right there, and after hearing so much about this mythical blowjob, that it's really been on Momoshiro's mind constantly. What would it feel like? Kind of gross? Kind of good? He bet it would feel good. He likes Kaidoh's warm hand wrapped around his penis, obviously it's not that much of a stretch to think it'll feel good if he's got his mouth wrapped around it instead, and ... damn, he really wants to do it, but he doesn't know how to bring it up.

And it's not like he's going to do it first—ew, that's just gross. Momoshiro feels no need to start sucking Kaidoh off, even if it's right there in his face. They're still guys after all, and he is in no way attracted to that part of Kaidoh. Obviously he has no objections if Kaidoh does it.

Now to just get him to do it in the first place ...

They're behind the clubhouse, frantically dry humping each other, and Momoshiro's mind is elsewhere again—thinking about blowjobs. Thinking about what it would feel like if Kaidoh's lips were going up and down his penis instead of his hand. To feel that warmth engulf him ... man he wants to try it out so bad. He'll even let Kaidoh hang all over him in return, he seems to enjoy doing that anyway.

As usual, when they're doing it outside, their bodies are melted together, in fear of someone spotting them, so they try to make themselves as small as possible. It's annoying, but Momoshiro's gotten used to it, besides, the rush of someone finding out about them makes him forget about that entire rule he set up to not touch each other. Like this, it's okay, he guesses. It was sort of inevitable anyway. And for Kaidoh? He's been using it as the opportunity to shove Momoshiro up against the wall and bury his face into his neck. At least they don't have to see each other's faces like this. He can tolerate it, for now.

Momoshiro would really rather Kaidoh's face be somewhere else though. And then it just slips out. "Kaidoh, I want you to suck me off."

Kaidoh's body stills, and he lifts up his head to stare at Momoshiro.

Wait, did he say that out loud? Oh crap.

And within a second, Momoshiro finds out why he shouldn't have said that out loud. Kaidoh knees him in the groin and punches him in the stomach all at once. He leaves him gasping for breath on the ground and in the fetal position to return to his own club.


"You didn't have to hit me in the balls, you know," Momoshiro says with disdain in his voice as Kaidoh walks into the room and closes the door behind him. His hair is wet and slicked back; he probably just got out of a bath. He spots Momoshiro and hisses at him. This just pisses Momoshiro off even more. "Hey, I'm talking to you, you stupid snake."

"Shut up you dumbass. Don't ask me weird questions, and I won't have to hit you for it," Kaidoh says. He plops down on the chair at his desk that's in between both their beds.

Momoshiro rolls his eyes. "It's not that weird," he says defensively. Well, maybe just a little.

Kaidoh scoffs at him. "You're right. It was disgusting. So how about you shut up and leave me alone."

"What, you're not even going to tell me what's so disgusting about it? It's not any different than using our hands, you know," Momoshiro tries to explain. He knows what Kaidoh means though; he doesn't exactly want to touch Kaidoh's junk with his mouth either.

"We use our mouths to eat, Momoshiro. And in your case, you also use it so say incredibly dumb stuff every single time it opens."

"Hey!" Momoshiro gets up from his bed and angrily walks over to Kaidoh to shove him off the chair. Or at least, tries to, but Kaidoh catches his wrist and squeezes it hard. "I don't say dumb stuff!"

"Yes you do!"

"No I don't!" Momoshiro breaks free and pushes at Kaidoh's chest.

Kaidoh sneers at him and gets up from the chair, and shoves back at Momoshiro's chest as well, causing him to stumble back and land on his bed with his butt. Annoying stupid snake.

"And I'll do it too," Momoshiro says in a voice that sounds far too desperate for his tastes. He didn't mean to come off sounding so stupid and needy, as if he needs to bribe Kaidoh to do it or something.

"Do I look like I want you too!?" Kaidoh yells.

Momoshiro shrugs. "What, are you actually going to say no to my offer to do it in return?" Kaidoh remains silent, and lets his grouchy expression do all the talking. "That's what I thought."

"I'm not going to touch that disgusting thing with my mouth. No way in hell. You probably haven't even showered, and you're probably full of those STD things or something," says Kaidoh and he crosses his arms over his chest, as if he's suddenly grossed out to be near Momoshiro.

Momoshiro's mouth drops open. "STD!? What the hell Kaidoh—where'd you get that idea?" Kaidoh looks at him pointedly, as if it's obvious Momoshiro's got an STD stamped on his forehead. "I don't!" he says defensively, completely insulted and repulsed by the idea. "I've never even had sex with anyone—how would I get an STD you jerk!?"

Kaidoh backs up, blinking down at him with a confounded expression on his face. "You haven't?"

And then Momoshiro realizes the cat is out of the bag; now Kaidoh knows for sure Momoshiro is a complete virgin. Back when they had just entered the same college, Momoshiro had bragged about some girl he had sex with during high school, and then he proceeded to make fun of Kaidoh for still being a virgin. It was of course, a complete fabrication, done in the spur of the moment. Momoshiro just couldn't shut his mouth anymore after he started talking. It's all Kaidoh's fault. He looked so proud and happy and content with himself, it made Momoshiro want to punch him and point out he's better than Kaidoh anyway, and that he had been perfectly fine without him in high school as well.

Yes it was stupid, yes he's childish, hence why Momoshiro is squirming on the bed right now.

"Liar—you told me yourself in the beginning of the school year," says Kaidoh.

"I lied—okay? I lied," Momoshiro admits, feeling his cheeks heat up. "When I saw you were accepted into that stupid club of yours straight away, I felt like I needed to brag about something too ... or whatever. I just couldn't let you beat me." And he just couldn't stand the fact that Kaidoh was completely fine without Momoshiro. They went to different high schools, and seeing how much Momoshiro didn't affect his life, kind of stung. Didn't it mean anything when they ran the tennis club together? Did Kaidoh move on completely, forgetting about Momoshiro entirely, and showing how happy and successful he was without him?

Ugh, why is he thinking about this now, this is stupid. "I just had to say something. Eternal rivalry and all that shit, you know?"

"... By saying you were promiscuous?"

"That's not what I implied!"

"... And then you came up with that disgusting idea for us, too."

"Shut up! It's not like I planned to do that!" Momoshiro huffs, his entire face now red. "I just ... couldn't let anyone know. We're in college, you look like a complete loser if you haven't had sex yet." At least, that's his excuse. Maybe he just wanted to see Kaidoh's reaction. Maybe he wanted to prove to Kaidoh he was absolutely fine without him, too. Maybe.

"Are you saying I'm a loser?" Kaidoh growls.

"Well that much was clear," Momoshiro says with a snort. He quickly shields his head with his arms when he sees Kaidoh raise a fist at him. "I'm sorry, okay! Geez, you don't have to act like it's such a big deal. It doesn't change anything."

Kaidoh lowers his fist, and takes a long hard minute to stare at Momoshiro with his piercing eyes, as if he's trying to wish that the ground would swallow Momoshiro up. "So you didn't?" he asks after the silence was deafening Momoshiro's ears.

He shakes his head. "I didn't."

"You didn't."

"That's what I said."

Kaidoh slams his fist down on top of Momoshiro's head, inducing an immediate headache. "Moron. Don't lie about stupid stuff. What are you, five?"

Momoshiro tries to get back at Kaidoh by pulling him closer, using his shirt, so he can hit him too, but all it results in is clawing at Kaidoh's abs of steels. Fuck him for having those too. He's such a fitness freak. "Shut up, it doesn't matter. Now you know. So no, you idiot, I don't have any STDs, that's fucking stupid."

Kaidoh slaps Momoshiro's hands away from his shirt with a huff. "Congratulations, you're disease free. Too bad you can't also cure idiocy."

"Why you!"

Momoshiro leaps forwards, hands ready to grab Kaidoh's shirt, and then pulls him down to his level, causing Kaidoh to fall on top of him, crashing onto the bed and trapping him. This wasn't exactly the position he had hoped for, but it'll do, now he could easily knee Kaidoh in the groin as payback. But he doesn't, instead Kaidoh's body is looming over him, hands pressed into the mattress besides his head, and Kaidoh's face is right above his own, just staring at him. Little drops of water slide down his wet hair and fall down on Momoshiro's cheek, but it doesn't faze either of them. Momoshiro is still gripping his shirt, and suddenly feels awkward about having them there. It's been a while since he's looked Kaidoh in the eye this close up, and for some reason, it's making Momoshiro feel a little weak, like Kaidoh's taking away his power just by staring at him again. Kaidoh's dark blue eyes are widened with his pupils dilated and they refuse to look away. Momoshiro doesn't have it in him to break eye contact either, he's a bit breathless right now.

The plan to knee Kaidoh right where it hurts suddenly stops mattering.

There is this weird and unusual feeling welling up inside of Momoshiro. He can feel his heart start to race, his skin heating up, and it's getting harder to breathe. This is different from the other times—this is not the same as him simply being horny (he won't deny that he is, though), but Momoshiro doesn't know what it is. Doesn't know what prompts him to keep staring back at Kaidoh without challenging him to a fight. Kaidoh himself refuses to budge or say anything at all as well, simply keeping himself upright so he won't smother Momoshiro with his body. And suddenly, that idea doesn't sound so bad to Momoshiro. But it should, it should sound bad, and it should make him feel repulsed to have any sort of craving to touch Kaidoh without the intent to hurt.

Yet there he is, staring right back at Kaidoh, and not saying a word, not moving a muscle, both hands still holding onto Kaidoh's shirt like a lifeline.

Slowly, Momoshiro loosens his grip, a bit confused and a little anxious too about what to do, like he doesn't know if he should continue to hold Kaidoh like he means business, or push him off, or just let Kaidoh decide himself. His fingers are shaking slightly all of the sudden, and Momoshiro gulps, blinking up at Kaidoh. Another droplet splatters down onto his forehead. It feels like this moment is lasting an eternity.

Then Kaidoh's mouth opens, lips slowly parting from each other, and he looks like he wants to say something, but can only manage to produce air, suddenly frozen. What he was going to bring up stills on his trembling lips, and he takes in a shaky breath instead. Momoshiro takes one with him, and his fingers fan out flat against Kaidoh's chest. He can feel the slightest movement of muscle as Kaidoh leans into his touch, and then he backs off just as fast, and is quick to scramble off of Momoshiro, and turns his back on him. It's like seeing the back of a stranger.

Momoshiro feels dizzy.

"I'm not going to do it, you pig," says Kaidoh.

Momoshiro stares up at the ceiling. Just what the heck happened?


"I'm gonna ..." Momoshiro inhales sharply. "Have a match playing soon."

Kaidoh ignores Momoshiro's attempt at starting a conversation as they're hastily jerking each other off behind the clubhouse.

"Want you to come," Momoshiro sighs.

"Huh?" Kaidoh's movements slow down as he looks up at Momoshiro. "Now?" he asks, confused.

Momoshiro growls at him, forcefully shoving his hips into him. "Idiot, I'm talking about my match."

Kaidoh pushes himself into Momoshiro's body as well, hisses right into his ear. "Shut up already." He buries his face into the crook of Momoshiro's neck. It's sending pleasant tingles down Momoshiro's neck.

"But it's going to be in two da—hmpf." Kaidoh's hand is suddenly covering Momoshiro's mouth, stifling his voice. He jerks him off even harder, in a faster pace that's almost painful, to show he means business, and doesn't want to talk. Well. Fine. But it's almost impossible to find time to talk to Kaidoh when most of the time he's out running or lifting weights, or whatever, and the time they do manage to find, it ends up like this.

It's gotten rather annoying. And it makes their jerk-off sessions quick and abrupt, and that sort of leaves Momoshiro a bit unsatisfied and cranky. He actually enjoys taking his time, and not feeling like he's on the clock.

Annoyed with Kaidoh's hand still covering his mouth, Momoshiro opens his mouth and bites down on Kaidoh's index finger. Kaidoh grunts, and his hand slips away from his mouth, then lightly scratches Momoshiro's cheek in revenge. Momoshiro's response is to wrap an arm around Kaidoh's back, and scrape his fingernails down his spine. Asshole. He can scratch too. Each retaliation simply escalates their roughhousing with each other, and now they're both stroking and scratching the other. The combined forces of his usual fighting with Kaidoh and his hot hand going up and down, makes Momoshiro orgasm quite easily.

At least they started carrying tissues with them this time.


"You came."

Momoshiro jogs up to Kaidoh, a smile spreading on his face. His heart is still pounding from the match he played twenty minutes ago. It was a good match, an awesome match, and he won. His entire team won. He's supposed to meet up with his teammates to celebrate and get drunk, but when he sees Kaidoh leaning against the building, he makes a mental note to apologize to his team for not coming.

"Well, you asked me to," says Kaidoh with a grunt. He sticks his hands into the pockets of his shorts and stares down at the concrete, like he doesn't quite know what to do.

"Did you watch the whole thing?" Momoshiro asks excitedly. All those nervous and jumpy jitters are still fluttering around in his stomach, it's simply amplified when he sees Kaidoh.

"Yeah." Kaidoh slouches his shoulders. "You uhh, did well. Or something." His voice sounds completely unenthusiastic, and even his body posture is stiff and emotionless.

Momoshiro grins and then socks him one in the shoulder before he stands next to Kaidoh and leans against the wall as well. "I did awesome, you mean," says Momoshiro. "I kicked his ass. They should crown me captain for that match."

Kaidoh snorts. "Keep dreaming."

Momoshiro pushes his shoulder into Kaidoh's. "Hey, I totally could be. Maybe in a year, since I'm such a prodigy in tennis."

"More like a flailing idiot."

"I resent that!"

Kaidoh's lips curl up slightly, and he exhales an amused and muffled chuckle. It makes Momoshiro grin even wider; this day just can't get any better. Well, it could have gotten better. He could have been playing doubles with Kaidoh instead. Yeah, that would have been really nice.

"Too bad I play singles now," says Momoshiro, his smile faltering. Kaidoh says nothing. "I miss playing with you."

Kaidoh flinches back a bit. "A-asshole, don't say weird stuff like that." He composes himself and clears his throat. "I'm in the track and field club right now," he explains in this completely unemotional voice. And then, he lowers his head. "But uhh ... that doesn't mean we can't play any matches against each other ..."

Momoshiro's heart flutters around in his ribcage. A match with Kaidoh? It's been years! "Really?" he asks, completely caught off guard at the offer.

"Only if I have time," Kaidoh grunts.

And the fluttery feeling in his chest quiets down. Time. They don't have much of that anymore. "Oh," says Momoshiro, feeling dejected. "Like ... when?"

"I don't know." Kaidoh kicks his shoe at the concrete, like he's impatient. "When I don't have training."

"But you always have training," Momoshiro whines. That just isn't fair! What's the point of even offering a match if Kaidoh's got absolutely no free time himself? The small bits of time they do manage to find, they're busy humping each other, and even that leaves Momoshiro restless most of the time.

They stay silent for what seems like forever, simply next to each other, mulling over their own thoughts. Surprisingly, it's Kaidoh who breaks the silence.

"Summer vacation," he says.


"We can play then."

"Oh right ... hadn't thought of that. It's like next month, too." Momoshiro tries to remember if he made any plans for his summer vacation, but can't really remember any. He would have probably just went back home to visit his parents, and that's it. "Don't you have any plans then?"

Kaidoh hisses. "Well I'm making them now, dumbass."

Momoshiro chuckles. "Alright then. Summer vacation it is. How about we go do some other stuff as well?" Like rent a room in a love hotel and get Kaidoh to use his lips.

Kaidoh turns his head to look at Momoshiro, who stares back at him. There's that weird tingly sensation crawling on his skin again whenever he looks Kaidoh in the eye. "Okay," says Kaidoh.

And that's how their summer vacation plans were made.


In the month leading up to their summer vacation, things got a little bit heated. By that, Momoshiro means the air got really hot in their room. They don't have an airco in their room, so it's hell after coming back from training, and sweating like crazy from the heat. Momoshiro opts to just strut around in his boxer shorts all the time—no way is he wearing anything that resembles a shirt or pants in this heat.

"Do you really need to shun all of your clothes?" Kaidoh asks in an irritated voice. He points at Momoshiro, who is sitting on his own bed, fanning his face with a fan he bought at some local tourist shop. He's showing off as much skin as possible to maximize the effect of the wind coming from his fan to cool down his body.

"Yes," Momoshiro answers honestly. "It's fucking hot in here. What else do you want me to do?"

"Wear clothes."

"It's too hot for that!" He fans himself even faster, a little agitated now. It's not good to fight when he's sweaty all over. It takes too much effort. "Besides, look at what you're wearing yourself."

"I'm wearing clothes," says Kaidoh with a sneer.

"Stupid tight tank top with super short shorts. You might as well just strip naked while you're at it—and you're like this throughout the year no matter what temperature it is outside!"

"That's because I don't sweat like a monkey like you."

"I don't sweat like a—wait, monkeys can sweat?" Momoshiro stops his fan as he contemplates this very serious question.

"Idiot. They're mammals. Of course they sweat." Kaidoh rolls his eyes.

"Yeah well, I'm no monkey."

"A sweaty pig, then."

Thunk, is the sound the fan makes as it hits Kaidoh's head. He lets out a battle roar and dives straight for Momoshiro's neck, and they end up wrestling each other on his bed. It's sweaty and sticky, and really rather tiring to do this, so Momoshiro soon gives up trying to do anything at all, and lets Kaidoh simply pin him down on the mattress, straddling his hips. One hand is pressed down onto his bare chest, to prevent him from moving much—not like Momoshiro would move in the first place. But Kaidoh's hand does feel rather cool to the touch, so he doesn't complain.

"It's too hot to fight, Mamushi," Momoshiro says with a sigh.

Kaidoh says nothing, but instead is eerily fixated on his own hand. Or maybe he's staring at Momoshiro's chest. Maybe he's coming up with another insult to fling at him because of how much he's sweating.

"What?" he asks, frowning up at Kaidoh.

Kaidoh pulls back a little, blinking his eyes and removing his gaze from Momoshiro's chest. "Then don't start a fight, dumbass," he says.

"Yeah, well, don't call me a pig."

"But you are one," says Kaidoh with a snort.

"Hey! I haven't asked you to blow me again after that one time, so shut up. I'm not a pig."

The hand on Momoshiro's chest stiffens up, and he can see Kaidoh's eyes widen slightly in response. "What the hell does that have to do with anything? You're disgusting."

"Disgusting like a pig?" Momoshiro mocks.


"Fuck you. There's nothing disgusting about it. Well, maybe it is just a little, because it would be super sweaty, and that's gross, and I can't imagine you'd taste like rainbows and sunshine either. Eww. Nasty stuff."

Kaidoh merely stares down at Momoshiro, his expression unreadable, except for the slight hue of red tainting his cheeks. It might be because it's hot, or maybe because he's too embarrassed to talk about this. Then again, he doesn't seem to want to get off Momoshiro, so maybe he's not embarrassed after all. He leans back and removes his hand, sitting up straight on top of Momoshiro.

"You ... really want to?" he asks in a hesitant voice, like he's carefully treading the waters.

Well, that serious question certainly caught Momoshiro off guard, because he certainly didn't expect Kaidoh to give it any thought whatsoever, much less ask him if he wants to do it for real. A mix of shock, confusion, and curiosity flashes across Momoshiro's face, before it settles on determination. "Yeah," he chokes out, his throat feeling dry like he's been doing nothing but swallowing sand in this heat.

Kaidoh's gaze goes down again, staring at his own hand, and that makes something hopeful well up inside of Momoshiro. Is he seriously considering this? He's actually got a shot at this? Kaidoh might actually suck him off after all? Just the thought of that is enough to give him a stiffy (like he wasn't already half hard from their tussle before). And that's just enough for Kaidoh to notice, because he whips his head around and then glares at Momoshiro with this indignant expression on his face, before he pushes himself away completely.

"I'm not doing it," Kaidoh says with a huff.

Momoshiro groans out loud—he almost convinced Kaidoh to do it! Ugh. Fine. Maybe he can try again on a later date, but right now, something needs to be done with that persistent problem in his underwear.

"Whatever—at least do something about this, then," says Momoshiro and he points his finger at his erection creating a bulge in his shorts.

Kaidoh simply hisses at Momoshiro, before he knocks him in the head with his own fan.


Summer vacation lasts for two weeks, and that is too long for Momoshiro. Too long without Kaidoh, the convenient handjob machine. He'll have to make do with his own right hand, but he's certainly not looking forward to it. Which is why, the day before the vacation starts, he made sure to set aside some time to have a nice long jerk off session with Kaidoh.

And it seems Kaidoh was thinking the same, because he actually had some free time that day. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on Momoshiro's part, but either way, they were both free, and they were both eager. Or again, maybe that's wishful thinking. Momoshiro is always eager, he's not quite sure what Kaidoh thinks about the whole thing, but if he didn't like it, he'd have kicked Momoshiro in the balls a long time ago and then never talked to him again. And considering that didn't happen (well, maybe once), it's safe to say, maybe Kaidoh is eager too.

So their last jerk off session before summer vacation started was a bit weird. It was much longer than the other quickies they've been feeding off on for weeks now. It was slow and careful, and definitely planned. Despite Momoshiro's rule to leave their clothes on, it wasn't like he had much of a choice in this heat. Even Kaidoh couldn't handle it anymore once they started going at it, going from light teasing strokes, to a much more persistent rhythm. So he took off his shirt as well, and this time, Momoshiro didn't question it. He didn't even question it when Kaidoh's hand was suddenly on his shoulder again—something he's done plenty of other times before. He still didn't question it when his grip became softer and less of a means of support, and more about trailing it down his biceps, and then back up again. Even when Kaidoh's head was buried in his neck, making these little gasping sounds, Momoshiro didn't question it.

Momoshiro's mind was in too much of a haze to comprehend what exactly Kaidoh was doing. All he knew was that he was feeling good, and Kaidoh was feeling good, so that's all that mattered.

In the end, it was hard to notice the distance Kaidoh had crossed between them, how many rules he had broken. Momoshiro just wanted to get one last handjob from him before summer vacation, so he forgave Kaidoh's weird behavior. Maybe that was Kaidoh's way of showing he was going to miss this, too. Maybe.

And that's how he ended up spending the rest of summer vacation back at his home, along with his parents and siblings.

It's sort of a nightmare.

He'd forgotten how much freedom college has given him, with his parents not knowing what he did. But now they do, and they won't stop questioning him about how school is going, and if he made new friends, and if he's gotten a girlfriend. Momoshiro feels like he's being interrogated. He keeps his mouth shut about Kaidoh, simply referring him as his 'roommate', because that's all Kaidoh is to him. A roommate. And occasionally his jerk-off-buddy. Is this what they call being friends with benefits? Momoshiro doesn't know, and he doesn't like putting labels on it, so he tries to avoid any conversation about Kaidoh the jerk-off-buddy.

The worst thing of all, of course, is the fact that he has to do without Kaidoh. He spends a lot of lonely nights with his right hand, and it never satisfies him. Even when he tries to fantasize about Kaidoh giving him a blowjob; it doesn't do much. It still leaves him wanting the real thing.

And it's hard to admit, but Momoshiro actually misses him. Yes, he most certainly misses their fun times together, but also misses him in general. They've been with each other every day since the start of college, so it's weird not to have him around, or see him lifting his dumbbells, or run around campus showing off his leg muscles. He misses insulting him and getting into petty fights—it was their daily routine, and Momoshiro feels like he's unable to properly unwind after each day because he couldn't throw an insult at Kaidoh's head.

He tries to remedy this weird sense of loneliness by sending a bunch of text messages to Kaidoh. Calling him a dickhead, or a snake, or a stupid training freak, and sometimes telling him about how annoying his sister has become since he left. Sometimes he'd be nice and ask him how his vacation was going. Kaidoh doesn't ever answer any his texts of course, something which really pisses Momoshiro off, but doesn't discourage him from sending another text in the least. The only time he does get a reply, is when Momoshiro asks him if they're still going to have their tennis match tomorrow. To which he replied with a simple 'yes'. So at least he's alive still.

What a dick, doesn't even have the courtesy to reply to all of his other texts. Momoshiro will punch him extra hard when he sees him tomorrow.

He goes to bed feeling butterflies swarm in his stomach; he can't wait to play against Kaidoh again.


It's been ten days since he last saw Kaidoh. Ten miserable days. Momoshiro is sitting down on the steps of the stairs leading to the tennis court. It's a nice sunny day, a bit too hot still for his tastes, but tolerable. No one else but him is there, which is fine, that means they're alone at least. Despite his need for always showing off in front of an audience, Momoshiro would like to keep this just between them. He doesn't want to share this moment with anyone else.

When Kaidoh is five minutes late, Momoshiro angrily punches down the keys on his cellphone to send him a text message. What's holding him up, huh? And right when he sends the text message, something hits him in the back of his head.

"What the hell—" Momoshiro looks over his shoulder to see what hit him, and sees Kaidoh walking past him with his bag in tow. "Kaidoh!" he says eagerly, completely forgetting he hit him right now. Then he remembers he's late. "What took you so long, jerk."

"Let's just play," says Kaidoh. He puts his gear onto the ground and unzips his bag, taking out his racket.

Momoshiro stays put on the stairs, narrowing his eyes at Kaidoh and wondering if he changed something about his appearance; he looks a bit different than normal. "Yo, Mamushi, got a sunburn or something?" Momoshiro smirks. "Your cheeks are pretty red."

Kaidoh points his racket at Momoshiro and growls. "Shut up dumbass, get off your fat ass and play me."

"I've got some sunscreen with me if you want to use it!" Momoshiro says with a cheerful grin.

Eventually Kaidoh just throws a tennis ball at Momoshiro's head, but luckily he catches it in time. Alright, it's showtime.


"That ... was a great match," Momoshiro says out of breath. He wipes his sweaty hand off on his shorts and then stretches it out over the net.

"Yeah ..." Kaidoh does the same and slides his hand into the palm of Momoshiro's. It zaps him with a rush—probably leftover adrenaline from that awesome match they played against one another.

"Maybe if you were in the tennis club instead, you could have beaten me," Momoshiro points out. He smirks up at Kaidoh, seeing the sun set behind him. Their match lasted over two hours, they were pretty much evenly matched.

"I just went easy on you, that's all," says Kaidoh, but there's a slight smirk on his lips as well.

"Sure you did," Momoshiro says in a mock tone. "You keep telling yourself that. If you don't start playing tennis again soon, I'll leave you behind." Momoshiro squeezes Kaidoh's hand a bit harder.

"I guess that just means we'll have to play a few matches every now and then." Kaidoh returns the squeeze as well, and this time, he's smiling a little as well.

"Hah, only if you enjoy getting your ass kicked!" Momoshiro laughs.

"In your dreams, dumbass," says Kaidoh in a playful tone.

Momoshiro feels himself being filled up with a warm liquid. Maybe it's from the sun, maybe it's from playing a good match, maybe it's because Kaidoh's joking around with him, or who knows why. What matters is that he got to play against Kaidoh again, and there might be more to come. He finally lets go of Kaidoh's warm hand—surprisingly he's not thinking about the way that hand feels like when it's wrapped around his penis. Instead, he thinks it feels pleasant like this as well.

"Man, I'm beat. This was a real good work out," says Momoshiro as he walks off the court. He stores away his racket in his bag and zips it closed, swinging it over his back. "I just wanna relax now."

"You're just lazy," says Kaidoh, jogging up to him with his own bag thrown over his shoulder. "If you did a little more training, then you wouldn't be so out of breath right now."

"Says the person who is having trouble steadying his own breathing," mocks Momoshiro. And it's true, Kaidoh's chest is heaving up and down as well, he's just as exhausted as Momoshiro.

Kaidoh looks down at the ground as they both start to walk away from the tennis court. "I'm fine ..." he mumbles. Then he clears his throat, and says in a louder voice, "I'm fine."

Momoshiro simply snickers and pushes his fist into Kaidoh's shoulder. Suddenly he feels nostalgic about this entire encounter; it's been years since they played against each other. Years since they were this tired, yet satisfied. And there was something they always did at the end of a good match ... Momoshiro holds his fist out like an invitation, with a big toothy grin on his face. Kaidoh huffs, a bit amused himself, and he pounds Momoshiro's fist with his own. The contact makes Momoshiro feel that adrenaline again, and a whole dose of nostalgia. He chuckles at Kaidoh, and feels comfortable enough to throw an arm around him.

"I'm too tired, how about you take me home," Momoshiro jokes.

"Take yourself home," says Kaidoh. He pushes his shoulder into Momoshiro's chest, a half-hearted attempt at getting him to back off. But Momoshiro stays put, and leans most of his weight on Kaidoh, slowing the both of them down from walking.

"But I won, that means you need to do something nice for me." Momoshiro continues to lean most of his weight on Kaidoh, and even presses his head up against his shoulder.

"Since when the hell did we agree to that?" Kaidoh sneers, and once more tries to push Momoshiro away.

"Hmm, now?" Momoshiro chuckles.

This doesn't bode well with Kaidoh, who finally ducks away from Momoshiro's advances, causing him to almost fall flat on his face into the patch of grass they're walking on. He mumbles a curse word under his breath, before he rids himself of his bag, and decides to jump on Kaidoh's back, yelling out, "Gotcha!" They both go tumbling down the small little hill they were on, until they come to a stop, but certainly didn't cause an end to their tussle. Kaidoh crawls on top of Momoshiro, his hands burying themselves in Momoshiro's shirt, and he hisses at him for being an idiot, probably. Momoshiro simply laughs and throws Kaidoh off of him, so they lay side by side instead, staring up at the mildly clouded orange sky.

Momoshiro takes in a deep breath. "I don't want to move an inch," he says.

"You're going to have to eventually," Kaidoh says.

The sudden breeze washing over him feels pleasant and relaxing, so Momoshiro closes his eyes to enjoy it. Now this is how summer vacation should be spend; lounging around in the afterglow of the sunset after winning a good tennis match. And maybe throw a little fighting in there, too. He spreads out his arms, feeling grass stroke along his skin, until his hand touches the back of Kaidoh's knuckles, and he pulls back a little. He opens his eyes to the sky, and seeing Kaidoh stare at him in the corner of his eyes, he turns his head as well.

He wants to laugh and make a joke—something about taking a picture so it'll last longer—but his words die on his lips the moment his eyes connect with Kaidoh's. His chest tightens up, and that same rush from before flows through his entire body, even to his toes. Momoshiro blinks, wondering if it's just the cozy atmosphere of the sunset that's making him feel this odd. But no matter how many times he blinks, Kaidoh's still there, staring at him through the blades of the green grass, his gaze strong and unwavering, like he's holding a staring contest. It's like that one time, when Kaidoh was on top of him, and also creepily staring at him like this, and Momoshiro can't bear to look away. He notices all these little details, like how Kaidoh's eyelashes are pretty long and thick, and how his right eye's eyelid is actually a little more arched than his left's, or how his cheeks are a blotchy red.

Momoshiro slowly raises his hand, lightly brushing up against the fabric of Kaidoh's shirt, until his fingertips reach out to touch Kaidoh's chin. Kaidoh breathes out a shaky breath, but doesn't do anything, letting Momoshiro touch his chin without any repercussions. Momoshiro feels a slight stubble; he probably hasn't shaved yet today. Kaidoh blinks slowly, but doesn't sever their eye contact, like he's trying to prove something. Momoshiro smiles at him as his fingers move up to touch Kaidoh's warm and red cheek.

"Stupid," he says with an amused chuckle. "I told you I had sunscreen with me." Now Kaidoh's got to live with sunburned cheeks.

Kaidoh suddenly grasps Momoshiro's hand with his own, but doesn't tear it off like Momoshiro expected him to. Instead he keeps both of their hands pressed against his cheek, an odd kind of behavior that Momoshiro isn't familiar with yet. It catches him off guard, so he doesn't know what to do, instead feels like something is bubbling over inside of him, like a soda can that was shaken too hard. This is weird, what's Kaidoh trying to do here? Usually Kaidoh is easy to understand, but this leaves Momoshiro pretty flabbergasted; he's never actually been gentle like this. And that is scaring Momoshiro a little.

Momoshiro slightly starts to pull his hand out of Kaidoh's grasp, but then realizes he's not actually moving his hand; it's Kaidoh who is moving closer. Close enough until they're nose to nose, and Momoshiro has no time to react at all when Kaidoh presses his mouth on his. Momoshiro hears an alarm ring in his brain, and in a lightning fast reaction, slams his hands into Kaidoh's chest to shove him away from him. He immediately starts rubbing at his lips and stares at Kaidoh accusingly. His insides feel like they've been twisted into a tight knot.

"What the hell, Kaidoh!" Momoshiro yells. His heart is beating a thousand miles per second, and he's overwhelmed by this weirdest sensation that's making all of his muscles freeze up in place.

Kaidoh blinks, once, twice—and then he scrambles up with a hiss, reaching for his bag and quickly skittering away with his head hung low.

"Oi!" Momoshiro calls after him, sitting up straight. "Kaidoh!" he tries one last time.

But Kaidoh's gone, run off to who knows where, leaving Momoshiro alone to question what the fuck just happened.


Summer vacation might as well have been renamed to Vacation from Hell. That's what it feels like to Momoshiro.

Ever since his match against Kaidoh, he's been trying to get in touch with him for a while now. Calling his cellphone, leaving behind text messages—but they never get answered. Kaidoh is officially avoiding him. But that can't last for too long, Momoshiro thinks. They live in the same dorm room after all, Kaidoh will have to acknowledge him in some way when they get back, however awkward that might be.

Momoshiro wants to know what the hell was going through his mind that he thought it was a great idea to kiss him completely out of the blue. Who the hell goes around kissing people? In fact, he pretty much thought Kaidoh was allergic to any kind of physical touching, much less do it on his own, and with Momoshiro of all people. Why him? Why do it? These questions plague Momoshiro day and night. He thinks about it almost constantly, and when he's in bed at night, he thinks about it even more. Wondering what caused Kaidoh to do this, and if there were any warning signs Momoshiro was missing. Did Kaidoh always act this weird? Is it a one-time thing only?

The more he thinks about it, the less he can pin it down on any one occasion that makes him think Kaidoh acted weird. It's sort of just been a gradual change, so gradual Momoshiro didn't see the change in Kaidoh. But now that he thinks about it, they certainly didn't act this way around each other when they met up again in the beginning of the school year. There were differences from now and then. Subtle, but there.

His rules, the rules he came up with so abruptly, were broken on many occasions. But all within good reason, at least that's what Momoshiro thinks; each time there was a reasonable explanation why one rule was bent and then broken completely. And it's because of that, that Momoshiro didn't really pay attention to it. It can't be helped, that's what he thought at the time. But he wonders if Kaidoh broke the rules on purpose, and if so, then why? Why would he want to?

Momoshiro doesn't know. Momoshiro is confused and frustrated, and he wishes Kaidoh would stop avoiding him and talk to him like a man.

Momoshiro concludes that all that messing around they did, got Kaidoh all confused and messed up with what's allowed and what wasn't. Maybe he was lonely too, and since he's never really shared the company of a woman, maybe he was using Momoshiro as a substitute. Since he's probably never kissed anyone, Kaidoh might have thought it was a good idea to do it with Momoshiro instead. They were already jerking off, so why not kiss.

Momoshiro huffs. He'll tell him why; because it was a rule! No touchy! Especially no kissing!

He continues to fume and think about this for the rest of the vacation, until it's time to go back to his dorm.

It's about time Kaidoh stops running away. He's damn good at it, being in the track and field club after all, but it has to end sometime, and that finish line is at their dorm room. Kaidoh has to come, he can't avoid Momoshiro forever.

But even on their first day back at college, Momoshiro doesn't see Kaidoh at all. He stays up till 2 AM, trying to stay awake until he sees Kaidoh return to their room, but then falls asleep from boredom. When he wakes up, he sees Kaidoh's bag at his bed—so the bastard snuck in at night anyway. Momoshiro is angry that he came in so late, and then still managed to get away before he woke up. What is he, a monster? Even Kaidoh needs sleep.

At least, he thinks so. He can never tell with that guy.

Throughout his day, Momoshiro is on high alert, his heart thumping wildly in his chest the moment he sees someone wear headgear, but disappointed when he realizes it's not Kaidoh. At practice, he's distracted, and he keeps waiting for the track and field club to make their rounds, and when they do, he doesn't spot Kaidoh between them at all. It's infuriating. Where is that stupid snake!? Is he going to avoid Momoshiro forever? Well that certainly sounds very depressing ...

Momoshiro decides to skip his own practice, and stake Kaidoh out at his club. No matter what happened, Kaidoh follows his training schedule like it's a religion, no way would he really skip it. So like a creepy stalker, Momoshiro hides himself behind the large school building, watching everyone jump hurdles. He tries to spot Kaidoh, but finds no one wearing a bandana. But then he sees it: separated from the crowd like a black sheep, Kaidoh is doing sit-ups in a patch of grass, hidden in the shadows of a big tree. Momoshiro feels himself swell up with anger, and it takes a lot of self control to not march up to Kaidoh right this instance, and demand some answers out of him. No, he's smarter than that. He'll wait until he can cut Kaidoh off from the rest and get the both of them alone.

This means Momoshiro has to stay there for a boring one hour—he really needs to pee—until the club finally disbands practice. Kaidoh however, stays behind. He's probably going to train more like always. What an ass. But at least this gives him a chance to confront him. Momoshiro waits until the field is empty and everyone has left, only Kaidoh is left still, this time using a jump rope (does he ever stop to take a break?). The atmosphere reminds him a lot of that day Kaidoh ran away; the sun is slowly setting in the distance, and the air is cooling down and isn't so unbearably hot anymore. This just makes him feel even weirder about confronting Kaidoh, but he has to do it. It has to happen.

So Momoshiro sneakily creeps up to that patch of grass, being quiet and inconspicuous. When he realizes Kaidoh's as blind as he's an idiot, he steps out into the open, right behind Kaidoh.

"Practicing late?" Momoshiro asks as nonchalantly as possible. He crosses his arms across his chest, and waits for Kaidoh's reaction.

He doesn't have to wait long; Kaidoh mistimes his jump, and his foot gets entangled with the rope, causing him to trip and fall flat on his face. Momoshiro doesn't know whether to laugh, or help him get up, or just say nothing at all. He opts for the latter.

Kaidoh frantically picks himself up and he whirls around to face Momoshiro, and as soon as he does, he starts racing away from him, like his ass has been set on fire. Momoshiro yells out Kaidoh's name, picks up the jump rope Kaidoh left behind, and gives chase. Unfortunately, Kaidoh is still the better runner here, so it doesn't take long for Kaidoh to leave Momoshiro behind with a safe enough distance between them. But Momoshiro is persistent, and follows Kaidoh out of the field, and towards the park next to their school instead.

"Stop running you asshole!" Momoshiro yells after him. All he can see are the soles of Kaidoh's shoes, as he never once turns around to face him. This is getting super irritating. Can't the guy just give up?

Soon they're running in the park, where the trees are giving them plenty of shade, and makes it harder for Kaidoh to run in a straight line, as he has to zigzag his way through the numerous small paths. This gives Momoshiro a chance to catch up, and when he's finally close enough, he flings the jump rope at Kaidoh's feet like a whip. It works as he intended; it catches around Kaidoh's ankles, and causes him to trip up. And down he goes once again. Momoshiro throws his fist up in the air as a silent victory, and quickly runs up to Kaidoh before he can get up and run away.

"Why the hell are you running away from me!?" Momoshiro demands to know. He rests his hands on his knees and takes a few large breaths to steady his breathing. Kaidoh is curled up on the ground, hugging his knees and burying his head into the dirt, as if he's hiding. He's doing a terrible job at that.

Momoshiro is annoyed at Kaidoh's lack of response, and nudges him in the side with his foot. Kaidoh simply whimpers.

"D-don't look at me," Kaidoh says nervously.

"Huh?" Momoshiro circles around Kaidoh until he's in front of him, staring down at his curled up body. "What are you doing? Get up." Kaidoh doesn't budge. Momoshiro bends down to face him instead, and reaches out for his wrist to get him up. As soon as his fingers touch Kaidoh's skin, Kaidoh yanks it back as if he's been burned, and he finally sits up straight.

"Don't!" Kaidoh cries out. Then he hides his face with both his arms, refusing to look straight at Momoshiro. "I told you not to look at me!"

"Jesus Kaidoh, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Momoshiro asks, annoyed and frustrated at this entire thing. He tilts his head a bit to the left so he can try to sneak a peek at Kaidoh's face, which he's so desperately trying to hide. In this low lighting of the sunset and all the shade from the trees, it's hard to make out what he looks like anyway, so Momoshiro isn't sure why he's panicking over having his face shown. Did he get an awful scar or something?

"Just leave me alone," Kaidoh hisses out. "Go away."

"What, so you can ignore me again? Don't think so. Why don't you tell me why you've been avoiding me, huh?" Momoshiro cranes his neck around this time, but Kaidoh is equally as observant, and immediately shields his face again with his hands and arms. Kaidoh refuses to say anything though, so this is pissing him off even more. "You're not even going to talk to me now? Fucking asshole, I'm going to kick your ass." Momoshiro leans forward and manages to grab one of Kaidoh's wrists, this time having a firm grip on it. Kaidoh yelps as soon as he's captured and tries to break free, but Momoshiro pulls it away from his face.

"Let go!" Kaidoh yells desperately. "Can't you just fucking leave me alone!?"

Now he knows why Kaidoh was so desperate to hide his face. It's beet red. At first Momoshiro thinks it's a rash, a real nasty rash he's gotten from his sunburn—but then he realizes that the shade of red is turning darker, and it's spreading across his cheeks onto his neck and ears. That's not a rash, that's a fully fledged blush. The realization that Kaidoh is actually blushing till the roots of his hair right in front of him, makes Momoshiro squirm and feel embarrassed too. It's contagious.

"Why are you ..." So red? But instead, Momoshiro asks, "Why did you do that?" Putting a lot of emphasis on 'that'. He doesn't let Kaidoh's wrist go, in fear of him running off again. He's still desperately trying to cover up his face, mostly by turning it away from Momoshiro.

"I didn't do anything," Kaidoh grumbles. He tries to yank his wrist back, which causes a small tug-a-war between them, as Momoshiro still refused to let go.

"Yeah, and you're totally looking at me right now, huh," Momoshiro says sarcastically. "Don't avoid the subject. You've done enough avoiding already, and it's pissing me off."

"Nothing happened, there's nothing to avoid," Kaidoh says with a low growl.

"And now you're denying it? What the hell Kaidoh. Stop it already. You're being an annoying douchebag." Momoshiro shakes Kaidoh's wrist and pulls him closer, wanting to look him in the eye. He doesn't want to look at Kaidoh the coward.

"It was a mistake," Kaidoh says. "So drop it and let me go!"

And this time, Momoshiro does let Kaidoh go, perplexed at Kaidoh's statement. "A mistake?" he echoes.

Kaidoh backs away from him, hugging his wrist to his chest and quickly standing up straight, then turning his back on Momoshiro. For a second, Momoshiro thinks he's going to run away again, but Kaidoh stays put this time. Though his legs are shaking.

"It was nothing," Kaidoh bites out. "Forget about it."

"I can't," Momoshiro admits. He hasn't stopped thinking about it once. What it all meant. Why Kaidoh did it. Why he avoided him straightly afterwards. And more importantly, why Momoshiro wasn't vomiting in disgust right afterwards. No, instead he tried to talk to Kaidoh to find out why he did it, why this all happened.

"Don't ..." Kaidoh sighs. "Say things like that. I'll ..." he trails off, not saying anything else.

"You'll what?" Momoshiro asks. He'll what exactly?

"Nothing," he says in a louder voice. He straightens up his back, and gets ready to run. "I'm going."

As a pure reflex, Momoshiro throws himself at Kaidoh, hoping to grab some kind of body part to prevent him from leaving again. He ends up digging his fists into Kaidoh's shirt and yanking him back. "No! Tell me why you're avoiding it! Why did you do it!?" Momoshiro sounds desperate and needy—he really wants to have some answers. He can see Kaidoh's fists balling up until his knuckles turn white, and he's keeping them restrained at his hips, like he's about to punch himself. He doesn't say anything though, so Momoshiro continues. "Why won't you even look at me?" and this time, there an edge to Momoshiro's voice. Like it isn't just annoying that Kaidoh won't look at him, but that it's actually a bit hurtful as well.

"Because!" Kaidoh suddenly yells out. "Because ..." he repeats in a softer voice. "When I look at you I ..."

Momoshiro starts to lean in closer, the grip on Kaidoh's shirt slipping off, as his ears are perked up to listen o what Kaidoh has to say. "You what?" He tugs on his shirt. "You what, Kaidoh?"

Kaidoh hisses. "Nothing. Nevermind. Forget about it."

Having enough of Kaidoh avoiding the question, Momoshiro jabs his elbow into Kaidoh's back, causing him to groan out loud in pain. Then he quickly circles around Kaidoh's body and places both his hands on his shoulders, standing directly in front of him.

"Why can't you look at me?" Momoshiro asks. He looks right at Kaidoh, ignoring his massive blush that keeps changing colours, but instead staring at his eyes. Those eyes that won't look at him. He wants to scream; look at me! Why is it so important for Kaidoh to look at him all of the sudden?

"I hate you ..." Kaidoh grits out. "I really do." And yet all of his body language indicates the opposite. He doesn't hate Momoshiro at all.

"I just ... want to know." Momoshiro moves his hands away from Kaidoh's shoulders, and trails it up his neck until he cups both of Kaidoh's cheeks, and forces him to turn his head to face him. His eyes are still not looking at him though, instead are casted down his shirt instead. "Why?"

"You are such a clueless idiot," Kaidoh groans out. "It's all your fault! If you hadn't fallen asleep that one time, I could have been just fine without you!"

"Huh, what are you talking about?" Also, what does Kaidoh mean with he'd be fine without him? Does that mean he isn't fine without him right now? That ludicrous thought makes his chest all jumbled and tight. "Are you still hung up about that? Geez, I already said I was sorry! What more do you want from me!?"

"You really don't remember, do you," Kaidoh says. He sounds tired, like he's been holding in a secret all this time, and it's finally coming out.

"Remember what?"

Kaidoh slowly hisses, his breath making Momoshiro feel even more nauseous than he already is from this whole ordeal. "You ... fell asleep like a dumb oaf."

"Yeah, so fucking what?" Momoshiro bites back.

"Fell asleep ... on me," Kaidoh says awkwardly.

Momoshiro frowns; okay so he fell asleep and slumped up against Kaidoh. So what. Why does this matter? He's definitely missing something here, because surely Kaidoh can't be pissed off about that. "... And?" Momoshiro asks, wondering if that's something Kaidoh still isn't telling him.

Kaidoh grunts, snarling at Momoshiro with his lips. He tries to shake Momoshiro's hands off his face, but to no avail. "You stupid moron. It doesn't matter. Forget it. Let me go so we can go back home."

Deeply frustrated with getting Kaidoh to talk, and only getting little bits of information each time, but not enough to get the whole picture, something inside of Momoshiro snaps. Probably his rationale. Because for some reason, he's pulling Kaidoh's face closer to his own, so he can smash their lips together. It's Kaidoh who backs away lightning fast this time, Momoshiro's hands slipping away from his cheeks, and Kaidoh's eyes are wide open and finally looking at him.

"What the hell, Momoshiro?" Kaidoh looks confused and angry. The exact same look Momoshiro had when Kaidoh did this time him last time.

Momoshiro himself has no idea what possessed him to do it either. It's not like he wanted to. It's not like he's ever thought about it. It's not like he's ever had the urge to do it either. So why do it? He has no idea. "That's what you did to me, then you ran off. I want to know why you did it."

With Kaidoh's eyes finally looking at him again, he sees a hundred different emotions flash before him. Anger, confusion are the most prominent ones, but he also sees hurt, longing and embarrassment. Kaidoh's eyes have never told him this much, but now that he's staring right at Momoshiro again, Momoshiro feels like he's staring straight into Kaidoh's soul. Like he can see everything that's written on Kaidoh's face. All of his fears and all of his wants. And those desires are being reflected back to him. He can see his own reflection in Kaidoh's eyes—Momoshiro is bearing the same expressions as Kaidoh is. It confounds him, absolutely confuses him to no end, but he doesn't look away. Doesn't want to anymore. He just wants to know; why?

"I mis ... misunderstood," Kaidoh says with a strained voice. "I thought you ..."

As Kaidoh talks, Momoshiro can see how his lips quiver, how his eyebrows melt together in a permanent frown, and how his eyes are unwavering and look like pools of dark water. It makes Momoshiro's knees feel weak. His entire body feels weak. Maybe he should have taken Kaidoh's advice after all, and worked out so he's not so weak anymore.

"Thought what?" he asks, and takes a small step closer, shortening the distance between both of their bodies. He's hanging onto each word Kaidoh says as if it's his last lifeline.

"You ..." Kaidoh presses his lips into a thin line, like he's unsure if he should say what's about to come next. "Wanted to ... too ..." he finally says with a shaky breath.

Momoshiro blinks up at him. "Me?" Wanted to kiss Kaidoh? "What, how did you get that idea—wait, too?"

Kaidoh firmly snaps his mouth shut and says nothing, simply staring into Momoshiro's eyes.

And now Momoshiro knows why they never looked at each other as they did it. Why they were always avoiding each other's eyes like this. Because like this, just looking at Kaidoh right now, it's like all of his fears came true.

As long as they don't look at each other, then it can stay platonic.

As long as they won't touch each other more, then they can pretend they don't want it.

As long as they stay clothed, then it doesn't mean anything, it's not important.

But it is. All of it has been. All of it had escalated, and their eyes are betraying them. No matter how hard Momoshiro's brain tries to convince him that this is not real, this is not true, and that he doesn't feel like this at all, it's hard to deny when he's in front of Kaidoh like this. Looking at him. His entire body suddenly wants nothing more than to look at Kaidoh, than to touch him, than to feel skin on skin—his heart is loudly thumping in agreement.

Kaidoh's long saw what Momoshiro has tried very hard to ignore, or to acknowledge it even existed. That this has become something else. Something that wasn't there before. It wasn't a drastic change or anything, it was subtle and slow. And now that Momoshiro is thinking about it clearly, it doesn't come to him as a sudden realization. It just makes sense all of the sudden, like puzzle pieces falling into place. Like he finally understands. And apparently, Kaidoh has known about this much longer than he has.

Then again, Kaidoh's always been the person that understood him the most. He's always known things about Momoshiro that he didn't even know himself.

Kaidoh shifts awkwardly under Momoshiro's strong gaze. "I said forget about it. Doesn't matter. It was a mistake, yeah. A stupid one."

Momoshiro snaps out of his daze and glares at Kaidoh. "You're the stupid one," he fires back.

"Asshole, why don't you go jump off a bridge and leave me alone already."

"I'll only jump if you'll jump."

"Then you'll be waiting for an eternity. I'll just push you off, okay?"

"I'll drag you down with me."

"Even when you're plummeting to your death you're still an asshole."

"At least I don't regret any of my mistakes," says Momoshiro. His heart leaps against his chest painfully.

"Your entire life has been a mistake," Kaidoh grunts.

Momoshiro bites down on his lip and he's tempted to just punch Kaidoh in the face and leave him behind. "Watch your mouth Mamushi."

"Or what?" Kaidoh challenges him.

"Or this time, it won't be a mistake."

"Huh?" Kaidoh says lamely. "What are you talking about?"

"Hey, let's go back to our room already. I mean, aren't you scared of hanging out here in the dark, with all these creepy shadows that look like grabbing hands all around us?"

Kaidoh yelps and suddenly looks down frantically at the ground, as if he's spotted a mouse. That deep red colour quickly drains from his face, leaving him looking pale. "Y-yeah, okay," he stutters. Kaidoh creeps closer to Momoshiro, it's pretty obvious he's gotten acutely aware of his surroundings all of the sudden.

"Oh, and one last thing, Kaidoh."

After whipping his head left and right to spot any lurking dangers in the shadows, Kaidoh looks back at Momoshiro. "What?"

"When we get back, you better suck me off this time."

And just like that, the colour is back in Kaidoh's face again. "Asshole, I told you that's not what mouths are for!"

Momoshiro snickers. Kaidoh might think their mouths are for eating and talking, but Momoshiro knows two other things they can do with it.