What a fool. A man wearing stupid brown pajamas thought that he could just come aboard my ship and had the gall to try to take on my crew by himself, it was insulting. Aye, brave but foolish. It seems that this new world that had bread new treasures had also bread a new level of stupid, the likes of which I have never seen. He was no match for me or my men. I had him cowering on the floor with in moments. My cutlass went through his pajama top with ease, quelling any bravery he might have had.

It was pathetic really. I could not help but feel bad for the guy. If my crew were elsewhere, I may have spared him the painful death that awaited him. I had a reputation to uphold as a stern Captain. No one crossed the great Captain Soto and got away with it! I had my men tie him up, watching his fearful expression. Oh I would most definitely not sleep well tonight, like any other night. A new face would be added to my nightmares of people to die at my hands.

To be honest, I had never liked killing. I have only ever done it for self defense, but this would be murder. This admittedly attractive man would not have been able to hurt me or my men and his death would be one brought on without good reason.

Such a shame that I would be putting such a pretty face to death. Oh, what a shame. I wanted to just save this stranger for some reason, like he was worthy.

Such a coward. Not the brown pajama man, but I. I was the coward. Afraid that my crew would think differently about me. Afraid of a mutiny. Afraid.

I had him walk down the plank, my cutlass drawn and used to threaten him. This had no reason behind it. I kept looking for a way to justify this blatant disregard of the gift of life. I thought about how disappointed my father would be in me. But, furthermore, I thought about this man who I would be ending right here and now.

I paused when our eyes met. We seemed to have stayed that way for what felt like an hour, but was more like a few seconds. His eyes were nice warm brown pools that would have probably been warmer and more inviting if they were not clouded by fear. I took the next few moment to look him over again.

This man was a very attractive one. His hair looked strange to me, but it was probably a common hair style. What I liked the most, though, were the legs I could tell that he had under those brown pajamas.

I was about to put my cutlass away when the man fell back. Well, there he went. He would meet his doom.

What a shame. I shook my head as I turned back to my men and returned my blade to its sheath. What a shame.

Later I would find out that the attractive pajama man had survived. Saved by a glorious beast. I felt relieved. I had not taken a life without meaning.