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"Happy birthday Kaylee!" A chorus of people screamed as I entered my living room. The fact that it was too quiet as I entered should have been a dead giveaway that something was up. But because I had just come from soccer practice at the school I was more focused on taking a shower and collapsing in my bed. The last thing on my mind was a big group of people wanting to be close to me telling me happy birthday. I faked a happy look and genuinely was surprised. I honestly didn't know anyone was planning on throwing me a surprise party, even if it wasn't hard to figure out. Fourteen is the prime year, the year to get the TiMER. Everyone has big parties for this birthday. The well-off families have the TiMER put in at the party. Other's simply celebrate and then go to the centers later. I was sure my parents were planning on having it put in during the party. With our uncle a TiMER doctor, he was sure to give a good deal. And chances were I'd get to pick a cool color with no extra charge.

Fifty years after the first TiMER was invented they finally added colors to it. Different chimes were added when my parents were old enough to get theirs. Both people pick the same chime and it adds to the whole saying that the person is your other half.

Scientists who were also romantics first introduced the TiMER a long time ago. Or that's how everyone tells the story. When someone gets a TiMER one of two things happen. Either a timer shows up, with years, months, and days on it or flashing dashes appear. If there is a time on it, your soul mate has a timer. If there are flashing dashes your soul mate doesn't. It's pretty simple how it works. On midnight the day you are to meet your soul mate the chime happens. And then any time throughout that day you can run into them. And when you do, both chimes go off. Apparently it was a big deal when the chime went off ages ago, but now it happens all the time and everyone's just used to it.

There once was a movement going against the TiMERs, claiming the old way of "dating" was the best way to go. As time went on that movement got smaller and smaller and I'm not aware of anyone that's old enough that doesn't have one. It's not mandatory, some people say there are places where people don't get them, but around here it's the normal thing to do. You turn fourteen, you get a TiMER.

Personally, I was not looking forward to getting mine. They said it felt like getting your ears pierced, but I wasn't worried about that. The idea that I would know when I was to meet my soul mate is a scary idea. At fourteen that's the last thing on my mind. I was worried about starting high school in a week. I was worried about getting pimples. I was worried about what clothes I was going to wear the next day. And not to mention there was a possibility my soul mate didn't have one yet. He could be thirteen and not yet fourteen. Or he could live in one of those places that didn't have TiMERs. Or I could just not have one at all. I had never heard of that, but it would be my luck that I wouldn't have one.

"Kaylee!" a voice yelled at me. It was Spencer, my neighbor and best friend from birth practically. He was a couple months older than me and I had over heard our parents talking a couple days ago about the possibility of him being my soul mate; his TiMER wasn't activated yet.

"They've practically grown up attached at the hip," I heard my mom say. I froze; I knew she was talking about Spencer and me. Spencer's mom had come over and I hadn't heard her leave. I was about to go into the kitchen to get a snack, but I didn't want to interrupt their conversation. Plus I was interested in finding out what they were talking about.

"He taught her how to ride a bike," Spencer's mom said.

"And how to tie her shoes," my mom added.

"They spend so much time together as it is," Spencer's mom claimed. This was true, but what were they getting at?

"And it does seem a bit perfect that his TiMER is still flashing," my mom said. TiMER?! That's what they were talking about? Spencer… my soul mate? He was like a brother to me. There was no way. I ran as fast as I could back to my room. Did Spencer know about this? Did Spencer think I was his soul mate too?

Spencer pulled on my arm and led me away from the crowd of people who were talking to each other. As I turned to look back at them, no one seemed to notice that I was leaving. I knew better than to ask questions when Spencer dragged me places. A long time ago I learned to just trust him and go with whatever.

He looked all around before entering the front room and closed the doors behind us.

"I wanted to give you your present before everyone else did and so you could admire it alone and everything," Spencer said after a moment. He flashed a big toothy grin at me ran his fingers through his hair. His mom was allowing him to grow it out since he got his TiMER and it was currently in a weird not long but long length. It made me smile because he could put it in a small ponytail and we always dreamed of having tails. We dreamed mainly of being foxes, but foxes have tails so it's essentially the same thing. He was a white fox with his super blonde hair and I was a red fox due to my red hair.

Spencer reached from inside his coat and pulled out a small box. This was definitely shaped different from any other present box he had given me before. Last year his gift was a hover board and the year before that it was a really neat bow-and-arrow. He handed me the box and smiled. It didn't weigh a whole lot either.

"Well… open it," he encouraged, staring at me with his steel blue eyes. I smiled and opened the box. Inside was a necklace. It was a necklace with a green pendent on the end of it. The green seemed to be swimming inside the vial it was in. It was mesmerizing to look at.

"Wow," was all I could say. He laughed nervously and pushed me slightly.

"Don't get all mushy," he teased. "It's a family necklace. Because I am the oldest and the only male, I get to do what I want with it, and I want to give it to you. It matches your eyes." I blushed and laughed a little. Spencer was trying to be a tough guy but failing miserably.

"Well help me put it on you doof," I teased back and held out the necklace. As he was putting it on the door opened.

My mother looked at us for a moment and then smiled. "Come on you two," she started. "We're going to eat cake, open presents, and then its TiMER time." I rolled my eyes when she turned away and Spencer pushed me out of the room.

The necklace seemed to glimmer in the light. It was a really nice necklace and everything, but I didn't understand why he had given me it instead of a really cool toy. I wasn't going to question it too much though, because he seemed to really think it was a good idea and I didn't want to tell him anything else.

The cake was a red velvet kind; my favorite kind and the gifts were okay. There were a lot of money or gift cards and a few cool things here and there. Everyone was really waiting for the TiMER to get activated though. I wasn't ready for it. If I had a choice I wouldn't get it. I would make the age at least sixteen. I wasn't sure if I really cared about a soul mate honestly. It just seemed like too much to deal with. And too much waiting. Some people had years and years of waiting.

Before I knew it my uncle had the TiMER machine out and was loading my information in it. He handed me a tablet to pick the color and chime. There was no question I wanted a red one. The chime was different though. Everyone said you would know when the chime was right and that it would play one until you told it to stop. A ton of chimes played before there was one that blew me away. It was a beautiful piano and harp riff that I just knew was the right one. Everyone cheered that I had chosen one and the machine was put up against the inside of my left arm.

"Just a little sting," my uncle said as I held my breath. He hit the button and the TiMER shot into my arm. I yelped out in pain. That was more than a little sting. It felt like a needle injecting into me. Although that was pretty much what it was.

"Now," my uncle continued. "We give it a minute to adjust to your body and fully generate. Then the light will come on, and you know the rest." He smiled and patted my back. I gulped and stared my arm. It was a little red and swollen but that was normal I was told. The life signal on the TiMER slowly ticked up and then flashed full.

The light came on and the TiMER loaded. Six days. My TiMER read six days. That was the first day of school. I stared at everyone around the room. My mother and Spencer's mother looked shocked. I couldn't find Spencer anywhere. My dad was overjoyed. He was rambling on about a son-in-law. Everyone in the room was congratulating me and telling me how I was lucky and a whole bunch of other things. But I wasn't focused on any of it. It sounded like one big blur to me. I needed to find Spencer.

"Spencer!" I yelled as I ran through the woods behind our houses. There was a tree house we built last year a mile into the woods and I knew he'd be there. I ran at full speed, dodging trees and jumping over roots. "Spencer!"

When I reached the tree house I was right. Spencer was up there. And he had taken the rope ladder up with him.

"Spencer Michael Conture! Throw down that ladder," I yelled up at him.

"No!" I heard him yell back.

"I'll tell everyone the time you pooped your pants in gym and how you lied about it being mud if you don't!"

"I was six, who cares about that now!"

"I'll tell them about what you did to Mr. Cavanaugh last year!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"I would too, and you know it!"

"No one would believe you!"

"He was sick for a few days after it, I'm sure they would!"

Silence pursued after that and a moment later the ladder fell down. I smirked and climbed up.

Spencer was lying on a beanbag throwing a ball in the air and catching it, missing most of the time. I laughed and grabbed the ball before it had a chance to meet his hands.

"Excuse you," he grumbled, not looking at me.

"You are one to talk, Mr. run out of the party," I retorted.

"Would you really tell everyone about Cavanaugh?" he asked, looking concerned.

"Probably. I mean, that was disgusting."

"I didn't think he'd drink it."

"I didn't think you'd actually do that in a cup."

"You dared me."

"As a joke."

He scoffed and sat up. "What did you expect, I was a thirteen year old kid who just figured out I could do that."

"I know. I was curious about it, so I mean it is my fault a bit," I shrugged and threw the ball at him.

"I can't believe he thought it was milk. A little thick to be milk," he laughed as he caught the ball.

"And it smelled a little weird. It definitely didn't smell like milk," I claimed, wrinkling my nose.

"It was fun all the same. But you really can't tell anyone about that. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to give your teacher a cup full of semen ha-ha," he joked.

"You're the one that whipped it out and did it," I reminded him. He threw his arms up in guilt and laughed. "So why did you run out like that?"

He was quiet a moment and looked away. "I didn't want to have to face my mom."

"What do you mean?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"It's embarrassing but she was sure we'd be soul mates," he admitted. "And the necklace was supposed to be kind of a gift because of it. But I got nervous because I didn't want to have to give it in front of everyone. And now well… yeah."

I nodded and started to take off the necklace. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Well, I'm not your soul mate," I started. "So you need to give this to your soul mate one day, not me. I'll always be your best friend, but this doesn't belong to me."

He shook his head. "You keep it… at least until I find her. Then I'll make you give it to me, but it looks good on you. And maybe green won't even be a good color on her. You never know. So you keep it. At least for now."

I nodded and punched him in the arm. I knew things were going to be okay with us. They always were. We could never stay upset or mad at each other and this was something really stupid in my opinion. So things could be okay. There was no way I could love Spencer like a soul mate anyway. I'd seen him almost every day of my life from the time I was born. Spencer was more of a platonic soul mate if anything. We got each other. It was like we could read each other's minds sometimes.

"So… six days," Spencer said after a moment, looking at his own flashing TiMER.

"Yeah," I said uneasily.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah," I lied. "It's just, six days is really soon. And what if he's totally weird, or what if he's Brandon Tyler?" Spencer burst out laughing and almost started crying he was laughing so hard. Brandon Tyler was the biggest bully and bad guy I'd ever met. When we were in third grade he pushed me in the mud for calling him fat and then beat up Spencer when Spencer tried to tell him not to do that. From that moment on we didn't get along. And in the time from third grade until now he had gotten fatter and meaner. I definitely did not want him as a soul mate.

"That's ridiculous," Spencer replied. "Your soul mate is someone you are going to love and think the world of. Brandon Tyler is the scum of the world. You don't have to worry about that. Wait, six days is the first day of school. I'll be there when you meet him! He better be good for you. I'll have to tell him he better treat you right."

I laughed. Spencer and I had every class together this year and we were going to walk to and from school because we lived only two blocks away. It would definitely be an interesting start to the year.

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